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Topic: Age of Discovery

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery | BoardGameGeek
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery feature beautiful artwork from the PC game and from renowned artist Paul Niemeyer, but is a typical eurogame.
www.boardgamegeek.com /game/22545   (537 words)

 Win Age of Discovery Slots at First Web Casino
Age of Discovery takes the player back in history to the time when man was uncovering the wonders of the world, sailing the seas and exploring the unknown.
Age of Discovery is a 5-reel, 25 pay line video slot, which was one of Microgaming's most popular offerings in 2006.
The scatter symbol in Age of Discovery is the sea monster.
www.firstwebcasino.com /age-of-discovery-slots.php   (554 words)

 Age of Discovery - Halopedia - a Wikia wiki
Age of Discovery - Halopedia - a Wikia wiki
The Age of Discovery is a time period in Covenant history.
It is believed that during this Age, the Prophets (possibly with the help of the Engineers) discovered the remains of Forerunner technology, probably giving birth to the Covenant religion with its central theme that the activation of the Halos would begin the Great Journey for the Covenant, leading them to salvation.
halo.wikia.com /wiki/Age_of_Discovery   (251 words)

 NASA - Conditions for the Age of Space
At another level, crews in the Age of Discovery, as in the case of Magellan's circumnavigation, were often hard to come by.
Finally, both the Age of Discovery and the Age of Space had their navigators, and their users and producers of maps as a result of their voyages of discovery.
The general themes for the Age of Space are similar to those of the Age of Discovery, but the particular conditions were very different.
www.nasa.gov /mission_pages/exploration/whyweexplore/Why_We_07.html   (1001 words)

 Discovery Channel :: News :: Age of Man on the Moon Determined   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
That age puts the Moon's first solid rocks at about the same age Earth's first crust — bolstering the popular idea that both bodies formed crusts at about the same time and in the wake of a mega collision of a Mars-sized body with early Earth.
The new Moon dating method is actually a new twist on a previous attempt to determine the age of moon rocks by some of Kleine's colleagues by measuring their tungsten content.
The first attempt assumed that the element tungsten-182 in the rocks was the long-lived "daughter" of the radioactive decay of the rocks' original supply of hafnium-182.
dsc.discovery.com /news/briefs/20051212/moonage_spa.html   (466 words)

 Age of Empires III for PC Review - PC Age of Empires III Review
Age of Kings typified this style of gaming in many respects, but it innovated and improved the style in many others, establishing the template for untold numbers of historic real-time strategy games to come.
Age of Empires III advances the series hundreds of years into the future, trading swordsmen and catapults for musketeers and cannons, while keeping the series' signature formula basically intact.
Age of Empires III is every bit the fully featured game you'd expect it to be, featuring a lengthy single-player campaign in three interconnected acts, each one a generation apart.
www.gamespot.com /pc/strategy/ageofempiresiii/review.html   (1464 words)

 Funagain Games: Age of Discovery
The theme of Age of Discovery (Mayfair Games, 2007 – Alfred Viktor Schulz) seems to be one of exuberance – sailing out to discover new lands.
But it is a pointer to a fact about Age of Discovery; it’s a game that must be played more than once to truly understand its intricacies and winning strategies.
Fun Factor: Age of Discovery is typical of many designer games, in that the players are slowly increasing their money and their ships throughout the game.
www.funagain.com /control/product/~product_id=017528   (2108 words)

 Age of Discovery - Home
The Age of Discovery has its roots in the Renaissance - a time where much of Europe was engaged in finding new lands and exploring new ideas.
In the Southern Hemisphere the Age of Discovery can be specifically associated with the journeys of Abel Tasman (1642) and James Cook (1769).
The “Age of Discovery” is an exciting new entity that has been established in Auckland in order to champion performances of Early Music on period instruments.
www.ageofdiscovery.co.nz   (353 words)

 Lecture 2: The Age of Discovery
A second motive or explanation for this age of discovery was religious in origin.
The Portuguese were eventually to make greater gains in the accidental discovery of Brazil in 1500, than they did through the spice trade in the Far East.
At the age of fourteen he went to sea, fought in several battles, and around 1470 was shipwrecked and reached the shores of Lisbon on a plank.
www.historyguide.org /earlymod/lecture2c.html   (2779 words)

 Educast Ireland: Age of Discovery
The fact that no "Age of Discovery" occurred at the time of the Vikings arrival at L'Anse Aux Meadows in Newfoundland had to do with the fact that there was very little, if any, way of communicating from one area to another, other than speech.
While it may seem unfair that it is Columbus who is credited with his discovery of America in 1492 even though he wasn't the first, it was the lack of evolution which prevented the Vikings from establishing contact with others.
However, in the modern age we live in, and with the combinations of science, technology and archæology it is important to recognise the achievements of others even though it is not commonly known.
irish.typepad.com /classroom/2004/05/age_of_discover.html   (671 words)

