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Topic: Afghanistan timeline June 2002

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  A Timeline of Oil and Violence - Afghanistan
Afghanistan's interim ruler Hamid Karzai and the Pakistan president agreed to revive plans (47a) for a trans-Afghanistan pipeline..
Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai to hold talks with his Pakistani and Turkmenistan counterparts (47c) regarding a pipeline from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, and through Pakistan to the coast.
The annual US Government estimate for opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan was released Nov. 2004 (49): approximately 206,700 hectares of poppy were grown in 2004, representing a 239% increase in production over 2003 estimates.
www.ringnebula.com /Oil/Timeline.htm   (1675 words)

 June 2002
A timeline of events in the news for June, 2002.
See also June 14 terrorist attack outside US Consulate in Karachi
Mohammed Zahir Shah opened a loya jirga in Afghanistan.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ju/June_2002.html   (478 words)

 Taliban Timeline
Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld claims that most of Afghanistan is now secure and that American forces had moved from major combat operations to stabilization and reconstruction projects.
One June 2, three Europeans working for Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) are killed in an attack believed to have been carried out by the Taliban.
On June 16, four Afghan civilians are killed by a roadside bomb in Kunduz.
www.infoplease.com /spot/taliban-time.html   (1914 words)

 (2/21/2002) Dabhol - Enron Timeline
June 20, 1992: Enron and the government of the state of Maharashtra signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to build the plant.
June 23, 1998: In a speech to the "Collateral Damage Conference" of the Cato Institute, Cheney said, "the good Lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas only where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States.
June 28, 2001: "Good news" a NSC staff member wrote in a e-mail memo: "The Veep mentioned Enron in his meeting with Sonia Gandhi." An unnamed government staff member wrote that (s)he would "ask the Indians" if Kenneth Lay "is invited to the dinner" with India's national security adviser, Brajesh Mishra.
www.monitor.net /monitor/0202a/enrontimeline.html   (2183 words)

 CTV.ca | Afghanistan: A timeline of Canadian involvement post-9/11
Soldiers from the military unit that was mistakenly attacked in Afghanistan by a U.S. fighter jet in 2002 are part of the group.
Canadian commanders in Afghanistan say their troops likely prevented a suicide bomb attack on one of their patrols when they disabled an Afghan vehicle with four machine-gun rounds last month.
Canadian troops in Afghanistan exchanged fire with a group of insurgents after they were fired upon at a camp north of Kandahar.
www.ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1123179692508_118588892   (2166 words)

 Afghanland.com Afghanistan Timeline since 1919
Soviet army invaded Afghanistan in a campaign to capture Ibrahim Beg a Uzbek rebel fining against the soviets in Uzbekistan.
Elections were held in Afghanistan and the PDPA members made inflammatory statements instead of pushing their agenda which resulted in scraping the idea of Constitutional Monarchy.
Karzai is elected as head of state of the new government of Afghanistan by the loya jirga.
www.afghanland.com /history/timeline/timeline.html   (2097 words)

 2002 - Present Timeline
January 2002 (C): Steven Hatfill, later to emerge as a suspect of the anthrax attacks (see June 25, 2002), is interviewed by FBI investigators for the first time.
March 22, 2002: Translator Sibel Edmonds later claims that she is fired by the FBI on this day after repeatedly raising suspicions about a coworker and her alleged connections to an unnamed foreign official and an unnamed foreign organization.
May 16, 2002 (C): In response to all of the revelations about what was known before 9/11 (see May 15, 2002), the major airlines hold a press conference saying they were never warned of a specific hijacking threat, and were not told to tighten security.
s3.amazonaws.com /911timeline/main/timelineafter2001.html   (11841 words)

 Center for Cooperative Research
The timeline will provide a detailed account of how our health care system has become the most expensive and inefficient system in the industrialized world.
The timeline on the United States’ use of incendiary weapons has been updated.
The timeline on the forged documents has been updated to include recently reported information.
cooperativeresearch.org /timeline.jsp?...&timeperiod=2002+-+2010   (579 words)

 Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
June 22nd FAA issued a bulletin that had concerns about terrorism.
However, when asked whether the CIA had been scrutinizing world markets for national security purposes Crispal replied, "I have no way of knowing what operations are being affected by assets outside the country." Well given 3,000 deaths, the victim families and their lawyers may want to know this.
But while the Houston Chronicle reported the operatives as former CIA, a February 26, 2002, National Enquirer story quoted a top Washington insider familiar with several secret investigations into ENRON as reporting that they were given leaves of absence without pay and put on the ENRON payroll.
www.unansweredquestions.org /transcript.shtml   (18147 words)

