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Topic: Aeroelasticity

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  Aeroelasticity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aeroelasticity is the science which studies the interaction among inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces.
Aeroelasticity can be divided in two fields of study: static and dynamic aeroelasticity.
Aeroelasticity involves not just the external aerodynamic loads and the way they change but also the structural, damping and mass characteristics of the aircraft.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aeroelasticity   (679 words)

 Unsteady Aeroelasticity
number of aeroelastic surfaces; each aeroelastic surface is represented as a distinct set of modal shapes.
All of the remaining data is repeated as a block for each of the aeroelastic surfaces from 1 to naesrf.
the reference length, in grid units, used to nondimensionalize the reduced frequency associated with the mode shapes of the aeroelastic surface.
cfl3d.larc.nasa.gov /Cfl3dv6/cfl3dv6_aeroelastic.html   (783 words)

 16.242-Aeroelasticity-Fall '99
It is intended that the student will become familiar with the important issues and philosophies associated with aeroelastic stability and response, will become conversant in the terminology of aeroservoelasticity, and will achieve a working understanding of these issues applied to various aeronautical systems.
Aeroelasticity, by Bisplinghoff, Ashley, and Halfman, Dover, 1955.
The topics to be covered during the term will deal with static and dynamic aeroelastic stability and response, and unsteady aerodynamics for fixed-wing aircraft.
web.mit.edu /16.242/www   (1009 words)

 Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity - Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The primary areas considered are structural dynamics, static aeroelasticity and dynamic aeroelasticity.
Aeroelastic phenomena discussed include divergence, aileron reversal, airload redistribution, unsteady aerodynamics, flutter and elastic tailoring.
Aeroelastic flutter; Bibliography; Appendix A: Lagrange's equation; Index.
www.cambridge.org /us/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521806984   (198 words)

 Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics
Other work relating to rotary-winged aircraft aeroelasticity concerns vibration reduction, improved methods for calculation of stability, methods for modeling composite rotor blades, and investigation of the effects of elastic coupling on blade performance and stability.
Using ENS3DAE, a transonic tightly-coupled aeroelastic methodology developed as part of a consortium (Georgia Tech and Lockheed-Martin) through Wright Laboratory, researchers are exploring the mechanisms driving aeroelastic phenomena which lead to Limit Cycle Oscillations (LCO), flutter and fatigue problems.
Aeroelasticity and structural dynamics issues for aerospace systems have traditionally been addressed late in the design process.
www.ae.gatech.edu /graduate/admission_info/Research/ASD.html   (549 words)

 Principles of Aeroelasticity
This hardcover edition of Principles of Aeroelasticity constitutes an attempt to bring order to a group of problems which have coalesced into a distinct and mature subdivision of flight-vehicle engineering.
The authors have formulated a unifying philosophy of the field based on the equations of forced motion of the elastic flight vehicle.
A distinction is made between static and dynamic phenomena, and beyond this the primary classification is by the number of independent space variables required to define the physical system.
store.doverpublications.com /0486495000.html   (452 words)

 Research Personality: Marilyn Smith
She, her colleagues and sponsors at the Air Force's Wright Laboratory Aeromechanics and Aeroelasticity Divisions are integrating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications with the structural equations of motion.
She applies this combination of equations to the study of aeroelasticity.
Dynamic aeroelasticity, which is the prediction of flutter points -- the points at which the structure begins to be become dynamically unstable -- is probably two to three years away."
gtresearchnews.gatech.edu /reshor/rh-win97/smith.htm   (1650 words)

 UGS: Products: NX: Simulation: Advanced Simulation Applications: NX Nastran: Aeroelasticity
Aeroelastic analysis enables the simulation of structural models in the presence of an air stream.
With NX Nastran – Aeroelasticity, an optional add-on module to NX Nastran – Basic, you have access to static aeroelastic capabilities for stress, load, aerodynamic, and control system analysis and design using a common finite element representation.
NX Nastran – Aeroelasticity is applicable in the design of airplanes, helicopters, missiles, suspension bridges and even tall chimneys and power lines.
ugs.com /products/nx/simulation/advanced/nastran/aeroelasticity.shtml   (103 words)

 Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity - Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Aeroelastic and structural dynamic phenomena play an important role in many facets of engineering.
This text provides an introduction to structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, with an emphasis on conventional aircraft.
This text meets the need for an up-to-date treatment of structural dynamics and aeroelasticity for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate aerospace engineering students.
www.cambridge.org /catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521806984&qty=1   (187 words)

 Aeroelasticity, AeroServoElastisity, & AeroServoThermoElasticity - Modeling Simulation & Analysis of Aeroelasticity, ...
A modal solver module based on the mode shapes of the wing or FEMSTRESS module may be used as the structural solver.
CFDRC engineers have performed an aeroelastic analysis of static and dynamic flutter of an AGARD 445 wing.
The MDICE-C environment coupled with CFD-FASTRAN flow solver and internally developed nonlinear structural module has been used to study LCO in nonlinear aeroelastic system with fluid nonlinearities, dynamic and kinematics nonlinearities.
www.cfdrc.com /bizareas/aerospace/aeromechanics/aeroelasticity.html   (1018 words)

 : A Modern Course in Aeroelasticity (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)
In this new edition, the fundamental material on classical linear aeroelasticity has been revised.
Also new material has been added describing recent results on the research frontiers dealing with nonlinear aeroelasticity as well as major advances in the modelling of unsteady aerodynamic flows using the methods of computational fluid dynamics and reduced order modeling techniques.
New chapters on aeroelasticity in turbomachinery and aeroelasticity and the latter chapters for a more advanced course, a graduate seminar or as a reference source for an entrée to the research literature.
www.seven-sisters.com /1402027117.shtml   (246 words)

 Aeroelasticity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The finite element Galerkin Least Squares CFD code was used to compute loads on rotor blades.
The coupling methodology used is shown in flowchart form in the diagram below.
Aeroelastic time response of the blade was obtained during dynamic motion.
www.scorec.rpi.edu /Aeroelasticity.html   (107 words)

 Amazon.com: Aeroelasticity (Dover Science Books): Books: Raymond L. Bisplinghoff,Holt Ashley,Robert L. Halfman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
An Introduction to the Theory of Aeroelasticity (Dover Phoneix Editions) by Y.
A Modern Course in Aeroelasticity (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications) by Robert Clark
Aeroelasticity is one of those classic aeronautical references that presents material that is found nowhere else.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0486691896?v=glance   (699 words)

On the other hand, nature is full of aeroelastic problems - with some very novel interfaces of fluid mechanics and solid mechanics, with dynamics as the adhesive.
While not as aeroelastic-oriented as Hertel's book, there certainly are related principles in it, and its reading is bound to broaden the outlook of even the most experienced engineering student.
He also gives several profound plots (one a log-log plot of weight vs cruising speed of flys to 747's; another - rate of descent vs airspeed; another - wind and airspeed for butterflies, bees, sailplanes, etc.).
www.eng.auburn.edu /~cutchins/Aeroelasticity.htm   (1260 words)

 The TAMU Aeroelasticity Group
O'Neil*, T.G. and Strganac, T.W., "An Experimental Investigation of Nonlinear Aeroelastic Response", AIAA Journal of Aircraft, Vol.
Strganac, T.W. and Beran, P.S., "Nonlinear Pathologies in the Aeroelastic System", AFOSR Workshop on Nonlinear Aspects of Aeroelasticity and Related Structural Dynamics, Shalimar, Florida, March 6-7, 2003.
Gilliatt, H.C., Strganac, T.W., and Kurdila, A.J., "Nonlinear Aeroelastic Response of an Airfoil", in proceedings (AIAA CP-972) of the 1997 Nonlinear Dynamics Systems Symposium at the 35th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, AIAA Paper 97-0459, Reno, Nevada, January 1997, pp 258-266.
aeweb.tamu.edu /aeroel/publications.html   (3151 words)

 Title page for ETD etd-03252002-143535   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The purpose of this dissertation is to develop a methodology for designing active control laws in a computational aeroelasticity environment.
The particular computational aeroelasticity code employed in this dissertation solves the transonic small disturbance equation using a time-accurate, finite-difference scheme.
The computational aeroelasticity code is modified to accept control laws and perform closed-loop simulations.
scholar.lib.vt.edu /theses/available/etd-03252002-143535   (231 words)

