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Topic: Airline alliance

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  Airline Tickets
But with so many conventional and new age ways to go about putting together airline travel tickets for a vacation, a quick trip to visit family or for a business trip it can be difficult to know the best way to purchase airline tickets.
Before deciding on how to go about purchasing airline tickets you will want to consider when you are planning to travel, for how long and under what circumstances.
Most of the time airlines do not offer these promotions to the discount online websites, so these prices will only be available by calling the airline or visiting their website.
www.airlinetickets.vc   (566 words)

  Airline alliance
An airline alliance is an agreement between two or more airlines to cooperate for the foreseeable future on a substantial level.
The abilities for airlines to form an alliance are often restricted by laws and regulations or subject to approval by authorities.
If an airline loses its national identity by merging to a large extent with a foreign company, existing agreements may be declared void by a country which objects to the merger.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ai/Airline_alliance.html   (421 words)

 Special Advertising Section - News on the Airline Alliance Frontier
Airline alliances are enabling business travelers to earn frequent flyer miles on a multitude of airlines and put them to work on their primary carriers.
In most cases, airline alliances enable you to earn frequent flyer miles and put those miles toward elite status on your primary carrier when flying on an alliance airline.
Star Alliance™ and oneworld™; are two of the more prominent alliances; however, new alliances continue to enter the scene.
www.businessweek.com /adsections/extravel/frequent/airlines_flyer.htm   (840 words)

 Boarding.no : oneworld named world's leading airline alliance
In the top worldwide categories, besides oneworld take the alliance award, member airline British Airways was honoured twice - as the world's leading airline overall and the world's leading airline first class service - with partner American Airlines also taking a pair of trophies, for the world's leading airline economy class and best website.
The alliance's LAN and Qantas were also among the winners, respectively as leading South American airline first class and leading Australasian airline overall.
In September, oneworld was named the world's Best Airline Alliance for the second year running by some of the most frequent of the world's flyers in the other main award for this sector of the industry.
www.boarding.no /art.asp?id=18932   (456 words)

 OSHA National Alliance > Airline Industry and the National Safety Council (NSC), International Air Transport Section
OSHA and the Airline Industry and the National Safety Council, International Air Transport Section sign Alliance on November 12, 2002.
Through the OSHA and Airline Industry Alliance, the organizations will use their collective expertise to help advance a culture of prevention while sharing best practices and technical knowledge, especially in the area of ergonomics and the issues related to handling passenger checked baggage.
Airline Industry Alliance Presentation [PPT* - 100 KB] that was developed by the Airline Industry Alliance to help educate interested parties on the group’s action items, projects that are underway and future of the Alliance.
www.osha.gov /dcsp/alliances/nsc_airline/nsc_airline.html   (756 words)

 Star Alliance is named as Best Airline Alliance 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The 2004-5 World Airline Alliance Survey results represent a total of 1,627,440 completed, eligible survey interviews, during the 9 months of the project period.
Survey respondents were asked to rate the following alliance service and product aspects, using a 3 scale ranking : Excellent, Fair or Poor.
Alliance membership seems to benefit the airlines, not the customer
www.airlinequality.com /2005/alliance-05.htm   (246 words)

 US Airways | Star Alliance
The Star Alliance network is the largest global airline alliance.
Airline partner miles should be credited to the members account within 90 days of the transaction.
airline tickets and last minute airfare to destinations all over the world.
www2.usairways.com /awa/content/dividendmiles/staralliance/default.aspx   (469 words)

 World Airline & Airline Alliance Quality Tracker from SKYTRAX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Airline Quality Tracker is the latest introduction from SKYTRAX, offering airlines the opportunity to monitor consistency levels across front-line product and service quality.
The Airline Alliance Quality Tracker is specifically designed for use by airline Alliances, both for measuring member airline's comliance against Alliance standards, as well as assessing competitive performance levels - within either a single Alliance or versus competitor Alliance member airlines.
The Alliance Tracker also provides a number of Market Research opportunities, when combined with the resources provided by the Business Research Group (BRG).
www.skytraxresearch.com /General/AQT.htm   (232 words)

 Airline alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The three largest alliances are the Star Alliance, SkyTeam and oneworld.A more recent development is the formation of alliances between cargo airlines, such as that of WOW Alliance between Lufthansa Cargo, Singapore Airlines Cargo, SAS Cargo Group and Japan Airlines Cargo.
Network strengths are continents or regions where listed airlines have one or more hubs or a major presence in several destinations.
Network weaknesses are continents or regions with no hubs and few (if any) flights for any airline in the alliance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Airline_alliance   (610 words)

