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Topic: Agriculture in Australia

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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

 Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia
The Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia (AAAA) was formed in July 1958 at a meeting jointly convened by the then Department of Civil Aviation and the Bureau of Agricultural Economics at Hawkesbury Agricultural College, Richmond, NSW.
No other applicator of agricultural chemicals has the degree of training of the ag pilot, who is required to have a commercial pilot's licence, an agricultural rating and a chemical distributer's licence.
Aerial Agriculture in Australia tells the story of the role aircraft have played in agriculture and forestry in Australia over a period of more than 60 years.
www.aerialag.com.au   (448 words)

 7113.0 - Agriculture, Australia, 1999-2000
The reasons behind Australia's high quality wool can be attributed to many factors, but are predominantly the experience and expertise of Australian farmers in selecting superior animals for breeding purposes, and in utilising the harsh Australian climate to produce clean, fine wool of high strength.
For the Agricultural Commodity Survey, the concept of an establishment is the same as that used by the ABS for all industry statistics collections.
The National Accounts estimates for the agricultural industry exclude financial transactions related to non-agricultural activity, whereas the AFS estimates include financial data relating to all activities which are undertaken by management units, whose predominant activity is agriculture.
www.abs.gov.au /ausstats/abs@.nsf/cat/7113.0   (5099 words)

 Ag Australia - Agriculture Australia 2006
NACMA, Pulse Australia and the AOF are proud to present the Agriculture Australia Conference 2006.
Agriculture Australia is the premier annual grains industry event and is well attended by end users, marketers, bulk handlers, service providers, growers, government and RandD leaders.
Agriculture Australia Conference will be held 8 and 9 August 2006 in Sydney.
www.agricultureaustralia.com.au   (164 words)

 Agriculture in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The export of beef and mutton to the United Kingdom commenced with the advent of refrigeration.
Agriculture is both a federal and state responsibility in Australia.
Australia maintains a strict Quarantine regime to prevent the entry of new invasive species.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Agriculture_in_Australia   (3293 words)

 Nothing Cropped from Agriculture in Australia-China FTA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Mr McGauran met Agriculture Minister Du Qing-lin in Beijing on Tuesday, then flew down to Xian, the ancient city in the heartland of Chinese farming, where yesterday he opened a conference between Chinese and Australian agricultural experts on the FTA.
Australia’s top tariff rate is just 5 per cent, and quarantine appears the main issue for Chinese exporters, especially of horticulture.
Australia was the leading exporter to China of wool and barley, second in sugar and third in meat and cotton.
g.msn.com /9SE/1?http://www.bilaterals.org/article.php3?id_article=6072&&DI=6244&IG=fef635dfdee04ff49e9217f451056e94&POS=5&CM=WPU&CE=5&CS=AWP&SR=5   (920 words)

 Study Agriculture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Australia is an advanced first world country with a stable political system, modern infrastructure and communications, and a high standard of living.
Courses are strongly science based, giving the agricultural graduate the knowledge and experience required to think constructively, both within and outside their specific area of learning.
Australia is a very large country, with 7.5 million square kilometers of land mass.
www.internationaleducationmedia.com /australia/course_topics/agriculture.htm   (842 words)

 Agriculture - Economy - Australia - Oceania: production wool, africa industry, country wool, australia economy, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Australia usually produces more than 25 percent of the world’s yearly output of wool.
Although rabbits accompanied the First Fleet that arrived in Australia in 1788, their first significant arrival occurred in 1859 at the behest of a landowner, Thomas Austin.
Australia has been an important wine producer for many years, and locally produced wines have captured many prestigious international awards.
www.countriesquest.com /oceania/australia/economy/agriculture.htm   (708 words)

 Sustainable agriculture -- WWF-Australia
Australia's pastoral and agricultural landscapes should be cared for in such a way that:
We're also working with agricultural sectors to develop voluntary programs that will deliver on-farm environmental benefits, including a pilot scheme to develop a comprehensive environmental management system for cotton growers.
We are campaigning for an end to one of the key causes of biodiversity loss - land clearing.
www.wwf.org.au /ourwork/industry/agriculture   (185 words)

 Organic Agriculture Industry : Vision Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
There is a dramatic global shift towards organic/sustainable agricultural systems and it is a significant emerging agricultural industry in Australia.
The organic agriculture industry in Australia is certainly more than the sum of its farmers.
Yet, sustainable agriculture, both in Australia and globally, originated with the voluntary efforts of like-minded farmers.
www.marketsmonitor.com /category/FB04.html   (676 words)