 Static Aeroelasticity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The two major problems of static aeroelasticity are divergence and aileron reversal - the latter also called aileron ineffectiveness.
In the text by Dowell, et al, A Modern Course in Aeroelasticity (Kluwer, Norwell, MA, 02061, 1995, Chapter 2 has some excellent, though one-dimensional, divergence models.
A worked out example involving two sine wave modes is included in Appendix II, pps.
www.eng.auburn.edu /users/drmac/static.html   (150 words)

 Principles of Aeroelasticity
Explores aeroelastic phenomena, structural dynamics, and fluid-structure-control interaction; also examines practical issues such as ground and flight tests.
Includes solution methodologies, state-of-the-art computational methods for aeroelastic analysis, development of the operational boundary, aeroservoelasticity, and contemporary issues such as limit cycle oscillations and related nonlinear pathologies in aeroelastic systems.
Includes instruction, a course notebook, Aeroelasticity by Raymond Bisplinghoff, Holt Ashley, and Robert Halfman, Introduction to Flight Test Engineering by Donald T. Ward and Thomas W. Strganac, refreshments, and five lunches.
www.continuinged.ku.edu /aero/course.php?aid=27   (275 words)

 Amazon.com: Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity (Cambridge Aerospace Series): Books: Dewey H. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Alvin Pierce, Michael J. Rycroft (Series Editor), Wei Shyy (Series Editor) "Aeroelasticity is the term used to denote the field of study concerned with the interaction between the deformation of an elastic structure in an airstream..." (more)
Aeroelasticity is the term used to denote the field of study concerned with the interaction between the deformation of an elastic structure in an airstream and the resulting aerodynamic force.
divergence dynamic pressure, classical flutter analysis, flutter determinant, airload distribution, spatially dependent portion, unsteady aerodynamic theories, circulatory lift, flutter analyses, flutter speed, relative wind vector, flutter boundary, static aeroelasticity, aeroelastic phenomena, torsional divergence, elastic axis, flutter frequency, aeroelastic flutter, elastic twist, aeroelastic tailoring, aileron reversal, string displacement, aeroelastic problems, bending slope, flutter problem, aerodynamic center
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0521806984?v=glance   (1012 words)

 ICASE RQ: International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics was held June 22-25, 1999 at the Williamsburg Hospitality House in Williamsburg, Virginia.
This Forum was a major international event in aeroelasticity and structural dynamics.
It allowed scientists and engineers from industry, government, and universities to exchange knowledge and results of current studies and to discuss directions for future research and development for aircraft and spacecraft dynamics.
www.icase.edu /RQ/archive/v8n2/IFASD.html   (272 words)

 AE 544-Aeroelasticity-Fall '02
It builds on basic material presented in AE 543 and introduces students to the concepts and tools used in unsteady aerodynamics.
The most important reference you will have is your class notes!
Complementary, a list of references related to the course material is provided, and some of them are available in the Media Union Library.
www.engin.umich.edu /class/aero544   (1020 words)

 Amazon.ca: Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Here is an introduction to structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, with an emphasis on conventional aircraft.
Be the first person to review this item.
Top of Page : Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0521806984   (315 words)

 Rotorcraft Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
Designed for engineers, engineering managers, and educators who are involved in rotorcraft research, design, development and/or testing.
Includes instruction, a course notebook, Rotary Wing Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity by Richard L. Bielawa, computer software for analyzing basic rotorcraft structural dynamic phenomena, refreshments, and five lunches.
Nonlinear aeroelastic stability analyses: nonlinear unsteady aerodynamics, stall flutter, subharmonic responses, solution methods
www.continuinged.ku.edu /aero/course.php?aid=31   (507 words)

 MACE - The School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering, University of Manchester   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
EPSRC -Non-linear Aeroelasticity Prediction (with A.Y.T. Leung and J.R. Wright)£102k 1998 - 2001
USAF Improved Aeroelastic Design of a Generic Aircraft Fin Structure $25000.
M.F. Platten, J.R. Wright, J.E. Cooper and P. Samson, The Use of Non-Contact Excitation for the Estimation of Modal Damping in Aircraft Int Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics 2001.
www.mace.manchester.ac.uk /aboutus/people/academic/professors/cooperj   (1331 words)

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