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 Afghan National Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Afghan National Army (ANA) is being developed by the United States, France and United Kingdom to take primary responsibility for land-based military operations.
By March, 2005, the Afghan National Army had reached a strength of 20,694 soldiers in 31 battalions.
On July 23, about 1,000 ANA soldiers, together with U.S. -led coalition troops, were deployed in Operation Warrior Sweep, marking the first major combat operation for the Afghan troops. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Afghan_National_Army

 U.S. helps Afghan National Army recruitment
Local governors, village elders, influential members of the region, and regional Afghan military force officers recently gathered at one of the Afghan Ministry of Defense's recruitment presentations for the Afghan National Army.
CARIKAR, Afghanistan (Army News Service, Aug. 4, 2003)-- The U.S. Army is helping the new Afghan National army spread the message of the "importance of one army" to the 33 separate militias around the country.
ANA public affairs officer, Capt. Muhammad Shapoor, attended a recent recruiting conference and gave a presentation educating the attendees about the benefits of unifying the military forces of the country, and how the Afghan recruits can benefit from it. /military/library/news/2003/08/mil-030804-usa01.htm > News > World -- Afghan national army dispatched to western province to calm factional violence
KABUL, Afghanistan &; Afghan soldiers retook an air base seized by militia fighters during factional fighting in the west, the government said Sunday as the country's new U.S.-trained army seeks to extend control over security outside of Kabul ahead of national elections.
The national army was intervening in fighting between forces of Ismail Khan, a powerful warlord who is the governor of western Herat province, and rival warlords.
Mohammed Aref, an aide to Amanullah, said one plane brought about 100 soldiers to Shindand during the night and a national army general was in talks with the rebel commander. /news/world/20040815-0720-afghan-fighting.html > News > World -- Afghan national army strength approaches 6,000 as training continues
The leaflet also promised an Afghan national army private a monthly wage of about $50 – a fortune in a country where an average family makes less than $20 per month – and three hot meals a day.
KABUL, Afghanistan &; Afghanistan's national army gained a new battalion on Monday, boosting the force to about 6,000 and raising hopes that government troops will one day take control from warlord militias that hold sway over large parts of the country.
Juma Mohammed Naser, the head of Defense Ministry's training department, told the graduates that the national army would be crucial for providing security for the constitutional council, or jirga, scheduled for December and historic elections, planned for June. /news/world/20030929-0249-afghan-nationalarmy.html

 BBC NEWS World South Asia Afghan national army plan unveiled
Attempts to form a national army have been hampered by a lack of non-partisan army volunteers and problems with convincing Afghanistan's different ethnic factions on how much representation they should have in the army.
Mr Karzai told a meeting of United Nations representatives and donor countries in Germany that the safety of his citizens remained his top priority, and that the new army would be a force loyal solely to his government and the only legal army Afghanistan would recognise.
Afghan delegates estimate that at least $23bn will be needed over the next five years to rebuild the country's shattered infrastructure. /1/hi/world/south_asia/2533509.stm

 DefenseLINK News: Afghan National Army Activates Second Regional Command
That future, he said, is symbolized by the soldiers of the trained, professional and disciplined Afghan National Army who now man the new regional command, "each of whom vows on his graduation from training at the Kabul Military Training Center to serve the Afghan nation," he added.
Walizada, commanding general of the Afghan National Army's 203 Corps, salutes the Afghan national colors being presented to him by Afghan Defense Minister Fahim Khan at the Gardez Regional Command activation.
Eric Olson, commanding general of Combined Joint Task Force 76, poses with soldiers of the Afghan National Army's Thunder Corps at the activation ceremony for the Gardez Regional Command Sept. 22. /news/Sep2004/n09232004_2004092306.html

 Afghan national army dispatched to control factional fighting
The Afghan government is to send up to 700 troops from the new Afghan National Army to the northwest province of Ghor to quell factional unrest after hundreds of troops loyal to regional commanders overran Ghor's capital last week and forced the Kabul-appointed governor to flee.
Afghan national army dispatched to control factional fighting
The National Security Council said in a statement the 600 to 700 troops dispatched to Ghor would also assist with the local implementation of a countrywide program to disarm tens of thousands of militiamen. /2004/040621080538.lzye4h89.html

