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 alphabet - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about alphabet
All the alphabetic scripts west of Syria seem to have derived from the Canaanite branch, whereas nearly all the hundreds of alphabets of the east apparently sprang from the Aramaic branch.
Alphabetic writing now takes many forms – for example, the Hebrew aleph-beth and the Arabic script, both written from right to left; the Devanagari script of the Hindus, in which the symbols ‘hang’ from a line common to all the symbols; and the Greek alphabet, with the first clearly delineated vowel symbols.
The South Semitic group of alphabets remained mainly confined within Arabia, although a secondary branch spread westwards and became the progenitor of the Ethiopic alphabet which through its offshoot, the Amharic script, is the only South Semitic script still in use, and the only one in which a literature has been produced. /alphabet   (727 words)

 Alphabet soup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the United States one of the most common targets of the term is the Federal Government on account of the mulititude of agencies that it has spawned, including the NSA, CIA, FBI, USSS, BATF, DEA and INS.
Alphabet soup is a kind of soup containing noodles shaped like the letters of an alphabet.
Alphabet soup is usually a prepared, canned tomato soup with letter-shaped noodles. /wiki/Alphabet_soup   (238 words)

 Gathering at the River: The Library: Alphabet Soup: The city council takes aim at CVB, CCC, RDC, and "quasi-governmental" agencies.
The alphabet agencies have been grabbing a lot of headlines, and the pay and perks are usually better than they are in government.
Neither Kane nor council members were particularly happy with the term "quasi-governmental agencies." In addition to being a mouthful, it lumps together agencies like the RDC and CCC that were created by elected public officials and organizations like the CVB and chamber of commerce that get most of their operating support from their members.
Vergos said some of the agencies are "creating kingdoms" run by a handful of well-connected board members who are hostile to requests for sensitive information but quick to run to the council in time of need. /library/2002/10/alphabet-soup-city-council-takes-aim.html   (1139 words)

 Alphabet Agencies
The alphabet agencies gave many El Pasoans not only a job but a sense of pride and made this area a better place to live in.
Many of these recovery agencies had long names and therefore became known by their initials.
The alphabet agencies helped El Paso and the surrounding areas with many work projects. /ftp/Homes/monicaw/borderlands/12_alphabet_agencies.htm   (1409 words)

 EH.Net Encyclopedia: Works Progress Administration
Activities of Selected Federal Agencies, Report No. 7.
All WPA administrators, whether assigned to Washington or to the agency’s state and local district offices, were employees of the federal government and all WPA workers’ wages were distributed directly from the U.S. Treasury (Kurzman 1974, p.
The agency prepared a “Guide to Eligibility of WPA Projects” which was made available to the states. /encyclopedia/article/   (1920 words)

 The American Bolsheviks
His legacy of alphabet soup agencies remained indelibly etched in the thinking of what was once a Democrat party and during its 40 year legislative reign these agencies not only became an integral part of government but also the strong arm wings of a society moving towards socialistic thought and action.
These agencies, independent of one another, have grown in muscle to the extent that congressional rules as interpreted by them allows for their actions as judge, jury and executioner.
These agencies being historically and ineptly managed by political appointees have been easy prey to the acceptance of junk science, mediocre research and activist groups. /Depts/gov_philosophy/bolsheviks_1.htm   (1224 words) Special Reports An Offa you can't refuse
These repeated victories by the big five reveal that their chief executives like the alphabet agencies, which is why they cohabit with them.
In short, the alphabet agencies work for the chief executives of the big five.
Which is not surprising, because the agencies were created by them. /universityaccess/story/0,10670,1351796,00.html   (906 words)

 New Deal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The "alphabet soup" agencies of the New Deal included the TVA, CCC, WPA, FDIC, SEC and NRA.
The New Deal set up numerous agencies to help impoverished farmers, but in the long run they had to move to the cities to become better off.
Roosevelt insisted that it should be funded by payroll taxes rather than from the general fund; he said, "We put those payroll contributions there so as to give the contributors a legal, moral, and political right to collect their pensions and unemployment benefits. /wiki/New_Deal   (10973 words)

 ZIMBABWE NEWS ZIMBABWEAN NEWS capital: Harare, Republic of Zimbabwe, formerly: Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia
"International aid agencies -- including the World Food Programme (WFP) -- say about half the Zimbabwean population might be in need of food assistance by the end of the year and that Zimbabwe's current food crisis is mainly man-made."
White farmers in Zimbabwe are bracing for new evictions as a deadline expires for them to stop working the land."... /world/zimbabwe   (10973 words)