 ICC Australia Cambodia Agriculture
During the rice planting and harvesting seasons, the children have used their agricultural skills to help local villagers plant and harvest their rice paddies.
There is also a significant amount of land dedicated to large agricultural crops and plantations, which include mangoes, sesame, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, soy beans and lemon grass.
All of the children who are old enough participate in the agricultural program by planting, harvesting, watering with watering cans, weeding and maintaining crops.
www.iccaustralia.org.au /cambodia/cam-ag.htm   (291 words)

 Economy of Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Australia has a prosperous, Western-style market economy, with a per capita GDP slightly higher than the United Kingdom, France and Germany in nominal terms as of 2006, and thanks to the lower cost of living, slightly higher in terms of Purchasing Power Parity.
Australia's competitive advantage in primary products is a reflection of the natural wealth of the Australian continent and its small domestic market; 20.3 million people occupy a continent the size of the contiguous United States.
Australia's emphasis on reforms is a key factor behind the continuing strength of the economy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Economy_of_Australia   (1952 words)

 Liberalizing Agriculture: Why the U.S. Should Look to New Zealand and Australia
Australia's reforms were introduced in the early 1980s and were implemented over a longer period of time than in New Zealand.
In Australia, the tale of subsidies is similar to the current situation in the United States.
The average global agricultural tariff is 62 percent, and according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, "Support to agricultural producers accounted for 31 percent of total farm receipts in the OECD area [in 2001]."
www.heritage.org /Research/Agriculture/bg1624.cfm   (2187 words)

 Agriculture - Advancing Australia
In rural and regional Australia, agriculture, fisheries and forest industries are the life-blood of communities.
Agriculture alone employs between 30 to 50 per cent of the workforce in most parts of rural and regional Australia.
Funding will be provided to extend Australia's ongoing agriculture and food trade liberalisation efforts through multilateral, regional and bilateral negotiations, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.
www.budget.gov.au /2000-01/minst/html/affa.htm   (2190 words)

 The Changing Face of Agriculture in Australia
The area of land in Australia devoted to cropping reached new heights in 2001 at 24.5 million hectares.
Most grain in Australia is grown under dryland conditions and on family farms rather than by corporate entities.
Equally, the consulting profession is to blame for not having a united voice in Australia and positioning their profession and promoting the cost benefits of their services.
www.cropscience.org.au /icsc2004/symposia/6/1/1857_clarkn.htm   (3705 words)

 DuPont Australia - DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition
DuPont is one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural products, most notably the unique class of herbicides called sulfonylureas (e.g.
In Australia, DuPont markets almost 30 herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that are registered for use in numerous crops, including cereals, oilseeds, cotton, cane, pastures and fruit and vegetables.
The seed conditioning plant – the largest in the southern hemisphere – is at Narromine in New South Wales.
www.dupont.com /asiapacific/country/australia/aucorp/platforms/AgriNutri.html   (573 words)

 AGRICULTURE - ADVANCING AUSTRALIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
"Agriculture - Advancing Australia" brings together a number of reforms to lift the viability of farmers into the future and lay the basis for greater self reliance.
This package builds on a number of initiatives this Government has put in place to help rural Australia, including the Natural Heritage Trust, the Regional Communications Initiative, Supermarket to Asia, extra spending on quarantine and extra resources for regional health.
"Agriculture - Advancing Australia" is a strong and positive response to the needs of our farmers.
www.pm.gov.au /news/media_releases/1997/agaa.html   (314 words)

 Australian Agriculture - Government
The Department serves tropical horticulture and agriculture and extensive and intensive animal industries.
This is the main entry point to Australian electronic information on agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food industries.
Agriculture Western Australia provides leadership and strategic service in partnership with industry and rural communities, to maximise agri-industries contribution to Western Australia's sustainable development.
www.tumpline.com /stackyard/orgs/government/australia.html   (122 words)

 OUP: UK General Catalogue
The scientific basis, 'on farm', and 'beyond farm' aspects of agriculture in Australia are all covered.
Following an introduction to the subject and to the book, the location of agricultural production in Australia is described and explained.
Agriculture in Australia: An Introduction is well-organised and clearly written.
www.oup.com /uk/catalogue/?ci=9780195536959   (475 words)

