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Topic: Air shower

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Air shower (physics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An Air shower is an extensive (many kilometres wide) cascade of ionized particles and electromagnetic radiation produced in the atmosphere when a primary cosmic ray (i.e.
The term cascade means that the incident particle, which could be a proton, a nucleus, an electron, or (rarely) a positron strikes an atom in the air so as to produce many high energy ions (secondaries), which in turn create more, and so on.
The overall effect, when the energy of the primary is high enough, is to produce a widespread flash of light due to the Cerenkov effect, and to excitation of air molecules.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Air_shower_(physics)   (202 words)

 Animal Lab News - Controlling Particulate Contamination with an Air Shower, John J. Nappi, ...
The air shower’s function is to remove unwanted allergenic and microbial particles from personnel prior to their entry into the clean area from a change room, washroom, or ante-room.
The air velocity impinging upon the worker in the air shower must be at least 40 mph (3,520 to 4,000 feet per minute) for an extended period or 60-65 mph (5,280 feet per minute) for a shorter period.
The air supplied to the air shower nozzles must be finely filtered to prevent personnel from being impinged with contaminants during the cleaning cycle.
www.animallab.com /articles.asp?pid=29   (1677 words)

 Animal Lab News - Vivarium Forum: How Do Air Showers Fit Into A Contamination Reduction Plan?, Chris ...
Air showers are less cumbersome and easier to use than water showers, though the author is not aware of any data directly comparing their effectiveness.
Air showers should be part of a larger entry process so that by the time an individual reaches the air shower, changing clothes, etc. has reduced the number of contaminants.
Although air showers have not traditionally been used in facilities, their use could enhance your “defenses.” In the end, remember that your last line of defense is your aseptic technique in the change hood.
www.animallab.com /articles.asp?pid=9   (1354 words)

 Air Shower Animated Gif   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The moving rectangle is the "shower plane" that is tangent to the shower front at the shower axis.
Notice that the light detected in a water tank station depends on its distance from the shower axis.
The arrival direction is calculated from the shower front arrival times at the different water tank detectors.
www.auger.org /photos/AnimGif.html   (124 words)

 Cleanroom, clean room air showers for dust and particle control
Air Shower interior air duct surface shall be completely covered with plastic laminate, Melamine laminate, clear anodized aluminum, or other suitable surface covering compatible with Class 1/10 Cleanroom.
Adjustable air nozzles shall be white plastic construction sized and spaced to provide average 7,000 fpm air flow at the face of the nozzle.
Air Showers which are specified to include optional Constant Purge ceilings shall have fan-powered HEPA filters mounted above a polystyrene egg crate diffuser panel.
www.cleanroomspecialists.com /products/as_spec.html   (487 words)

 Air Showers - Products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Air showers are used to minimize the introduction of particles into the cleanroom sitting on cleanroom garments and material surfaces.
The use of rotation air showers is recommended for low volume personnel and material traffic or due to limited space available for the integration of an air shower.
To remove particles from surfaces personnel and materials are brushed with powerful air jets through vertically installed nozzles in all four corners of the air shower generating a controlled vortex top down.
www.mw-zander.us /hld-index/hld-products/hld-products-airshowers.htm   (261 words)

 The CYGNUS Air Shower Detector
The shower direction and, hence, the direction of the primary particle which initiated the shower are determined by the relative arrival times of particles at the various detectors and the primary energy can be inferred from the total number of detected particles.
Shower size is the number of detectable particles crossing the array rather than the number of particles actually detected [38].
The energy threshold of an air shower array is determined by detector area and spacing as well as the overall elevation of the detector.
ww2.lafayette.edu /~starkm/thesis/detector.html   (3557 words)

 Air Shower Cleanroom Entry System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Series 701 Air Shower is a fast and effective method of removing this surface contamination; contamination that will otherwise be carried directly to your cleanroom and deposited on your product and critically clean areas by falling from the surface of the garments.
The Series 701 Air Shower produces high pressure air, filters this air through a HEPA/ULPA filter, then flows the air through adjustable nozzles which exit at a high velocity, so air is directed towards the individuals waiting to be cleaned.
Air Showers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to provide a cleaning system to meet your specific application.
cleanairproducts.radius3.com /Series_701.php   (507 words)

 Air shower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term air shower is used in physics to describe the shower of particles produced in Earth 's atmosphere when a high energy cosmic ray collides with an atom high in the atmosphere.
Cleanroom air shower with blue floor tacky mat.
The term air shower can also refer to the specialized antechamber which is passed through before entering a cleanroom in order to blow off excess dust particles from cleanroom personell in order to minimize cleanroom contaminaion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Air_shower   (145 words)