 Acronym and initialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The armed forces and government agencies frequently employ acronyms and initialisms, perhaps most famous were the "alphabet agencies" created by Franklin D. Roosevelt under the New Deal.
Lines are written so that letters line up vertically, spelling the name Yitzchak, which may refer to the patriarch Yitzchak, or to an unknown author.
The word alphabetism is sometimes used to describe these "letter name" abbreviations. /wiki/Acronym   (3836 words)

 Keep in Touch Newsletters published by WTB Language Group Inc. on language, translation and typesetting related issues.
Even though agencies may use these various systems to produce their word counts, a word count generated from Trados will not be the same as a count that has been generated from MS Word.
I was also expecting the characters that are used to write down the alphabet for these languages to be unusual.
It seems that the Latin alphabet is the most widely spread around the world - about 2 billion people use this writing system. /newsletters/June2005Newsletter.htm   (1320 words)

 Archive February 14, 2000 Spies like US: Spooks and Money Talk
As in the case of federal police agencies such as the FBI, the world of spies including NSA, CIA and other alphabet agencies, seem to be hung up on their own mystique and bureaucratic inertia.
Playing a dumb and dangerous game close to the chest, these agencies keep their secrets at the expense of divesting the citizens of the United States and around the world of certain freedoms.
Also noting that the most important aspect of NSA currently, is the plan or program to restrict the use of cryptography around the world to make it easier for intelligence agencies to listen in on sensitive business type information that may be encrypted. /archive/articles/0200echelon2.htm   (2457 words)

 Reason magazine
There is certainly a role for the FAA or other Washington agencies to play here in terms of setting higher -- and more consistent -- standards for airport security.
This is similar to the system already in place in the U.S. that ensures planes are properly maintained: American commercial aircraft are kept safely flying by privately-employed mechanics working under government supervision and regulation, and so far there haven’t been any calls to federalize them. /hod/jm110801.shtml   (585 words)

 Larry Becraft -- Jurisdiction Questioned, Part 1
U.S.C. While this is a simply statutory command, there is an evident problem in that most federal agencies fail to publish any statements, either in the C.F.R. or some other source, which define their jurisdiction in clear and express terms.
By statute, all federal agencies must confine their activities to the jurisdiction delegated to them: see 5.
We suffer a plague of the acronymic alphabet agencies: DEA, FDA, FAA, FCC, SEC, FBI, TVA, IRS, BATF, ad nauseam. /Becraft/larry.htm   (902 words)

 New Deal Alphabet Agencies
Below is a partial list of New Deal "alphabet agencies" and their primary function (relief, recovery, or reform).
Perhaps the most ambitious undertaking of the New Deal, the TVA was a comprehensive federal agency created in 1933 for the economic development of the Tennessee River watershed.
The SEC was created in 1934 to serve as a federal "watchdog" administrative agency to protect public and private investors from stock market fraud, deception and insider manipulation on Wall Street. /vwhansd/HIS122/NewDeal.html   (1153 words)

Agencies are free to devise their own rulemaking procedures as long as agency procedures are constitutionally and statutorily sufficient, and extremely compelling circumstances do not exist.
Where an agency is making an individualize determination on some matter such as a water discharge permit for a specific facility, there is a presumption in favor of an evidentiary hearing, unless the statute says something to the contrary, as was the case here.
The court of appeals invalided the EPA regulations because the agency’s interpretation of the Act was contrary to congressional purpose. /students/PDP/secure/doc/out-admin1.doc   (13451 words)

 Iranian Students' News Agency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ISNA is one of the main official Iranian News Agencies established after president Khatami 's taking office in 1998.
While close to some Iranian officials, ISNA has managed to remain an independent news agency and approach the complex cultural, social, and political issues in contemporary Iran from a critical point of view.
This dual nature, innovation, professional photojournalism, and several daily photoessays have made the news agency an attractive and authentic source of the latest news on Iran. /wiki/Iranian_Students'_News_Agency   (13451 words) - PHONETIC ALPHABET
Many agencies use the Phonetic Alphabet extensively, including the United States Armed Forces, state licensing bureaus, law enforcement agencies, collection agencies, credit bureaus and lending institutions.
Many of these agencies require the use of the Phonetic Alphabet when making inquiries.
The Phonetic Alphabet is used to verify letters of the alphabet with sound. /funstuff/phonetic.htm   (93 words)

