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Topic: Afrikaner

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  Unser afrikaner Angebot für Sie! Afrikaner nur für Erwachsene!
Afrikaner ist, was du haben willst und genau AFRIKANER wirst du hier kriegen.
Bis drehte mich afrikaner am Kreuz um und afrikaner meinte, erstmal um meinen Schwanz kümmern.
Im Schrank fanden sich afrikaner ein kleinen Schritten taenzelnde Beatrice hinter Schritten taenzelnde Beatrice hinter sich afrikaner ein passendes Geschenk hatte sie auch ein schoener Tag werden, da war zur Garage spielten die ersten Strahlen an und afrikaner betrat das Herren-WC.
afrikaner.bumsen-videoz.com   (103 words)

  Afrikaner Christianity: The Dutch Reformed Churches in South Africa
The Afrikaner Church began with the founding of a community of settlers in Southern Africa in 1652.
The Afrikaners saw strong parallels between themselves as the people of God, and the Biblical nation of Israel as the people of God.
For historical reasons the Afrikaner community has felt itself to be an embattled minority struggling to be obedient to God while faced with hostile forces all around trying to prevent it from doing so.
www.bethel.edu /~letnie/AfricanChristianity/SAAfrikanerChurches.html   (659 words)

  Afrikaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some Afrikaners feel that they are currently (in the post-1994 South Africa) facing a serious threat to their continued existence as a people, due to the relatively small population of Afrikaners, the dominance of the English language and the lack of any real political power.
The fine spread of Afrikaner populations throughout the country was caused by the Great Trek, the abundance of non-Afrikaner labourers in South Africa and the heavy reliance of Afrikaners thereon.
Afrikaners are mostly found in Windhoek and in the Southern provinces.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Afrikaner   (2335 words)

 Afrikaner Calvinism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Afrikaner Calvinism is a unique cultural development that combined the Calvinist religion with the political aspirations of the white Afrikaans speaking people of South Africa.
The Afrikaner's Boer War experience, including the death of 28 000 civilians and the destruction of homesteads, reinforced their laager mentality, so as to preserve themselves and their way of life against the British melting pot.
International pressures mounted, increasingly isolating the Afrikaners and identifying their policies with the worst kind of godless oppression; but this was a long time in producing a crisis of conscience.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Afrikaner_Calvinism   (2230 words)

 Afrikaner   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An Afrikaner is a white South Africa n of Calvinist Dutch, German, Huguenot or Belgian extraction, speaking Afrikaans, a language derived principally from the Dutch of the 17th and 18th centuries, with borrowings today from African languages and English.
Afrikaners (widely known until the 20th century as Boers from the Dutch boer : "farmer") are descended mostly from white Calvinist settlers who occupied the Cape of Good Hope during the period of administration (1652 - 1795) by the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC) and the subsequent period of British rule.
Euro-Afrika e.V. Deutsche und Afrikaner engagieren sich in Projekten in Tansania, Ghana, Burkina Faso und Kenia.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Afrikaner.html   (953 words)

 Afrikaner Breeders' Society   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Afrikaners are the most numerous of all cattle breeds in SA, comprising about one third of the country's entire cattle population.
The Afrikaner is one of the beef breeds that can be finished for marketing in the shortest time and practically the only breed that can be finished off the veld within the most desirable age and carcass mass ranges to produce the ideal carcass.
The Afrikaner is also remarkable for it's longevity and it's not unusual that at least 10% of the cows in a stud herd are 16 years and older.
studbook.co.za /society/afrikaner/society.htm   (1460 words)

 Afrikaner Decadence   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Afrikaners further face the complete undermining of their institutions, from primary and secondary schools, universities and businesses (such as the defunct Volkskas, a bank built from the pennies of savings that small and impoveriched Afrikaner kids brought to school in the 1920's and 30's).
Afrikaner farmers face land reform and invasion, sometimes apparently driven by the agendas of foreign NGO's or by ANC warlords, and also suffer discriminatory practices at the Land Bank and other government-related institutions which normally have a mandate for assisting farmers.
Prominent Afrikaner businessman are known to implement BEE and AA with gusto, doing great harm to the economic and social well-being of Afrikaners in mid- and lower-level positions, and stories of Afrikaners being forced to train their own replacements before they are retrenched can easily be found.
www.nationalvanguard.org /story.php?id=5868   (3014 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Afrikaner
Afrikaner (Boer, farmer) Descendant of the predominantly Dutch settlers in South Africa.
Afrikaner (or Boer) A member of the White Afrikaans-speaking population of South Africa.
Afrikaner nationalism, Anglo American and Iscor: the formation of the Highveld Steel & Vanadium Corporation 1960-70.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Afrikaner&StartAt=1   (724 words)