 H.E.S.S. Telescopes
The achieve this, multiple telescopes are used which view the shower from different points and allow a stereoscopic reconstruction of the shower geometry.
Showers emit their Cherenkov light at a height of about 10 km, and at a corresponding distance from the telescopes; hence even the 120 m spacing results in rather small angles between different views.
Air cooling is used to remove close to 5 kW of heat dissipated in the circuitry of the camera.
www.mpi-hd.mpg.de /hfm/HESS/public/telescope/hn_telescopes.htm   (2317 words)

 THE FULWOOD EXTENSIVE AIR SHOWER ARRAY PROJECT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Extensive air showers are large cascades of electrons, photons, muons and other sub-nuclear particles that are produced when high energy protons or heavy nuclei from deep space collide with the Earth’s upper atmosphere.
The high energy protons and heavy nuclei are referred to as primary cosmic rays and the air shower components are referred to as cosmic ray secondaries.
Most air showers are absorbed, before reaching ground level, through ordinary energy loss mechanisms as the particles interact with the Earth’s atmosphere.
www.prestoncoll.ac.uk /cosmic/feasatext.htm   (488 words)

 Air Cerenkov Detectors
Air Cerenkov detectors, as the name implies, rely on the detection of this pool of light to detect the arrival of a cosmic gamma-ray.
The Cerenkov light collected from a gamma-ray shower has a smaller angular distribution and tends to have an ellipsoidal shape which aligns itself with the direction of the incoming photon.
By measuring the shape of each shower image, and selecting only those events which are gamma-ray-like in appearance, nearly all the cosmic ray contamination can be removed, resulting in a much improved ability to detect an excess number of counts from the source direction.
imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov /docs/science/how_l2/cerenkov.html   (1417 words)

 Air Showers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Air Showers and Tunnels supply concentrated Class 100, clean air flows to lift off contamination while an individual stands in, or walks through, a specially constructed air chamber.
The air nozzles for all three unit categories (powder-coated CR steel, plastic laminate and stainless steel) are fabricated of PVC (stainless steel nozzle is not available).
Air Tunnels, available in 52" and 58" widths, extend from 96" to 240" long and include all the standard features of the Air Showers.
www.terrauniversal.com /products/cleanrooms/airshower.php   (1026 words)

 Air Showers - Clean Room Engineering
The D3100 Series air showers remove surface lint and dust from garments of workers entering the clean room without time consuming and counterproductive decontamination delays.
D3100 Series air showers are available in configurations offering right turns, left turns, and straight exits, as well as 2-way and 3-way entry systems.
The air shower design prevents entry of insects and other airborne contaminants, while effectively removing surface lint and dust from workers and their garments.
www.cleanroomeng.com /products_entry.cfm   (842 words)

 time development of an extensive air shower   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The particles of an extensive air shower (EAS) move nearly in the direction of the primary particles with velocities close to the velocity of the light.
Transverse momenta of particles emitted in strong interactions and multiple scattering in the air produce a lateral dispersion.
The EAS thickness is manifested by the variation of the arrival times of the particles, observed at a particular fixed location of the EAS lateral extension while the variation of the delays with the distance from the shower centre reflects the shape (curvature) of the EAS front and the direction of the incidence.
www-ik1.fzk.de /piccolo/richt.html   (97 words)

 MAGIC - About IACTs
The showering process and the generation of Cherenkov light in a foreward cone have two immediate experimental consequences: the light is spread over a large area, typically a circle with a diameter of 250m, and hence the light intensity per unit area on ground is low.
The sketches on the left show an electromagnetic shower developing in the atmosphere, and the image it causes in a telescope whose axis is aligned with the shower axis, and which is inside the shower cone (a circle of some 250 m diameter on the surface of the earth).
Also, hadronic showers are much less concentrated; the hadrons interact via the strong interaction, producing hadrons and leptons as secondary particles; multiple electromagnetic and hadronic secondary showers appear, with large fluctuations in relative energy, spread over a volume much larger than for an electromagnetic shower.
wwwmagic.mppmu.mpg.de /introduction/iact.html   (1282 words)

 Liberty Industries Air Showers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Liberty’s most economical air shower is used to augment clean room operations to reduce levels of contaminant exposure in a controlled area.
A single HEPA filtered air hose is attached to a fitting located directly on the cleanroom garments.
When the unit is in operation the pulse valve, which introduces air to the interior of the suit, causes the suit to flutter, thus forcing contamination from seams, creases and personnel clothing on the surface of the cleanroom garment.
www.liberty-ind.com /air.htm   (714 words)

