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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Aircraft Charter World
Aircraft Charter World.com is a registered trademark of Air Broker Center.
We find the right aircraft for the required number of passengers, the purpose of the flight, as well as the status and budget of the customer.
With chartered aircraft you have access to many more airports than with scheduled flights, often much closer to your destination.
www.aircraft-charter-world.com   (679 words)

  Aircraft Markings
A National Aircraft Insignia consisting of a red disk within a five-pointed white star on a circular blue field, and red, white and blue vertical stripes on the rudder, of the shades specified for the American flag, was adopted.
Instructions requiring that the aircraft building letter and number be placed, in 12 inch (30.38 cm) Black letters, on both sides of the body midway between wings and rudder, were modified as permission was given to use squadron designating numbers in their place.
Aircraft for the use of the Marine Corps were to have the fuselage sides unmarked so that the Marine Corps insignia could be applied by the receivlng unit.
www.history.navy.mil /faqs/faq2-1.htm   (2900 words)

  Aircraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fixed-wing aircraft generally use an internal-combustion engine in the form of a piston engine (with a propeller) or a turbine engine (jet or turboprop), to provide thrust that moves the craft forward through the air.
Examples of lighter-than-air aircraft include non-steerable balloons, such as hot air balloons and gas balloons, and steerable airships (sometimes called dirigible balloons) such as blimps (that have non-rigid construction) and rigid airships that have an internal frame.
The major distinction in aircraft usage is between military aviation, which includes all uses of aircraft for military purposes (such as combat, patrolling, search and rescue, reconnaissance, transport, and training), and civil aviation, which includes all uses of aircraft for non-military purposes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aircraft   (1864 words)

The aircraft was on a flight from Toronto to London.
The crew was slightly injured and the aircraft sent to Noorduyn Aviation for repairs on January 27.
On June 28, 1944, the aircraft was rebuilt using a Mark VI fuselage and re-categorized as a Mark V-WA.
pweb1.mts.net /~donmag/Aircraft.htm   (13681 words)

 List of aircraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list of aircraft is sorted alphabetically, beginning with the name of the manufacturer (or, in certain cases, designer).
It is an inclusive list rather than an exclusive one, meaning that where an aircraft is known under multiple names, designations, or manufacturers, each of these is listed.
This list does not generally include variants or subtypes of the aircraft themselves (although there is considerable difference among various manufacturers and designation systems as to what constitutes a new aircraft as opposed to a variant of an existing type).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_aircraft   (171 words)

 South Dakota Highway Patrol Aircraft Unit
The primary use of the aircraft is to help troopers on the ground enforce traffic laws.
Toward the end of the 1980’s, the aircraft section began assisting with counter drug operations including marijuana identification for the purposes of spray eradication or investigation of cultivated gardens for prosecution.
In April of 1996, a Cessna 310 aircraft was declared excess by the United States Marshal Service and was requisitioned by the Highway Patrol.
hp.state.sd.us /aircraft.htm   (524 words)

 Aircraft   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This aircraft is A58-526 UP-R of 79 squadron.
This aircraft was written off in a ground collision with A58-487 in September 1945.
Aircraft carrying surrender delegations were painted white with green crosses, although some only had the crosses over the hinomaru rising sun emblems.
www.oldcmp.net /amlac1.html   (257 words)

 Pilot Supplies, Avionics, and Homebuilt Aircraft Parts from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co.
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need, including pilot supplies and aircraft parts, always at the lowest prices.
Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft including the Lancair, Vans Aircraft, Cozy, Starduster and Europa, as well as factory built parts for Cessna, Piper, Beech, and Mooney.
For airplane parts and pilot supplies, Aircraft Spruce is the leading aviation supply house in the world.
www.aircraftspruce.com   (0 words)

 Subsonic Aircraft
As an aircraft moves through the air, the air molecules near the aircraft are disturbed and move around the aircraft.
Exactly how the air re-acts to the aircraft depends upon the ratio of the speed of the aircraft to the speed of sound through the air.
The wings of subsonic aircraft are typically rectangular in planform and made of light weight aluminum, although the Wrights used wood and cloth in their wing construction.
www.grc.nasa.gov /WWW/K-12/airplane/lowsub.html   (215 words)

 Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer : The Aircraft - An Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 'Voyager' aircraft which took Dick Rutan and Jeanna Yeager around the world non-stop could well be considered 311's 'big sister', but evolution and invention on the part of Burt himself and Jon Karkow has certainly played its part in making this aircraft unique.
The aircraft is a trimaran-like construction with two huge external 'booms' which hold the landing gear, and 5,454 pounds of fuel on either side of the pilot's cockpit in the centre on top of which is the single Williams turbofan jet engine.
The stiffest carbon fibers are used in the construction of the wings, and the skin is a sandwich of graphite/epoxy and Aramid honeycomb.
www.globalflyer.com /Aircraft/Introduction/index.jsp   (590 words)

