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Topic: Aircraft flight control systems

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Enhanced flight control systems and methods for a jet powered tri-mode aircraft - Patent 6885917
The aircraft according to claim 1, further comprising a canard wing attached to a front end of the fuselage and a horizontal tail having a plurality of elevons and being attached to a rear end of the fuselage, the canard wing and the horizontal tail are configured to provide control of the aircraft.
The aircraft according to claim 5, further comprising a control stick for controlling the rotor blade, the canard wing, the horizontal tail, rudders, lateral thrusters, and the plurality of elevons to maintain a stable flight path during the helicopter mode, the compound mode, and the fixed-wing mode.
The aircraft according to claim 9, wherein the commanded velocity vector is derived using acceleration commands received from the control stick that is used to manually control the aircraft in the helicopter mode, the compound mode, and the fixed-wing mode.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6885917.html   (14371 words)

 Aircraft flight mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The system of a fixed tail surface and moveable elevators is standard in subsonic aircraft.
It was determined that as an aircraft approaches the speed of sound, the air approaching the aircraft is compressed and shock waves are produced in a conical shape as the aircraft meets and exceeds the sound barrier.
Aircraft that need control at extreme angles of attack are sometimes fitted with a canard configuration, in which pitching movement is created using a forward foreplane (roughly level with the cockpit).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aircraft_flight_mechanics   (1031 words)

 Aircraft Flight Control | Macmillan Computer Sciences: Social Applications
Aircraft in flight require adherence to a specific course for long periods of time, which can be tiring for the pilot.
The automatic control of aircraft was not considered until aircraft were capable of practical long distance flight.
All automatic flight control equipment must demonstrate that it is "fail-safe." This means that if the computer has a failure, the auto-pilot does not place the aircraft in a dangerous situation.
www.bookrags.com /research/aircraft-flight-control-csci-03   (1177 words)

 Wright Brothers' Invention Process -- Developed Flight Control Systems
The Wright Brothers were kite enthusiasts and they used the kite flights in the same way that modern engineers use wind tunnels and flight testing to try out their ideas concerning flight control.
Control of the surface shape was in the hands of the pilot.
The F-15 Active is an aircraft used by NASA to explore the extreme limits of aerospace technology.
wright.nasa.gov /flightcontrol.htm   (863 words)

 Aircraft engineering - The use of electric motors in the operation of control surfaces
Electric motors as primary actuators in light aircraft flight control systems, except for the use in the trim systems (stabilizer/elevator, aileron, rudder)have not been used in light aircraft.
For this reason (time and altitude required to dissengage safely)most autopilots in light aircraft are required to be dissengaged during takeoff until you rach and altitude defined as a safe one for the system and disengaged at some altitude prior to landing the airplane.
For this reason (time and altitude required to dissengage safely)most autopilots in light aircraft are required to be dissengaged during takeoff until you reach and altitude defined as a safe one for the system and disengaged at some altitude prior to landing the airplane.
www.eng-tips.com /viewthread.cfm?qid=20739   (1049 words)

 Thrust-Control System for Emergency Control of an Airplane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
This control system, denoted the auto-throttle servocontrol system, strives to maintain a commanded pitch angle in the face of velocity and pitch-angle feedback.
The output of this system drives an auto-throttle servo forward or back, thereby causing the engines to increase or decrease thrust, and thereby, in turn, controlling the pitch of the airplane in such a way as to keep the phugoid mode well damped.
Suppose that one were flying a wide-body airplane in which control surfaces had been rendered inoperable by a full hydraulic failure and the airplane was not equipped with the present auto-throttle servocontrol system.
www.nasatech.com /Briefs/Mar01/DRC9607.html   (798 words)

 Relevant Papers and Abstracts
In this study, a sensor validation scheme for a flight control system with dual physical redundancy is proposed, with the focus on exploiting analytical redundancy in case of sensor failures.
The stability of the overall reconfigurable control system is demonstrated using the Lyapunov method and the separation between identification and control arising in the context of indirect adaptive control.
A derivative F-16 aircraft control surface (elevator) failure is simulated and the abruptly changing pictch channel control system's stability and control derivatives are successfully identified on-line in the presence of unmodeled dynamics, process noise (clear air turbulence), and realistic measurement noise.
www-control.eng.cam.ac.uk /~cnj22/abstracts.html   (10551 words)