 Government looks into airline alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Justice Department spokesman Bill Brooks confirmed Monday that the antitrust division is reviewing the proposal to coordinate various aspects of the airlines' operations, including flight schedules, air fares, and passenger and cargo service.
British Airways and American have asked the department for an exemption from federal antitrust laws similar to that granted other airline alliances.
While the Justice Department has reviewed and approved similar alliances among other major airlines, the British Airways and American deal is significant because the routes involved are major U.S. gateways to England and Europe, said Ilene Gotts, an antitrust law attorney in Washington.
www.chron.com /content/chronicle/business/96/07/09/justic.2-0.html   (342 words)

 Star Alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This tight cooperation led to suspicions of anti-competitive behavior, and the alliance was investigated by the European Union as a virtual merger of its members.
Previous to Star Alliance, Northwest Airlines and KLM were operating together as the forerunners of the modern airline alliance system since 1993 - although there had been even earlier pairings and groupings of airlines for decades on a less formal level.
The creation of the Star Alliance was a milestone in airline history due to its size and sparked the formation of rivals, notably oneworld and SkyTeam.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Star_Alliance   (1102 words)

 Airline sets sights to alliance
The nation's flagship carrier is the second Chinese airline in less than two weeks to announce plans to join up.
Star Alliance and Shanghai Airlines on May 10 signed a similar MOU under which the alliance will help the carrier to share information with other member carriers, for example, in ticketing systems.
The entry of Chinese airlines is expected to be a strong boost to Star Alliance's expansion in China as it allows other member airlines to extend their networks in China.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /bizchina/2006-05/23/content_597724.htm   (589 words)

 oneworld - Home
oneworld®; is a global alliance that brings together ten of the world’s biggest and best airlines, all committed to providing world-class service and value.
We offer a range of air travel options, rewards and benefits beyond the reach of any individual airline – including an extensive global route network, covering almost 700 destinations in nearly 150 countries, and greatly enhanced benefits and privileges for members of all our airlines' frequent flyer programmes.
Whatever your travel needs, and whether you're a globe-trotting executive or back-packing around one continent, oneworld revolves around you.
www.oneworld.com   (276 words)

 USATODAY.com - Travel - News - Three-way airline alliance could stunt discounters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
An alliance among Delta, Northwest and Continental airlines, conditionally OK'd by the Department of Transportation Friday, could be a rare setback for increasingly competitive discount carriers.
Although the alliance is not a merger — the airlines remain independent business entities — opposing carriers say the conditions on the broadest partnership yet among major U.S. airlines aren't harsh enough.
For example, the three airlines could not jointly market flights on routes where they compete head-to-head, such as Houston-Atlanta, and they could not bid jointly for corporate contracts unless the clients request that.
www.usatoday.com /travel/news/2003/2003-01-17-code-share-approved.htm   (862 words)

 afrol News - TAP brings African destinations into global airline alliance
With Portugal’s leading airline having joined, the airline network now offers its customers "an even greater choice of flights, especially in Europe, on the South Atlantic as well as to and from North America and Africa," the alliance said in a statement.
Frequent TAP flyers further now have access to the entire Star Alliance network, meaning that their bonuses will be valid on flights by other airliners in the alliance.
As a Star Alliance member, TAP Portugal will begin to participate and sell the alliance's fare products during the course of the next month.
www.afrol.com /articles/15910   (583 words)

 Northwest Airlines - Global Alliance Partners
Northwest Airlines has entered into strategic alliances with many of the world's best airlines, providing customers with service to more than 900 cities in over 160 countries on six continents, offering truly global scope.
Click on the airline name in the matrix to receive information on each airline, where they are based, global markets served by that airline, awards received by that airline, and aircraft fleet information.
**The benefits of an alliance are made possible, in part, due to "Code Sharing." This is a practice whereby Northwest shares the services of another airline and sells that service as if it were a Northwest flight.
www.nwa.com /corpinfo/allia   (740 words)

 Law.com - DOJ: Reject Airline Alliance Deal
The Department of Justice on Friday urged DOT to deny a request by an airline consortium known as SkyTeam, which also includes Alitalia-Linee Aeree Italiane-SpA, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France, to be exempt from antitrust restrictions prohibiting competitors in an industry from collaborating on prices and product offerings.
In May 1996 UAL Corp.'s United Airlines and Lufthansa AG received antitrust immunity for their cooperation, a step that was a precursor to the now 16-member Star Alliance, which includes airlines as diverse as Air New Zealand, Spanair and LOT Polish Airlines.
Another strike against the deal: This also is the first time an alliance seeking antitrust immunity has included two major U.S. airlines -- Delta is the nation's third largest and Northwest its fourth largest.
www.law.com /jsp/article.jsp?id=1124787912407   (648 words)

