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Topic: Agatha Christie

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  Agatha Christie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Agatha Christie was born in Torquay, Devon, to an American father and a British mother.
Christie's 1934 novel, Murder on the Orient Express was written in the Pera Palas hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, the southern terminus of the railroad.
Agatha Christie died on January 12, 1976, at age 85 from natural causes, at Winterbrook House, Cholsey near Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Agatha_Christie   (1819 words)

 Agatha Christie - Free Online Library
Agatha Christie was born in Torquay, in the county of Devon.
Christie was an accomplished pianist but her stage fright and shyness prevented her from pursuing a career in music.
In 1967 Christie became president of the British Detection Club, and in 1971 she was made a Dame of the British Empire.
christie.thefreelibrary.com   (875 words)

 Agatha Christie - Biography and Works
Agatha Christie was born in Torquay, in the county of Devon, as the daughter of Frederick Alvah Miller and Clarissa Miller.
Christie's other famous detective, Miss Marple, an elderly spinster, was a typical English character, but while Poirot used logic and rational methods, Marple relied on her feminine sensitivity and empathy to solve crimes.
Christie was most innovative when she revealed the guilty party in her detective stories, it has been the narrator, a group of people, a serial killer who tries to hide an obvious motive for his killing one of the victims, and so forth.
www.online-literature.com /agatha_christie   (875 words)

 Agatha Christie - Books and Biography
Agatha Christie (1890-1976) was born in Torquay, in the county of Devon, as the daughter of Frederick Alvah Miller, an American with a moderate private income, and Clarissa Miller.
Christie's divorce was finalized in 1928, and two years later she married the archaeologist Max Mallowan.
In many stories the reader is fooled to suspect an innocent character, but most innovative Christie was when she revealed the guilty party: it has been the narrator, a group of people, a serial killer who tries to hide an obvious motive for his killing one of the victims, and so forth.
www.readprint.com /author-21/Agatha-Christie   (2097 words)

 Agatha Christie
Christie's reading in the mystery genre was certainly broad, and she was clearly familiar with the history of the genre, although she rarely wrote about it, unlike many of her other colleagues.
Christie is of course extremely expert at constructing mysteries, and this one is as well crafted as any of her less sociological tales.
Christie develops one of her patented and well constructed complex plots, which includes a detailed summary of a long prior history of the character and his friends.
members.aol.com /MG4273/chris1.htm   (12788 words)

 Saudi Aramco World : Agatha Christie: Mysteries and the Middle East   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Agatha Christie fans who travel to London today are much more likely to attend a performance of The Mousetrap than to visit the British Museum to see the ancient ivories she helped bring to light at digs in the 1950's.
Christie's circumstances were greatly changed by 1928, when she returned to the Middle East, this time to Iraq.
Christie herself called the 1930's "particularly satisfying." The digs, far from the concerns of modern life, provided the peace she needed to work.
www.saudiaramcoworld.com /issue/199004/agatha.christie-mysteries.and.the.middle.east.htm   (2958 words)

 BBC 7 - Drama - Agatha Christie
She married Archibald Christie, an officer in the Royal Flying Corps in 1914 and during World War I she worked in a Red Cross Hospital in Torquay where, it has been said, she picked up a knowledge of poisons which was to serve her well in her future writing career.
The Christie marriage took a downward turn in 1926 when her husband announced that he was in love with a younger woman, called Nancy Neele, and asked Agatha for a divorce.
Agatha Christie met Max Mallowan, an archaeologist, on her travels in the Near East in 1927 and they married in 1930.
www.bbc.co.uk /bbc7/drama/progpages/christie.shtml   (528 words)

 Language Log: The Agatha Christie Code: Stylometry, serotonin and the oscillation overthruster
Agatha Christie, who died in 1976, has been in the news a lot lately.
Christie's enduring success has been shown to be an emergent property of the arrangements of atoms and molecules in the printed copies of her works.
Agatha Christie used a limited vocabulary, repetition, short sentences and a large amount of dialogue in her text according to research carried out by the University of Birmingham for ITV 1’s special Christmas programme about the author.
itre.cis.upenn.edu /~myl/languagelog/archives/002728.html   (1020 words)

