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Topic: Afghanistan timeline June 2004

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 Afghanistan timeline June 2004 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Kabul, Afghanistan, a group of 100 protesters led by Mahfooz Nedaye and Sayed Abdul Hadi called for the resignation of Hamid Karzai on the grounds that his term of office had expired under the terms of the Bonn Agreement.
In Kandahar, Afghanistan, Hamid Agha, the local chief of refugee affairs was assassinated by gunmen on motorcycles.
In Paktia Province, Afghanistan, a convoy of Afghan and foreign staff preparing for the elections was ambushed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Afghanistan_timeline_June_2004   (1179 words)

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 [No title]
Afghanistan suffered its sixth year of drought and produced a below-average harvest, and the percentage of people in need of food aid rose from 20 percent in 2003 to an estimated 37 percent in 2004.
In December 2004, Congress passed regular appropriations for the agency, matching USAID's Afghanistan budget request of $397 million; USAID officials stated at the time that they would be unable to fully implement programs with the amount of their regular appropriations and would rely on supplemental funding to carry out the agency's planned activities.
2004 status: Public education strategy was revised, targeted, and updated; a survey of citizen knowledge and opinions of governance of Afghanistan was completed; and 14 grants of $20,000 each were awarded for public education activities.
www.gao.gov /atext/d05742.txt   (16351 words)

 A Timeline of Oil and Violence - Afghanistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Afghanistan's interim ruler Hamid Karzai and the Pakistan president agreed to revive plans (47a) for a trans-Afghanistan pipeline..
Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai to hold talks with his Pakistani and Turkmenistan counterparts (47c) regarding a pipeline from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, and through Pakistan to the coast.
The annual U.S. Government estimate for opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan was released Nov. 2004 (49): approximately 206,700 hectares of poppy were grown in 2004, representing a 239% increase in production over 2003 estimates.
www.ringnebula.com /Oil/Timeline.htm   (1689 words)

 CBS News | Four US Troops Die In Afghanistan | June 8, 2004 15:35:02
The soldiers died in Zabul province on Saturday, military spokeswoman Master Sgt. Cindy Beam said in an e-mailed statement.
She said the names of the soldiers would not be released pending notification of their families.
Separately, the U.S. Arny said Saturday that it was "probably friendly fire that killed Pat Tillman as he led his team of Army Rangers up a hill during a firefight in Afghanistan last month.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2004/05/30/world/main620342.shtml   (232 words)

 June 2004 - Enpsychlopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Albertan MLA Gary Masyk blames Premier Ralph Klein for causing the defeat of the Conservative Party of Canada in the 2004 Canadian election and leaves the Progressive Conservative Party for the newly-formed Alberta Alliance.
In the 2004 Serbian presidential election, Boris Tadic defeats Tomislav Nikolic in the run-off, with 53.7% to 45.0% of the votes.
The Zimbabwean cricket team is suspended from playing Test Matches by the ICC till the end of 2004 due to their policy of racial bias in team selection.
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 Loic Le Meur Blog: June 2004
June 28, 2004 at 17:47 in Mobility, Typepad
June 27, 2004 at 14:02 in Mobility, Typepad
June 16, 2004 at 01:44 in Mobility
www.loiclemeur.com /english/2004/06   (8983 words)

 CNN.com - Bush: Afghanistan is a victory over terrorism - Jun 15, 2004
Afghanistan is "adamant," Karzai said, about ending the drug problem.
Karzai noted that his country remains "one of the poorest." Only 6 percent of its people have access to electricity, few have access to safe drinking water and farmers have a shortage of water to irrigate their crops, he said.
Still, he said, Afghanistan is confident it will succeed, particularly with international help.
www.cnn.com /2004/US/06/15/karzai   (1111 words)

 CBS News | 2 Marines Killed In Afghanistan | June 27, 2004 10:14:31
The attack in Kunar, a province on the border with Pakistan, occurred late Thursday, said military spokeswoman Master Sgt. Cindy Beam.
Bush said the United States, which in recent months has increased its force in Afghanistan to about 20,000 troops, is helping to build the new Afghan national army and train new Afghan police and border patrol.
Bush said the United States is: helping foster democracy by training newly elected politicians, expanding culture and education exchange programs, pursing bilateral trade and investment; working to print new textbooks and build schools for both boys and girls, and is providing small business grants to women.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2004/06/27/world/main626277.shtml   (461 words)

 Ballotpaper.org : :June 2004 Archives
June 18, 2004 "Sydney Morning Herald" -- There is a growing sense that Americans have become victims of September 11 in a way that has blinkered their democratic instincts.
Some of the organizations that are privvy to the information may still try and argue releasing the list to the public is a political purpose, but none have done so yet.
By May 2004 he had placed 5,200 men who, after one week of training in Santiago, head to North Carolina for orientation with Blackwater, the private security firm that made headlines when four of its employees where killed in Falluja, their bodies mutilated and hung from a bridge.
www.ballotpaper.org /archives/2004_06.html   (19729 words)