 The Afrikaners: Biography of a People
"Afrikaner" was still being used in multiple ways into the early 1900s, e.g., to describe all who had been born in the country, to refer to a South African patriot, or to refer to Dutch-speaking South Africans.
As late as 1984, close to 80% of Afrikaners continued to support the key elements of apartheid: homelands for fls; segregated residential areas, schools, and public facilities; a ban on sex between whites and fls; and separate voter roles for the country’s Asian and Coloured communities.
As one Afrikaner business leader remarked in 2002, "It is not to spread panic when one says the Afrikaner people are in a crisis with red lights flashing along their survival path" (Ton Vosloo quoted at p.
www.unomaha.edu /itwsjr/ThirdXV/JervisAfrikaners.15.htm   (1796 words)

 Afrikaner (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Afrikaner ethnic group, mainly composed of white South Africans of Dutch, German and Freench descent
Afrikaner nasie - an Orlam Hottentot ethnic group, which migrated from the Cape Colony to Namibia about 1785.
Afrikaner cattle, a South African breed of cattle
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Afrikaner_(disambiguation)   (111 words)

 Americans Must Save White Afrikaners From Genocide
Ms Allan pointed out, however, that the Afrikaners aren't colonials -- they are indigenous to South Africa, having been there some 350 years - three and a half CENTURIES - and that they are "totally trapped on the continent of Africa, and have no means of escaping" without the help of America.
Miss Allan said the Afrikaners who do manage to flee from the continent with their families find it extremely painful, as they leave behind the only country they have ever known and loved, and in many cases, extended family and other loved ones.
She said she was very moved by a letter he had written her in which he described having attended the funeral of a murdered Afrikaner farm woman and seeing the looks on the faces of her Afrikaner relatives.
afgen.com /afrikaners.html   (1184 words)

 GlobalPolitician: White Afrikaner Independence Interview
The CP accused the Council members as traitors to the cause of Afrikaners and warned that nothing could emerge from the Council"s endeavours as the ANC were hell bent on a centralised phylosophy of Africanization.
The demonisation of the Afrikaner community was crucial for the policies of fl empowerment to survive international legal and moral scrutiny.
Unless Afrikaners soon deal with that scenario in an organised manner by means of a statutary Afrikaner Council (similar to the Jewish Board of Deputies) so as to present a coherent and credible front to the government and the international community, splinter groups wil soon emerge with catastrophic results for peace in this country.
www.africancrisis.org /NewsView.asp?Rec=5061   (3499 words)

 Afrikaner   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Afrikaner s are white South Africans predominantly of Calvinist Dutch German French Huguenot and Belgian descent who speak Afrikaans.
Afrikaners are descended mostly from white Calvinist and refugees who occupied the Cape of Good Hope during the period of administration (1652 - 1795) by the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC) and the subsequent period British rule.
The fl however was excluded from equal participation in affairs of the State / country until 1994 owing to the British colonial policies then later Afrikaner political policy of apartheid (the Afrikaans word for "aparthood" or "separation") particularly the National Party from 1948.
www.freeglossary.com /Boer   (954 words)

 Restitution in South Africa and the Accommodation of an Afrikaner Ethnic Minority - Hendrik W. van der Merwe, Thomas J. ...
These enemies of the Afrikaner were seen as attacking his church, his religion, his beliefs, his sense of history, his culture, traditions and customs.
With the establishment of the new government in 1994, provision was made for formal consideration of an Afrikaner homeland by a clause in the new constitution in terms of which a Volkstaat Council was established.
The prospects of an Afrikaner homeland as a geographic and economically viable unit is questionable, but the symbolic importance of an Afrikaner "heartland" is obvious.
www.gmu.edu /academic/ijps/vol2_2/merwe.htm   (4658 words)

 Afrikaner Nationalist Movement Grows Afrikaner Middle Class Embraces A New, More Dangerous Sense Of Nationalism
A regime of fl "racialists" is uprooting the language, the wealth and the freedom of those who found empty veld and built a first world country, he said.
Deepening the unease is the sense that the bombers, however few and isolated, are drawing on a well of Afrikaner resentment shared by farmers, liberal intellectuals and business executives.
After a rocky start Orania, an Afrikaner enclave on the rim of the Karoo desert, is reporting a surge in applications of people wanting to move there.
www.rense.com /general32/afrik.htm   (915 words)

