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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Airbag - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Airbags became common in the 1980s, with Chrysler and Ford introducing them in the mid-1980s; the former made them standard equipment across its entire line in 1990.
The passenger side airbag on 1970s cars was located in the lower part of the dashpad and it also acted as a knee restraint.
The airbag sensor is a MEMS accelerometer, which is a small integrated circuit chip with integrated micromechanical elements.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Airbag   (3507 words)

 Airbag Simulator/Disconnect
Simply unplug the wiring harness connector that attaches to the vehicles airbag computer system or work with the airbag connector that is connected directly to the vehicles airbag that you are concerned about.
Airbag Systems issues WARNING LABELS indicating that the vehicles airbag is disconnected and it is required that all vehicles with airbags disconnected place these WARNING LABELS on the vehicle.
Airbag(s) that are disconnected, or need disconnecting airbag simulators are installed to avoid computer codes being set.
www.airbagsystems.com /simulator.html   (435 words)

 Airbags: air bag deployment, airbag safety at CARFAX used car buying guide
Airbag systems, considered supplemental restraint systems, are meant to be used in conjunction with seat belts.
Victims of airbag fraud have found everything from packing peanuts to paper towels, old shoes to aluminum cans stuffed into steering wheel and dash-board airbag compartments to fill the space that should be taken up by the airbag.
Airbag warning lights can even be reconnected and simulate normal airbag systems when one is not present.
www.carfax.com /car_buying/airbag_safety.cfm   (868 words)

 Texas Air Bag Injury Attorneys – Wrongful Death Lawyers, Serious Injury, Product Liability, Crashes
Airbag injuries are frequently caused because the airbag should not have deployed in the crash.
Airbag systems are controlled principally by design thresholds which dictate when and under what circumstances the bags are to deploy.
Airbag injuries are being caused from the failure to equip airbags in vehicles.
airbag-law.com   (1047 words)

 Airbag Inflators, Airbag Systems, Belt Tensioner Propellants, Gas Generators   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Airbag Systems are continually under development with respect to the requirements of the automobile manufacturers industry given the field experience they undergo.
Airbag systems as all components of a vehicle, must be treated for waste and recovery purposes in an environmentally safe manner.
With the dynamic airbag market, marked by the intensive engagement of car manufacturers and suppliers, still in movement like it is today, the symposium "Airbag 2000 plus" is building a bridge and closing gaps between all parties which are involved in airbag development and its applications.
www.ict.fhg.de /english/projects/safety/airbag_gr.html   (1835 words)

 Airbag fraud   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
California also forbids reinstalling deployed airbags, but only Utah requires deployed airbags to be repaired to their original condition, Lund says.
States usually examine the airbag warning light, but don't check if the airbag itself is properly installed, Lund says.
They can install inexpensive devices that make the airbag light flash properly even when the airbag is gone, says Bruce Strain, president of Supplemental Restraint Specialists, which provides services for airbag and restraint system investigations.
www.insurancefraud.org /airbag_sc_inf_losses.htm   (1466 words)

 Airbag   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The earlier airbags were used as inflatable crash landing devices for airplanes and the first patent on an airbag was filed during World War II.
This device was a major stepping-stone in the development of airbag technology, as it has enabled the common use of commercial airbag systems that have been available since the late 1980s.
Although there seems to be a beneficial correlation between airbag use and lives saved in accidents, there are rare cases where the airbag's deployment kills or seriously injures people in the car.
www.hip-cars.com /airbags.html   (739 words)

 Honda Introduces Motorcycle Airbag on 2006 Gold Wing - News & Updates - Motorcyclist Online
The Honda motorcycle airbag system is not intended to restrain the rider, but rather reduce the velocity at which he (and presumably a passenger) is ejected from the bike during a frontal crash—a crash where the motorcycle runs into another vehicle or a stationary object such as a guard rail.
Honda's airbag system seeks to reduce the speed at which the rider impacts the object he collides with or the road.
The airbag module includes the airbag, the inflation canister and the ECU that determines when to trigger it.
motorcyclistonline.com /newsandupdates/2006_honda_gold_wing_airbags   (468 words)

 Air Bag Switches for airbag safety
This airbag control can be essential for safety and to avoid disabling injury or even death.
Nor does it address the plight of the shorter drivers and passengers who have to ride in front of an active airbag, and for whom the airbag may be far more dangerous than the injuries likely in an accident.
Police fleets are installing these airbag switches on the passenger side of police cruisers for safety.
www.airbagswitches.com   (389 words)

