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Topic: African diaspora

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  African Diaspora in the 21st Century
As Africans, in Africa and the African Diaspora, we have to answer the question as to why there has been this divergence of experience in the aftermath of revolutions as interconnected as were the American, French and Haitian revolutions.
Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora are today confronted by a world of financial, investment, and trade regimes which unfairly favour the developed world and which prevents them from improving their quality of life.
Africans in both the Diaspora and the continent have entered the 21st century still confronted by the hard realities of entrenched poverty, general underdevelopment, death from curable diseases, illiteracy, international marginalisation, and little prospects for rates of growth and development that will close the gap between themselves and the rich countries.
www.nathanielturner.com /africandiaspora21stcentury.htm   (3795 words)

 10.30.2007 - African diaspora graduates in hot demand
White started out in the African Diaspora Studies Program looking into relations between African Americans and Irish Americans in 19th century New York, but then got interested in how fls were faring in contemporary Ireland, where the economy has been booming due to globalization and the country's computer technology industry.
African American studies at UC Berkeley has come a long way since 1970, when it was just a unit with six faculty members, most of whom were part-timers, within the newly-formed ethnic studies department.
He said he was drawn to African diaspora studies because it crossed so many boundaries, and that excited him: "It seemed like the scholars in the program were breaking down both the barriers of traditional disciplines as well as geographic barriers, and I wanted to be a part of that," Livermon said.
www.berkeley.edu /news/media/releases/2007/10/30_diaspora.shtml   (892 words)

  African Holocaust & African Diaspora
African slave labor in the mines and plantations of the New World produced much of Europe's wealth from the 16th to the 19th centuries, but the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade "was not the only fl diaspora.
African slaves and their descendants carried skills and communitarian values, rich cultural traditions, resiliency, and an ethos of resistance that transformed and enriched the cultures they entered around the world.
African folktales, often featuring the tortoise, hare, and spider, widespread on the African continent, were carried from Africa to the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States.
web.cocc.edu /cagatucci/classes/hum211/coursepack/diaspora.htm   (1224 words)

 NYU > History > African Diaspora
As the African Diaspora is as much a conceptual landscape as anything else, the field encourages research agendas that explore connections involving communities of the African-descended that extend beyond geopolitical boundaries, as well as the interrogation of relationships of varying nature and scope with Africa.
Study of the African Diaspora at NYU is linked closely to the study of Africa, a separate but related Ph.D course of study.
Students in the African Diaspora acquire a familiarity with the dimension of Africa most related to their interests, and their professional development is keenly shaped by the experience.
history.fas.nyu.edu /object/history.gradprog.africandiaspora.html   (681 words)

 History & Culture
The first whaling captain of African descent on Martha’s Vineyard was born in Edgartown in July, 1830: Captain William A. Martin was the son of Rebecca Michael, the daughter of Nancy Michael and granddaughter of Rebecca Amos.
Several families of the Island’s current African Diaspora community have ancestors who came to the young town of Oak Bluffs during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in pursuit of the Island’s well-regarded natural beauty, religious fervor, and opportunities for financial independence.
Diaspora pioneers, their descendants, and numerous others have greatly influenced the artistic, economic, political, social, and spiritual fabric of this far-reaching community.
www.mvy.com /islandinfo/historyafricandiaspora.php   (1498 words)

 The Schomburg Legacy Exhibition--African Diaspora Section Intro
As a consequence, the creation of the African diaspora -- the establishment of the presence of people of African descent throughout the world -- is one of the oldest and most continuous aspects of the global fl experience.
The African presence in pre-Columbian Europe is well documented and studies such as those of Ivan Van Sertima (They Came Before Columbus) make it clear that Africans also ventured across the Atlantic.
It is this population and its descendants that have become the principle subjects of the emerging field of African diasporan studies.
www.nypl.org /research/sc/WEBEXHIB/legacy/imgins7.htm   (455 words)

 African Diaspora
"Africans in the Diaspora: The Diaspora and Africa." African Affairs 99 (Apr. 2000): 183-215.
"African Diaspora in India: the Case of the Habashis of the Dakan." Islamic Culture 1989 63(1-2): 85-107.
Africans of the Diaspora: the Evolution of African Consciousness and Leadership in the Americas.
www.library.uiuc.edu /afx/diaspora.htm   (2900 words)

 African, African American, Diaspora Studies
As a field of inquiry, African, African American, Diaspora Studies examines the experiences of people of African descent in the United States, Africa and the Caribbean, as well as in Latin America, Europe and Asia.
The interdisciplinary program in African, African American, Diaspora Studies is an essential component of the college's mission to "enable students to understand and participate in shaping the multicultural, interdependent world of which they are a part." It encourages students to complement classroom learning with study, research, and internship opportunities abroad and in the United States.
African, African American, Diaspora Studies minors, particularly those planning on study, research and internships overseas, are strongly encouraged to pursue a language concentration that will complement their studies.
www.wheatoncollege.edu /Catalog/AFAM   (506 words)