 KBismarck.com - Arado Ar 196 Aircraft
Two aircraft were stored in the 120 m² double hangar under the mainmast, and the other two in single hangars of 60 m² each to both sides of the funnel amidships.
These aircraft belonged to the 1st Squadron (1.Staffel) of the board reconnaissance group 196 (Bordfliegergruppe 196) that had been formed before the war in 1937, and the pilots and technicians were members of the Luftwaffe.
After completing a mission, the aircraft landed on the water close to one of the ship's sides, and was then lifted aboard by one of the big 12-ton cranes.
www.kbismarck.com /avioni.html   (416 words)

 Aircraft Encyclopedia - Big Aircraft Guide
aircraft carrier, ship designed to carry aircraft and to permit takeoff and landing of planes.
It is a classical multiple choice: for each of the ten questions you choose one of the proposed...
This is a wide-bodied long-haul aircraft, with 24 Business Class seats and 288 Economy Class seats A hot air balloon...
www.bigaircraftguide.com /aircraft-encyclopedia.html   (599 words)

 Aircraft registration or exemption - Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Private non-commercial aircraft based in Wisconsin for a period of 30 consecutive days or for a cumulative period of 60 days in any calendar year must apply for registration or file for an exemption from Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT).
All aircraft are issued an "N" number by the FAA, for example "N-1234." This number must be displayed on a visible part of the aircraft.
An aircraft, which is registered and sold in Wisconsin, must be transferred to the purchaser at the time of purchase.
www.dot.wisconsin.gov /drivers/vehicles/aircraft.htm   (555 words)

 National Museum of the United States Air Force   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The first aircraft to return Vietnam prisoners of war to the United States arrived at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at 9:30 a.m.
The C-141 “Hanoi Taxi” was the first aircraft to arrive in Hanoi in February 1973 to pick up the POWs returning to the United States.
The aircraft, which is currently in the Museum's Restoration hangar in Area B of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, is being prepared to undergo several years of restoration work.
www.wpafb.af.mil /museum   (533 words)

 Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and service technicians
Aircraft trade schools are placing more emphasis on technologies such as turbine engines, composite materials—including graphite, fiberglass, and boron—and aviation electronics, which are increasingly being used in the construction of new aircraft.
Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and service technicians held about 142,000 jobs in 2004; about 5 in 6 of these workers was an aircraft mechanic and service technician.
Employment is expected to increase about as fast as average for all occupations through the year 2014, and large numbers of additional job openings should arise from the need to replace experienced mechanics who retire.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos179.htm   (2729 words)

 Technorati Tag: aircraft
Find Aircraft for Sale: Controller.com Buy and sell aircraft at Controller.com, specializing in jets, turboprop, single and twin piston aircraft from 100s of dealers.
Aircraft for Sale on ASO Find aircraft of every type on ASO.
Aircraft Items at SoldierCity SoldierCity is the ideal place to shop for aircraft products - offering 1000's of items - including shirts, caps, flags, jackets, and more in an easy to use online catalog.
technorati.com /tag/aircraft   (374 words)

 Aircraft Airfoils
Our small aircraft have a wing chord, which is the "length" to use when talking about airfoils, of some 5 ft. equivalent to 1.5 m.
But, for all this to be effective, the tail must be set so that in cruise the drag is minimized by having the elevator in line with the stabilator, and the whole tail airfoil at an incidence compatible with the general airflow at this location within the downwash of the wing.
Slow flying may bring you in the way of faster aircraft, but remember with a STOL aircraft you are more maneuverable and have an advantage to give way – see figure 4 for an illustration of the visibility available in the STOL CH 701.
exp-aircraft.com /library/heintz/airfoils.html   (3922 words)

 AOPA Online - Regulatory Brief -- Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft Final Rule
The determination as to whether a pilot has a medical condition that would make him or her unable to operate the aircraft in a safe manner is the sole responsibility of the pilot.
The ability to certify no known medical conditions that would prohibit the safe operation of an aircraft is a matter about which a pilot should consult his or her personal physician.
As a pilot flight crewmember on any aircraft for which more than one pilot is required by the type certificate of the aircraft or the regulations under which the flight is conducted.
www.aopa.org /whatsnew/regulatory/regsport.html   (1701 words)