 Honda Worldwide | September 8, 2005 "Honda Develops World’s First Production Motorcycle Airbag System"
The Motorcycle Airbag System is comprised of the airbag module, which includes the airbag and the inflator; crash sensors, which monitor acceleration changes; and an ECU, which performs calculations to instantly determine when a collision is occurring.
Inflating rapidly after the impact, the airbag can absorb some of the forward energy of the rider, reducing the velocity at which the rider may be thrown from the motorcycle and helping lessen the severity of injuries caused by the rider colliding with another vehicle or with the road.
The airbag ECU continuously monitors the data received from the crash sensors, and by comparing this data to standard vehicle behavior, determines whether or not it is necessary to deploy the airbag.
world.honda.com /news/2005/2050908.html   (601 words)

 Airbag - Supplementa Restraint Systems - LemurZone Design
Airbag are assemblies consisting of the airbag (made of Nylon), inflator modules, and sensor housing, electrical connectors (clockspring), airbag retainer, and the cover you see which usually says "SRS" on it.
The first image is the airbag inflation, the second depicts your contact with the airbag, and the third is your coming to rest in the seat and the deflation of the airbag.
In addition to the front Airbags, the car companies are putting Airbags in the doors for side impacts that are not covered by the primary Airbags.
www.lemurzone.com /airbag/airbags.htm   (628 words)

 Airbag Test Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The Mars Pathfinder airbag system was designed to protect the lander regardless of its orientation upon impact with the surface of the planet.
The airbags were dropped onto a flat platform from 30 and 70 feet to test their performance.
Once the airbags cooled, the gas generators were ignited and the airbags inflated.
mpfwww.jpl.nasa.gov /mpf/mpfairbags.html   (941 words)

 First Production Motorcycle Airbag on 2006 Honda Gold Wing - News & Updates - Motorcycle Cruiser
Honda's airbag system, shown here with the airbag deployed as it would be in an impact, is not designed to prevent the rider from being ejected from the motorcycle.
Honda says that the airbag, which is stowed in the "fuel tank" area just behind the steering head will help protect the rider(s) by reducing injuries in frontal crashes—that is, impacts where the motorcycle strikes something directly ahead of it.
The airbag system independently analyzes input from four sensors on the fork legs to determine whether an impact shock is actually a collision and whether it occurs on an axis where the airbag might offer protection for the rider.
www.motorcyclecruiser.com /newsandupdates/2006_honda_gold_wing_airbags   (778 words)

 Airbag Industries — Now five times stronger than the leading brand.
I am super-happy-ecstatic to report that Airbag Industries has signed on with a major MMO game company to create the next version of their website.
The only way to grow a service-based business is to increase the capacity of output and so with that in mind I have hired my friend Ryan Irelan to help facilitate client's needs and the growth of the company.
You may remember Ryan from that Lifehacker thing or his podcast endeavors but I know him as one of the first regular Airbag readers from days gone by (or nine-thousand and two-hundred some comments ago).
www.airbagindustries.com   (2872 words)

 Inside Line: Honda Develops First Motorcycle Airbag -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The Honda motorcycle airbag system is the first of its kind.
The airbag will be available on the 2006 Honda Gold Wing, which goes on sale next spring in the United States, the company said late last week.
The airbag opens in two stages and is designed to reduce injuries in head-on collisions, Honda said.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/News/articleId=107188   (152 words)

 dash   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Using a T27 torx socket or driver then remove the 2 screws on the back of the steering wheel that hold the airbag in place.
Next you carefully lift the airbag assy off of the wheel and disconnect the plug on the back.
Then set the airbag aside in a place where it won't get disturbed or damaged.
bimmernut.com /~billr/images/airBagAndBulbs_files/airBagAndBulbs.html   (612 words)

 Airbag Switches in sports cars
Cars and trucks with two seats make an Airbag switch especially important when you have children or the frail elderly as a passenger.
Many sports car owners prefer to have the airbag switch placed where it can only be noticed seen if the driver knows where to look.
passenger know when the airbag is turned off.
www.airbagonoff.com /Airbag_Switches_in_sports_cars.htm   (106 words)

