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Topic: Ahmad Shah Masood

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Afghanistan: Executions in Panjshir - Amnesty International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Ahmad Shah Masood's administration has claimed that the prisoners were tried by a court before they were executed but has provided no information about the nature of their trial which would have taken place during the very short period of 40 hours between the mens' arrest and execution.
According to Dr Abdullah, Ahmad Shah Masood's spokesman, as quoted by Agence France-Presse, Abdullah Jan Wahedi was killed by the six men in retaliation for the killing, in 1988, of a rival Jamiat-e Islami (Rabbani and Masood) commander, Mohammad Esmail Tareq - brother of Hemayatollah Hamed Akhundzada.
Ahmad Shah Masood's forces retreated to areas north of Kabul where they stood their ground against the advancing forces of the Taleban.
web.amnesty.org /library/Index/ENGASA110042001?open&of=ENG-AFG   (1800 words)

 Bahram Shah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Shah Alam Residents Infoline Contact numbers for important Shah Alam public services.
Rotaract Club of Shah Alam For men and women aged 18-30, chartered in 1983, under guardianship of Rotary Club of Shah Alam.
Omaid Weekly: Ahmad Shah Masood in Europe Press review of the international coverage of the European visit of Ahmad Shah Masood, supreme leader of Afghanistan's national resistance force, in April 2001.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Bahram_Shah.html   (265 words)

 Afghan leader Masood confirmed dead
Masood, who was a distinguished guerrilla commander during the Soviet occupation from 1979 to 1989, has long been seen as the last bulwark against full Taliban control of Afghanistan.
Masood has been among pioneers of Jihad and struggle in Afghanistan, playing an effective and active role on all the scenes of struggle and jihad in the country.
Ahmad Shah Masood laid to rest in Panjsher Islamabad, Sept. 15, IRNA -- Afghan sources in Pakistan on Saturday said that commander Ahmad Shah Masood was laid to rest in Panjsher valley of Parwan province, north of Kabul.
www.payvand.com /news/01/sep/1059.html   (409 words)

 Omaid Weekly -- Afghan News -- Ahmad Shah Masood's visit to the EU, 3 - 10 April
The paper praised Ahmad Shah Masood as being the "sole opponent" of the Taliban to have "survived the grueling years of struggle against all comers," as well as for his "unfailing resistance" to the Taliban.
Ahmad Shah Masood, the veteran soldier leading the armed struggle against Afghanistan's Taliban, made his first visit to the west yesterday to urge the international community to put more pressure on Pakistan to halt its support of the ruling hardline Islamic regime.
Masood is on his first visit to Europe and on a rare foray from his bases in the snow-capped mountains of northeastern Afghanistan.
www.omaid.com /english_section/in_the_press/ASM_EU.htm   (9929 words)

 Afghanistan - Opposition's military chief Ahmed Shah Massood injured in bomb explosion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Afghan opposition commander Ahmad Shah Masood was wounded Sunday in northern Afghanistan when a bomb concealed in a video camera went off while he was being interviewed by a group of journalists, a source at the Afghan embassy in Dushanbe told AFP.
Mr Masood, known as the "Lion of the Panjshir" is a veteran commander of the opposition Northern Alliance.
Masood was being treated at his heavily-guarded Khwaja Bahauddin residence in the north of the country, Waisuddin Salik said by satellite phone.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/519398/posts   (1697 words)

 The Indian Express : International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Opposition sources with Masood’s forces said the Taliban offensive was concentrating on two fronts leading to his stronghold and birthplace in the Panjsher valley, 120 km north of Kabul.
Ahmed Wali Masood, Masood’s brother and spokesman in London, was quoted on CNN on Tuesday saying ‘‘our information is that he’s in a stable condition’’.
Opposition sources said Masood survived an assassination attempt on Sunday by two Arab suicide bombers pretending to be journalists and was recovering from ‘‘superficial’’ injuries in Tajikistan.
www.indianexpress.com /ie20010912/int1.html   (416 words)