 Diaspora - Mobilizing the African Diaspora for Development Initiative
The World Bank recently launched an initiative on Mobilizing the African Diaspora for Development (see AFR Diaspora program concept note) in support of the AU and African Government agenda.
The Website about the African Diaspora Mobilization initiative, as well as the Open House, is on  http://www.worldbank.org/afr/diaspora.
The Development Marketplace for the African Diaspora in Europe (D-MADE). Early concept definition for a Development Marketplace for the Diaspora in the Americas is also under way.
web.worldbank.org /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/COUNTRIES/AFRICAEXT/EXTDIASPORA/0,,contentMDK:21496629~pagePK:64168427~piPK:64168435~theSitePK:4246098,00.html   (389 words)

 Description | African Diaspora Studies and the Disciplines | 24-26 March 2006 | Madison, WI
The study of the African diaspora has become a vibrant area of research and teaching in recent years across disciplines.
The ultimate goal of the symposium is the publication of an edited volume that will stand as a definitive statement for some time to come on the ways that the African diaspora is understood, produced, enabled and constrained in and by the various disciplines.
This is not a symposium for the presentation of primary research on the African diaspora; it is devoted solely to meta-level conceptual examinations of the practice of African diaspora studies within and at the intersection of the disciplines.
africa.wisc.edu /diaspora/symposium-2006/description.htm   (560 words)

 Black Looks
Yet it is the latter group (migrants) that have the most too loose and the most to gain by the development or lack of development of their homeland as they remain the marginalised economically and socially invisible masses of Africans in the diaspora at effect of race, class and whiteness on a daily basis.
It seems that the comment on a diaspora ‘even outside the US’ is a bit indicative of an excessive focus (in the USA) on African diaspora defined as people of African descent in the USA.
Clearly this particular diaspora (perhaps less connected with Africa than any of the other substantial ones?) is very substantial with 30 million or so people (employing, more or less, a ‘one drop rule’; for who counts as African-American) but there’s the Caribbean, Brazil (and elsewhere in South America), Europe, and so on.
www.blacklooks.org /2007/02/defining_the_african_diaspora.html   (1783 words)

 African Diaspora Project Syllabus
The Africana Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and the Boston Pan African Forum are piloting a collaborative venture designed to create academic achievement in an urban, high school system, especially for youth of African descent.
Interdisciplinary instruction one day a week for two and one half hours in the history and culture of the African Diaspora, mentoring, tutoring, collaborative teamwork, community organizing, and events are designed to help students succeed academically and provide students with leverage on their cultural surround.
While the African Diaspora Program focuses on the humanities and social sciences and will primarily help students with reading, writing, and critical thinking, we also hope to pool together a critical mass of peer tutors in the areas of math and science.
web.mit.edu /wjohnson/www/africandiasporaprogram.htm   (1896 words)

 Black Canadian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some may refer to fl Canadians as Afro-Canadian or African-Canadian, although this term is not as prevalent as African American in the United States.
Today's fl Canadians are largely of Caribbean origin, some of African origin (especially, but not exclusively, from Somalia) and smaller numbers from Latin American countries, but a sizable number of fl Canadians descended from freed American slaves can still be found in the province of Nova Scotia and parts of Southwestern Ontario.
However, some descendants of the freed American fl slaves have mixed into the white Canadian community and have mostly lost their ethnic identity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Black_Canadian   (853 words)

Women in Africa and the African Diaspora is an eloquently illuminating addition to the thin bibliography on fl feminism.
Niara Sudarkasa's analysis of the status of women in indigenous African societies reveals that, except for the Islamized societies of sub-Saharan Africa, women were conspicuous in high places in pre-colonial times.
All of the essays dealing with the role of women in traditional pre-colonial Africa agree that African women played far more important roles in the economies of their societies, where many were involved in farming, trade, and craft production, than previously conceived in Europe and America.
web.africa.ufl.edu /asq/v2/v2i3a7.htm   (567 words)

 African-American Studies Videotape and Audiocassette: Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley
After the arrival of the first Africans in Virginia in 1619, the British colonies laid the groundwork for a system of racial slavery, which generated profits that ensured the colonies' growth and survival.
African American men in Macon County, Alabama believed they were receiving free treatment for syphilis; they were instead given medicines that were worthless against the disease.
By the 17th century, African musicians were seen in Turkish marching bands and admired and copied by the monarchs of Europe.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /MRC/AfricanAmVid.html   (14034 words)

