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Topic: Agriculture Minister of Germany

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

Agriculture in the United States United States and the country is a net exporter of food.
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food was a UK cabinet position, r...
Precision agriculture Precision farming or precision agriculture is an sustainable agriculture.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/agriculture.html   (531 words)

 Kurt von Schleicher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kurt von Schleicher (4 April 1882–30 June 1934) was a German general and the last Chancellor of Germany during the era of the Weimar Republic.
Eventually, Schleicher, who established a close relationship with President Paul von Hindenburg, came into conflict with Brüning and Groener, and his intrigues were largely responsible for their fall in May of 1932.
He was not as conservative as Papen, however, as evidenced in a 1932 radio address in which he bluntly announced his unambiguous opposition to either a military dictatorship or a puppet regime to be backed by military force.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kurt_von_Schleicher   (724 words)

 CNN.com - Germany begins cattle slaughter - March 11, 2001
Germany's State Agriculture Minister Uwe Bartels said a farm with 99 calves in the district of Vechta reported its suspicions on Saturday evening.
As a precaution against the highly contagious virus, Germany's foot-and-mouth emergency committee on Thursday banned transport of all cloven-hoofed animals between March 10 and March 27, with the exception of direct transport to slaughterhouses and between farms.
In Britain, the Agriculture Minister insisted that draconian restrictions on livestock movement and the destruction of 90,000 infected animals were containing the highly infectious disease.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/europe/germany/03/11/cattle   (609 words)

 BMU - Press 11.05.2004 : Waste water treatment in Germany exemplary within the EU
Germany has achieved one of the important goals set by the EU waste water directive of 1991.
Germany's successes in waste water treatment and its ten years of experience in implementing the Directive cannot hide the fact that enormous challenges had to be met, not only in the "new" states (of the former East Germany) but also in the "old" states.
The Commission notes: "Germany and Austria have fulfilled the requirements of the Directive in virtually all respects." The findings of the report show that although, generally speaking, improvements have been achieved in the European Union, there are still huge delays in many Member States, for example in the designation of so-called sensitive areas.
www.bmu.de /english/water_management/pm/5922.php   (390 words)

 BBC News | EUROPE | German beef ban under review
Germany's Agriculture Minister, Karl-Heinz Funke, has said he sees no reason to maintain the ban on British beef.
Germany's Health Minister, Andrea Fischer, a member of the Green Party, said she wants progress on the issue.
Ms Fischer said Germany was under strong pressure to lift the ban from Britain and the European Commission.
news.bbc.co.uk /low/english/world/europe/newsid_677000/677495.stm   (328 words)

 Germany   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Germany's highest court ruled Tuesday that Muslim butchers may slaughter animals according to Islamic law, in a ruling that resolved a conflict over animal protection laws and was welcomed as a sign of German willingness to integrate its Muslim minority….
Germany's Agriculture Minister Renate Künast said Monday the government will begin implementing the purchase-for-destruction plan as of next week, replacing it with the special purchase plan by the end of April in a bid to prop up the country's beef producers...
Germany's lower house of parliament is due to vote on legislation to ban the use of such feed...
www.mhr-viandes.com /en/docu/docu/d9000103.htm   (2519 words)

 SocietyGuardian.co.uk | Society Environment | Damaged trees sound alarm bells in Germany
Germany's forests are in an "alarming" condition with nearly three-quarters of all trees suffering from some kind of damage, according to an official government report.
The report has provoked a wave of soul-searching among Germans, whose attachment to areas such as the Black Forest in southern Germany and fondness for walking in the woods is extremely strong.
Yesterday Michael Hopf, a spokesman for Greenpeace Germany, said that the fact Germany's forests had not yet disappeared did not mean there wasn't a problem.
society.guardian.co.uk /environment/news/0,14129,1370937,00.html   (411 words)

 Agriculture Minister: Privatization Should Not Be Translated In to Setting Fire to State Property
Agriculture Minister on Privatisation: Privatisation Should Not Be Translated In to Setting Fire to State Property
The minister reports that the World Bank has to date granted loans totalling $330 million to Iran to finance projects on water improvement and soil engineering; another credit line requested by Iran was turned down however due to the disagreement of the United States.
If agricultural fields are to be developed according to prevailing standards, then relevant organizations would be forced to provide farmers with superior technology from various sources in the world.
www.irvl.net /IRAN30.HTM   (2693 words)

 Wilhelm Marx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Wilhelm Marx (January 15, 1863–August 5, 1946) was a German Catholic politician and a member of the Centre Party.
He served as Chancellor of Germany from 1923 to 1925 and again from 1926 to 1928, and was the Centre Party's (and, in the second round, the entire Weimar Coalition's) candidate in the 1925 presidential election, when he was defeated by Paul von Hindenburg.
January 19 1928 - Wilhelm Groener succeeds Geßler as Minister of Defence.
www.americancanyon.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Wilhelm_Marx   (233 words)

