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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Ceylon Tea - The finest quality Ceylon tea from Sri lanka's largest tea exporter Akbar
Akbar Brothers Limited, whose family themselves have a strong left-navigation with tea for over 100 years, is the biggest exporter of tea from
The greatest strength of Akbar Brothers Limited is the immense experience gained as the only Sri Lankan family entity operating in the Ceylon tea trade with over 100 years hands-on presence.
Akbar Brothers Limited is in a unique position to supply quality Ceylon tea to any part of the world, and presently services a worldwide customer base encompassing 80 countries.
www.akbar.com   (232 words)

  The Mughals: Akbar
Akbar also included vast number of Hindus in the official bureaucracy; by his death, almost one-third of the imperial bureaucracy were Hindu.
The central theorist of Akbar's reign was Abu'l Faz'l, who joined Akbar's court in 1574 and is considered one of the greatest political theorists in Islamic history.
   From a religious standpoint, Akbar's state was built on the principle sulahkul, or "universal tolerance." All religons were to be equally tolerated in the administration of the state; hence the repeal of the jizya and the pilgrimage taxes.
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~dee/MUGHAL/AKBAR.HTM   (1449 words)

 Kamat's Potpourri: When the Moguls Ruled ... - Akbar the Great
Akbar was exposed to the battles and powers of rule from a young age.
Akbar inherited the throne, after the sudden death of his father king Humayun, at the age of 13, in 1556.
Akbar softened towards Islam thereafter, and is thought to have died, in 1605, a Muslim, not an apostate.
www.kamat.com /kalranga/mogul/akbar.htm   (514 words)

 Akbar Summary
Akbar's belief in universal toleration and the political need to unite Hindus under the Muslim Mughals found expression in his marrying two Hindu princesses; one, Jodha Bai, was mother of the heir to the throne.
Akbar did not go to Persia with his parents, and was raised for a time instead by his uncle Askari and his wife in the rugged country of Afghanistan rather than in the splendor of the Persian court.
Akbar is recorded as saying "A monarch should be ever intend on conquest, lest his neighbours rise in arms against him", and he went on to expand the Mughal empire to include Malwa (1562), Gujarat (1572), Bengal (1574), Kabul (1581), Kashmir (1586), and Kandesh (1601), among others.
www.bookrags.com /Akbar   (5917 words)

 Akbar: The Great?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar's two sons died in early manhood from chronic alcoholism, and their elder brother was saved from the same fate by a strong constitution, and not by virtue." With such an atmosphere to nourish Akbar's thoughts, it is rather unsual for Akbar to become "divine incarnate"!
Akbar's cruelty towards the Hindu women kidnapped and shut up in his harem were stagerring and his much vaunted marraiges said to have been contracted for communal integration and harmony were nothing but outrageous kidnappings brought about with the force of arms.
Akbar was so penurious and retentive of money that.." he considered himself to be heir of all his subjects, and ruthlessly seized the property of every deceased whose family had to make a fresh start...
www.hindunet.org /hindu_history/modern/akbar_ppg.html   (4444 words)

 The Real Akbar. The (not) So Great   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar is considered as the great Mughal emperor who put the Mughal empire on a firm and stable footing, with a reliable revenue system and with expansion of its borders deeper into Indian heartland.
Akbar planned two methods of assault -mining and building a 'sabat', a structure which provides the invading army a cover of a high wall as it progresses 'infinitely slowly' towards the fort wall and tightens the noose around the fort.
Akbar killed an unconscious Hemu (a Hindu) to become a 'Ghazi' at the second battle of Panipat, he later ordered slaughter of all the captives from Hemu's army and had a victory tower built with their heads.
www.hindunet.org /hindu_history/modern/akbar_vs.html   (2420 words)

 The Akbar Font
I took this font and added Groening-esque lower case, punctuation, and many other characters.
If the Directories panel is not showing you to be in the "Windows\System" directory, navigate to it now.
The Groening Windows 95 Theme: Icons, sounds, wallpaper, cursers, and the Akbar font.
www.wobblymusic.com /groening/akbar.html   (412 words)

 Emperor Akbar The Great Temple   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar (1542-1605), third Mughal emperor of India (1556-1605), generally considered the true founder of the Mughal Empire.
Akbar's supreme achievement, however, was the establishment of an efficient administrative system that held the empire together and stimulated trade and economic development.
Finally Akbar exclaimed, "Why should one beset himself with the burden of Golconda!" And he gave his command to cease preparations or the march.
sangha.net /messengers/akbar.htm   (1173 words)

