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Topic: African Canadian

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  African Canadian Playwrights, Black Playwrights in Canada, Black Theatre in Canada.
African Canadian Playwrights, Black Playwrights in Canada, Black Theatre in Canada.
Further, in order to expand the impact of playwrights of African descent, the AfriCanadian Playwrights Festival became a component of the du Maurier World Stage, the largest English speaking theatre festival in North America.
The Festival also endeavoured to broaden the spectrum of African Canadian playwrighting and theatre in the Canadian cultural studies arena with the addition of a conference component and the publication of volume II of Testifyin’: Contemporary African Canadian Drama.
www.africanadian.com /2006/history.php   (534 words)

  Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project, otherwise known as CASP [1], is the online resource for anyone interested in how Shakespeare's plays have been transformed and adapted in Canada.
The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project is an integrated virtual learning, teaching, and research commons devoted to the study of Shakespeare in Canada.
CASP is an attempt to document the fascinating permutations this dialogue has taken with the understanding that Shakespeare (or the Shakespeare effect) is situated at a key nexus in a wide array of cultural activities and referents.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canadian_Adaptations_of_Shakespeare_Project   (1840 words)

 Black Canadian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some Black Canadians, like those in Nova Scotia, trace their ancestry to freed fl American slaves who fled to Canada seeking refuge from American slavery and institutional racism.
According to the 2001 census, 662,215 Canadians identified themselves as fl (of which 70 000 are mixed with other races), approximately two per cent of the entire Canadian population (Statistics Canada).
Today's fl Canadians are largely of Caribbean origin, some of African origin (especially, but not exclusively, from Somalia) and smaller numbers from Latin American countries, but a sizable number of fl Canadians descended from freed American slaves can still be found in the province of Nova Scotia and parts of Southwestern Ontario.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Black_Canadian   (1763 words)

 African Canadian Legal Clinic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
South African Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, President of the Conference, added that along with the clarion call to the rest of the world to end the evils of racism and intolerance, there should be a sustained Programme of Action that every country could implement at every level.
One of the dominant themes throughout the week-long plenary debate was the insistence by most African countries that countries that participated in and benefited from the slave trade and the colonization of other nations acknowledge the misdeeds of the past and make reparations for them.
A number of African heads of State, in addressing the issues of racism and continued discrimination, raised the need to recognize the legacy of slavery and colonialism, and pointed to the links with the poverty and economic imbalances that exist in the world today.
www.aclc.net /un_conference/post_conference_release.html   (4324 words)

 Encyclopedia: Black Canadian
An Asian Canadian is a Canadian of Asian ancestry.
Juliette Powell is a Canadian television host and producer, who made history as the first fl Miss Canada in 1989 before embarking on her career in television.
The African diaspora is the diaspora created by the movements and culture of Africans and their descendants throughout the world, in places including Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas including United States and Canada, South America, and Central America.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Black-Canadian   (6853 words)

 AEQ 304 Book Reviews
Annette Henry, herself an African Caribbean Canadian, has created an intimate ethnographic picture to explore and problematize questions about institutional, pedagogical, and curricular issues of schooling practice for African Canadian teachers and their (fl) students.
The protagonists are five African Caribbean Canadian teachers at one elementary school in a low-income neighborhood of a large Canadian city.
This provides a useful account of how African Canadians are positioned in society and how fl women struggle against their work being undermined and marginalized.
www.aaanet.org /cae/aeq/br/a_henry.htm   (891 words)

 Can Information Technologies be used to Improve the Performance of African Learners
Several Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora believe that "if we don’t get on the information superhighway, we are in danger of being so far behind that we will lose all the gains we’ve made to date".
While to the author’s knowledge, a similar set of statistics is not available for African Canadian learners, regional reports on the state of education in Canada appear to suggest that the relative performance of African Canadian learners is quite similar (BLAC (1994), Kakembo and Upshaw (1998), Glaze and Wright (1998), and Foyn (1998)).
The African community has not been spared the impact of the "propaganda" and as such, its is not uncommon to hear expressions such as: "if we (African people) do not get on the information superhighway, we will be left curb-side.
husky1.stmarys.ca /~hmillar/AfrIT.htm   (4486 words)

 ..and still I rise: A History of African Canadian Workers in Ontario   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This travelling exhibit traces the history of African Canadians from the 1900s to the present.
Despite racism and other restrictions, Canadians of African descent set down roots, established communities, defended the country militarily, and agitated for inclusion in all aspects of society.
African Canadians were an important part of the development of human rights codes, which are enjoyed by all Canadians today.
www.blackcanada.com /news_28.htm   (254 words)

