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Topic: Aerospatiale Matra Missiles

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  EH.Net Encyclopedia: History of the Aerospace Industry
Because of the complexity of the designs, the reliability required of each part, and the hurry in which the missiles had to be designed and built, new management models emerged from the military and aerospace firms.
During the 1960s, European governments allowed aircraft and missile firms to fail or consolidate into clear "national champions:" British Aircraft Corporation, Hawker Siddely Aviation, and Rolls-Royce in Britain; Aerospatiale, Dassault, SNECMA and Matra in France; Messerschmit-Bölkow-Blohm and VFW in Germany; and CASA in Spain.
Missiles, likewise, if derived from proven designs, were generally easy and cheap to produce.
www.eh.net /encyclopedia/article/bugos.aerospace.industry.history   (3757 words)

 MBDA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MBDA is a European arms company which manufactures missiles and is the result of the 2001 merger of Aérospatiale-Matra Missiles (of EADS), Alenia Marconi Systems' missile divisions and Matra BAe Dynamics.
The consolidation of Europe's missile companies began in 1996, when parts of Matra Defense and BAe Dynamics merged to form Matra BAe Dynamics.
Matra BAe Dynamics represented half of Matra Hautes Technologies' missile business, the other half was Matra Missiles which became Aérospatiale-Matra Missiles when Matra merged with Aérospatiale in 1999.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/MBDA   (298 words)

 [No title]
Eryx is a short-range anti-armour missile system for use by forward infantry and special forces on all terrains and in confined spaces eg urban areas.
Fitted in the tail of the missile is an infrared beacon which emits pulses detected by the sight unit.
The missile is thrust vector controlled, which is efficient even at low speed and allows the launching to be achieved using a small propulsion unit.
homepage.eircom.net /~militaryx/newsite/website/antiarmor/3.htm   (640 words)

 Aerospatiale Matra - Archived 9/2001
In missiles, Aerospatiale and Thomson-CSF, the two companies which are partners in the EUROSAM consortium with Alenia, have confirmed their commitments to developing and marketing systems and equipment belonging to the medium-range Future Surface Air Family (FSAF).
SAMAT is a Matra study effort aimed at using the MICA in a surface-to-air capacity for interception of aircraft and sea-skimming missiles.
The MILAS (MIssile de Lutte Anti-Sous-marine) is an ASW weapon that incorporates a missile as the launch vehicle, and a lightweight torpedo as the warhead.
www.forecastinternational.com /archive/da/da11082.htm   (10718 words)

 Army Technology - Eryx - Heavy Anti-Armour Missile
Eryx is a short-range anti-armour missile system for use by forward infantry and special forces on all terrains and in confined spaces, eg.
It is produced by MBDA (formerly Aerospatiale-Matra Missiles) of Chatillon, France and by Aerospatiale Canada.
The missile is armed with a 137mm tandem, shaped-charge high explosive (HE) warhead capable of penetrating up to 900mm of explosive reactive armour.
www.army-technology.com /projects/eryx   (682 words)

 Aerospatiale Matra
Comprising five subsidiaries - Aerospatiale Matra Airbus, Aerospatiale Matra ATR, Socata, Sogerma and Eurocopter – it covers all aspects of this sector : civilian aircraft from 4 to nearly 400 seats, aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), civil and military helicopters (Eurocopter) and combat aircraft.
Aerospatiale Matra is the leading European manufacturer of tactical missiles, and Number 2 world-wide based in terms of sales.
Aerospatiale Matra is one of the leading space companies in the world.
www.sovereign-publications.com /aeromatra.htm   (544 words)

 Army Technology - POLYPHEM - Fibre Optic Guided Missile System
The Polyphem fibre-optic guided missile is designed for strikes at long-range targets from light land vehicles and against anti-ship or land based targets from the sea in which case the missile is launched from small ships or is helicopter launched.
The Polyphem missile system is capable of fully automatic operation, with the operator as a "man in the loop", validating the automatic selection and if necessary adjusting the final impact position to within 10cm.
The main subsections of the missile are the infra-red sensor array and electronics, the warhead, the fuel tank and turbojet engine, the booster motor, battery, an actuator system and the fibre-optic bobbin and cable.
www.army-technology.com /projects/polyphem   (776 words)

