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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Murano glass vase and vessel master Afro Celotto. Contemporary blown glass
Afro was born in Venice the 24th of August 1963.
Afro masters the most difficult tecniques, incalmo, filigrana, reticello, murrina, cold work, but, opening his studio, he has moved beyond excellence in execution and now finally feels free to devote his focus to his artistic expression and unique works.
During his creative experience Afro and his team have cooperated with several international artists and their artworks were exhibited in art galleries, museums and exhibitions all over the world.
www.artofvenice.com /art/afro.htm   (501 words)

 AFRO | Afro profile | Afro information online | STEROIDSHOP.net
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afro.steroidshop.net /afro.phtml   (273 words)

 Reiff: In Defense of Afro-Pessimism - World Policy Journal - World Policy Institute   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Obviously, the position of the Afro optimists can hardly be reduced to such crude millenarian nominalism, or to the more conventional polemical interest of making their case one that is politically difficult to rebut.
Afro optimists and pessimists agree that the continent missed out on the benefits of the first wave of globalization, while avoiding none of its costs.
To insist on this point is not to denigrate the efforts of the Afro optimists to garner support for initiatives on behalf of the continent, or to belittle the efforts some African leaders have made to transform their own societies.
www.worldpolicy.org /journal/rieff.html   (6306 words)

 Indiana University Northwest 2004-2006 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin: Afro-American Studies (AFRO)
AFRO A206 The Urban Community (3 cr.) An examination of the urban community in general, with a focus on the African-American community from an asset perspective.
AFRO A255 The Black Church in America (3 cr.) History of the fl church from slavery to the present emphasis on the church's role as a fl social institution, its religious attitudes as expressed in songs and sermons, and its political activities as exemplified in the minister-politician.
AFRO A410 The Black Woman and the Afro-American Experience (3 cr.) Historical examination of the fl woman in America—from the African past to the present—in relationship to her position in the family and in society.
www.indiana.edu /~bulletin/iun/undergrad/afro.html   (1633 words)

 UGO.COM - Afro Samurai: Eric Calderon Interview
The Manga it is based on was discovered by Eric Calderon, a former MTV animation executive who is now vice-president of creative affairs for GDH International which is the parent company of Studio Gonzo, the animation house which is producing the cartoon.
Afro Samurai stars the voice of Samuel L. Jackson as Afro, a wandering samurai in the future who is obsessed with tracking down and killing his father's murderer.
So what I saw in Afro Samurai was a very Japanese samurai story but with this freestyle element and a western influence that would bring that idea to the American audience.
www.ugo.com /ugo/html/article/?id=16498§ionId=2   (1848 words)

 Afro World International Hair Company, Ltd.
Afro World is committed to bringing you the greatest variety, and the most up to date information on this fascinating product line.
Here is another popular Afro Kinky type that you have been asking for, and now we have it in our most popular 15 inch length.
Like our regular Afro Kinky Bulk Hair this one can be used for Dreds or twist, but this one is already brushed out to make it more convenient for the Loctician.
www.afroworld.com /afrohair.html   (1418 words)

  ICFTU ONLINE Afro social security
AFRO also defends the pay as you go system (whereby benefits are financed by the contributions of working people) and rejects the "individual capitalisation" model seemingly favoured by the international financial institutions.
The trade unions are also demanding that the directors of the social security funds be appointed by the social partners, and that the unions play a greater role on the boards of directors, as well as in the training of staff.
The AFRO delegation also had an opportunity to make closer contact with Ivory Coast’s informal sector, as the drivers of the "woros-woros" (the public taxis) "gbakas" (minibuses) and "metre taxis" were on strike in protest at the death of one of their colleagues, shot dead by the police during a spot check.
www.icftu.org /www/english/pr/1998/eprol200-980925-ld.html   (668 words)