 Paul Bullen: Afrikaner Ethnicism
Afrikaners had, then, two intertwined needs: to be saved from the material pain of poverty and to be saved from the depressed state of their world order caused by dominance of the English.
Although Afrikaners wanted to maintain ethnic integrity in the face of the English, because of their European origins the English were accepted as a developed or civilized people, on a par with the Afrikaners, susceptible though they were to false ideologies such as liberalism.
Afrikaner economic and political successes have produced a large class of educated, urban professionals and entrepreneurs, many of whom have developed vocational consciousnesses at odds with traditional notions of volk loyalty.
paul.bullen.com /BullenEthnicism.html   (11117 words)

 The Plague of Plagiarism
The Afrikaner People were a Christian people, therefore therefore their politics must of necessity be Christian.
The Afrikaner Volk were a Christian People, therefore their politics must of necessity be Christian.
Afrikaners were reminded that they were a Calvinist People with a duty to retain their nationalism.
www.ucalgary.ca /~nurelweb/academic/plag.html   (4713 words)

 Afrikaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Afrikaners are also sometimes referred to as Boers (Afrikaans for farmer) as a significant percentage are descended from cultural Boers, but many Afrikaners now view this as a derogatory term.
Afrikaners are mainly descended from northwestern European settlers and religious refugees who lived in the Cape of Good Hope during the period of administration (1652-1795) by the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC) and the subsequent period of British rule.
A group of Afrikaners has settled in the town of Orania, with the goal of ultimately gaining a Volkstaat for Afrikaners as a result of Afrikaner demographic consolidation.
www.knowledgehunter.info /wiki/Afrikaner   (1778 words)

 Boer, Afrikaner Or White - Which Are You?
There are still some South Africans who are still referring to themselves as "Afrikaners" such as Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG) but this number is dwindling rapidly as their identity is being taken away from them by the current regime.
When the Afrikaner Broederbond 's National Party won the elections, and took over the governance of South Africa from 1948 and launched the system of apartheid, the first thing they did was to completely rewrite the Boers' history.
It's no coincidence that the public prosecutor of the Boeremag-21 just happens to be a well-known former Afrikaner Broederbonder, Paul Fick, who even admitted to being a Broederbonder when I interviewed him for the Sunday Times during the apartheid-era, when his organisation had launched plans for a new flag and wanted to test public opinion...
www.rense.com /general56/boerafrikanerorwhite.htm   (1781 words)

 Afrikaners from South Africa - History and Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The struggle over who would control South Africa was not resolved until the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) finally brought the Afrikaners and their republics under British rule.
Though independence from British rule was achieved in 1910, the heyday of Afrikaner dominance did not begin until 1948, with the ascendancy of the Afrikaner nationalist party and the formal institutionalisation of apartheid as the official policy of government and racial relations in South Africa.
An important element in the development of Afrikaner racial and covenantal mindset is their close identity with the Dutch Reformed Church, and their consciousness of themselves as a chosen people, covenanted to each other and to their God.
about-south-africa.com /html/afrikaners.html   (468 words)

 Afrikaner Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
Afrikaners are the most numerous of all cattle breeds in South Africa, comprising about one third of the country's entire cattle population.
In the four years, an average 530 Afrikaner bulls and 2340 heifers were registered annually.
There are about 6 200 registered Afrikaner bulls and 16 630 registered females in the country.
www.tumpline.com /stackyard/pedigree/html/afrikaner.html   (53 words)

 Jonker Afrikaner
The Afrikaners were part of a larger group known as ‘Oorlams’ – the origin of the word is unknown – who had similar backgrounds and who had thrown off the dominance of the encroaching Boers to form commando groups that survived by raiding cattle which they then traded with the colonists.
It seems that during the 1830s a sort of balance of power was reached, in which Jonker Afrikaner, son of Jager and the new leader of the Afrikaners, established an alliance with the most powerful Nama chief.
The deal seemed to be that the Afrikaners would use their military superiority to ward off Herero attacks, providing a protective shield that would allow both Oorlams and Namas to utilise the superior grazing in the central areas of Namibia without being disrupted and impoverished by raids by the Hereros.
www.namibian.org /travel/namibia/history/jonker_afrikaner.html   (1015 words)

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