 Freezerbox Magazine - Enron Pipedreams Buried in Afghanistan
Afghanistan was controlled by religious extremists, and they didn't want to cooperate.
Fearing the negative PR fallout of working in Afghanistan, Unocal said it was abandoning plans for a route through the country.
The Taliban demanded that the U.S. reconstruct Afghanistan's infrastructure in exchange for building the pipeline, and demanded as well that the pipeline be open for local consumption.
www.freezerbox.com /archive/article.asp?id=183   (6104 words)

 Raw Story: Path of War Timeline
It was March 2002, and Rice was meeting with three U.S. Senators, discussing how to deal with Iraq through the United Nations, or perhaps in a coalition with America's Middle East allies.
Karen Kwiatkowski says: "From May 2002 until February 2003, I observed firsthand the formation of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans and watched the latter stages of the neoconservative capture of the policy-intelligence nexus in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq...
MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.
www.rawstory.com /exclusives/muriel/path_of_war_timeline_613.htm   (5587 words)

 Afghanistan Online: Chronological History of Afghanistan--Part IV
Soviet Union defeated by Afghanistan, total withdrawal by the Soviets occurred on Feb. 15, 1989.
September--The ex-king of Afghanistan, Mohammad Zahir Shah, calls for a grand assembly, or Loya Jirga to discuss ways of bringing peace to the country.
June-- Loya Jirga elects Hamid Karzai as President of a Transitional Government.
www.afghan-web.com /history/chron/index4.html   (1050 words)

 2002 Timeline
The dinner, on June 17, is expected to be one of the biggest gatherings of royalty in recent times.
The Pashtuns of northern Afghanistan are fleeing their villages by the thousands now, telling tales of murder and rape and robbery.
Pakistan is preparing to shift troops from the border with Afghanistan to the front in Kashmir, where tensions with India are quickly rising.
a-day-in-the-life.powys.org.uk /misc/2002_timeline.php   (7472 words)

 CNN.com - UK pulls troops from Afghanistan - June 20, 2002
UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon told the House of Commons on Thursday that all 1,700 members of the Royal Marines 45 Commando battle group would be withdrawn from early next month, and would not be replaced immediately.
This would mean the total number of British forces in Afghanistan and the surrounding region would be cut from more than 4,000 now to 2,000 soldiers by late summer, he said.
The British marines' mission in Afghanistan became controversial, with the government being accused of exaggerating their likely combat role.
edition.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/europe/06/20/uk.hoon   (425 words)

 NucNews - June 4, 2002
May 21, 2002: Separatist Kashmiri leader Abdul Ghani Lone is shot to death during a memorial rally attended by thousands in Jammu-Kashmir's summer capital, Srinagar.
June 4, 2002: Vajpayee and Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf attend regional security summit in Kazakhstan, but no talks are held.
WASHINGTON, June 3 - Early on Sept. 11, Senator Bob Graham and Representative Porter J. Goss were having a quiet breakfast meeting in the Capitol with the chief of Pakistani intelligence, Lt. Gen.
nucnews.net /nucnews/2002nn/0206nn/020604nn.htm   (20253 words)

 Information Please: 2002
U.S. and Afghan troops launch Operation Anaconda against remaining al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan (March 2).
In the first three months of 2002, 14 suicide bombers kill dozens of Israeli civilians, and wounded hundreds.
Bush signs corporate reform bill (July 30) in response to a spate of corporate scandals: Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco, Qwest, Global Crossing, ImClone, and Adelphia, among others, were convicted or placed under federal investigation for various misadventures in fraud and crooked accounting.
www.infoplease.com /year/2002.html   (1011 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Country profiles | Timeline: Afghanistan
Half of Afghan population now estimated to be displaced by war, with many fleeing to neighbouring Iran or Pakistan.
2002 June - Loya Jirga, or grand council, elects Hamid Karzai as interim head of state.
2002 July - Vice-President Haji Abdul Qadir is assassinated by gunmen in Kabul.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/south_asia/1162108.stm   (1320 words)