 BAE SYSTEMS to develop flight control for Mako aircraft family
BAE SYSTEMS Controls and EADS signed a memorandum of understanding at Paris under which BAE SYSTEMS expressed its interest in developing the flight control system for EADS' Mako aircraft family.
The launch platform for the new aircraft family is a supersonic trainer and light combat aircraft that will be developed for the United Arab Emirates Air Force and Air Defense.
A prototype of the new aircraft is expected to fly in 2004.
defence-data.com /paris2001/pagepa1039.htm   (298 words)

 Luca de Alfaro: Stochastic Hybrid Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Hybrid systems are a model for systems that evolve through a mix of discrete and continuous evolution.
Examples are physical systems controlled by discrete controllers (chemical processes, car engines with discrete control, aircraft flight control systems), or systems that can undergo sudden state changes (some chemical systems, physical systems with threshold effects).
Many systems exhibit inherently stochastic behavior: examples are systems subject to disturbances such as noise, or systems subjected to a stochastic workload (network traffic is one example).
www.cse.ucsc.edu /~luca/stochastic_hybrid.html   (271 words)

 Radio-Frequency Wireless Flight-Control System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Analog signals were captured from several locations in the system during the test to verify that the wireless system was reproducing the analog control signals with adequate fidelity.
Considerable experimentation was done to explore the size and distribution of the near-field diffraction and interference patterns associated with the hangar and the placement of the airframe in the line-of-sight path between the wireless transceivers.
When the control switches were placed in the "RF mode" position, the WFCS digital RF data link passed the control data for the actuator servo valve to control movement of the aileron.
www.nasatech.com /Briefs/Feb00/DRC9908.html   (1248 words)

 "Home Run" Used To Electronically Hijack World Trade Center Aircraft
Back in the early days of flight, the control yoke and rudder pedals were connected to the various flight control surfaces by thin cables, meaning the pilot had direct physical control over every movement the aircraft made.
There were two very obvious hard requirements at this stage, the first a primary control channel for use in taking over the flight control system and flying the aircraft back to an airfield of choice, and secondly a covert audio channel for monitoring flight deck conversations.
Remember here, this was not a system designed to “undermine” the authority of the flight crews, but was put in place as a “doomsday” device in the event the hijackers started to shoot passengers or crew members, possibly including the pilots.
www.geocities.com /mknemesis/homerun.html   (3128 words)

 AMCA: Adaptive Fault Tolerant Nonlinear Flight Control Using Neural Networks by Rolf Rysdyk
Conventional flight control systems, including applications of feed back linearization control, require extensive gain scheduling or require high-fidelity non-linear force and moment models that must be inverted in real time.
Most applications in the adaptive control literature assume a system that is affine in the control input.
The control architecture is constructed as a model reference direct adaptive control scheme.
at.yorku.ca /c/a/a/v/04.htm   (575 words)

 McRuer, D.T., Graham, D., Ashkenas, I.: Aircraft Dynamics and Automatic Control.
These techniques are suitable for establishing nominal system designs, for forecasting off-nominal problems, and for diagnosing the root causes of problems that almost inevitably occur in the design process.
A complete and self-contained work, the text discusses the early history of aircraft dynamics and control, mathematical models of linear system elements, feedback system analysis, vehicle equations of motion, longitudinal and lateral dynamics, and elementary longitudinal and lateral feedback control.
The discussion concludes with such topics as the system design process, inputs and system performance assessment, and multi-loop flight control systems.
www.pupress.princeton.edu /titles/1501.html   (192 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Fiber optics also are immune to electrical interference caused by lightning, radar and other strong radio sources that can disrupt a plane's electronic control systems.
The first NASA plane to fly with fiber optic sensors is the F-15 Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control (HIDEC) aircraft at Ames-Dryden Flight Research Facility, Edwards, Calif. Initial flights are evaluating the fiber optic sensor technology, installation methods and how the sensors function in typical aerial maneuvers.
The research is part of the Fiber Optic Control System Integration program managed by NASA's Lewis Research Center, Cleveland.
science.ksc.nasa.gov /shuttle/missions/status/r92-23   (259 words)