 Rosetta Books - Agatha Christie - eBooks available for download
Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay on the Devon coast, and her father, curiously, was a transplanted New Yorker named Frederick Alvah Miller.
In his absence, Agatha Christie worked in a hospital dispensary, an experience that would provide her with information (about people and drugs, to begin with) that sowed many of the seeds of her dark and violent stories to come.
Agatha Christie pleaded temporary amnesia, brought on by stress, and she would never discuss this bizarre incident.
www.rosettabooks.com /pages/author_76.html   (603 words)

 Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie was born in Torquay, in the county of Devon, as the daughter of Frederick Alvah Miller, an American with a moderate private income, and Clarissa Miller.
The story of Christie's real life (love?) adventure in the 1926, when she disappeared for a time and lived in a Harrowgate hotel under the name Mrs.
Christie's world view was conservative, which also was seen on her emphasis on logical explanation of crimes - there is no anarchy in Christie's world and society is not blamed for the crime committed within the narrative.
www.classicreader.com /author.php/aut.153   (972 words)

 Agatha Christie's Poirot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Agatha Christie's Poirot (U.S. title Poirot) is a popular British television series starring David Suchet as Agatha Christie's detective character Hercule Poirot.
The later episodes lack the humor of the earlier as well as their signature theme music, and are written, directed, acted, and scored in a more somber fashion, depicting an older and somewhat darker Poirot.
The chronology of these episodes differs from that of the novels and, as with the shorter episodes, some stories whose book versions were set in other decades are moved to the 1930s.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Agatha_Christie's_Poirot   (578 words)

 Agatha Christie Torquay - Devon
Today Agatha Christie is internationally famous as the most prolific mystery writer of all time with 79 crime novels and many plays to her name.
Agatha often took moonlight picnics with her friends on the tiny shingle beach at Ansteys Cove.
Her father mode a financial donation to the church and ensured that Agatha was entered in the records as a founder member.
www.torbay-online.co.uk /agatha-christie/Agatha-Christie.htm   (626 words)

 Queen of crime --- www.agathachristie.com the official Agatha Christie website
Agatha Miller was born in Torquay, England on September 15, 1890.
Christie's first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920), was also the first to feature her eccentric Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.
Christie’s last published novel, Sleeping Murder (1976), featured her other world-famous sleuth, the shrewdly inquisitive Miss Jane Marple of St. Mary Mead.
uk.agathachristie.com /site/about_christie/queen_of_crime.php   (403 words)

 BBC NEWS | Magazine | The mystery of Agatha Christie
But fans of whodunit expert Agatha Christie say she has never fully gained the respect of her native country, where the view persists in some quarters that she's not actually that good.
A week of Agatha Christie celebrations is under way with a debate on her legacy at the British Library and a campaign to include her on the national curriculum.
Christie may be a great writer but having her studied in schools is taking it too far, says crime writer Robert Barnard.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/magazine/4238798.stm   (798 words)

 Agatha Christie Photos - Agatha Christie News - Agatha Christie Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Agatha Christie was the younger child of Frederick Alvah Miller, a well-to-do American business man living in England, and his Anglo-Irish wife, Clarissa Boehmer (1855-1926), called Clara, who wrote stories and poetry.
Agatha had a sister, Margaret Frary Miller (1879-1950), called Madge, twelve years her senior, and a brother, Louis Montant Miller (1880-1929), called Monty, ten years older...
Agatha and her husband Max are buried at St Mary's Church, Cholsey, Berkshire.
www.tv.com /agatha-christie/person/122368/summary.html   (315 words)

 Agatha Christie
Born in Torquay Devon in 1890, Agatha May Clarissa Miller, more commonly known as Agatha Christie, may be considered one of the most famous and successful authors of detective fiction.
She wrote the majority of the Poirot stories between the Wars (especially 1934-1941) and his last appearance in Curtain where he returns to Styles was published in 1975 according to strict instructions even though written in the early days of the Second World War.
In 1926, Christie's husband asked for a divorce (see note) and in 1930 she married Max Mallowan a young archeologist she met on a trip to Mesopotamia.
www.bastulli.com /Christie/Christie.htm   (549 words)