 Tinnitus and Hyperacusis - Danger of Airbag  Injury
The noise of an exploding airbag, or, in many cases, the explosion of both front and side airbags is one of the loudest sounds you can experience.
Tinnitus is a medical problem that NHTSA recognizes and they will give permission for an airbag switch or disconnection to someone who has the condition and makes a request for an airbag switch or disconnection.
They also reported that in their opinion, many Tinnitus sufferers are reluctant to go through the government process to get approval to disconnect their airbags or get an airbag switch.
www.airbagonoff.com /Tinnitus_and_Hyperacusis.htm   (442 words)

 Seatbelt Physics
While the driver with an airbag may experience the same average impact force as the driver with a good seatbelt, the airbag exerts an equal pressure on all points in contact with it according to Pascal's principle.
The presence of an airbag should not be used as justification for not wearing the seatbelt!
The seatbelt keeps the driver from moving out of the position where the airbag is effective in capturing the driver and cushioning the impact.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/seatb2.html   (915 words)

 Airbag   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Freescale supplies integrated accelerometers dedicated to detect crash and trigger airbag deployment for the front and sides of the vehicle.
The airbag application represents the largest single occupant safety application using acceleration sensors.
The airbag sensor meets the systems requirements for both front and side impact airbag systems in both single point and DSI architectures.
freescale.com /webapp/sps/site/application.jsp?nodeId=02Wcbf07jSSDtb   (305 words)

 Air Bag Center: collision SRS automotive airbag parts for-sale, OEM factory original SRS safety air bags at discounted ...
Air Bag Center: collision SRS automotive airbag parts for-sale, OEM factory original SRS safety air bags at discounted prices.
You can view our online store for airbag pricing and availability, as well as view images and much more...
If your airbags are not listed you can request pricing and availability using our automated system.
www.airbagcenter.com   (148 words)

 Results: airbag   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Airbag Tracks on Mars 1/28/04 The circular shapes seen on the martian surface in
Airbag Tracks on Mars The circular shapes seen on the martian surface in these images
are "footprints" left by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity's airbags...
search.nasa.gov /nasasearch/search/search.jsp?nasaInclude=airbag   (178 words)

 Home - Techzone Automotive Franchise
is the leading automotive franchise and airbag repair company specializing in complete repairs of airbags and interior repair services.
We specialize in airbag systems, dashboards, steering columns, interiors and electronic systems.
TechZone automotive franchise is the best airbag and interior service for the collision repair industry for airbag, theft, vandalism and other interior services ev.
www.airbagservice.com   (68 words)

 Airbag Conferences
The most well known and technically mature system is the airbag, which uses chemical gas generators, for which the dependability and service life demands are significant.
All features of the system must be directly appropriate to the profile of the passenger.
With our expertise in chemical energy systems, we can offer our partners in the fields of airbags and related technologies benefit in designing a complete system.
www.airbag2000plus.de   (102 words)

 ne pas a.v.a.l.e.r. : airbag
Airbag is a classic example of Colin and Phil saying "Let's make it sound like DJ Shadow".
Airbag est l'exemple classique de Colin et Phil disant : "Faisons le sonner comme DJ Shadow".
In reality, airbags don't really work and they go off at random.
www.nepasavaler.net /songs/airbag.htm   (990 words)

 radiohead songs & lyrics archive @ ateaseweb.com
notes: Working title: last night an airbag saved my life (after Indeep's "Last night a DJ saved my life").
Thom suggested that Airbag, the opening track on OK Computer, should begin with sleigh bells.
The band thought it was a horrible idea, but Yorke insisted and eventually got his way.
www.ateaseweb.com /songs/airbag.php   (125 words)

CYLINDERS & brackets are used on most Hondas and suspensions where there is not room for an airbag.
Buy an accumulater from us to expand the air volume to allow a smoother ride.
AIRBAG BRACKETS can be purchased separately and are used in most all truck applications and some cars.
www.airbagit-store.com /product_list.asp?id=2045   (186 words)

 Find it here at airbag.com
These airbags are used for airide suspension systems, not airbag safety use.
Replace your coilsprings with airbags from Chassis Tech, in business 18yrs same location.
Experts in airbag defects and injuries, biomechanics, accident reconstruction.
www.airbag.com   (152 words)

 www.myspace.com/mondoairbag   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Airbag siguen siendo 3: Pepillo, Adolfo y José Andrés.
ey airbag que de puta madre sois una influencia os vimos ace un tiempecillo en un gran concierto en la fiesta de flor de pasion!
Muchisima suerte con todos vuestros proyectos y a ver si os pasais a dar algun conciertillo por Madrid que hay ganas de veros :)
www.myspace.com /mondoairbag   (949 words)

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