 Properties of extensive air showers
Thus energy is lost from the shower and the number of particles in the shower decreases as the shower continues to propagate.
In a electromagnetic shower, the particles are ultrarelativistic and the dominant physical processes are sharply peaked forward.
There is some differences in the development of an air shower depending on the primary particle originating the shower.
www.gae.ucm.es /~emma/tesina/node6.html   (512 words)

 Simulation Techniques, EAS Properties and Reconstruction Methods
EeV Hadronic Showers in Ice: The LPM effect (astro-ph/9906347, to be published in the proceedings of 26th ICRC).
Estimation of the acceptance of the Auger ground detector to quasi-horizontal showers induced deeply in the atmosphere.
(astro-ph/9712345) [The influence of the geomagnetic field on the development of air showers is studied.
auger.cnrs.fr /sim.html   (1900 words)

 South Pole Air Shower Experiment
SPASE is a large-area air shower array established at the geographic South Pole for the detection of cosmic rays with primary energies above 50 TeV.
The SPASE array measures the number of charged particles in the shower that reach the surface, while (for showers heading in the right direction) the AMANDA detector provides a measure of the number of high energy muons which penetrate deep into the icecap.
For these same events, during dark periods in the winter, the VULCAN telescopes measure the lateral distribution and intensity of Cherenkov light at the surface which is correlated with the height of interaction of the primary particle.
www.bartol.udel.edu /spase   (603 words)

 Shower Heads and Shower Filters
Shower heads and shower head filters give you a relaxing experience to wash away your stress.
Shower Head Filters for healthier skin and hair for you and your family.
Shower heads and shower head filters for the bathroom give you a relaxing experience to wash away your stress.
www.envirotechproducts.com /bath-filters.htm   (103 words)

 SPASE2 South Pole Air Shower Array2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
SPASE-2 is a new cosmic ray air shower detector array at the South Pole.
It is raised high in the air to prevent it becoming buried like the original " SPASE shack".
SPASE-2 operates in conjunction with the AMANDA neutrino telescope and the VULCAN atmospheric cerenkov array.
www.ast.leeds.ac.uk /haverah/spase2.shtml   (233 words)

 Lunar Sample Facility Tour - Change Rooms & Air Shower   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
To keep unfiltered air from entering laboratories, filtered air in the laboratories and vaults is kept at slightly higher pressure than the atmospheric pressure used in the rest of the building.
The particulate concentration of the air in the various areas is monitored regularly, and levels routinely test better than performance requirements.
Next we enter an air shower where we remain for 1 minute while filtered air is blown across our bodies from top to bottom.
www-curator.jsc.nasa.gov /lunar/tour/ChangeRooms.htm   (450 words)

 Halfbakery: Warm-Air Infused Shower
A combo warm-air/water shower head to infuse the stream of shower water with warm (or cool) air.
The system will produce a warm stream of air (similar to a hair drier) that instantly turns the ejected water from the shower head into a warm-air infused mist, which is unexplainable in terms of comfort (especially after waking up in the early morning with the shivers).
With cool air and warm water, the system creates a truely unique feeling on the body, which is especially comforting in warmer climates.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Warm-Air_20Infused_20Shower   (390 words)

 air shower   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The group was one of the first to become involved in the development of the next generation of ultra high energy (>1020 eV) air shower arrays.
The Chicago Air Shower Array (CASA) A view of CASA from the air (in color).
KASCADE-Grande is an extensive air shower experiment array to study the cosmic ray primary composition and the hadronic interactions in the...
www.cleanroom-equipment.1-info.org /cleanroomequipment/1/air-shower.html   (200 words)

 All About air shower   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
air shower don't air shower you to move from this spot!
SPIVEY (reading from folder) The doctor at the prison states: 'Don't overlook the possibility that this man may be faking air shower to escape the drudgery of the work farm...' What do you say to that?
air shoaer ari shower > air showre
www.ennsynergy.com /air-shower.html   (717 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - air shower
MSN Encarta - Search Results - air shower
Air, mixture of gases that composes the atmosphere surrounding Earth.
Atmosphere, mixture of gases surrounding any celestial object that has a gravitational field strong enough to prevent the gases from escaping;...
encarta.msn.com /air+shower.html   (137 words)

 --> AIR FORCE SHOWER CLOGS ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Air purifiers, cleaners and filters, for a healthy life - Clean...
Aqua Plumbing and Air Conditioning in Sarasota andamp; Manatee - AQUA...
air force 1 shoes air force 1 sneakers air force 1 sneakers air force...
www.aktagentur.de /6787-airforceshowerclogs.htm   (247 words)

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