 Agatha Christie Collection at Bartleby.com
An archaeologist is the best husband any woman can have: the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.
An extraordinarily popular author, Christie wrote over 80 books, most of them featuring one of her two famous detectives: Hercule Poirot, the egotistical Belgian, and Miss Jane Marple, the elderly spinster.—continue at Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.
Agatha Christie begins the illustrious career of detective extrordinaire Hercule Poirot in her 1920 mystery classic.
www.bartleby.com /people/ChristieA.html   (113 words)

 USATODAY.com - Agatha Christie heading to computer games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Christie's grandson, Matthew Prichard, said Sunday that he has granted permission for his grandmother's work to be adapted for CD-ROM computer games.
Born in 1890 in England, Christie was educated at home and began her writing career while she was a nurse during World War I. Her debut novel in 1920, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, introduced her most famous detective, the eccentric Belgian Hercule Poirot.
Christie ended her career in the same year she died — 1976 —; with her final novel, Sleeping Murder, featuring her other major lead character, Miss Jane Marple.
www.usatoday.com /tech/news/2004-04-04-agatha-christie_x.htm   (356 words)

 BookRags: Agatha Christie Biography
Agatha Christie (1890-1976) was the best selling mystery author of all time and the only writer to have created two major detectives, Poirot and Marple.
The daughter of an American father and a British mother, Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born at Torquay in the United Kingdom on September 15, 1890.
In 1914 she was married to Col. Archibald Christie; the marriage produced one daughter.
www.bookrags.com /biography/agatha-christie   (1022 words)

 Amazon.com: Agatha Christie: The Woman and Her Mysteries: Books: Gillian Gill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Agatha Christie A to Z: The Essential Reference to Her Life & Writings (The Literary a to Z Series) by Dawn B. Sova
Christie is a study in contradictions, a woman of physical and moral courage who all her life suffered from shyness so great that she allowed herself to be turned away unrecognized from a party in her honor.
The author of this works shows how Agatha Christie's private life and the traumas she endured pushed her to go beyond the usual norms of mystery writing, surprising and enchanting her readers.
www.amazon.com /Agatha-Christie-Woman-Her-Mysteries/dp/0029117038   (1132 words)

 Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie (1890-1976) was born Agatha May Clarissa Miller in Devon, England in 1890, the youngest of three children in a conservative, well-to-do family.
Agatha, already upset by the recent death of her mother, disappeared.
Christie ultimately became the acknowledged Queen of the Golden Age.
christie.mysterynet.com   (603 words)

 Agatha Christie autobiography
One of the favorites of both Agatha Christie and the Agatha Christie Society, this mystery is one of the most atmospheric and evocative of all her works.
Agatha Christie considered this novel one of her best and judged it to have stood the test of time better than many.
One of Agatha Christie's top favorites of her own books, Crooked House is a triumph of the genre.
www.topmystery.com /agatha.htm   (221 words)

 Agatha Christie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Like many of her contemporaries, Agatha Christie wrote stories for a variety of magazines in the 1920s and '30s, and most of these eventually found their way into her books of short stories.
Agatha Christie says: 'I was born in Devonshire, and had a very happy childhood with practically no lessons and lots of time to roam about the garden and imagine things.
In 1950 Agatha Christie celebrated the publication of her fiftieth detective novel.
www.twbooks.co.uk /authors/achristie.html   (1508 words)

 Agatha Christie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
What makes Agatha Christie popular, of course, is her wonderfully tricky plots - particularly the way she never fails to surprise without misleading.
Agatha Christie wrote an autobiography - unfortunately several years before her death and therefore it is quite incomplete.
Second, it is disappointing to read how many of Christie's scenes were so close to her real experience - for example, the description of her trip to South Africa in the 1920s is almost exactly what appears in The Man in the Brown Suit.
www.winshop.com.au /grovesc/agatha.htm   (388 words)

 MYSTERY! | Miss Marple | Agatha Christie
She was born Agatha Miller in Torquay, England on September 15, 1890, the daughter of Frederick Alvah Miller and Clarissa Miller.
Agatha was educated at home; her mother encouraged her to write from a very early age.
In 1967 Christie became president of the British Detection Club, and in 1971 she achieved her country's highest honor when she received the Order of Dame Commander of the British Empire.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/mystery/marple/christie.html   (1080 words)

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