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Topic: Afghan Hound

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Afghan Hound
Afghans can easily become finicky, spoiled eaters and a strict eating regime should be enforced when they are puppies, with no treats being given.
The Afghan Hound is one of the most ancient of dogs, and legend states it was this breed that Noah took into the Ark. Whether or not this is true, the Afghan's pedigree is without a doubt pre-Christian.
Afghans need plenty of social time or they can become introverted which, in turn, can be detrimental to their health.
www.petplanet.co.uk /petplanet/breeds/Afghan_Hound.htm   (970 words)

 Afghan Hounds
Afghans come from the hound group, or to be more exact are from the sighthound family, of which all extremely fast, greyhound-like coursing dogs are a part.
The Afghan excells as a broken field runner, and the breed's agility, endurance, tenacity and cunning are legendary.
Afghans are the darling of the dog show world and with their flowing locks and aloof attitude they are hard to beat as showmen.
www.k9web.com /dog-faqs/breeds/afghans.html   (1977 words)

 Afghan Hound Information - Bronze Dog Sculptures and Dog Art
The Afghan hound which has been known as the Persian Greyhound for many years, is a curious mixture of elegance, strength and untidiness of appearance.
The last mentioned feature is due to the fact that although practically a smooth coated variety, the Afghan Hound usually carries a good deal of hair of a silken texture upon his ears, tail and legs, whilst the longer growth occasionally appears upon the belly as well.
Afghan Hounds are thieves at heart and will filch anything that takes their fancy.
www.dog-art.net /afghan-info.htm   (758 words)

 American Kennel Club - Afghan Hound History
The Afghan Hound was discovered by the Western World in Afghanistan and surrounding regions during the 19th century, with the first specimens brought to England in the latter part of that century.
Hounds from the southern and western desert regions had a rangy build, were light in color and sparse in outer coat.
The breed is primarily a coursing hound, pursuing its quarry by sight.
www.akc.org /breeds/afghan_hound/history.cfm   (311 words)

 Afghan Hound Care and Training
The document, which forms the cornerstone of the history of the Afghan Hound, is from the period 3000 TO 4000 BC, and mentions the dog so often that there is little doubt of the afghans existence at this time.
Considering the turbulent history of Egypt and the nature of the Afghan Hound it is not unusual that the archeologists could not find any trace of the dog itself when they unearthed the evidence that it had existed in Egypt and came from the Sinai.
A word of caution: because the Afghan is a deep-cheated dog with a high tuck of stomach, it is always a good idea to soak their meal in a bit of water a few minutes before feeding.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/s_tillotson/care1.htm   (4642 words)

 Afghan Hound Dog Pictures - Free Afghan Hound Dog eCards
The Afghan Hound is a medium to large 55 to 65 pound dog that grows to between 24 and 29" in height.
In contrast to the long hair on its body, the Afghan Hound as a long, thin tail that curls on the end and is covered with short hair.
It is a sight hound and was originally used for herding, hunting and as a watchdog.
www.dogbreedz.com /breeds/afghan.cfm   (482 words)

 Afghan Hound Dog and Puppies
" Hound of the Pharaohs and Cavemen "
Afghans can be problematic in that they are not very obedient and have a reluctance to come when called - this has given them a reputation of being dumb although the reverse is true.
Hounds which rely strongly on the sense of smell to follow the trail of a prey, such as the Bloodhound, quite literally follow their noses, speed and eyesight is of less importance.
www.dog-names.org.uk /afghan-hound.htm   (2014 words)

 Afghan Hounds
Afghan Hounds are an ancient breed whose origin is not completely clear.
The Ghazni Afghan Hound was a reverse replica of the Bell Murray type.
An afghan hound puppy website will have many photos of the breed and also list other breeders and rescue organizations.
www.afghan-hound-dogs.com   (496 words)

In the case of the Afghan, Its evolutionary path has demanded that it have an exceptional degree of agility with the ability to traverse adverse forms of rough terrain at high speed to provide for its survival, these unique characteristics are abundantly clear when compared with the Saluki.
The Afghan feet are unusually large, the pasterns are long and sloping, the humurus is long and well tucked under, the scapular is not as well laid and has a greater degree of pivotal latitude, the whole forequarter assembly is designed for high speed shock absorption, more so than any other breed.
The Afghan Hound breed is a survivor and employs humanity and likewise...
www.afghanhoundsoz.com.au /Afghan_Gait.htm   (2099 words)