 Afghan Warrior
The Afghan National police faced a the highest casualty during this week - at least 20 police forces were killed and a number injured when the rebels targeted their convoy from an ambush in the southern Helmand province.
The first one is that the Afghan people know that their new Army is able to fight the enemies and the coalition forces are united with the Afghan Army.
Four personnel of the Afghan National Police were killed and another wounded when the US-led coalition opened fire at their vehicle in the southren Helmand province on Thursday.

 Afghan National Army finishes military training
The course of instruction emphasizes the Afghan army is under civilian control and that the officers and NCOs answer to the national government.
Afghan and coalition leaders see the Afghan National Army as a stabilizing influence in the war-torn country.
"The Afghan National Army is a mix of all ethnic groups in the country," said Sgt. Don Dees, a U.S. spokesman at the academy. /army/pentagram/7_29/national_news/18366-1.html

 Parameters: Rebuilding Afghanistan's National Army
The rebuilding of a national army will have to be intertwined with the creation of a legitimate broad-based government, economic reconstruction, and the demobilization process.
In such a socio-political environment, the state armies were faced with two major challenges: creating a national loyalty among the soldiers that would surpass their tribal allegiance, and providing the military units with the skills to fight effectively in both counterinsurgencies and conventional wars.
The army was often crudely organized and led, inadequately armed, poorly trained, meagerly paid, and badly fed. Such an army was hardly capable of standing firm in the face of a determined foe. /p/articles/mi_m0IBR/is_3_32/ai_91564616

 Afghan National Army training combat medics
POL-E-CHARKI, Afghanistan (Army News Service, Jan. 26, 2004)-- The Afghan National Army has begun training its own combat medics to provide baseline care for soldiers in the field through a collaborative effort with the U.S. Army.
Afghan Army Col. Ahmadzoy Wali, chief of medical training at the Kabul Military Training Center, oversees the effort with intensive care and personal pride.
As Chief of Medical Plans and Operations for the ANA Plans and Design Team under OMC-A, he's the architect for the medical capability of the Afghan army. /military/library/news/2004/01/mil-040126-usa02.htm

And it is hoped that the new Afghan National Army will be fully manned by the end of 2006," Langton said.
Afghan media in general have been less enthusiastic about the aims and prospects of the new front.
Jawed Ludin, a spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, said that if Washington does make a formal request for permanent bases, any decision would first be discussed by the government and then voted on by the Afghan parliament that is due to be elected in September. /reports/afghan-report/2005/04/12-110405.asp

 The National Guard - Afghan National Army Trainees Head to School
Led by three members of the Texas Army National Guard -- Maj. Eduardo Torres, an Afghanistan National Army mentor; Sgt. 1st Class Erik Husband, the noncommissioned offer-in-charge; and Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Frazer, the road march medic -- the soldiers made the seven-kilometer road march in one hour.
The National Guard - Afghan National Army Trainees Head to School
The Afghan troops are the first to attend the Advanced Individual Training courses that educate the soldiers in their military professions. /news/story.asp?id=1469

 DefenseLINK News: Afghan National Army Recruiting Extends to Northeast
The current strength of the Afghan National Army is about 15,500, with approximately 13,000 of this number being trained soldiers and another 2,500 still in training.
Aziz Rahman, commander of the Afghan National Army Recruiting Command, addresses the audience at the grand opening of the National Army Volunteer Center in Faizabad, Badakhshan Province on Sept 7.
Craig P. Weston, chief of the Office of Military Cooperation—Afghanistan, spoke of an Afghan army that is operating throughout the country on a variety of missions. /news/Sep2004/n09242004_2004092402.html