 The Mughals: Akbar   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar's wives were also of different religious backgrounds - each marriage was thus a strategic union that would allow the adherents of India's many faiths to feel that they too were apart of the royal household.
Finally, Akbar was the most mobile of the Mughals - every decade or so, it seemed, he moved the capital of the empire from one city to another.
Akbar died in 1605, nearly 50 years after his ascension to the throne, and was buried outside of Agra at Sikandra.
www.edwebproject.org /india/akbar.html   (442 words)

 Anup Mukherjee / Akbar : The Mughal Emperor / i3pep.org * india point
Akbar himself was interested to explore the essence of different religions, consequently he built an ibadat-khana to which he would invite spiritual leaders of different faith and question them and listen to their discussions.
Akbar never forced anyone to become a member of his din, and according to the Ain-i-Akbari, there were only eighteen full time adherents and no more than a few thousand followers.
By a mazhar (proclamation) Akbar was certified to be imam-adil (just ruler), and by being an imam adil, he was declared to be superior to that of the mujtahid (infallible authority).
www.i3pep.org /archives/2004/11/12/akbar   (1157 words)

 Akbar   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar was the greatest of the Mogul emperors.
Akbar was the grandson of Babar, the first Mogul emperor.
Akbar had a great interest in all religions and was known for his religious tolerance and justice.
www.hyperhistory.com /online_n2/people_n2/persons6_n2/akbar.html   (173 words)

 Iran: Five years of injustice and ill treatment: Akbar Mohammadi - case sheet - Amnesty International   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar Mohammadi was one of the hundreds of students arrested during the demonstrations.
Akbar Mohammadi was reportedly sentenced to death in September 1999 after a secret trial by a Revolutionary Court in Tehran whose procedures did not conform to international standards of fair trial.
Akbar Mohammadi may be have been targeted for arrest in part on account of the activities of his brother, Manuchehr Mohammadi, a member of the Anjoman-e Daneshjuyan va Daneshamuktegan-e Melli (National Association of Students and Graduates).
web.amnesty.org /library/Index/ENGMDE130272004   (2811 words)

 A True Monarch : Akbar The Great by Neria Harish Hebbar, MD
Akbar was only thirteen when his father died of an unfortunate accident in the palace at Delhi.
Akbar, who was born during Humayun’s flight from Delhi after his loss to Sher Shah, was in Panjab at the time of his father’s demise.
Akbar was also an exact contemporary of Elizabeth I of England but was the ruler of far greater number of people in India than the sparse population of England.
www.boloji.com /history/011.htm   (1544 words)

 CNN.com - Motive a mystery in grenade attack - Mar. 24, 2003
Akbar had reportedly told his mother he feared persecution because he is a Muslim and been reprimanded recently for insubordination.
The woman who said she is Akbar's mother, Quran Bilal, told The Tennessean of Nashville that she was concerned her son might have been accused because he is a Muslim.
Akbar, of the 101st Airborne Division's 326th Engineer Battalion, was in custody, said George Heath, a civilian spokesman at Fort Campbell.
www.cnn.com /2003/LAW/03/24/101.attack.ap   (1082 words)

 New Statesman - The first liberal imperialist
Akbar's religious dilettantism would not explain, among other things, how this distant descendant of Tamerlane was a ruthless conqueror for most of his 49-year-long reign.
Roughly midway through Akbar's reign, when he held absolute power over a fast-expanding empire, something unusual seemed to have happened to him: a spiri-tual crisis, perhaps, or an inflated sense of his destiny.
And perhaps what's most remarkable about Akbar is that in the 16th century, he embodied with more elegance and subtlety the traits we recognise in the presently commonplace western figure of the liberal imperialist.
www.newstatesman.com /200303240028   (1206 words)

 Akbar’s Reign [1556-1605]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar's reign holds a certain prominence in history; he was the ruler who actually fortified the foundations of the Mughal Empire.
Akbar was not only a great conqueror, but a capable organizer and a great administrator as well.
Akbar's rule also stands out due to his liberal policies towards the non-Muslims, his religious innovations, the land revenue system and his famous Mansabdari system.
www.storyofpakistan.com /articletext.asp?artid=A014   (202 words)