 Agriculture in Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The most likely region where agriculture would first developed in Australia would be the Murray River Valley in Northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales.
The main reason is the regular snow melt from the snow covered Australian Alps every spring, which brings floods and rich soil down to the river.
In the indigenous flora of Australia there is yams, taro, nardoo and various grasses too, relatives of most of which have been cultivated elsewhere.
www.alternatehistory.com /spiritualist/australia.html   (450 words)

 Sustainable Agriculture Resources - Australia & New Zealand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) - Australia's leading non-government, non-profit environment organisation, with a vision is also for long-term reform, for accountable and ecologically sound management of our cities, industries and our natural heritage.
BioDynamic AgriCulture Australia - an active group which promotes the practice and understanding of the biodynamic agriculture.
Bibliography of agricultural research - there are sections on 'Organic Ag' and 'Sustainable Ag', plus several others of interest to farming and rural folks.
www.une.edu.au /agronomy/agsystems/organic/links/aust-nz.html   (994 words)

 Australia Search Engine - Agriculture
Agriculture & Horticulture Training Council Of South Australia : Providing Information And Advice On Vocational Training And Career Pathways In Agriculture And Horticulture....
The Department Of Agriculture Western Australia Records Your Visit And Logs The Following Information For Statistical Purposes: No Attempt Will Be Made To Identify Users Or Their Browsing Activities Except, In The Unlikely Event Of An Investigation...
A non-profit organisation, promoting organic and sustainable agriculture in Australia and New Zealand, activities include the provision and management of resources, information, education, marketing, seminars, news, events and guides....
directory.ausearchengine.com /Agriculture.html   (682 words)

 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in Australia
The term agriculture is used here in the broad sense to include the breeding, keeping or cultivation of all kinds of animal or vegetable life except forest trees and marine life.
Under the former Australian Standard Industry Classification system (ASIC) this industry was known as ASIC Division A, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting.
The Industry A - Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in Australia ranks 21 out of 496 by industry turnover and its life cycle is in a growth phase, which means that the industry is generally growing at faster than the economy.
www.marketresearch.com /redirect.asp?productid=979994&progid=3603   (288 words)

 History of agriculture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Their land management practices were excellent and had operated for more than 40,000 years without damaging the environment.
Nature was to teach the early settlers some very stern lessons because these practices did not suit the Australian environment.
Once you have completed the 6 tasks, be prepared to give a 3 minute presentation to your class on what you have found to be the most interesting aspects of the history of Australian agriculture.
www.internal.schools.net.au /edu/webquests/agriculture   (155 words)

 Agriculture Advancing Australia (AAA)
Agriculture Advancing Australia (AAA) is an integrated package of Australian Government programmes to help primary producers in agriculture, fishing and forestry be more competitive, sustainable and profitable.
Since its launch in 1997, AAA has benefited tens of thousands of primary producers and their families.
Further Information on the AAA package is also available from freecall 1800 686 175 and from the foreign language service on 131 202 or visit the About Agriculture Advancing Australia (AAA) programmes webpage.
www.affa.gov.au /content/output.cfm?ObjectID=D2C48F86-BA1A-11A1-A2200060B0A00144   (158 words)

 Biodynamic Agriculture Australia - What is Biodynamics?
A healthy, well-structured soil, rich in humus and high in biological activity is a prerequisite for any sustainable agricultural system.
Decades of experience with the Biodynamic (BD) method on Australian farms have shown that these soil qualities can be promoted and degradation reversed by the correct application of BD techniques.
Biodynamic practitioners seek to understand and work with the life processes as well as enhance their understanding of the mineral processes used in conventional agriculture.
www.biodynamics.net.au /what_is_biodynamics.htm   (414 words)

June 29: Agriculture’s Role in the Renewable Fuels Market.
Agricultural export and food aid programs (Jan. 2006)
Emergency funding for agriculture: a brief history of supplemental appropriations, FY 1989-FY2006 (July 2006)
usembassy-australia.state.gov /irc/agriculture.html   (417 words)

 Society for Engineering in Agriculture Australia
SEAg is a technical society of Engineers Australia.
It was formed to promote and support the application of engineering in agriculture.
Membership is open to anyone interested in aspects of Engineering related to Agriculture.
www.ncea.org.au /seag/seag.htm   (123 words)

 National Association of Agricultural Educators - Welcome to our web site
To engage in activities aimed at assisting the development of agricultural education
The members of the NAAE consist of the full members of Agriculture Teachers' Associations of each State and Territory which affiliate with the NAAE.
Available to any person who has an interest in agricultural education.
www.naae.asn.au   (121 words)

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