 Heritage Timeline - Aga Khan - 2002
It said that the Agha Khan university was committed to the improvement of education in Pakistan and abroad, and has already established a medical college, school of nursing, and an institute of educational development in Pakistan, an institute of the study of Muslim civilizations in the UK.
The preliminary estimates of a foreign-funded study, titled 'Dimensions of the non-profit sector in Pakistan', rejected the notion that the non-profit sector was thriving on funds generated or raised by foreign agencies or donors.
2002, June 5 - Lisbon, Portugal: The Minister of Culture, Dr. Pedro Roseta and the First Lady, Maria Jose Ritta were amongst the distinguished guests who last night joined Her Highness Begum Inaara Aga Khan at a concert and exhibition from Tajikistan at the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon.
ismaili.net /timeline/2002.html   (13061 words)

 September 11 News.com - Daily September Timeline & Chronology of Events Since September 11, 2001.
September 11 News.com - Daily September Timeline & Chronology of Events Since September 11, 2001.
Department warns governments will be isolated if they tolerate or assist terrorist groups.
Taliban say they are dispatching 300,000 fighters to defend Afghanistan's borders.
www.september11news.com /DailyTimeline.htm   (1314 words)

 Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive ARPAnet & Internet history
Permission is granted for use of this document in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes as long as this Copyright notice and a link to this document, at the archive listed at the end, is included.
If you enjoy the Timeline or make use of it in some way, please consider a contribution.
Hobbes' Internet Timeline was compiled from a number of sources, with some of the stand-outs being: Cerf, Vinton (as told to Bernard Aboba).
www.zakon.org /robert/internet/timeline   (8031 words)

 The Rittenhouse Review
Ebbers was president and CEO of WorldCom from 1985 to 2002.
Sullivan was chief financial officer, treasurer, and secretary of WorldCom from 1994 to 2002.
According to an article by Frank DiGiacomo in the June 12 edition of the New York Observer -- “The Forbes Family is Scaling Back Social Register” -- Tom Jones, who managed the Register as director of special projects at Forbes, recently left the company.
rittenhouse.blogspot.com /2002_06_01_rittenhouse_archive.html   (15580 words)

 2002 - Present Timeline
FTW Saeed Sheikh is later convicted as the mastermind of the kidnap (see July 15, 2002), and though it appears he appears to have lured Pearl into being kidnapped beginning January 11, the actual kidnapping and murder of Pearl is done by others who still remain at large.
May 21, 2002 (B): The Guardian reports that in the wake of 9/11, Attorney General Ashcroft prevented the FBI from investigating gun-purchase records to discover if any of the 9/11 hijackers had bought any guns.
May 21-22, 2002: Walid Arkeh is a prisoner in Florida who claims to have told the FBI in August 2001 that al-Qaeda was likely to attack the WTC and other targets soon.
www.fromthewilderness.com /timeline/timelineafter2001.html   (11053 words)

 September 11 News.com - April / May / June 2002 Photo Timeline - 2002 News Timeline of Sept. 11th, 2001 Related Events.
September 11 News.com - April / May / June 2002 Photo Timeline - 2002 News Timeline of Sept. 11th, 2001 Related Events.
Turkish troops replace British troops in Kabul, Afghanistan.
September 11, 2001 and June 4 and 6, 2002
www.september11news.com /2002Timeline2.htm   (433 words)

A CENTURY OF U.S. From Wounded Knee to Afghanistan
U.S. military spending ($343 billion in the year 2000) is 69 percent greater than that of the next five highest nations combined.
Among sources used, besides news reports, are the Congressional Record (23 June 1969), 180 Landings by the U.S. Marine Corps History Division, Ege and Makhijani in Counterspy (July-Aug. 1982), and Daniel Ellsberg in Protest and Survive.
www.zmag.org /CrisesCurEvts/interventions.htm   (656 words)

 CNN.com - U.S.: Kuwaiti man was key player in 9/11 - June 6, 2002
But they say certain information he has given them on the activities of Mohammed has "checked out with" other intelligence information.
Sources affirmed for CNN information that Mohammed is Kuwaiti and is thought to be in the Afghanistan region.
The U.S. government has offered a $25 million award for information leading to Mohammed's arrest and conviction.
archives.cnn.com /2002/US/06/05/inv.terror.mohammed/index.html   (829 words)

 World, June 2002 Timeline
Add a favorite (file a bookmark) to World, June 2002 Timeline
Smoke poured from a fourth-floor window in the midst of celebrating the 50-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II Switzerland
See World Soccer Timeline ; Brazil Top Stories, 2002 Timeline ; Japan Top Stories, 2002 Timeline ; Japan Soccer Timeline ; Cup on Google ; Japan on Google
www.mapreport.com /years/2002/june.html   (344 words)

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