 Journal of Canadian Studies: Beware of false dichotomies: Revisiting the idea of "black-focused" schools in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The case for African - centred schools at the elementary and secondary school levels rests on the idea that education must be able to respond to the material, political, cultural, spiritual and social conditions of peoples of African descent living on the margins of a White - dominated society.
Assuming that the "problems" that African - Canadian youth face in school exist externally to the school serves to negate a critical analysis of the state's institutional structures in the delivery of education.
Over 150 African - Canadian students were selected from the four Toronto high schools that became the primary focus of study for individual and focus group interviews.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3683/is_199601/ai_n8735947   (1324 words)

 Grade Five Social Studies - Heritage(Building a Nation:Immigration, Confederation, the Canadian Pacific Railway, the ...
Canadians who were born in other countries have often had experiences that are quite different from those who were born here.
Canadians who immigrated to Canada are not always accepted by the people in the community.
The clause that prevented African Canadians from belonging to the union was dropped.
www.sasked.gov.sk.ca /docs/elemsoc/g5u24ess.html   (7511 words)

 Black Canadian -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Black Canadian is a term used to identify a Canadian of (A native or inhabitant of Africa) African descent.
According to the 2001 Census, 662,215 Canadians identified themselves as fl, approximately 2% of the entire Canadian population ((additional info and facts about Statistics Canada) Statistics Canada).
There are a number of famous Canadians who are of mixed African/Caucasian or African/ (A native or inhabitant of Asia) Asian descent.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/bl/black_canadian.htm   (2272 words)

 Amber Valley, a Black Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Canadian officials subjected them to the most rigorous exam possible and found that they could not stop a single member of the group.
R. Bruce Shepard described racism in Canada as "diplomatic racism," that is, western Canadians used the power of the government of Canada to place limits on Black immigration.
Cash was always a problem for pioneer farmers, regardless of their colour, and the African Americans supplemented the family budgets by freighting, lumbering, and other jobs that were available seasonally in the area.
collections.ic.gc.ca /Athabasca/html/amber   (460 words)

 Journal of Canadian Studies: Critique of African-Canadian Literature..., The   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Nurse opines, too, "Black Canadian literature has reached the tipping point." (Her use of the metaphor popularized by African-Canadian writer Malcolm Gladwell is unfortunate: Is the literature tipping "up" or "down"?) Problematic here is the determination that "now" the literature is doing "something," whereas before, presumably, it was somnambulant, infantile, or comatose.
Moreover, African Canada is regional, and this fact means that ethnicities are concentrated geographically: "New" African Canadians in cities, "Old-line" African Canadians in more rural areas.
This precept means acknowledging that African Canada and its cultures constitute a rainbow of ethnicities and an opera of accents.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3683/is_200404/ai_n9356844   (741 words)

 African Canadian Heritage Tour   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The African Canadian Heritage Tour is comprised of 5 independent sites of historic significance located in South Western Ontario.
The African Canadian Heritage Tour celebrates the history of those who made the arduous journey to freedom in Canada via the Underground Railroad.
Canada was the terminus for many thousands of free and enslaved African Americans who made their way along various routes from the south with visions of a better life in the north.
www.ciaccess.com /~jdnewby/heritage/african.htm   (280 words)

 Black History Month. Backgrounder 37. Ontario legislative Library
Members are often called upon to recognize the history of Ontarians of African descent in speeches in their ridings or in other statements.
It is not possible to say when the first person of African descent arrived in what is now Canada.
Davies as the first fl lawyer in Canada, his entry in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography suggests that Robert Sutherland of Walkerton, Ontario and Abraham Beverley Walker of St. John may have preceded him.
www.ontla.on.ca /library/repository/mon/1000/10285065.htm   (1134 words)

 Canadian Multiculturalism2001 - Freedom, Diversity, Equality
African people were kidnapped and shipped to North America where they were auctioned off to wealthy plantation owners who needed workers.
The first Black Canadian was a young Madagascaran boy, bought by the age of 7 as a slave.
The native African boy was sold to a local, and was later educated at a school founded by a preist.
www.geocities.com /multi_cultural_99/afr.html   (884 words)

 JSTOR: Canadian Association of African Studies
The Canadian Association of African Studies is an organization of Africannists brought together by common goals.
The Association officially came into being in 1970 when the Canadian Committee on African Studies became the new Canadian Association of African Studies.
The occasional research notes have permitted university students, recognized academics, and public policy makers to keep in touch with the latest writing, opinion, and research sources on African issues.
www.jstor.org /journals/caas.html   (203 words)

 mar0012   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Canadian radio play lists reflect this fusion, and even the pop benchmark, the Toronto-based MuchMusic, an equivalent of U.S.'s MTV, is dominated by African artists.
However, the most recent vast and vibrant African settlers came from refugees from war-torn areas in Africa such as Somalia and Ethiopia.
Like the African-American experience, the African-Canadian experience is about ideals, and testing those ideals in the long battle to participate in the Canadian mosaic, as enshrined in the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights, to see whether those high standards extend to all Canadians, and working to make sure they do.
www.expotimes.net /backissuesmars/mar0012.htm   (693 words)