 African Diaspora - Research and Read Books, Journals, Articles at Questia Online Library
New essays that examine the African experience and slavery in the Mediterranean, the fl experience in Brazil, African religious retentions in Latin American countries, and essays by women that focus on the experience and contributions of African women of the diaspora address significant areas omitted in the first volume.
Arthur examines the forces that have shaped recent African migration to the United States, looking at the characteristics of the African immigrant population, residential and settlement patterns, family and household structure, labor force participation, and pathways to American citizenship.
Pitts demonstrates that African and African-American worship share an underlying binary ritual frame: the somber melancholy of the first frame and the high emotion of the second frame.
www.questia.com /library/history/african-history/african-diaspora.jsp   (1154 words)

 Program in African American Studies
Courses in African American and Diaspora Studies will allow you to better grapple with the ideas of plurality and diversity in our multicultural and multiethnic society; such ideas and ideals are integral to understanding today’s complex global realities.
The contributions of people of African descent are considerable human achievements in the areas of literature, philosophy, science, music, politics, and visual culture.
Concentrators in African American and Diaspora Studies go on to pursue Graduate Studies in a variety of fields as well as careers in government, journalism, business, law, K-12 and post-secondary education, engineering and public service.
sitemason.vanderbilt.edu /aframst   (295 words)

 African & African Diaspora Studies Minor - Boston College
Sandra Sandiford Young, Associate Director of African and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College extends a personal hello to our new and returning AADS Minors.
The African and African Diaspora Studies minor consists of 2 required courses and 4 courses selected from a common theme.
For further information or to register for the minor, please contact African and African Diaspora Studies.
www.bc.edu /schools/cas/aads/program/minor.html   (183 words)

 Project Diaspora
Apparently Africans are uniquely suited for the work since they have experience in “risk mitigation” aka a highly developed sense of self preservation honed from the many years of strife and war in their own countries.
The knowledge and skills of the Diaspora is an additional source of engagement for countries to tap into in building the capacity and capabilities of organisations and ultimately the country.
The event is aimed at galvanising the Tanzanian Diaspora of all generations in harnessing their skills, knowledge and investment in the continued economic development of Tanzania.
www.projectdiaspora.org   (4418 words)

 University of Windsor - African Diaspora Youth Conference - Main - History of the Conference
Students participated in discussions on the topic of Diaspora, their common African heritage, and their life and career aspirations.
The students were guided through the conference by university students of African descent and workshops were led by local community leaders of African descent.
The reason behind the title was to get students to think about their history, whether personal or cultural, and make them more aware of where they come from so they know where they are going.
www.uwindsor.ca /units/diasporas/main.nsf/inToc/9FE468D94D182A888525729E0067E97A   (730 words)

 The Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora
Boyce Davies is the general editor of The Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora, a two-volume project for ABC-CLIO.
She is also an active scholar in African Diaspora Studies and International Black Women’s Studies at Florida International University where she is the Director of African-New World Studies.
This brilliant young mother of two beautiful daughters is noted for her frequent mind-stimulating lectures that are held throughout the year, and her annual national Black studies conferences.
www.oliverccox.com /encyclopedia_of_the_african_dias.htm   (148 words)

 African Diaspora
The African diaspora is the story of how Africans, though scattered disperesed, managed to retain their traditions and reform their identities in a new world.
Africans were shipped from many regions of Africa but mostly from those areas along the coast.
Africans took the tool ment to manipulate them and used Christianinty to give them hope for the future and to strenghten their bonds between one another.
www.coloradocollege.edu /Dept/HY/HY243Ruiz/Research/diaspora.html   (912 words)

 African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference
The Bermuda Department of Tourism has proposed the concept of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail as a unified cross border cultural tourism initiative to educate visitors, enhance economic viability of African Diaspora countries and conserve the essence of African descent culture and history.
The African Diaspora Heritage Trail was launched as a self-guided tour in Bermuda in Spring 2001.
The theme of this conference, "Tourism unites nations through Peace, Culture and Heritage", will explore the historical significance of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail and is intended to educate and promote the rich heritage of people of African descent.
www.hendersontravel.com /t-100.html   (567 words)

 THE AFRICAN DIASPORA RESEARCH PROJECT   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The African Diaspora Research Project (ADRP) at Michigan State University (MSU) under the direction of Dr. Ruth Simms Hamilton studies the dispersion and settlement of African peoples beyond the continent of Africa.
The African Diaspora Research Series is a multi-volume series to be published by Michigan State University Press beginning in 2003.
The final volume will present a reflective conceptual synthesis of the African diaspora as an ongoing process of socio-cultural demographic and economic-political formations associated with the (re)making of the modern world from its beginning into the 21st century.
www.ssc.msu.edu /~adrp/ADRP.html   (530 words)

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