 Antimissile defence: the implications for European industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The main obstacle to a missile defence system remains the ABM Treaty (on the limitation of antiballistic missile systems) which prohibits the United States and Russia from deploying national missile defence systems to protect their territory against attack from intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).
Although the space-launched kinetic projectile designed to intercept a missile in the boost phase resembles the Brilliant Pebbles project of President Reagan's Star Wars programme, the naval interceptor is an entirely new missile in terms of the kinetic performance required.
Furthermore, China's HQ-18 missile is said to be a copy of Russia's SA-12 and to possess an antimissile capability, although this cannot be confirmed.
www.assembly-weu.org /en/documents/sessions_ordinaires/rpt/2001/1759.html   (10070 words)

 Yorkshire CND - France orders stand-off nuclear missiles - 29/12/00   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The contract is with Aerospatiale Matra Missiles, a subsidiary of the European aerospace group EADS.
The contract announced on Friday was for ASMP-A stand-off missiles to be operational by the end of the decade and carried by Mirage 2000 and Super-Etendard strike aircraft.
The missiles will be the second component of France's ``force de frappe,'' or nuclear deterrent, together with long-range missiles fired from nuclear submarines.
cndyorks.gn.apc.org /news/articles/france2.htm   (327 words)

 Navy Matters | Type 45 Section
The one criticism of the class was that they seemed under-armed for their size and cost, and so the Exocet missile system was installed on all ships after the first three, and those would be fitted with it at there mid-life refits (although Antelope was sunk during the Falklands conflict).
Aerospatiale had already begun extolling the virtues of the PAAMS system as a unique multi-mission air-defence system, which uses a single active-homing missile and sensor system to fulfill the self-defence, local-area defence (over seven kilometers) and area defence (up to fifty-five nautical miles radius).
While this caused no essential clash, the missile being capable of both missions, the radar needed to perform the area defence role (as required by the Royal Navy) would have to be of a markedly different nature to that required by the point defence role (France and Italy).
frn.beedall.com /cngf.htm   (10464 words)

 missile systems - meteor
The capability of the Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG missile and the attractiveness of this contracting route resulted in the 1999 announcement that Italy would be procuring the Anglo-French programme.
EADS Aerospatiale Matra Missiles brings its legendary naval expertise developed through the Exocet family and research into ramjets and hypervelocity missiles, while Alenia Marconi Systems (AMS) will bring expertise in seeker technology into the new company.
Matra BAe Dynamics became a euro company on 1 January 2001 and so all transactions and contracts are denominated in euros.
www.global-defence.com /2001/MSpart1.html   (933 words)

 MBDA Missile Systems U.K.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
MBDA Missile Systems U.K. This business is one of more than 8,000 described in the Companies database of the Defense/Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service (DACIS), published by InfoBase Publishers.
MBDA Missile Systems was created from the combination of three previously separate businesses: -- Matra BAe Dynamics (a 50-50 joint venture of BAE Systems and EADS) -- EADS Missiles Div.
Matra BAE Dynamics acquires a 30 percent stake in Germany's LFK GmbH.
companies.infobasepub.com /detail_pages/17391.html   (553 words)

 S'pore refuses comment on 'missile purchase'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aerospatiale has confirmed that it beat Israeli competition to a contract for sea-to-sea missiles among other items.
An Aerospatiale-Matra Missiles spokesman in Paris refused to disclose the buyer or the financial terms of the deal, saying the client country had demanded "the greatest secrecy" about the order.
Aerospatiale, a subsidiary of the new European Aeronautic, Defence and Space Company, will be selling Singapore Exocet sea-to-sea MM-39 missiles.
www.singapore-window.org /sw00/000901af.htm   (223 words)