 Afghan Hound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Afghan Hound was discovered by the Western world in Afghanistan and surrounding regions during the 19th century.
The breed is primarily a coursing hound, pursuing its quarry by sight and followed by the huntsman on horseback.
The first recorded appearance of the Afghan Hound in the West was in the latter part of the 19th century, when British officers and others returning from the Indian-Afghanistan border wars, brought dogs from that area back to England, some of which were exhibited at dog shows as Afghan Hounds.
www.afghan-network.net /Afghan-Hound   (1214 words)

 Afghan Hound - Canada's Guide to Dogs - Breeds
The Afghan Hound, a member of the Sighthound family, is an aristocrat with a proud and dignified look.
The Afghan does make a wonderful companion and also a very versatile breed, quite often seen in the show ring, lure coursing, competing in agility and obedience and is often used as a Therapy Dog.
In general, the Afghan Hound is known to be a very healthy breed; however, like all breeds certain genetic disorders have been known to occur, such as: Cataracts, Demodicosis, Hip Dysplasia, and Hypothyroidism.
www.canadasguidetodogs.com /afghan.htm   (1084 words)

 Afghan Hound Stamps
Afghan Hounds are blessed with some of the nicest cards and stamps available for any breed.
Afghans are the perfect dog for maximum use of "artistic license".
This awesome minisheet of six Afghan Hounds was issued by the Jewish Republic in Russia in 1999.
www.animalstamps.com /afghan.htm   (5478 words)

 Afghan Hound Information, Afghan Hounds
The Afghan Hound is a sighthound with an aristocratic bearing.
The Afghan has been described as "a king of dogs." Majestic, elegant, noble and courageous, suspicious of, but not hostile to, strangers.
Afghan Hounds love open spaces and must be allowed to run free in a safe area as well as having long daily walks.
www.dogbreedinfo.com /afghan.htm   (594 words)

 What to feed an Afghan Hound
The Afghan, a sight hound, developed as a hunting dog in the Balkh, Barakzai, and Kurram valley areas of ancient Egypt, known now as Afghanistan.
I am also providing you with information about which sources of vitamins and minerals are best for an Afghan Hound because it has also been proven that different breeds will assimilate different sources of vitamins and minerals in different ways.
There are over 170 different molecular forms of the mineral "calcium." The source of the mineral calcium that an Afghan Hound can easily assimilate can be hard for a different breed to assimilate and thus that other breed can develop kidney stones on the best source of calcium for the Afghan Hound.
home.att.net /~wdcusick/AfghanHound.html   (1370 words)

 Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Afghan
Swift enough to outdistance mounted hunters, the Afghan is of necessity a courageous hunter and an independent thinker, capable of holding large prey at bay until the hunter arrives.
Although there is some evidence of Afghan Hounds outside Afghanistan after the Indian-Afghani border wars in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, an English officer stationed near Kabul was the first documented Western breeder of the dogs.
The Afghan Hound Standard describes the dog as an aristocrat with a proud carriage, silky top-knot, prominent hipbones, large feet, peculiar coat pattern, and somewhat exaggerated bend in the stifle joint of the rear leg.
www.canismajor.com /dog/afghan.html   (1557 words)

 American Kennel Club - Afghan Hound
The Afghan Hound is an aristocrat, his whole appearance one of dignity and aloofness with no trace of plainness or coarseness.
The Afghan Hound should be shown in its natural state; the coat is not clipped or trimmed; the head is surmounted (in the full sense of the word) with a topknot of long, silky hair - that is also an outstanding characteristic of the Afghan Hound.
When on a loose lead, the Afghan can trot at a fast pace; stepping along, he has the appearance of placing the hind feet directly in the foot prints of the front feet, both thrown straight ahead.
www.akc.org /breeds/afghan_hound/index.cfm   (775 words)

Afghan Hounds are Sighthounds - dogs that hunt their prey by sight, chase it and kill it.
Afghan Hounds have an aloof and elegant air and seem to know that they are kings and queens to be obeyed.
Afghan hounds become deeply attached to their people and may have difficulty adapting to new homes when mature.
clubs.akc.org /ahca/Questionsandanswers.htm   (985 words)

 Afghan Hound puppies for sale breeders Afghan Hounds
Afghan Hounds striking characteristics are their exotic expression, long silky topknot, peculiar coat pattern and prominent hipbones.
Afghan Hounds have a side which is an arrogant mischievous companion.
Afghans were once a harsh hunter in their native land where they were used to hunt leopard, wolves and jackals.
www.puppydogweb.com /caninebreeds/afghan.htm   (375 words)

 Afghanhound Dog Information
Slender and statuesque, the Afghan Hound is aristocratic.
Generally, Afghans are sandy colored with a darker face and ear fringes.
Apartment living is not conducive for the lanky Afghan Hound because it stifles their activity.
www.afghanhound-dog-help.com   (348 words)

