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Topic: Age disparity in sexual relationships

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Age disparity in sexual relationships - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Age disparity in extreme cases may be seen as dysfunctional (a paraphilia) if such relationships are pursued to the exclusion of all others and to the detriment of the partners.
Age disparity in same-sex male relationships was even more historically common than age similarity in such relationships.
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were only seven years different in their ages but apparently believed that it was less socially acceptable for an older woman to marry a younger man, and hence split the difference in their ages and both claimed to have been born in 1914.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Age_disparity_in_sexual_relationships   (2005 words)

 Age disparity in sexual relationships - Article from FactBug.org - the fast Wikipedia mirror site
Age disparity in sexual relationships is a controversial topic although common among both heterosexual and homosexual couples in many cultures and societies.
Age disparity, especially in extreme cases, is often regarded to be a paraphilia.
Age of consent laws have been passed to deter children from being coerced into sexual relationships.
www.factbug.org /cgi-bin/a.cgi?a=900390   (1566 words)

 Age Differences Between Sexual Partners In the United States
Sexually active women who did not report a partner or the age of their partner tended to be younger, to be unmarried, to be fl or Hispanic and to have less education and fewer children ever born than those who provided information on their partner.
Overall, the age differences between partners were similar for married women and unmarried women—about half had a partner who was within two years of their age, and almost four in 10 had a partner who was three or more years older than they were.
Teenagers in sexual relationships with partners fairly close to their age are also much less likely to be married than are those involved with a much older man, probably due in part to the greater ability of older men to support a wife and family.
www.guttmacher.org /pubs/journals/3116099.html   (6990 words)

 Pederasty Encyclopedia Article @ Avowed.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Pederastic relationships in a number of different societies were identified with the upper classes, or with class difference between the partners.
Plato was an early critic of sexual intercourse in pederastic relationships, proposing that men's love of boys avoid all sexual expression and instead progress from admiration of the lover's specific virtues to love of virtue itself in abstract form.
Men's sexual interest in youths was also reflected in prostitution, with young male sex workers fetching higher prices than their female counterparts as recently as the beginning of the twentieth century.
www.avowed.org /encyclopedia/Pederasty   (5236 words)

 Age of consent   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
In criminal law, the age of consent is the Age at which a person is considered to be capable of legally giving informed consent to sexual acts with another person.
The Age of consent should not be confused with the age of majority or Age of criminal responsibility, and in some jurisdictions, the marriageable age differs from the Age of consent.
Social and legal attitudes towards the appropriate Age of consent have drifted upwards in modern times; while ages from ten through to thirteen were typically acceptable in the mid 19th century, fifteen through eighteen had become the norm in many countries by the end of the 20th century.
age-of-consent.iqnaut.net   (2111 words)

 Confronting the 'Sugar Daddy' Stereotype: Age and Economic Asymmetries and Risky Sexual Behavior in Urban Kenya   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Age disparities in sexual relationships have been offered as a likely explanation for this difference, because rates of HIV infection are often higher among adult men than among male adolescents.
Data on sexual activity for the first half of the survey sample were logged daily along with interviewer codes and analyzed statistically to determine if any interviewer consistently gathered responses that were substantially higher or lower than the average values for such characteristics as men's number of nonmarital partners.
Further division of age differences reveals that in 6% of partnerships the female was the same age as or older than the male, in 39% the male was 1–4 years older than the female, and in 41% the male was 5–9 years older (not shown).
www.guttmacher.org /pubs/journals/3100605.html   (6684 words)

 Sexual health: How to achieve a fulfilling sexual relationship - MayoClinic.com
As long as a sexual fantasy or behavior doesn't lead to emotional or physical discomfort, conflict in the relationship, or problems in other aspects of their lives, it shouldn't be a source of concern.
Strategies for dealing with a large disparity in sexual desire can be complex and may require the help of a therapist, especially if the problem has existed for a long time.
For a person to become sexually aroused and to function normally, he or she needs to have a feeling of self-confidence, freedom from anxiety, the presence of arousing mental and physical stimulation, and the ability to focus attention on sexually arousing thoughts or behavior.
www.mayoclinic.com /health/sexual-health/HQ01363   (1737 words)

 Lit Review
The negative consequences of sexual abuse are likely to be more severe for children with insecure attachment relationships as they seldom receive support from their families.
Childhood sexual abuse may serve to introduce the victim to deviant sexual images that are then subsequently used during masturbation, which in turn provide a means to acquire and maintain sexual deviant interests (in children).
Sexual interest in children has been shown to be a strong motivating factor in sexual offending against children.
web.uccs.edu /dsimons/newpage61.htm   (1242 words)

 Osmanlı Tarihi Kültürü Medeniyeti Edebiyatı Sanatı
The modern restriction of that definition to the sexual component of such relationships is due on one hand to the primacy of sexological discourse in contemporary western culture, and on the other to the demise of pederasty as a social institution.
Also, commercial sexual exploitation of boys in Pakistan is reported to be widespread despite the fact that prostitution of minors is illegal and there is a death penalty for child abusers, according to the Bangkok-based international child protection campaign group, ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes).
Sexual liberation and the presence of media like the Internet cause gay youths to discover their sexuality and have their coming out at a much younger age than before, and frequently they enter first relationships with males significantly older than themselves.
www.osmanlimedeniyeti.com /wiki/Pederasty_.html   (6614 words)

 Marriageable age   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
This is a very incomplete list of ages at which people are allowed to marry in various countries.
Most states, however, allow marriage at a younger age with parental or judicial consent.
Some states allow marriage at a still younger age if the female is pregnant or with child.
marriageable-age.iqnaut.net   (377 words)