 France will modernise its Exocets - Jane's Military Aerospace News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
France is to modernise a batch of 50 MM39 Exocet anti-ship missiles, replacing the existing solid-propellant rocket motor with a new powerplant.
Last year, Aerospatiale Matra Missiles warned users of the MM38 that the Angouleme plant where these motors are manufactured was likely to close due to declining orders.
In the oldest missiles, this hardware reflects the technologies of the late 1960s, and the guidance systems are thus fairly primitive compared to those in current missiles.
www.janes.com /aerospace/military/news/jmr/jmr010330_2_n.shtml   (432 words)

At the time, Aérospatiale Matra was first in the worldwide helicopter market and second on the list of missile companies.
Aérospatiale Matra became part of EADS when the company was formed later in 1999.
The Matra Automobile Group was closed in 2003.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /biography/A-E/Camus-Philippe-1948.html   (1818 words)

 Arms Trade Newswire October 17, 2001 - Arms Trade Oversight Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The very remarkable deal that the EKR authorized last spring - new anti-aircraft missiles for Bahrain, one of the two countries to which a total of 300 Robot 70 missiles were smuggled in 1979 and 1980, via Singapore - would not have been given the green light a few years ago.
Matra BAe Dynamics is an Anglo-French joint venture company owned 50:50 by BAE Systems of the UK and EADS France.
Aerospatiale Matra Missiles is 100% owned by EADS France and Alenia Marconi Systems is owned 50% by Italian group Finmeccanica and 50% by BAE Systems.
www.clw.org /archive/atop/newswire/nw101701.html   (4111 words)

 South Africa Picks Exocet Missile for New Corvettes
The South African Navy has awarded a multi-million dollar contract to Aerospatiale Matra and EADS to buy Exocet missiles to place the sea-skimming anti-ship missile on its new corvettes.
Missile deliveries and launcher installations will take place between 2002 and 2004.
As part of the deal, Aerospatiale Matra Missiles and EADS have offered a large offset package.
www.aviationnow.com /shownews/00farn3/hardwr05.htm   (160 words)

 French Government...
Included in the AAW armament are the Aster-15 missile (which is launched from a Sylver VLS), the Arabel 3-D multifunction radar, and the Jupiter V26D long-range surveillance radar.
Although the missiles are more than 30 years old, they are expected to continue to be France's main antiship weapon for many years to come.
A contract has been placed with Aérospatiale Matra Missiles for the re-engining of approximately 50 of the MM-38 version of the Exocet, the upgrading of which has been a high funding priority for many years.
www.navyleague.org /seapower_mag/may2001/may2001_french_government.htm   (1898 words)

 SkyscraperCity - Military porn? Yummy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Two four-cell missile launchers for the Exocet MM40 are installed in a midship position between the two citadels.
Two Sadral six round turrets for the MBDA (Matra BAe Dynamics) Mistral missile are mounted on the raised deck each side of the helicopter hangar.
Main weapons are expected to be the MBDA (formerly Matra BAe Dynamics) MICA air-to-air missile, MBDA Storm Shadow/Scalp EG stand-off cruise missile and the MBDA (Aerospatiale) AS 30 laser-guided missile.
www.skyscrapercity.com /showthread.php?t=237715   (15190 words)

 France's "secret" missile sale with S'pore: report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aerospatiale had already confirmed a report in the August 30's edition of the Israeli daily Haaretz that it had beat Israeli competition to a contract for sea-to-sea missiles among other items.
An Aerospatiale-Matra Missiles spokesman refused to disclose the client or the financial terms of the deal.
A parliamentary committee on arms exports said last April that current practice was damaging France's reputation and called for greater accountability to the public in such transactions.
www.singapore-window.org /sw00/000831af.htm   (216 words)

 armada international: 6/00-008   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
When the British decision to drop out of the Trigat programme - ironically the nation that had the requirement for the largest number of firing posts and missiles - on the last week day of the Farnborough Air Show, it became clear that the five-nation anti-tank missile programme had breathed its last.
Aerospatiale Matra Missiles, however, had a card up its sleeve.
Being now driven by one country with which Germany might, or could, join forces, plus the easy adaptation of the Milan firing post to fire the new missile are factors that, on paper at least, make the equation plausible.
www.armada.ch /00-6/008.htm   (109 words)