 Canada Kicks Ass - Canadian News, Content & Forums
The Canadian economy could enjoy a $32-billion boost if literacy rates were improved by only one per cent, says Craig Alexander, deputy chief economist of TD Bank Financial Group.
Bombardier Inc. has enlisted the help of Canadian authorities in an effort to unblock flight certification that is being mysteriously withheld for a batch of regional jets sold to a Russian airline.
Canadian Bloggers All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.
www.canadaka.net   (1306 words)

 Book Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Many African descendants, African-American in particular, have been exploring the narratives of teachers (e.g., Delpit, 1995) in an effort to understand how culture plays a role in one's pedagogy.
The reader then comes to learn who each teacher is, some of the experiences (childhood and adult) that shaped her pedagogy, how being an African-Caribbean Canadian teacher factors into her classroom practice, and the intricacies that develop "as they construct pedagogies of cultural resistance and Black self-representation" (p.
She posits that contrary to the belief that African migration is a recent phenomenon, in reality Africans have been immigrating to Canada since the 1700s.
tigger.uic.edu /~ahenry/br.html   (1409 words)

 Directory - Society: Ethnicity: African: African-Canadian
Ontario Black History Society  · cached · A non-profit, registered Canadian charity, dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Black history and heritage.
African Festival and Presentation Society  · cached · Promoting African arts and culture in Calgary, Alberta, including the Afrikadey festival.
AfroCulture.Com  · cached · Adwoa Badoe is a Guelph, Ontario author, storyteller, educator and African dance instructor exploring the Arts of Africa.
www.incywincy.com /default?p=178257   (134 words)

 About Pinoy Showcase | Filipino, Asian Canadian Australian American Arabian Search Directory | Canada Hongkong India ...
Any Filipino, Asian, Arabian, African, European, Australian, Canadian, and American own ebusinesses website that offers world class products and services that are part of the e-commerce lifestyle can be a part of links and directories.
Pinoy Showcase is team up and proud to present with you the following selection of sponsor links and affiliate programs in our directory.
We basically reviews the myriad of Filipino, Asian, Arabian, African, European, Australian, Canadian, and American orientated websites that we finds in our daily meandering in cyberspace.
www.pinoyshowcase.com /about.html   (353 words)

 African-Canadian Studies Curriculum Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The course focuses on the history of people of African descent in Canada.
The course is designed to equip students with a sound understanding of the global experience, local achievements and contribution of the Canadian people of the African descent.
The course uses an interdisciplinary approach integrating the concepts of geography, history, economics, political science and sociology to highlight the experiences, struggles and life stories of people who have contributed to world history.
www.courseworld.com /acs11/curb11.html   (150 words)

 African Canadian - AlternateHistory.com Discussion Board
If you want a more african Canada you might need to see a change in British/Canadian foriegn policy in which the Canadians promote african immigration to foresee the expansion of the Canadian economy.
The blue states unite with Canada and most African Americans (and blue whites) leave Dixie, the West and Midwest to join the new union while at the same time red whites(Canadian ones too as I'm sure a few exist) leave the blue states and Canada.If only it would happen.
Part of the swearing in ceremony for new citizens of Canada is that they will obey the Queen and recognize her as sovereign.
www.alternatehistory.com /discussion/showthread.php?t=7410   (1297 words)

 ipedia.com: Black Canadian Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
It is also becoming increasingly common to refer to a fl Canadian as an African Canadian, with the US term African American being sometimes used as well.
Many fl Canadians, or fls as they are sometimes known, are descendants of: persons who left the United States to escape from slavery during the 1800s, fl Canadian slaves, and persons who immigrated to Canada from the West Indies and Africa during the 20th century.
According to the Ethnic Diversity Survey that was released in September 2003, almost half of the fl Canadians surveyed said they have experienced some form of discrimination or unfair treatment in the past five years.
www.ipedia.com /black_canadian.html   (663 words)

 African-Canadian, African, Ethnicity, Society,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
African Festival and Presentation Society - Promoting African arts and culture in Calgary, Alberta, including the Afrikadey festival.
AfroCulture.Com - Adwoa Badoe is a Guelph, Ontario author, storyteller, educator and African dance instructor exploring the Arts of Africa.
Ontario Black History Society - A non-profit, registered Canadian charity, dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Black history and heritage.
www.bordermusic.com /Society/Ethnicity/African/African-Canadian   (265 words)

 African Studies: African Diaspora
African Studies in the West Indies (2001) by Alan Cobley, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.
The NHP affiliated with the UNESCO Slave Route Project focuses on the development of the African diaspora stemming from the "Nigerian" hinterland during the era of the slave trade from approximately 1650 to 1900.
University of Wisconsin Libraries: Africans in bondage: studies in slavery and the slave trade.
www.columbia.edu /cu/libraries/indiv/area/Africa/diaspora.html   (4627 words)

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