 England in the Age of Discovery
One mark of Elizabeth's canniness was her ability to hold off the attentions of Philip II of Spain.
In this respect, the age is also connected to the idea of the Crusades of the 12th and 13th centuries.
Memorabilia related to England in the Age of Discovery is at auction on eBay.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h1130.html   (1403 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The discovery of America by Columbus reverently learned by schoolboys as one of the great and clearcut accomplishments of history, is, when subjected to examination, filled with uncertainty.
It was, however, the chance discovery and subsequent publication of the Vinland Map that has given the Norse voyages a reality not conveyed by the shadowy sagas even though, in all probability, the map is a crude and later interpretation of those very sagas.
Although the attention of students of the Age of Discovery is normally reserved for overseas activities, it is important to remember that the expansion of Europe was accomplished by land as well as by sea, albeit through more prosaic and less dramatic technical means.
muweb.millersville.edu /~columbus/data/art/WASHBR05.ART   (7728 words)

 Funagain Games: Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
It is the late 15th century and a new age is dawning.
Discovery: There is luck in the game with the random pulling of resources and buildings, but it’s minimal.
Age of Empires III is a heavier strategy game than most, although it doesn’t require too much thought to get into.
www.funagain.com /control/product/~product_id=016209   (3196 words)

 GameSpy: Age of Empires III -- Designing Empires
When the original Age of Empires was released in 1997, it was kind of a wake-up call for the real-time strategy genre, remixing and adding new features to the genre that have since become standard in the field.
This time around, the game moves forward to the Age of Discovery (1500 - 1850) and moves the action to the battleground that was the New World of North America.
In terms of combat, experienced Age players will have the best of both worlds, with units like pikemen, crossbowmen, and cavalry that will be familiar, plus a variety of new and more powerful units like musketeers, cannons, and tall ships.
pc.gamespy.com /pc/age-of-empires-iii/582928p1.html   (582 words)

 Unknown Dinosaurs: Golden Age of Discovery Ahead | LiveScience
The next several decades could prove a golden age for dinosaur hunters looking to discover new species of the ancient reptiles.
One reason new discoveries are expected to increase dramatically in coming years is dinosaur research is increasingly becoming an international effort.
Dodson says his new estimate of dinosaur genera awaiting discovery probably does not reflect the true diversity of all the dinosaurs that ever lived.
www.livescience.com /animals/060904_unknown_dinos.html   (621 words)

 AOE3 Forums - Age of Empires III Board Game on Shelves Now
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery is the board game version of the multi-million unit selling computer game Age of Empires III from Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios.
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery was designed by Glenn Drover, designer of award-winning games such as Attack!
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery is currently shipping to game retailers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, and will be on game store shelves very shortly.
forum.agecommunity.com /forums/thread/496891.aspx   (391 words)

 Age of Empires 3 Preview
A gaming classic, Age of Empires was a historical RTS game that asked the question of which culture could offer the most when it came to war and economy.
Ensemble took those questions and more, as they expanded on the original game, with the aptly named Age of Empires II, and made armchair generals the world over simultaneously ruin their pants in adulation and admiration as they all got to experience their first time all over again.
Age of Empires III will strive to keep the series' reputation by introducing some innovations into this highly acclaimed RTS franchise.
www.actiontrip.com /previews/ageofempires3.phtml   (1456 words)

 Game Over Online Magazine - Age of Empires III (c) Microsoft Game Studios
Age of Empires III is the sequel to Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (1999) and, in a way, to Age of Mythology (2002).
Age of Empires III is a real-time strategy game that picks up where Age of Empires II left off.
Each treasure is protected by some sort of guardian (such as a grizzly bear guarding an abandoned wagon), but all you find if you claim the treasure is a small amount of some resource or a little bit of experience.
www.game-over.net /reviews.php?page=features&id=481   (946 words)

 The Ice Age--Earth Science/Animals/Plants lesson plan (grades 9-12)--DiscoverySchool.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The term Ice Age refers to the last major glaciation that occurred in North America and Eurasia, from 2 million to 11,500 years ago, during the Pleistocene period.
Review basic facts about ice ages and the Ice Age with students, such as what an ice age is and why they occur.
Definition: An ice age is a period in the Earth’s history when ice sheets cover vast regions of land; when capitalized, the term refers to the Pleistocene glacial epoch, from 2 million to 11,500 years ago.
school.discovery.com /lessonplans/programs/iceage   (1570 words)

