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Topic: Airfoil

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  The Airfoil Misconception in K-6 Textbooks
Because of inertia, the trailing edge of a cambered airfoil itself behaves as a tilted plane, and therefore the airfoil effectively has a positive angle which causes air to be deflected.
To create adequate lift at extremely low speeds, an airfoil must be operated at a large angle of attack, and this leads to airflow detachment from wing's the upper surface (stall.) To prevent this, the airfoil must be carefully shaped.
Cambered airfoils create lift at zero AOA, which proves that the "Newtonian" theory of lift is wrong.
www.amasci.com /wing/airfoil.html   (7271 words)

  Laminar Flow Airfoil
The theory in using an airfoil of this design was to maintain the adhesion of the boundary layers of airflow which are present in flight as far aft of the leading edge as possible.
The use of this airfoil on the Mustang would greatly add to the drag reducing concept that was paramount in all design phases of the airplane.
The usual definition of a laminar flow airfoil is that the favorable pressure gradient ends somewhere between 30 and 75% of chord.
www.aviation-history.com /theory/lam-flow.htm   (1694 words)

 Aerodynamics , Airfoil Analysis , 3D Wing Design & Analysis and CFD Software
Aerodynamics, Airfoil Analysis, 3D Wing Design and Analysis and CFD Software
MultiElement Airfoils 4.0 is a turnkey CFD application for multiple airfoil analysis and design.
Find out how you can quickly and accurately simulate wings, flaps, airfoils and fuselage for airplanes, UAVs, sailplanes and other fixed wing aircraft.
www.hanleyinnovations.com   (210 words)

 Aeronautics - Principles of Flight (AIRFOILS) - Level 2
This is because the air flowing over the upper and lower surfaces of the airfoil must be directed to meet with as little turbulence as possible, regardless of the position of the airfoil in the air.
The camber of an airfoil is the characteristic curve of its upper or lower surface.
Upper camber refers to the curve of the upper surface of the airfoil, while lower camber refers to the curve of the lower surface of the airfoil.
www.allstar.fiu.edu /aero/flight31.htm   (588 words)

  Airfoil   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The chord of an airfoil is the imaginary straight line drawn through the airfoil from its leading edge to its trailing edge.
The camber of an airfoil is the curve of its upper and lower surfaces.
The direction of the air that is flowing past an airfoil relative to the path of flight is called the relative wind.
www.centennialofflight.gov /essay/Dictionary/airfoil/DI2.htm   (248 words)

  Aerospaceweb.org | Ask Us - Supercritical Airfoils
What a supercritical airfoil is designed to do is delay the speed at which the compressibilty effect becomes significant so that drag will be reduced.
These airfoils have critical Mach numbers very close to one (hence the term supercritical) thereby delaying and reducing the large increase in drag due to wave drag.
The basic design approach behind these shapes is to flatten the upper surface of the airfoil to reduce flow acceleration and to use a highly cambered aft section to generate the majority of the lift.
www.aerospaceweb.org /question/airfoils/q0003.shtml   (843 words)

 Aerospaceweb.org | Ask Us - NACA Airfoil Series
As you suggest in your questions, the early NACA airfoil series, the 4-digit, 5-digit, and modified 4-/5-digit, were generated using analytical equations that describe the camber (curvature) of the mean-line (geometric centerline) of the airfoil section as well as the section's thickness distribution along the length of the airfoil.
The first digit specifies the maximum camber (m) in percentage of the chord (airfoil length), the second indicates the position of the maximum camber (p) in tenths of chord, and the last two numbers provide the maximum thickness (t) of the airfoil in percentage of chord.
NACA 2415 airfoil has a maximum thickness of 15% with a camber of 2% located 40% back from the airfoil leading edge (or 0.4c).
www.aerospaceweb.org /question/airfoils/q0041.shtml   (2127 words)

 UIUC Airfoil Data Site
Currently, the airfoils are listed in alphabetical order by the file name, which most often is the airfoil name or close.
It consists of three programs: plotfoil plots (in PostScript) airfoil sections (well, actually any section that is not smoothly closed) and allows for spars, sheeting, template sizes; editfoil is a program that allows airfoil sections' camber and thickness to be changed to any desired value; and mixfoils allows different airfoil sections to be hybridised.
It plots the airfoil and the pressure, for the desired angle of attack and number of points; then, it's possible to correct the results for the compressibility effects or for a trailing edge flap.
www.ae.uiuc.edu /m-selig/ads.html   (1486 words)

 ATPM 11.10 - Review: Airfoil 1.0.6
Airfoil adopts this middleman approach, but jettisons much of the audio processing features and sends all of its hijacked audio to your choice of AEBS.
To use Airfoil to send audio to an AEBS, you choose the application you want to use as your audio source, then choose the AEBS you want to use as your audio destination (if you have access to more than one), adjust the volume if necessary, and click the “Transmit” button.
As with other Rogue Amoeba products, the beauty in Airfoil is not just its simplicity but its sheer compatibility, and this is thanks in part to the power of Mac OS X’s Core Audio layer.
www.atpm.com /11.10/airfoil.shtml   (1114 words)

 Conformal Mapping
The camber is a measure of the curvature of the airfoil, and the thickness is the maximum height between the upper and lower surface of the airfoil.
As you change the airfoil shape, the cylinder moves to a new location and the amount of circulation around the cylinder is changed.
Circulation is related to the strength of the vortex that is located at the center of the cylinder.
www.grc.nasa.gov /WWW/K-12/airplane/map.html   (699 words)