 Headline News: The Backlash! June 2004
In the process, he did not stage a bloodless coup, he did not set himself up as dictator, he did not invade Afghanistan and Iraq with the intention to conquer them, he is rebuilding both nations, he is restoring international respect for America, and he is right to do so.
I don't like companies like Enron, whose top executives lied to the public, lied to their customers and lied to their employees, all while reaping profits of the kind that make con‑artists smile.
This waste is a witches' brew of liquids and sludge so radioactive that workers must be shielded from it by several feet of steel-reinforced concrete.
www.backlash.com /content/news/2004/news0604.html   (4891 words)

 DrudgeReportArchives.com © 2005
In June of 2003, the United Nations Security Council's al Qaeda monitoring agency told reporters his extensive investigation had found no evidence linking the Iraqi regime to al Qaeda.
I call on the administration to disclose all its interrogation policies, including those used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan and those employed by the CIA at its secret detention centers outside the U.S., as well as all the analyses related to the adoption of those policies.
The Bush administration's objective of establishing U.S. domination over any potential adversary led to the hubristic, tragic miscalculation of the Iraq war, a painful adventure marked by one disaster after another based on one mistaken assumption after another.
www.drudgereportarchives.com /data/2004/06/24/20040624_212802_gore.htm   (4911 words)

 Winds of Change.NET: Bill Roggio's Winds of War: June 14/06
Pakistan continues to press the hunt for al Qaeda in the tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, with former Taliban leader Nek Mohammed as a main target.
American Marines are on the offensive in south-east Afghanistan, bagging about 80 Taliban and al Qaeda members in the region.
Zarqawi is another matter entirely, however, due to the fact that he was a member of the sectarian Pakistani groups Sipah-e-Sahaba and later Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which most likely played a factor in influencing his rather unfavorable view of the Shi'ites.
windsofchange.net /archives/005078.php   (6791 words)

Yet, for the mission in Afghanistan, the allies seemingly cannot find a few more infantry companies, cannot find a few more helicopters, and cannot find a few more transport aircraft that are essential to avoid failure.
Making the military efforts multinational has meant that today, the European Union spends about as much on Afghanistan as the United States and that the new Afghan army is being trained jointly by the United States and...
Leaders rubbish sentiment towards Brussels to explain away their poor electoral showings while, meanwhile, the masses are more keen to take in the soccer games unfolding in Portugal.
www.belgraviadispatch.com /archives/2004_06.html   (16867 words)

 Carpe Datum: June 2004 Archives
In Iraq, some of the same conditions that nurtured terrorism in the mountains of Afghanistan have emerged in the power vacuum created by the American occupation, Iraqis and terrorism experts say.
Those include porous borders, swaths of lawless land and regions of the country harboring well-armed groups that are neither part of the government nor under its control, Mr.
Well, damn, here we are nearly halfway through June, and the Rangers just swept the Pirates to move within a half game of first place in the division, just behind Oakland and just ahead of Anaheim.
www.ithadtobeyou.net /carpe/archives/2004_06.html   (15934 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Iraq - Abu Ghraib
The American Civil Liberties Union releases U.S. army documents showing that photos of American soldiers posing with hooded and bound prisoners in Afghanistan were destroyed after the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.
Soldiers guard the prison of Abu Ghraib, outside Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, May 5, 2004.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair apologizes for any mistreatment Iraqi prisoners may have suffered at the hands of British troops.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/iraq/abughraib_timeline.html   (1291 words)

 ARCHIVES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
“Significantly, it was understood to be SFOR leadership which caused the Bosnia-Herzegovina ‘High Representative,' Paddy Ashdown, to attempt a face-saving move in June 2004 which effectively reversed his decision of April 20, 2004, to arbitrarily remove the Head of the [Serb Republic] Secretariat for Cooperation with the [ICTY], Dejan Miletic.
In the not too distant future, Robert Fisk will have something to say about when the 9/11 plot was hatched, he'll suggest that the commission's timeline could have started a few weeks earlier with the events in Lebanon.
In the second article, Fisk also mentioned that bin Laden "has been suggesting that he's angry about the deaths of Iraqi children under sanctions" and lo and behold, squeezed in between Israel's Grapes of Wrath operation and the beginning of the 9/11 plotting is the Madeleine Albright moment.
www.antiwar.com /blog/archives.php?id=A2004061   (13832 words)

 Joefish's Freshwater Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This is to avoid having his voice electronically intercepted, which could give away his location in the vast Pakistani tribal lands near Afghanistan.
"Hence you end up using very slow means of trying to communicate, whether it's couriers that carry compact discs from Pakistan or Afghanistan through Iran or through other countries to Zarqawi," Gen. Smith told reporters at the Pentagon.
The disclosure is further evidence that the Jordanian-born Zarqawi, who has maintained links with al Qaeda, now is apparently a full-fledged member.
home.midsouth.rr.com /joefish/2004_11_01_archive.html   (5823 words)

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