 Aircraft - Science Tracer Bullet - Library of Congress
Aircraft can be classified as fixed-wing, rotary-wing, flapping-wing, and lighter-than-air.
Unlike a lighter-than-air vehicle such as a balloon or blimp, whose weight is balanced by an upward buoyancy force, a heavier-than-air aircraft must be propelled and maintained in the air.
These volumes are intended to be a factual story-telling account of little-known facets of the early formative years of the aircraft industry.
www.loc.gov /rr/scitech/tracer-bullets/aircrafttb.html   (1792 words)

 AIRCRAFT Army - Find Articles
The Army's Aviation Force Modernization Plan noted that these aircraft possess "inadequate flight performance, weapons :: and mission equipment to meet requirements and are becoming increasingly problematic from a maintenance and safety standpoint" and called for their retirement.
With their excellent roll-on/roll-off mobility and extremely high power-to-weight ratios, however, the aircraft subsequently were tapped for special operations applications in 1980.
The modifications increase the maximum gross weight of the aircraft to 4,700 pounds; improve the high/hot performance capabilities of the aircraft; and move the extended-range fuel tanks from inside the cabin area, thereby increasing the cabin space available to the supported ground commander.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3723/is_200510/ai_n15704585   (807 words)

 American Helicopter Museum: All Aircraft
The Bell "Huey" stands out among modern rotary-wing aircraft because of the many different variations and the large number that were produced.
This aircraft is a home built model derived from the Scorpion One.
This prototype tiltrotor aircraft combines the vertical lift capabilities of a helicopter and the high-speed characteristics of a turboprop airplane.
www.helicoptermuseum.org /Aircraft.asp   (1032 words)

 Aircraft Page
The F/A-18 Hornet is the Navy's all-weather fighter and attack aircraft.
The F-117 Nighthawk is the world's first operational aircraft designed to exploit low-observable stealth technology.
The T-38 Talon is a twin-engine, high-altitude, supersonic jet trainer used in a variety of roles because of its design, economy of operations, ease of maintenance, high performance and exceptional safety record.
www.europa.com /~ab/aircraft   (536 words)

 Aircraft   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some of the most reliable aircraft in aviation, these high wing, four seat aircraft, and are available for student use.
During warm months, the aircraft are fitted with wheels, keeping that classic "tail dragger" design.
In the winter when the runway is snow covered, the aircraft operate on skis.
www.kdhelicopters.com /aircraft.htm   (281 words)

 CD Baby: AIRCRAFT: Aircraft
Aircraft's rich sustained textures of two guitars drenched in echo, combined with patient arrangements, provides for a large field of view.
The bass and drums of Aircraft are not just the backbone of the band, but they are also the cirulatory system.
Aircraft can play a rock club and sound like they're in a stadium." The fact is Aircraft looks like they sound....sophisticated, energetic and honest.
cdbaby.com /cd/aircraft   (324 words)

 Uncle Ted's ADC Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Soviet aircraft in the 1930s through the WW2 period followed a design paradigm that valued simplicity of construction and robustness (for simplicity of maintenance) as well as performance.
Once WW2 began in Europe, and several aircraft deals died by non-delivery, Sweden decided it needed a domestic aircraft industry to supply its air arm to maintain its stance of armed neutrality in the face of mid-twentieth century combat.
These aircraft were being developed as the Reich was falling, meaning that prototypes were being constructed (or had been flown) but there were still a few bugs to be worked out.
world.std.com /~Ted7/ADClist.htm   (3134 words)

 Aircraft Army - Find Articles
The Army's 2000 Aviation Force Modernization Plan noted that these aircraft possess "inadequate flight performance, weapons and mission equipment to meet requirements and are becoming increasingly problematic from a maintenance and safety standpoint" and called for their retirement by 2004.
The aircraft is designed to fight and survive throughout the world.
The Apache has a full range of aircraft survivability equipment and the ability to withstand hits from rounds up to 23 millimeters in critical areas.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3723/is_200210/ai_n9085523   (835 words)

 AirTran Airways - New 717 Jets
AirTran Airways’ 717 aircraft was created with the passenger in mind, resulting in the quietest, most modern and comfortable airplane in the sky today.
Showing a commitment to technology and engineering as well as passenger safety, AirTran Airways was the launch customer of the 717 in 1998 and remained a leading customer of the aircraft until the last 717 was delivered by Boeing on May 23, 2006.
The aircraft’s state-of-the-art amenities ensure passenger comfort, from parents with young children to those passengers with special needs.
www.airtran.com /aircraft/new_717_jets.aspx   (377 words)

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