 Articles - Afghan National Army
As of September 2005, 28 of the 31 Afghan National Army Battalions were ready for combat operations and many had already participated in them.
Five Corps exist, serving a Regional Commands for the National Army: the 201st Corps based in Kabul, the 203rd Corps based in Gardez, the 205th Corps based in Kandahar, the 207th Corps in Herat, and the 209th Corps in Mazar-e-Sharif.
That month, approximately 1,000 ANA soldiers were deployed in the U.S-led Operation Warrior Sweep, marking the first major combat operation for Afghan troops. /articles/Afghan_National_Army

 DefenseLINK News: Afghan National Army Brings Security, Sets Example
From the start, the Afghan National Army has been integrated with all ethnic and tribal backgrounds.
The difference between the ANA and local militias is the first thing that stands out, said Army Sgt. 1st Class Brian Bedington, another trainer, who is from the Oklahoma National Guard.
In the past, the Afghan army was raised in various provinces and kept there. /news/Aug2004/n08132004_2004081301.html

 DefenseLINK News: Afghan National Army Lieutenant Displays Leadership
A recent Afghan National Army force presence patrol in Kandahar exposed the ANA to the Afghan citizens for the first time.
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, May 26, 2004-- Very little was routine for the first of 16 Afghan National Army battalions to be operationally fielded throughout southern Afghanistan during the unit's recent 52-day "force presence" patrol.
The 1st Commando Battalion of the 3rd Brigade Quick Reaction Force was attacked on three separate occasions, and on the morning of March 13, an ANA second lieutenant showed his coalition force allies what the ANA is capable of doing. /news/May2004/n05262004_2004052614.html

 Abizaid Visits Afghan National Army Troops - DefendAmerica News Article
U.S. Army Gen. John Abizaid, center, U.S. Central Command commander, displays a ceremonial dagger and an Afghan traditional vest known as a "Waskat Afghani" presented by leaders of the Afghan National Army's 201st Corps.
U.S. Army Gen. John Abizaid, U.S. Central Command commander, tours the motor pool with Afghan National Army Gen. Bismullah Khan, left, chief of the Afghan National Army General Staff, and Maj. Gen.
The Afghan National Army's 201st Corps conducts a mechanized infantry demonstration using M113A2 armored personnel carriers during a visit by U.S. Army Gen. John Abizaid, commander of U.S. Central Command. /articles/june2005/a062405pj2.html

 RELEASE 030907-01 / Afghan National Army key to Afghan nationalism
GARDEZ, Afghanistan (American Forces Press Service, Sept. 7, 2003) &; The Afghan National Army is one key to extending the interim government's influence throughout Afghanistan.
Afghans and coalition officials alike expressed hope that this will speed the process of national government control.
Officials said the Afghan army has about 5,000 soldiers. /News/releases/03SEP/030907-01.htm

 Af AfDB Afa Afan Afan Lido FC Afar Afar language Afars and Issas
Afghan National Army - The Afghan National Army (ANA) is being developed...
Afghan National Museum - The Afghan National Museum is a place for...
Afghan Museum - The Afghan Museum is a museum in,... /?Af

 DefendAmerica News - Recruiters Earn Medal for Work with Afghan National Army
Afghan National Army Recruiting Command and Afghan National Army Recruiting Academy.
Aziz Rahman, commander of the Afghan National Army Recruiting Command and his Chief of Staff, Brig.
The recruiting mission is essential to the development of the country, which plans a 70,000-man national army to secure its stability and security. /articles/Dec2004/a120204h.html

 DefendAmerica News - Fourth Afghan National Army
French Army Capt. Jean-Luc Rasmusse watches trainees from the fourth battalion of the Afghan National Army prepare for a squad live-fire drill.
A French soldier uses an interpreter to instruct trainees in the Afghan National Army's fourth battalion.
Lefevre said the training has gone well, but he admitted that some of the challenges they’ve encountered were the same as those found with trainees in his own army“Even through 20 years of war, they still flinch when they fire,” he said. /articles/nov2002/a110602a.html