 EADS - Aerospace & Defence Directory
The Missiles and Missile Systems sector of EADS brings together Aerospatiale Matra Missiles, Matra BAe Dynamics (a 50-50 joint-venture between EADS and BAE Systems) and the German EADS missile activities, primarily those of LFK-Lenkflugkörpersysteme GmbH.
In addition to its key activities in missiles and missile systems, EADS also designs and manufactures, both alone and in collaborative ventures, critical missile sub-systems such as warheads, propulsion units and devices, proximity fuses and guidance systems.
In 1997, the Franco-British Matra BAE Dynamics acquired a 30 percent stake in LFK GmbH.
defense-directory.com /dasap/today.htm   (5120 words)

 NPP Weekly FLASH Update, January 7, 2001
Defense officials said they were probably for use on a new short-range missile known as the Toka which was test-fired on April 18 in Kaliningrad and has a range of about 44 miles (70 km).
Spokesman for the Russian Northern Fleet, Igor Degalo, stated that an intercontinental ballistic missile was successfully test-launched by the Novomoskovsk in the Barents Sea and successfully hit its target in Kamchatka.
The French defense ministry said it had signed a US$215 million contract with Aerospatiale Matra Missiles, a subsidiary of the European aerospace group EADS, for the initial development and purchase of medium-range nuclear missiles to be carried by Mirage 2000 and Super-Etendard strike aircraft.
www.nautilus.org /archives/nukepolicy/Flash2000/V3n1.html   (1513 words)

 Yorkshire CND - France sees way clear for new European missiles group - 15/3/01   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Talks have dragged on for more than a year over the creation of MBDA, the new missiles business which will bring together British, French, German and Italian interests to rival the world leader, US group Raytheon.
The new European MBDA missiles group will combine the operations of Alenia, Aerospatiale Matra Missiles and Matra BAe Dynamics -- jointly owned by the European Aeronautics Defence and Space Co (EADS) and BAE Systems.
Britain recently opted for the new European Meteor missile for its fleet of Eurofighter aircraft, in the face of intense lobbying by Raytheon, backed by the US government which offered unprecedented access to sensitive technology and a share of future sales.
cndyorks.gn.apc.org /yspace/articles/missilegroup.htm   (302 words)

The deliveries of the first qualified missiles, including combat-ready missiles, are due to start in the second quarter of 2002.
The development of the LR-TRIGAT system is led by EMDG, a joint venture combining Matra BAe Dynamics and Aerospatiale Matra Missiles (two of the companies soon to be merged within MBDA, the new European missile systems company which is currently being created) and EADS/LFK in Germany.
The four-man crew of a 28th Air Expeditionary Wing B-1B Lancer who ejected from their out-of-control aircraft in the middle of the night over the Indian Ocean were rescued through the efforts of servicemembers in the air and on the water.
www.combatsim.com /cnews/arch/cnews-arc173.htm   (2177 words)

 weapon systems 9
To justify current expenditure France's Aerospatiale Matra Missiles suggests mating the MR Trigat missile with the launcher and guidance package of the Milan 3 and calling it Trigan.
The missile retains a tandem warhead for piercing reactive armour and, because the warhead can be lighter with a calibre of 127mm, the overall system is also lighter, at 22kgs, than direct-attack systems.
A competition is underway between a consortium of Lockheed Martin Electronics and Missiles and MBDA with their Kestrel ATGW, and Bofors Missiles with their MBT LAW.
www.global-defence.com /2001/WSpart9b.html   (877 words)

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