 Afghan Hound
A fully coated Afghan Hound with a curley or wooley coat is capable of matting very quickly and is best maintained as a clipped down pet.
However, no matter are silky the coat on the Afghan the is a breed that needs frequent grooming (at least a simple brushing every 2nd or 3rd day) They should not be owned by someone who lacks the time for the regular brushing that the hounds need.
To enjoy a free running Afghan Hound one must be willing to seek out coursing events and safe areas for the dog to run.
www.netpets.com /dogs/reference/breedinfo/breed.desc/afghan.module.html   (1317 words)

 Afghan Hound
CHARACTERISTICS - The Afghan Hound should be dignified and aloof with a certain keen fierceness.
The eastern or oriental expression is typical of the breed.
TEMPERAMENT - The Afghan Hound should be dignified and aloof with a certain keen fierceness.
www.ankc.aust.com /afghan.html   (432 words)

 AHCA Rescue
Afghan Hound Club of America - National Rescue
Our goal is to ensure that veterinary care, including spaying and neutering, temperament evaluations, foster placements, and loving, permanent homes are provided to homeless Afghan Hounds.
AHCA Rescue receives its funding from individual contributors, fund-raising items and events, and from donations by regional Afghan Hound clubs.
www.afghanhound.net   (246 words)

 Afghan Hound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Afghan Hound is a very old sighthound dog breed.
Distinguished by its thick, fine, silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end, the breed acquired its unique features in the cold mountains of Afghanistan, where it was originally used to hunt wolves, foxes, and gazelles.
Afghans hounds are a relatively healthy breed; major health issues are allergies, and cancer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Afghan_Hound   (570 words)

 Afghan Hound at Doxette - The Right Dog Antiques and Collectibles
Afghan Hound Dog 1979 Picture History The Afghan Hound was discovered by the Western world in Afghanistan and surrounding regions during the 19th century.
Afghan Hound Dog Crown Crest Kennels Thistle Sampson Afghan Hound dogs from the famous Crown Crest Kennels of Kay Finch on one side and Glen Gary of Royal Thistle and Ch.
Afghan Hound Dog Trotting Hand Painted This wonderful wood trotting Afghan Hound dog is hand cut, hand painted and resin-coated, giving each piece the details that make them complete and measures approximately 4 3/4 inches high.
www.tias.com /6298/InventoryPage/1208829/1.html   (1218 words)

 The Afghan Hound
The breed's long, silky coat developed to protect the breed from the cold, harsh climate of Afghanistan, after the breed was brought there from the warmer climates of Arabia and Persia.
Afghan Hounds found their way to the Western world after British soldiers discovered them near the border between India and Afghanistan in the late 1800's.
Afghans are natural athletes that require plenty of outdoor exercise.
www.expage.com /afhound   (283 words)

 Afghanistan main interactive web site, made by Afghans for Afghans   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Although believed to be one of the oldest breeds in the world, the modern history of this sight hound is mainly as a hunting and guard dog of Afghanistan and Northern India.
The first Afghan Hounds came to Great Britain in the late 1800s and to the United States in the late 1930.
Distinctive to the Afghan is the hair on the shoulders, back, saddle and flank which is short and silky in the adult dog.
www.afghansite.com /afghanHound   (337 words)

 Afghan Hound - Afghan Hounds - Afghan Hound Dog Breed
Afghan Hounds is an ancient breed that hunts well, is fast and has lots of stamina.
It is better to buy Afghan hounds in single color rather than spotted ones.
Exercise: Afghan hounds need lots of heavy-duty exercises and running helps them to burn off their energy.
pets.iloveindia.com /dogs/dog-breed/afghan-hound.html   (223 words)

 Afghan Hound FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Afghan Hound Health, which includes a natural health care program and advice on feeding, vaccinations, health problems, and choosing the right vet.
Training Afghan Hounds, which includes respect training, housebreaking, and socializing with strangers.
Afghan Hound Review will give you a terrific introduction to Afghan Hound personality and temperament.
www.yourpurebredpuppy.com /faq/afghanhounds.html   (649 words)

 The Westminster Kennel Club | Breed Information: Afghan Hound
A swift sighthound, the Afghan Hound was discovered by the Western World in Afghanistan during the 19th century.
The first Afghan Hounds were brought to England in the latter part of that century by British military personnel returning from the India-Afghanistan border wars.
In its native land, the Afghan Hound was the hunting dog of the royal family, pursuing gazelle, snow leopards and hare, while followed by huntsmen on horseback.
www.westminsterkennelclub.org /breedinformation/hound/afghanhd.html   (114 words)

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