 The Age of Discovery
Henry the Navigator, prince of Portugal, initiated the first great enterprise of the Age of Discovery - the search for a sea route east by south to Cathay.
He was curious about the world; he was interested in new navigational aids and better ship design and was eager to test them; he was also a crusader and hoped that, by sailing south and then east along the coast of Africa, Muslim power in North Africa could be attacked from the rear.
However, in 1487, Bartolomeu Dias, rounded the Cape of Storms in such bad weather that he did not see it, but emerged from the storm seeing the coast stretching northeastward; before turning back, he reached the Great Fish River, in what is now South Africa.
www.geocities.com /Tokyo/Flats/3795/port2.htm   (758 words)

 SPACE.com -- The Coming Age of Planets
We live in a new age of discovery, the first days of a new renaissance.
The discovery of the first extra-solar planet -- 51 Pegasi B, later dubbed Bellerophon -- was the clarion call announcing this new age.
The age of planets will fundamentally shift our understanding of the universe, because it is planets which harbor life.
www.space.com /adastra/050629_planet_age.html   (570 words)

 First Impressions - Age of Empires III: Age of Discovery // PC /// Eurogamer
It’s vital that we mention that Age of Empires 3 really is very pretty, although the screenshots we’ve seen could fool you into thinking that it’s rather more pretty than it actually is: this is still a 3D RTS and a lot of those screens are really rather static.
If the hours of click-explore, click-gather, and click-build derived from our preview assets are anything to go by, then PC strategists are likely to return from the shops with this clutched between hungry paws and then not be seen by another human being for many weeks.
Age of Empires III: Age of Discovery is due for release on PC on November 11th through Microsoft.
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=60895   (955 words)

 Age of Discovery 1492-1792 - v1.12 EGE Edition, Civilization 4 Downloads, Civilization 4 Scenarios
Europe is on the brink of social, economic and religious reform as it leaves the Middle Ages and enters the Renaisance.
Scientists are making major discoveries in all fields and the people are feeling the effects of new social freedoms with the end of serfdom.
Before installing Age of Discovery please ensure that your Civilization IV installation is at patch 1.61.
civilization4.filefront.com /file/Age_of_Discovery_14921792_v112_EGE_Edition;73169   (2041 words)

 IGN: Age of Empires III
Age 3's graphical vision was even a tough sell inside Ensemble for a while.
The Age 3 renderer is built to be cutting-edge and take advantage of the latest technology.
The time period is the logical follow-on to Age 2, plus it covers some of the best events in human history.
pc.ign.com /articles/594/594629p1.html   (921 words)

 Discovery - FAQ
No, and we in no manner endorse the views of the publishers on the origin of the Universe or the origin of man. But if you are looking for their Web site, you will find it here: discover.com.
Discovery encourages kids to develop a faith that is motivated by a genuine love for God and which is, at the same time, supported by evidences for that faith.
Kids of this age should be able to understand the articles without much help.
www.discoverymagazine.com /about.html   (983 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: The Age of Discovery, 1400-1600 (Lancaster Pamphlets): Books: David Arnold   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Age of Reconnaissance: Discovery, Exploration and Settlement, 1450-1650 by J.H. Parry
The Age of Discovery explores one of the most dramatic features of the late medieval and early modern period: when voyagers from Western Europe led by Spain and Portugal set out across the world and established links with Africa, Asia and the Americas.
It could be argued that there have been many 'ages of discovery' in history, involving many different peoples and civilizations, and that it is inappropriate to single out this period as being the Age of Discovery. Read the first page
www.amazon.co.uk /Age-Discovery-1400-1600-Lancaster-Pamphlets/dp/0415279968   (568 words)

 The Age Of Discovery
For mariners it was an age of adventure, risk, hardship, disease, and death; for nations it was an age of struggle, defeat, or conquest and an age for acquiring new, near-primitive lands and colonizing and gaining dominion over civilized foreign territories.
For European commercial interests it was an age of rewarding success, which broke the monopoly of Venice, overcame the Muslim domination of the spice trade, created a voluminous trade in a great variety of merchandise between Europe and the Far East, and opened up a New World.
The Age of Discovery was, of course, a period of discovery by Europeans of the New World.
www.hcs.ohio-state.edu /hcs/TMI/HCS210/HortOrigins/AgeofDiscovery.html   (978 words)

 Law.com Supplement
For example, Outlook metadata might include who was "bcc'd" on an e-mail, when an e-mail was forwarded (and to whom), and when the e-mail was created.
She estimates that e-discovery saved her clients "somewhere between 25 and 30 percent." It is also convenient for the lawyers.
Applied Discovery just raised $5 million in venture money, and, according to Kroese, the company finished last year 20 percent ahead of its revenue targets.
www.law.com /special/supplement/e_discovery/age_ediscovery.html   (1010 words)

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