 Luchtzak Aviation - oneworld named world's leading airline alliance again
Three more airlines are lining up to join - Royal Jordanian, which will come on board at the turn of 2006/2007; Malev, which signed a memorandum of understanding in May as its first step towards membership, and Japan Airlines, which announced last month that it wants to join.
The alliance enables its members to offer their customers more services and benefits than any airline can provide on its own.
oneworld is the only alliance to enable passengers to fly throughout its network, on any combination of carriers, using just electronic tickets.
www.luchtzak.be /article10540.html   (835 words)

 EU probes Skyteam airline alliance - EUbusiness - EU law, politics and finance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
European anti-trust services are vetting the agreements between airlines in the global airline alliance known as Skyteam, European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said on Monday.
But she added that the European Commission had a responsability to ensure that competition was maintained and has begun a "review of the SkyTeam alliance".
She added: "In the SkyTeam investigation, (the) commission is examining the competition effects of a global airline alliance in its quasi-totality for the first time."
www.eubusiness.com /Transport/060424195221.m5iau33b   (253 words)

 MALÉV - Malév takes first step to join oneworld airline alliance
“Now our member airlines are at the stage where they feel it is sensible for the alliance to recruit in regions where would like to broaden our network.
In the current state of the airline industry there is no chance of sustainable earnings for a mid-sized network carrier without partners.
It is the first global alliance to enable passengers to fly across its entire network with just electronic tickets, with interline e-ticketing links completed between all its member airlines in April 2005.
www.malev.hu /BP/ENG/I_NEWS_ENG/2005-0524-1703-46PVMX.asp   (1054 words)

 ABC News: DOT to Deny Airline Alliance Request   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The DOT said the airlines' routes overlap so much that little new service was likely to result from an antitrust waiver.
Transportation spokesman Bill Mosley said he could find no earlier examples of airline antitrust denials, although he said two that were approved never took effect because the airlines didn't meet the conditions DOT imposed.
AMR Corp.'s American Airlines had also argued against antitrust immunity.
abcnews.go.com /Business/wireStory?id=1434780   (378 words)

 MALÉV - Latest news from the oneworld airline alliance
In the SkyTrax Airline of the Year awards, which are based on the world's biggest survey of passengers, oneworld carriers took the top three positions, with British Airways in first place, Qantas second for the second year running and last year's winner Cathay Pacific in third.
Cathay Pacific was named OAG's overall Airline of the Year, with British Airways gaining the best European and best transatlantic awards, LAN retained its title as best in Central/South America and Caribbean, and Qantas best in Australasia/Pacific, while American Airlines was recognised as airline of choice for travelers with disabilities.
It is also the only alliance whose members reported collective profits in their latest full year.
www.malev.hu /BP/ENG/I_NEWS_ENG/2006-0616-1445-39NDIL.asp   (929 words)

 SkyTeam Named 2005 Best Airline Alliance
Selected by the magazine's readers in an annual reader's survey, Global Traveler cited the alliance's growth in terms of member airlines and route network over the past year as a key factor for receiving this recognition.
In September 2004, SkyTeam added new members Continental Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Northwest Airlines, bringing its membership to nine carriers and giving more passengers access to the highest quality service to 684 destinations in 133 countries worldwide.
SkyTeam is the global airline alliance partnering nine members, including Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.
www.primezone.com /newsroom/news.html?d=91996   (623 words)

 SkyTeam Airline Alliance Offers Smoke-Free Worldwide Flights
Air France, Europe's first airline to have phased in smoke-free flights on most of its routes since 1990, recently decided to extend this policy to its entire worldwide network beginning Nov. 1, 2000.
SkyTeam frequent flyers earn miles in their current accounts when flying any of the partner airlines; miles can be exchanged for a reward ticket on any SkyTeam airline.
In addition, top-tier flyers on each of the alliance airlines automatically attain SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus status with enhanced benefits.
www.flyertalk.com /forum/showthread.php?t=267317   (401 words)

 Arab airline alliance confirmed | Travel and Aviation
Eight Arab airlines have confirmed they will launch the region's first airline alliance in December 2005, reported Reuters.
The alliance called Arabesk includes Egypt Air, Gulf Air, Middle East Airlines, Oman Air, Yemen Air, Tunis Air, Royal Jordanian, and Saudia.
A deal between the carriers will be signed during a meeting in Cairo from December 17-18.
www.ameinfo.com /69841.html   (287 words)

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