 CRACKED.com - The State of the Afro: The Best & Worst in Music Today
Sly Stone was the kind of guy afros were made for: a party animal who was determined to always look superfabulous.
Sadly, years of solitude and drug abuse have transformed his once glorious afro into a scary old man Mohawk, which is one thin strip of hair away from being the exact opposite of an afro.
Meanwhile, the king of hair, TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone, also rocks both an afro and beard, and his band was the hottest act of 2006.
www.cracked.com /index.php?name=News&sid=1761   (1407 words)

 YouTube - Afro-Samurai Trailer
Afro Samurai is the sickest anime show I've ever seen.
The storyline sucked and the characters were stupid, except for Afro's rival and former family member(can't remember his name).
Afro Samurai - Trailer - Angel-Sub - FR
www.youtube.com /watch?v=0JdzlRY48w8   (321 words)

 Afro-Americans in the Hemisphere
In the twentieth century, the Afro- Argentine population has been so small, at least in relative numbers, that most observers, including most Argentines, claim that the population is nonexistent.
Every nation in the Americas numbers among its citizens descendants of African slaves, most who are classified as fl or mulatto, and some who are numbered among the white or mestizo populations of their nations.
While the records of slave-trading companies, combined with tax records, have given demographic historians a reasonably accurate portrait of the size of the slave trade and the destinations of the African captives who came to the Americas, the data are much less firm on contemporary Afro-American populations.
academic.udayton.edu /race/06hrights/VictimGroups/AfricanDescendants/afroAmerica.htm   (3549 words)

 IGN: Afro Samurai
Afro Samurai takes place in a unique world that is part ancient Japan and part futuristic science fiction fantasy.
Samuel L. Jackson stars as "Afro" the solitary samurai on a quest to avenge the wrongful death of his father.
We don't have a goof for Afro Samurai.
tv.ign.com /objects/843/843116.html   (690 words)

 Afro Ethnic Department
AFRO 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies Summer 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007
AFRO 311 Intracultural Socialization Patterns Summer 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007
AFRO 324 Afro-American Literature Summer 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007
www.fullerton.edu /catalog/academic_departments/afro.asp   (1543 words)

 CD Baby: JOHNNY AFRO: It's The Afro Blast
Is Though - On this track Johnny Afro comes to grips with the reality of how people perceive me. I am an artist of the purest nature.
Afro Blast - This is the title track and the moniker and tone of the album.
This song reflects the episodes of Johnny Afro as he trys to manuver through life.
cdbaby.com /cd/johnnyafro4   (1230 words)

 Ich bin nicht mein Afro (Feuilleton, NZZ Online)
Das Unternehmerblatt «Black Enterprise» wurde der Diskriminierung gegen Afro- oder Dreadlocks-Träger angeklagt.
Sängerinnen wie Abbey Lincoln, Nina Simone und Aretha Franklin liessen sich auf ihren Plattencovers mit Afros abbilden.
Etwa politischer Denker (Afro), Rebell (Dreadlocks) oder Gangster (Cornrows und Braids).
www.nzz.ch /2006/12/28/fe/articleES1YV.html   (1270 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with afro
Enter your number and get the hottest afro ringtones and ringtones from 1000s of other...
Afros to Elvis - All Kinds of Wigs """"""""Variety, Quality, Value.
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www.flickr.com /photos/tags/afro   (138 words)

 CD Baby: JOHNNY AFRO: I Ain't Playin'
I am Johnny Afro aka Jubwa Beats aka Jonathan Brown known as mixmaster of the jubwa nation.
The story Afro spits is amazing and you feel that you were traveling right with him as he describes this sophisticated meeting.
The beat was made with creative input from Telo and Afro together.
cdbaby.com /cd/johnnyafro5   (1338 words)

 NPR : Pitch Black Afro: Hip-Hop by Way of South Africa
Pitch Black Afro's mane, for now, is in name only: That's a wig on his head.
Though his rhymes are homegrown, Pitch Black Afro does cite stateside rapper Redman as an influence.
So far, Pitch Black Afro, who grew up in the township of Soweto in the days of apartheid, has gained more in girls than in cash from his success.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4759673   (275 words)

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