 Afghanistan Online: Biography (Ahmad Shah Masood)
Ahmad Shah Masood was was born in 1953 in the Jangalak district of Panjsher.
Masood and his allies pulled their forces north and worked on defending the north and the central regions from being completely taken over by the Taliban.
Masood was chosen as the military leader of UNIFSA when on September 9, 2001, two days before the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, Masood was killed.
www.afghan-web.com /bios/yest/asmasood.html   (285 words)

 Boston Globe Online: Print it!
Members of Masood's alliance, meanwhile, said their commander was being treated for minor wounds, and opposition spokesmen inside and outside Afghanistan denied an earlier report by Russia's Itar-Tass news agency that Masood had been killed.
Masood's anti-Taliban alliance is officially led by President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was driven from Kabul in 1996 but is recognized by the United Nations as Afghanistan's leader.
Masood's forces control the northeast of Afghanistan and are fighting the Taliban north of Kabul on the route toward the Panjsher valley, the commander's native stronghold.
www.boston.com /news/packages/underattack/globe_stories/0911/Taliban_opponent_reportedly_is_slainP.shtml   (748 words)

 Daily Times - Site Edition
Ahmad Shah Masood — the lion of the Panjsher
Masood, known as “the Lion of the Panjsher”, was the military and political leader of the Northern Alliance, a coalition of factions that helped US-led forces overthrow the fundamentalist Taliban regime which sheltered Osama bin Laden and senior members of his Al Qaeda network.
Masood was a leading member of the mujahideen, or holy warriors, who fought Soviet occupation in the 1980s mostly from his base in the Panjsher valley.
www.dailytimes.com.pk /?page=story_9-9-2004_pg4_17   (604 words)

 Pravda.RU Afghan Diplomats Claim Ahmad Shah Masood To Be In Critical Condition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Masood "is in serious condition." However, the diplomats did not confirm the statement by the Teheran television that the Northern Alliance's leader died.
Ahmad Shah Masood is alive but his condition is grave, the Northern Alliance leader's brother Ahmad Wali Masood has told RIA Novosti by phone.
Ahmad Shah Masood's condition has worsened and he is currently in a coma, said First Secretary of Afghan Embassy in Moscow Ghulam Sakhi Ghairat on Friday.
english.pravda.ru /hotspots/2001/09/14/15186.html   (1554 words)

 TT | TrackingTerrorism.com - Latest events and data relating to National Security   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
This morning, Vice-Presidential candidate Ahmad Zia Masood, the brother of Ahmad Shah Masood, was attacked in Faizabad, located in the Badakshan province.
Ahmad Zia Masood had travelled to this province for a campaign rally, little did he know, he would be the target of an assassination attempt.
Vice-presidential candidate Ahmad Zia Masood, the brother of assassinated resistance hero Ahmad Shah Masood, was attacked in Faizabad, the capital of mountainous Badakhshan province in the remote northeast, where he had gone for a campaign rally.
www.trackingterrorism.com /?dismode=article&artid=381   (1133 words)

 NZOOM - ONE News - World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Masood's forces control the north east of Afghanistan and are fighting the Taliban north of the capital Kabul, on the route towards the Panjsher valley, the commander's native stronghold.
Masood is a member of the minority Tajik ethnic group, while the Taliban are rooted in the majority Pushtuns.
Masood has drawn much of his strength from minorities that feel threatened by the Pushtun drive for dominance, mobilising their communities to keep the Taliban pinned down.
onenews.nzoom.com /onenews_detail/0,1227,56257-1-9,00.html   (784 words)

 VOANews.com - Masood's Legend Continues in Afghanistan
Ahmed Shah Masood, who first came to prominence fighting the Soviet occupation and then the Taleban, had been killed by suicide bombers.
Masood, he was a great man. He was a pious and religious man. He was in favor of democracy and freedom.
Masood was dubbed the "Lion of the Panshir" for his military prowess against the Soviet occupation of the 1980s.
www.help-for-you.com /news/Mar2002/Mar02/PRT02-635Article.html   (495 words)