 NARA - Military Agency Records - Military Agency Records RG 226
The "regular" designation simply indicated that documents from this series could be borrowed by OSS staff and other agencies.
Arranged alphabetically by name of post from which received and thereunder chronologically in two subseries: cablegrams relating to shipping and cablegrams relating to all other matters.
A number of reports were withdrawn by the State Department during the early postwar period and became integrated in that agency's files; sometimes these transfers are indicated by withdrawal cards. /research/holocaust/finding-aid/military/rg-226-2.html?...   (673 words) :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source
It didn’t take the alphabet agencies long to "get right" on their sanctioning fees.
They knew they had no logical opponents at this point except each other, so they defied the sanctioning agencies and made it work.
There is a precedent for what Johnson and Tarver pulled, but it turned out that Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns had enough leverage (in the form of gate appeal) to back down the alphabet boys. /story.php?paper=adg§ion=Sports&storyid=103220   (564 words)

 TVA: The Enduring Legacy
Politically, TVA was one of the strangest hybrids in the “alphabet soup” of New Deal agencies.
It was perhaps the most imaginative of his early alphabet agencies—more sweeping in scope than some, but strictly limited to one region.
Just 37 days after his inauguration, Roosevelt sent Congress a formal proposal for the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority. /heritage/fdr/index.htm   (945 words)

The CCC and TVA were popular Alphabet agencies as they improved the quality of the environment as well as providing jobs.
The aim of these Alphabet agencies was usually to create work for people - the more people working the more business would improve (give examples of Alphabet agencies).
The Alphabet agencies were organisations set up usually to create jobs. /history/year11/newdeal.htm   (2792 words)

 Alphabet soup
The data from the truck's transponder will be distributed among four U.S. agencies that have interests in protecting the border.
The goal is to let importers enter information only once, then let technology distribute among agencies as needed.
"There are over 100 agencies that have responsibilities at the border," Biter said. /joc052001.html   (684 words)

 WEBCommentary(tm) - The American Bolsheviks and the Alphabet Agencies ---- Part II
At this juncture in our history the arrogance and the repressive actions by both theCongress and the Alphabet agencies can no longer be denied.
The American Bolsheviks and the Alphabet Agencies ---- Part II
After WW II many will remember the concerns over the weaknesses of the legislative branch and there was begun a hue and a cry that if we were to expect top flight leadership inthe Congress we had to seriously consider higher pay and extra amenities. /asp/ShowArticle.asp?id=haddadg&date=040719   (1165 words)

 About Montana - - Montana's Official State Website
These "alphabet agencies" mark the first real dependence of the state on federal spending in the 20th century -- a reliance that would build through the century.
Then President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal" brought relief to the state in the form of various projects and agencies: the building of Fort Peck Dam; the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC); the Works Projects Administration (WPA); the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA).
As across the nation, World War II broke the hold of the Great Depression on Montana. /discover/brief_history.asp   (875 words)

 property london
For a localised search, SWHomes Ltd, is a new letting agency solely dedicated to give both landlords and tenants a service second to none.
From barns to wine cellars: on the market Forget the price tag and prepare to be wowed.
For a localised search, Independent agents specialising in providing a comprehensive range of high quality residential lettings, management, maintenance... /property_london.asp   (748 words)

 Wake Up Call
With it they control governments here and abroad, politicians, all the alphabet and enforcement agencies, the mainstream news and the masses, or what we will refer to as sheeple.
The politicians, the alphabet agencies, the air force?
Sheep do not deserve freedom or self determination and the sheep are now reduced to and being sprayed like insignificant bugs. /article/07-00/wakeup.html   (708 words)

International Aid is partnering with four Christian Service agencies in the "Alliance for the Rehabilitation of Kosovo" (ARK)—a collaborative effort to aid Kosovar refugees both in Albania and Kosovo.
International Aid links caring people and organizations with Christian partners worldwide, changing lives through the power of compassion.
Checks should be made out to International Aid and marked "Emergency Relief." For credit card donations, call the International Aid 24-hour hot line at 1-800-251-2502. /links/news/factoid.htm   (708 words) Society International aid and development: the issue explained
International aid agencies attract more donations from the public than any other charitable cause, beating cancer, children's and animal charities to bring in 486m in 2001-02.
People in Aid, the global network of relief, development and advocacy agencies, has also warned of "growing concern over the status of host country staff" and urged that their needs for support and management are treated as seriously as those of "international" staff flown in from outside.
International aid and development is one of the most hotly debated areas of the voluntary sector. /aid/comment/0,14178,1159757,00.html   (708 words)

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