 Jef Raskin - A Good Airfoil for Small RC Models
For example, the airfoil described in this article is very efficient but, while it is fine for inside maneuvers such as a simple loop, it is not good for more advanced aerobatics such as flying inverted or an outside loop.
As the curves for the airfoils are dependent on the particular airfoil used and other factors, this chart cannot be used quantitatively.
For thin airfoils, camber is a measure of just how high the highest point in the curve is. As with thickness, we measure camber as a percentage of chord.
jef.raskincenter.org /published/airfoil.html   (2031 words)

 FoilSim II 1.5a beta
The view window includes a graphic of the airfoil that you are designing and several buttons which control the graphic.
The output can be presented as graphs of airfoil performance, a probe which you can move through the flowfield, a lift meter, or printed numerical values of certain parameters.
This behavior is observed on real airfoils as seen on the slide describing the effects of angle of attack on lift.
www.grc.nasa.gov /WWW/K-12/airplane/foil2.html   (2487 words)

 The "New" KR2S Airfoil
Note that these performance estimates are not intended to be accurate estimates of the absolute performance, but were used in the airfoil design stage only to provide estimates for the change in the aircraft performance due to the new airfoil.
Ashok, the airfoil's designer was keynote speaker at the "new airfoil" forum at the 1999 KR Gathering, and explained how the laminar airfoil had been tested with "trip strips" in the wind tunnel to simulate the effect of rain and bug guts on the leading edge.
He is convinced that the new airfoil performs better than the RAF48 it replaced in all respects, including fuel economy, due to decreased drag at high speeds.
home.hiwaay.net /~langford/airfoil.html   (2357 words)

 Torsional twist airfoil control means (US5681014)
This is accomplished by use of a torque tube mounted internally in the aeroelastic airfoil structure, and firmly attached to the airfoil tip structure.
An aeroelastic airfoil control means, said aeroelastic airfoil control means providing for aircraft maneuverability control and/or automatic deicing means for a wing of an airplane,
a rotatable torque tube mounted internally within said aeroelastic wing structure, said rotatable torque tube extending from said fuselage to said wing tip, wherein said rotatable torque tube is substantially aligned with the aerodynamic center of the airfoil; said rotatable torque tube is positioned for aerodynamic balance.
www.delphion.com /details?pn=US05681014__   (408 words)

 Airfoil Design Workshop by TDM Software and Consulting
The Airfoil Design Workshop is a unique piece of software designed for aircraft designers and/or modelers who like to design and create their own aircraft plans.
An ASCII text file of the computed airfoil shapes is created as well for those who wish to manually draft the generated rib shapes.
Review the other airfoil data files that are supplied with this package for an example of the proper data format if you need addition help.
www.tdmsoftware.com /afd   (1489 words)

 High Technology PR and Marketing | Airfoil Public Relations
Airfoil brings Higher Thinking™ and new perspectives to the way businesses communicate.
Airfoil is a fast-growing agency for fast companies, from Silicon Valley to the nation’s heartland, from the business centers of Manhattan to the storefronts of the Midwest.
While iPhone, YouTube and MySpace have dominated the front page of our front pages, the business section is filled with the efforts of large enterprises and startup companies alike to appeal to the vast small-and-midsize-business category, known as SMBs.
www.airfoilpr.com   (205 words)

 Playlist: Review: Rogue Amoeba Airfoil
In Airfoil’s main window, you first choose the running application—from the Select pop-up menu—that’s providing the audio you wish to transmit.
Airfoil even offers advantages for those who are simply broadcasting iTunes audio.
Airfoil also offers a few hidden settings for advanced users, accessible by option+clicking the Transmit button.
playlistmag.com /reviews/2005/03/airfoil/index.php   (1066 words)

 Airfoil 2.1d1 - MacUpdate
Use Airfoil to send any audio to the AirPort Express, or multiple units simultaneously.
Using Airfoil you can also send audio from widgets and radios like the RadioSHARK, and tweak the audio with Airfoil's built-in effects.
Airfoil also adds the fantastic ability to send audio to multiple AirPort Express units at once.
www.macupdate.com /info.php/id/17357   (325 words)

 TMO at Macworld - Airfoil 2 Sends Audio to Multiple AirPort Express Units || The Mac Observer
SAN FRANCISCO -- Rogue Amoeba Software on Tuesday released Airfoil 2.0, the latest version of its software that streams any audio to AirPort Express.
The new version can simultaneously send audio to multiple AirPort Express units, with support for streaming audio to units that are password-protected.
In addition, Airfoil 2.0 features a 10-band equalizer, along with volume and balance controls, the ability to send all the audio playing on a computer, support for Smart Crash Reporting and full AppleScript support.
www.macobserver.com /article/2006/01/10.5.shtml   (612 words)

 Airfoil 1.0 - Mac OS X - VersionTracker   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Notify me when Airfoil is updated on VersionTracker.
With Airfoil, you can send audio from any application to your AirPort Express in just three easy steps.
Use Airfoil to play audio from RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Safari, and almost any other application right through your AirPort Express.
www.versiontracker.com /dyn/moreinfo/macosx/26038&vid=187952   (383 words)

 Airplane Design & Analysis Software
Simulate multi-element wings, biplanes, hydrofoils, sail cross sections, race car wings/spoilers and ground effect vehicles.
Tools for Compressible and Incompressible Airfoil Analysis, NACA Airfoil Generation, Airfoil Plotting,.DXF File Generation.
Software for simulating and graphing the trajectory of flying objects.
www.hanleyinnovations.com /airfoils.html   (214 words)

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