 Afghan News Network - News Story
Masood was the Alliance's military genius, building up a formidable reputation as he harried Soviet troops following their 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, while defending his heartland in the Panjsher Valley to the north of Kabul.
Throughout the war to topple the Taliban, led by the Northern Alliance on the ground and the U.S.-led anti-terror coalition in the air, the totemic presence of Masood was everywhere.
As Masood was so closely identified with the Alliance and not with the country's largest ethnic group, the Pashtun, Karzai was asked after his inauguration if he was an appropriate figure to receive such attention and unite the Afghan people.
www.ping.be /~sintlod6/spotlight/fed_reg/michel/michel_afganistan_22122001/Afghan_News_Network_22122001.htm   (591 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: Asia: Afghanistan: Society and Culture: Politics: Politicians: Massoud, Ahmed Shah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Ahmad Shah Massoud (01.09.1953 - 09.09.2001) - Extensive biography of the hero of Afghanistan who fought the Soviets and the Taliban.
Pravda: Ahmad Shah Massoud and the Nobel Prize - Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud was officially proclaimed the national hero of Afghanistan on April 25, 2002 and a special committee has been collecting signatures to award him the Nobel Prize posthumously.
Telegraph: Ahmad Shah Massoud - Full obituary of the leader of the United Front who became known as the "Lion of Panjshir" for his success in resisting Soviet efforts to secure central Afghanistan in the 1980's.
www.dmoz.org /Regional/Asia/Afghanistan/Society_and_Culture/Politics/Politicians/Massoud,_Ahmed_Shah   (892 words)

 Afghanistan Online: Members of President Hamid Karzai's Cabinet
Ahmad Zia Masood was sworn in as First Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on December 7, 2004.
H.E. Amir Zai Sangeen, son of Amir Gul Shah Khail, was born in the Urgoon District of Paktika Province.
H.E. Dr. Ameer Shah Hasanyaar, son of Ghula Hasan, was born in the Panjab District of Bamyan province in 1940.
www.afghan-web.com /politics/cabinet_members.html   (5329 words)

 Leader's Death In Question   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Masood, the chief military obstacle to the Taliban's conquest of all of Afghanistan, had been hit by shrapnel from a bomb detonated by two Arabs posing as journalists, his aides said.
Masood's intelligence chief General Mohammad Fahim, was named Thursday as his temporary replacement.
Masood was the most famous of the guerrilla leaders who battled the Soviet invasion that began late in 1979, repeatedly mauling their forces as they tried to capture his stronghold in the Panjsher valley where he was born in 1953.
billstclair.com /911timeline/2001/newsday091501b.html   (609 words)

 CNN.com - Taleban warns of extended war over rival's trip - April 5, 2001
Masood, leader of Afghanistan's opposition Northern Alliance, said he would let women vote in elections if it ousted the radical Taleban from power.
Masood did not specify what political role he would play if the Taleban were overthrown.
Masood met French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine and visited the National Assembly in Paris and the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
edition.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/asiapcf/south/04/05/afghan.masood.france   (534 words)

 Ahmad Shah Masood DEAD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Afghan opposition leader Ahmad Shah Masood was killed Sunday in a suicide bombing carried out in northern Afghanistan by individuals claiming to be members of the media, a US official said.
Ahmad Shah Masood is ‘100 per cent alive' and has received a visit from ousted President Burhanuddin Rabbani and Masood aide General Fakhim, his spokesman told AFP late Monday.
The Afghan ambassador to India, Masood Khalili, and a foreign ministry official were also injured when a video camera apparently exploded as the Arabs conducted an ‘interview' with Masood.
www.talkaboutculture.com /group/soc.culture.sierra-leone/messages/5953.html   (1127 words)

 Is Ahmad Shah Masood a legitimate candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize?
Masood is recognised as a warlord in this part of the world who could never be compared with a peace activist.
Is Masood a legitimate candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize or not, to seek an answer, TNS spoke to a few learned experts on Afghanistan.
Ahmad Shah Massoud with Qazi Hussain Ahmad leader of Jamaat Islami Pakistan, top fundamentalist figures of Pakistan and the father of all Afghan jehadi groups.
www.rawa.org /massoud-n.htm   (1720 words)

 www.jjward.com - Masood - A Freedom Fighter
   Today is the 1 year anniversary of the assassination of Ahmad Shah Masood AKA "the Lion of Panjshir".
Masood was a major player in the Afghan anti-Soviet resistant as well as the leader of the Northern Alliance.
'Long Live Masood' was cheered in the streets of every city that was liberated from Taliban rule.
www.jjward.com /view_content.php?id=257   (132 words)