 Official Notifications for Students at Ohio University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Display of inappropriate sexually oriented material, such as magazines, photographs or other visual items when such material is visible to others and unreasonably interferes with a person's learning, and is not legitimately related to the subject matter of the course.
Relationships between faculty and students are particularly susceptible to exploitation.
Any member of the University community who receives a complaint of sexual harassment from a student or other member of the University community is directed and required to report the behavior to the Office for Institutional Equity or the Office of Legal Affairs.
www.ohiou.edu /students/on_sexualharrassment.html   (1609 words)

 BBC News | UK Politics | Gay age of consent set to become 16
Legislation to reduce the homosexual age of consent to 16 is expected among the plans to be set out in the Queen's Speech for the forthcoming parliamentary session.
This is because the European Commission in 1997 found the age disparity between homosexuals and heterosexual ages of consent to be a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.
But the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill was rejected earlier this year by peers led by Baroness Young, who had previously marshalled opposition to Ann Keen's amendment to the 1998 Crime and Disorder Bill, which was the first attempt to make the change in the law.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/515706.stm   (428 words)

 girl love   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
A number of papers were produced discussing the effects of adult-child sexual interactions, using data from pedophiles as well as from adults and young people who had been involved in relationships with adults as children or adolescents.
To uphold and maintain consenting and mutual relationships with children for the causes of liberation of the youth mind, and fostering the youth mind for revolution against all that seek to harm them be them society, legislatures, molesters, corporations, rapists, as well as parents.
Loving relationships between adults and children are considered desirable—it is only when the affairs become sexual that the relationships are considered criminal.
www.theintelli.com /Geo-to-Gir/girl_love.php   (4780 words)

 BBC News | UK Politics | Gay age of consent bill returns
Legislation to reduce the homosexual age of consent to 16 is among the plans set out in the Queen's Speech for the forthcoming parliamentary session.
The European Commission in 1997 found the age disparity between homosexuals and heterosexual ages of consent to be a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Alongside the consent age equalisation, the bill would change the law so that a person under the age of consent would no longer commit an offence if they engaged in homosexual acts with a person over the age of consent - in line with the law for heterosexuals.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/524616.stm   (583 words)

 Family functioning and early onset of sexual intercourse in Latino adolescents Adolescence - Find Articles
An age and racial disparity in HIV/STD infection has been observed in the U.S. (CDC, 2002), where young people, and minority youth in particular, are hit hardest.
The prevalence of sexual intercourse before age 13, of having 4 or more sex partners, and the prevalance of unintended pregnancies show the same trend.
Latino families who express a higher degree of Familismo are characterized by positive interpersonal familial relationships, high family unity, social support, interdependence in the completion of daily activities, and close proximity with extended family members (Romero et al., 2004).
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2248/is_160_40/ai_n15969838   (1007 words)

 Age of consent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The relevant age may also vary by the type of sexual act, the gender of the actors or other restrictions such as abuse of a position of trust.
The age differences of these two types of legislation vary by jurisdiction, from as low as one year to as high as ten years (e.g.
Moral Outrage Contains links to and extracts of age of consent laws for all 50 US states and the legislative source for each.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Age_of_consent   (1949 words)

 Global Strategies for HIV Prevention: News July 5, 2002
In their study conducted in Manicaland, Zimbabwe they examined quantitative data on the onset and degree of sexual activity, the numbers and common occurrence of sexual partners, use of condoms, sex partner characteristics, age, and HIV prevalence.
The factors most associated with HIV infection, in addition to the age disparity between young girls and older men, were the early onset of sexual activity and the number of sexual partners.
Condom use is less likely to be used in sexual relationships where the risk of HIV infection is highest (young girls and older men) and more likely when the risk of HIV infection is lower (young girls and young men).
www.globalstrategies.org /news/news_2002_07_05.html   (678 words)

 Part 4: Section II — Antiharassment Policy
This policy addresses harassment in all forms, covering those with legally protected status for reasons of race, gender, religion, color, age, national origin, ancestry, or disability, as well as those who are harassed for other reasons, such as sexual orientation.
Anyone who engages in a sexual relationship with a person over whom he or she has any power or authority within the University structure must understand that the validity of the consent can and may be questioned.
In the event of a charge of sexual harassment, the University will give very critical scrutiny to any defense based upon consent when the facts establish that a power differential existed within the relationship.
www.purdue.edu /univregs/pages/state_equal/antiharassment.html   (1525 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The age gap issue is the same, and as far as the public is concerned, as long as the "perpetrator" is a male, the sex of the kid doesn't matter; they're still seen as victims of "perverse love" as the guy from KCTV put it.
It's also interesting that this entry is in both "Child sexual abuse" and "Friendships" categories.
Also, there seems to be this huge conceptual blur on the category of deviant sexual behaviors and tying the phenomenon into law.
www.optymyst.com /rookiee/november.html   (1491 words)

 disparity - OneLook Dictionary Search
Disparity : Deardorff's Glossary of International Economics [home, info]
Phrases that include disparity: fixation disparity, disparity angle, retinal disparity, age disparity in sexual relationships, binocular disparity, more...
Words similar to disparity: disparate, disparities, gap, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=disparity   (215 words)

 Sexual health: An interview with a Mayo Clinic specialist
Sexual health: An interview with a Mayo Clinic specialist
Although sex usually is a source of great pleasure, it can also be the cause of significant stress between partners.
Many people wonder whether their sex life is "normal." Can you help us understand the full range of what constitutes "normal" sex?
www.cnn.com /HEALTH/library/HQ/01363.html   (1666 words)

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