 Afghan National Army Begins New Training Model
KABUL, Afghanistan- Almost 500 Afghan National Army soldiers doubled-timed for six miles Feb. 24 in order to get to their new home in time to start the first Advanced Individual Training courses for ANA soldiers today.
Afghan BT will now consist of six weeks (instead of 10 weeks) of training at KMTC, followed by another six weeks of AIT at Pol-e Charkhi.
The move was part of the implementation of a new basic training model and advanced training model for the Afghan soldiers. /NewsContent/0,13319,usa2_022505.00.html

 The World Factbook 2004 -- Afghanistan
National elections would formally dissolve the Transitional Authority and establish the Government of Afghanistan under the new constitution.
Much of the population continues to suffer from shortages of housing, clean water, electricity, medical care, and jobs, but the Afghan government and international donors remain committed to improving access to these basic necessities by prioritizing infrastructure development, education, housing development, jobs programs, and economic reform over the next year.
In late 2001, major leaders from the Afghan opposition groups and diaspora met in Bonn, Germany, and agreed on a plan for the formulation of a new government structure that resulted in the inauguration of Hamid KARZAI as Chairman of the Afghan Interim Authority (AIA) on 22 December 2001. /geos/af.html

 CBS News Afghan National Army Is Born February 26, 2002 18:33:01
Turner warned of "teething problems" as the international forces lay the foundation of a national army in a country long ruled by warlords and their private militias.
Turner said it is possible that some men who once fought with the Taliban may end up in the new Afghan army.
Already there have been reports of bitter fighting in northern Afghanistan between armies loyl to Uzbek warlord Rashid Dostum and former commander Atta Mohammed as well as in central Bamiyan province between rival groups. /stories/2002/02/26/terror/main502257.shtml Afghan Boot Camp -- Page 1
Minister of Defense Mohammed Qasim Fahim, of all people, is not keen on this national army project.
With 700,000 Afghan civilians — out of a population of 27 million — believed to be armed, new recruits have plenty of experience at target practice.
He is surrounded by private armies loyal to regional warlords, and does not have an army of his own. /time/search/article/0,8599,338603,00.html?cnn=yes

 DefendAmerica News - Afghan National Army Stands Guard in the South
And the “key to success in Regional Command South,” said Fenton, “is the spirit of the [Afghan National Army] and the resourcefulness of the Regional Command Advisory Group and Embedded Training Teams (the soldiers of Coalition Joint Task Force Phoenix) in making things work.
Afghan National Army Stands Guard in the South
During an operation to locate a missile launch position, the Afghan soldiers “deployed well, maintained a good and disciplined formation and reacted swiftly to orders,” said Fenton. /articles/feb2005/a020205wm1.html

 Afghan National Army Increases Battalions Being Trained
As the force strength of the national army continues to increase, Afghan National Army soldiers are becoming more actively involved to the internal defense of Afghanistan.
With more soldiers entering the Afghan National Army, there will likewise be an increase in the number of leaders being trained by the U.S., French, British and embedded training teams from Coalition forces.
Currently, more than a third of all Afghan National Army soldiers are deployed forward to such places as Herat, Kandahar, Gardez and Mazar-i-Sharif. /focus/news/1144161/posts

 GIs To Help Train Afghan National Army
Maj. Eric Bloom, a public affairs officer with the Oklahoma National Guard, said the 2,700 troops assigned to the Oklahoma-led task force have helped the Afghan army provide security for voter registration.
It is not a mission typically done by Guard troops, but was assigned to them because the Army is stretched thin by the war on terror.
It replaces a task force led by the 45th Brigade of the Oklahoma National Guard. /NewsContent/0,13319,FL_train_071404,00.html

 Chapomatic » Afghan National Army 33rd Battalion Graduates
The 33rd battalion of the Afghan National Army {ANA} graduated last week with more than 512 soldiers and NCOs from the Kabul Military Training Center and moved to Central Corp.
Chapomatic » Afghan National Army 33rd Battalion Graduates
3 Responses to “Afghan National Army 33rd Battalion Graduates” /chapomatic/?p=696

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