 Afghanistan Online: Interview with Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud
On the morning of July 2, the group met with Ahmad Shah Massoud, commander of the Mujahedeen resistance forces in Afghanistan.
Ahmad Shah Massoud: First of all, I would like to welcome our sisters to inside Afghanistan.
If [Zahir Shah could call a Loya Jirga and peace could be restored in that manner, not only do we have no objections to it, but we would cooperate and assist it.
www.afghan-web.com /documents/int-masood.html   (2283 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The arrests followed the issuing of an international arrest warrant by a judge in Belgium, which is suspected to have been a point of passage for at least one of two men who killed Masood in a suicide bomb attack at his home in Afghanistan's Panshir valley on September 9.
The alleged killers, who gained access to Masood by posing as journalists, were Moroccan citizens carrying Belgian passports stolen from consulates in Strasbourg and The Hague.
RTL-TVI said that at least one of the suicide bombers had travelled to Brussels where he received assistance from all or some of the suspects detained on Monday, a report neither confirmed nor denied by the Belgian authorities.
www.blythe.org /nytransfer-subs/2001mid/France,_Belgium_Round_Up_14_in_Masood_Assassination_Probe   (357 words)

 Bin Laden Behind Masood Killing, Says Witness   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
In an interview with Germany's Deutsche Welle television, Masood Khalili said he had been serving as a translator on September 9 for an interview between Masood and two men with a television camera when the camera exploded.
But as soon as Masood started to answer, a bomb that he believes was hidden in a video cassette exploded.
Masood was called the Lion of the Panjsher, given the name for his heroic fighting in and around the valley of that name -- first against Soviet forces and later against the hardline Islamic Taliban militia.
www.fromthewilderness.com /timeline/2001/reuters100401.html   (571 words)

 Afghanistan's 'Lion of Panjshir' | csmonitor.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
AHMAD SHAH MASOOD: The charismatic military commander and de facto leader of the Northern Alliance, the only remaining opposition to Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Masood was believed killed.
Masood has been hailed by friends and enemies as a brilliant field commander, a man of tremendous charisma and personal loyalty, who single-handedly held together the ragged remnants of the mujahideen resistance that drove Soviet forces to withdraw in 1989 after a decade-long occupation.
Masood, who was immediately taken to the hospital in Dushanbe, was said to be gravely injured.
www.csmonitor.com /2001/0912/p6s1-wosc.html   (1020 words)

 * * * Biography * * *Lion of Panjshir Ahmad Shah Massoud
Ahmad Shah Massoud was born 10.06.1332 (01.09.1953)[2] in Jangalak[3]/ Panjsher[5]as son of police commander Dost Mohammad Khan.
Robert D. Kaplan wrote in his book “The Soldiers of God” 1991: “Ahmad Shah Massoud has to be considered one of the greatest leaders of guerrilla movements in the 20th century.
Roy and Ponfilly: “Ahmad Shah Massoud is, contrary to today's political personalities, in no case on the search for a task to which he is not up to.
www.massoudhero.com /English/biography.html   (7478 words)

 Pravda.RU The Leader Of The Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Masood, Refutes The Rumours About His Death
He specified that Ahmad Shah Masood was wounded in the head, left arm and leg, but these wounds did not threaten his life.
The leader of the Afghan Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Masood, an attempt on whose life was committed last Sunday, "is rapidly recovering from the injuries he received," military attache of the Afghan Embassy in Russia Mohammad Saleh Registani told RIA Novosti on Tuesday in Dushanbe.
A conference of the command of the group of troops and leaders of the headquarters of the counter-terrorist operation in the Chechen Republic incorporated in the Russian Federation, is being held in Khankala (headquarters of the command of the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya) under the chairmanship of Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov.
english.pravda.ru /hotspots/2001/09/11/14802.html   (2011 words)

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