 Germany - Country information - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Germany and Australia share common positions in many multilateral fora, such as in the UN on human rights and in the international financial institutions to alleviate world poverty and maintain a stable international financial system.
A Cultural Agreement between Germany and Australia, aimed at enhancing cultural and academic exchanges, was initialled during the visit of Chancellor Kohl to Australia in May 1997 and signed by Foreign Minister Downer on 7 November 1997 at the Australia-German Trade and Investment Conference in Dresden.
Germany's relations with the United States clearly suffered due to its opposition to war in Iraq, but the political relationship remains stable (and the trade relationship is strengthening), as indicated by President Bush's visit to Berlin in February 2005.
www.dfat.gov.au /geo/germany/germany_brief.html   (3992 words)

 Scandal a Blow to Plucky Farm Reformer | Current Affairs | Deutsche Welle | 30.05.2002
Short, spiky-haired and Green, German Consumer and Agriculture Minister Renate Künast is everything her predecessor was not.
Following an outbreak of mad cow disease in Germany in late 2000, Karl-Heinz Funke, Germany’s pro-farm agriculture minister resigned his post as part of a government shake-up.
Germany is suffering under an organic farming scandal following the delivery of some 500 tons of feed containing the banned herbicide Nitrofen to the country’s organic farms.
www.dw-world.de /dw/article/0,,565084,00.html   (541 words)

 EU backs German push for 'greener' farming   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Germany earlier dismissed concerns that BSE would spread to its cattle - until a first case turned up in November.
The EU has criticized Germany for ignoring warnings about mad cow disease, and the botched handling of the crisis forced the resignations last week of the health and agriculture ministers.
Germany's new agriculture minister, Renate Kuenast, backed that call, proposing a federal advertising campaign to convince consumers of the merits of better-quality food.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2001-01-18-madcow.htm   (539 words)

 Planet Ark   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The spokeswoman said 300 to 500 tonnes of possibly contaminated animal feed wheat from a warehouse were mixed into the consignment of 103,000 tonnes, which was exported half each in 2000 to Jordan and Tunisia.
Germany was shaken last month when it emerged that animal feed tainted with the banned herbicide nitrofen, which can cause cancer, was sent to German poultry and pig farms.
The source of the contamination was a wheat warehouse in east Germany which in Communist days had been used to hold pesticides and weedkiller.
www.planetark.com /avantgo/dailynewsstory.cfm?newsid=16727   (227 words)

 Mad Cow Panic Spills Into Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Spanish beef farmers have demanded that the agriculture ministry spearhead a campaign to persuade the public of the safety of beef.
Andrea Fischer, health minister and Green Party member, was insisting that Germany should keep open the option of imposing a string of unilateral embargoes, including one on British lamb.
But Karl-Heinz Funke, the agriculture minister, said that Germany had nothing to gain by going it alone in defiance of EU policy.
www.rense.com /general5/spill.htm   (232 words)

 Turkish Agriculture Minister Guclu In Luxembourg
ANKARA (AA) - Turkish Agriculture & Rural Affairs Minister Sami Guclu represented Turkey in informal meeting of EU Ministers of Agriculture which was held in Luxembourg between May 8th and 10th.
Agriculture ministers of 28 EU member and candidate countries participated in the meeting.
Agriculture ministers said that they are ready for every type of cooperation and agreed to exchange experts among countries.
www.turkishpress.com /news.asp?id=41900   (229 words)

 Konstantin Fehrenbach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
He served as President of the Reichstag in 1918, and then as President of the National Assembly from 1919 to 1920.
Upon the resignation of the Social Democrats from the government in June of 1920 as a result of their poor showing in the elections of that year, Fehrenbach became Chancellor of Germany, forming a coalition with the left-wing liberal DDP and the national-liberal DVP.
His government lasted less than a year, the government resigning in April 1921 in protest against the allied reparations assessment which was announced that month.
www.lexington-fayette.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Konstantin_Fehrenbach   (193 words)

 Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA), 97-03-12
Sofia, March 11 (BTA) - Jochen Borchert, Germany's Minister of Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry, pledged his assistance in the release of 100,000 tonnes of grain to Bulgaria by the EU, Agriculture Minister Roumen Hristov said on Tuesday on his return from Germany.
Germany will raise this issue at the Brussels meeting and will seek US$ 20 million from the EU in support to sowing operations in Bulgaria.
The agriculture ministers discussed a possible DM 100 million credit for the import of plant protection chemicals and food processing equipment against export of Bulgarian agricultural products.
www.hri.org /news/agencies/bta/last/97-03-12.bta.html   (2530 words)

 Joseph Wirth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Karl Joseph Wirth (September 6, 1879–January 3, 1956) was a German Catholic Centre politician who served as Chancellor of Germany from 1921 to 1922.
Along with his foreign minister, Walther Rathenau, Wirth set out to follow a policy of "fulfillment" with respect to Germany's reparations in order to show that Germany was incapable of payment.
February 1, 1922 - Walther Rathenau (DDP) succeeds Wirth as Foreign Minister.
www.lexington-fayette.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Joseph_Wirth   (184 words)

 Minister of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (Germany... - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Minister of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (Germany...
We don't have an article called "Minister of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (Germany..."
Search for "Minister of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (Germany..." in...
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Minister_of_Consumer_Protection,_Food_and_Agriculture_(Germany...   (61 words)