 BAE Systems North America: About BAE Systems: Heritage
BAE Systems North America was formed in November, 1999 through the merger of British Aerospace North America and Marconi North America, as part of the global merger of British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems.
This acquisition established BAE Systems North America as one of the leading suppliers of electronic warfare systems in the world.
Through its legacy companies, BAE Systems Inc. has a proud tradition of innovation and technology, and is responsible for a number of technological breakthroughs and firsts.
www.na.baesystems.com /heritage.cfm   (553 words)

 Aircraft flight control systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By using computers and electrical linkages, designers can save weight and improve reliability.
A digital fly-by-wire flight control system is similar to its analog counterpart.
The pattern started by Airbus A320 has been continued with the Airbus family and the Boeing 777.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aircraft_flight_control_systems   (2073 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
My favorite books on aircraft flight control systems.
While this text/reference book is not for the faint of heart, the incredible depth of its comprehensive content makes it indispensible.
Some of the concepts presented (such as Coupling Numerators) are to be found nowhere else, and McRuer's treatment of classic control analysis is among the best.
www.frostopolis.com /instability/store/control.shtml   (63 words)

 Avionics, Flight Control and Engine Control Systems by PC Flight Systems
Welcome to PC Flight Systems, developers of truly affordable avionics, flight control and engine control systems for the General Aviation Marketplace.
Our PC based systems consist of small, low cost modules and software which convert standard PocketPC, Tablet and Laptop computers into fully featured avionics systems.
Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art solutions at a fraction of the cost of currently available systems, while maintaining extremely high levels of quality and reliability in both our products and our support.
www.pcflightsystems.com   (857 words)

 Aircraft Flight Systems and Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
> UTIAS Home Page > Research > Aircraft Flight Systems > Aircraft Flight Systems and Control
Research and development expertise of "Flight Systems and Control " is in the area of aircraft systems modeling, control, integration, automation and simulation.
(i) to improve or optimize flight vehicle systems overall performance; and
www.utias.utoronto.ca /Page120.aspx   (70 words)

 Astech: Flight Controls-Avionics-Aircraft Systems Engineering
Our cross-functional knowledge, experience, and expertise in these (and other) areas has been successfully applied to Transports, Fighters, Business Jets, and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV)-- saving our customers considerable time and money in many different ways, and in some cases pushing their technologies in new and different directions.
Our utilization of systems engineering/ integration/ management techniques has helped ensure this success.
No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of the author.
www.astech-engineering.com   (353 words)

 Publisher description for Library of Congress control number 73134250   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Publisher description for Library of Congress control number 73134250
Publisher description for Aircraft dynamics and automatic control [by] Duane McRuer, Irving Ashkenas [and] Dunstan Graham.
Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Airplanes Control systems, Feedback control systems
www.loc.gov /catdir/description/prin051/73134250.html   (218 words)

 MRC - RC, Hobby, Remote Control, Radio Control, Flight Simulators, Battery Chargers, 1/32 Slot Cars, Model Trains, ...
MRC - RC, Hobby, Remote Control, Radio Control, Flight Simulators, Battery Chargers, 1/32 Slot Cars, Model Trains, Plastic Models
Today, our model train controls & sound systems are the world's most popular.
Our radio control (RC) cars, planes, boats, helicopters & engines, along with flight simulators, raise the bar for performance, and MRC Super Brain chargers hold a U.S. Patent.
www.modelrectifier.com   (118 words)

 Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Tools for Aircraft Flight Control System Design, Analysis and Flight Test
The new release of HPE Flight Simulator is now available
By accessing this site, you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy
www.flightcontrolsystems.com   (36 words)

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