 RTE News - All 30-month old Irish cattle to be tested for BSE
The Minister for Agriculture has said that arrangements are being made for the testing of all cattle 30 months of age.
Germany's agriculture minister said that there was an insufficient legal basis to go ahead with the ban, which was to have been in place by Wednesday.
Last Tuesday, EU Farm Ministers agreed to a massive increase in the cattle-testing programme in an attempt to discover the scale of the problem.
www.rte.ie /news/2000/1127/bse.html   (461 words)

 Bananas to the German Federal Ministry of Justice
At the same time, Germany's Federal Minister for Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Renate Kuenast, faces demands to stop the adoption of a directive draft apparently scheduled for the EU Council session at Monday, February 28th.
Each time, a meeting of ministers specialised on unrelated topics was chosen for that purpose, such as the Council on agriculture and fisheries, as would again be the case on Monday.
According to the supporters of the parliamentary resolutions, she shall make sure, like ministers from other countries have done before, that the A-item on the illegitimate draft will be removed from the agenda.
wiki.ffii.org /BmjBananenPm050225En   (782 words)

Minister Funke’s visit will be the first ever by a German Minister responsible for Agriculture.
Minister Funke will be in Australia from Wednesday 1 to Tuesday 7 November, and will visit Melbourne, Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Adelaide, Sydney and Cairns.
Mr Truss is in Germany to attend an event show casing Australian food and beverages at the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hannover on Thursday.
www.maff.gov.au /releases/00/00193wt.html   (239 words)

 WTO and Agriculture: The Great Trade Robbery DEVINDER SHARMA / Presentation at the international debate Agrarhandel ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the Philippines, agricultural export earnings were expected to increase by billions of pesos a year after 1994, generating 500,000 additional jobs a year in the Philippines.
European agriculture will continue to be subsidised to the tune of Euro 43 billion for another decade, and that amount will increase further when the new members join in.
In fact, the US projections for 2002-03 were that 53 percent of its wheat crop, 47 percent of cotton, 42 percent of rice, 35 percent of soybeans, and 21 percent of corn to be exported.
www.mindfully.org /WTO/2003/Trade-Robery-WTO-Sharma2sep03.htm   (4216 words)

 CTV.ca - Germany finds two cases of mad-cow disease - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television
Mad-cow disease is resurfacing again, this time in Germany where two cows tested positive for the deadly condition.
One of the cows which tested positive was born in an eastern German state while the other infected cow was found at a farm in the northern region.
An agriculture ministry report showed they ate 34.3 pounds of beef and veal per head in 1999, ranking them last among the 11 European countries surveyed.
www.ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/print/CTVNews/1025828031377_21237231?hub=CTVNewsAt11&subhub=PrintStory   (299 words)

The Members of the Agriculture Trade Delegation discussed with government officials and agriculture and food industry leaders, issues of mutual interest aimed at expansion of worldwide agriculture trade and resolution of the difference between the U.S. and the EU on specific matters.
Agriculture organizations in the EU described the European model for agriculture as "multi-functional agriculture", in which there is linkage between farmers and society.
During the Committee on Agriculture trade delegation visit, it was reported that the EU sold 30,000 tons of subsidized barley in California and that this sale was subsidized at the rate of $50 per ton.
agriculture.house.gov /105/europe.htm   (8633 words)

 CNN.com - German call for BSE tests on sheep - December 27, 2000
The German's minister's comments come just three days after another case of suspected BSE was found in Germany -- raising the total to four suspected cases on top of five confirmed incidents of the brain-wasting illness.
Earlier this month, Germany's main opposition party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), demanded a ban on imports of British lamb amid fears that sheep scrapie is behind mad cow disease and its fatal human form, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD).
The Agriculture Ministry in the central state of Lower Saxony said a cow slaughtered near the town of Osnabrueck on Saturday was believed to be infected with BSE.
edition.cnn.com /2000/WORLD/europe/germany/12/27/sheep.bse   (325 words)

 CNN.com - Germany cattle slaughter begins - March 11, 2001
It was the highest daily number of outbreaks in the UK since the outbreak was first identified on February 20.
As a precaution against the highly contagious virus, Germany's foot-and-mouth emergency committee on Thursday banned transport of all cloven-hoofed animals until March 27, with the exception of direct transport to slaughterhouses and between farms.
In Britain, the agriculture minister insisted the restrictions on livestock movement and the destruction of thousands of infected animals were containing the highly infectious disease.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/europe/03/11/germany.cattle   (638 words)

 NewsFromRussia.Com German minister bound to save nation from bird flu
Germany's acting agriculture minister meets Friday with state authorities to discuss preventive measures to protect the nation against the threat of bird flu, after outbreaks in Turkey and Romania.
Acting Agriculture Minister Juergen Trittin indicated, however, that the question would be discussed during the meeting, and a decision would be made on a regional basis.
Germany's acting agriculture minister meets Friday with state authorities to discuss preventive measures to protect the nation against the threat of bird flu, after outbreaks in Turkey and Romania More details...
newsfromrussia.com /world/2005/10/14/65270.html   (2219 words)

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