 Ali Akbar, the Hashmite Prince
Ali Akbar knew that he had to go out quickly lest the enemy, seeing that their challenges for combat were remaining unanswered, got emboldened to make a concerted attack on his father's camp.
Akbar, my sight is gone with the shock I have received and there is nobody to guide me to where you lie.
Akbar, for once open your eyes and smile, as you were always smiling to gladden my heart.
www.al-islam.org /masoom/companions/aliakbar.html   (4889 words)

 The Art Institute of Chicago: Art Access
Akbar (1556–1605) was one of the most influential Mughal emperors in India.
Among Akbar's measures were to remove special taxes on non-Muslims, allow Hindus to build temples, and end the forced conversion of prisoners of war to Islam.
Akbar should tell students he or she wishes to hear from all of them at least once.
www.artic.edu /artaccess/AA_India/pages/India_lesson3.shtml   (804 words)

 Akbar [1542-1605]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar "The Great" was one of the greatest rulers in Indian history.
Akbar was raised in the rugged country of Afghanistan rather than amongst the splendor of the Delhi court.
Akbar had his books read out to him by his courtiers.
www.storyofpakistan.com /person.asp?perid=P056   (186 words)

 PEN American Center - Akbar Gangi
He is also the author of the best-selling book Dungeon of Ghosts, a collection of Ganji's newspaper articles published in early 2000, in which he implicated the former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and other leading conservative figures in the "serial murders" of five writers and intellectuals in 1998.
The book is said to have seriously damaged the reputation of Rafsanjani, and is thought to have been a major factor in the conservative defeat in the parliamentary elections of February 2000.
Akbar Ganji is also an Honorary Member of the Canadian, English and Lichtenstein PEN Centers.
www.pen.org /freedom/hm/ganji.htm   (557 words)

 Na'im Akbar
Na’im Akbar is a Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Psychology at Florida State University in Tallahassee.
As Dr Akbar says, "Psychology represents an extremely important field of knowledge because it is the model for understanding the human being and the human potential." Dr. Akbar, a Muslim, says that none of the concepts in his works are limited to any particular cultural group.
Akbar defines a male as a biological entity whose essence is described by no more or no less than his biology.
www.cultural-expressions.com /diaspora/akbar2.htm   (1861 words)

 Iran: Akbar Mohammadi's death in custody signals need for justice reform   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar Mohammadi was one of the thousands of students arrested in July 1999 after student demonstrations which erupted following the closure of newspapers and one of the periodic clampdowns on freedom of expression that occurred throughout the late 1990s in Iran.
Akbar Mohammadi and other students were sentenced to death in September 1999 following a manifestly unfair trial.
Following one visit by his lawyer, Akbar Mohammadi was said to be in ill health and suffering from acute abdominal pain.
www.amnestyusa.org /news/document.do?id=ENGMDE130862006   (1091 words)

 USATODAY.com - Soldier held in deadly grenade attack on 101st   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Akbar was an engineer attached to 22,000-member division, part of which has already entered Iraq.
Akbar, who soldiers said had been on guard duty at the time, was captured within minutes of the attack.
She said Akbar was born Mark Fidel Kools, but that he changed his name after she married a Muslim while her son was a boy.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/iraq/2003-03-22-war-kuwait-attack_x.htm   (756 words)

 FOXNews.com - Akbar Convicted of Murder - U.S. & World
Akbar stood at attention as the verdict was read by the colonel who headed the jury panel, biting his lip but giving no other outward sign of emotion.
Akbar's father issued a statement this week saying his son was the source of harassment by fellow soldiers because he is a Muslim.
Akbar, who turned 34 Thursday, was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder.
www.foxnews.com /story/0,2933,154220,00.html   (1047 words)

 Akbar in Los Angeles, CA - AOL City Guide
Akbar manages to be a step above many other bars simply on the basis of its convenience, affordability and casual atmosphere.
One of my female friend was attacked this weekend by one of the bouncer's female friends, who ripped her dress off in the main area and THEY were escorted out, not the woman w...
Akbar has always been a cool spot, but a few weeks ago it opened the dance-floor and back bar and the DJ's play the same crazy mix that is on the jukebox.
search.cityguide.aol.com /losangeles/bars/akbar/v-100063268   (510 words)

 Akbar London - Bar Review, Basement, 77 Dean Street
Akbar is unfeasibly relaxing and laid-back, considering its location.
I must warn you that if you arrive late on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll look slightly foolish because there won’t be any of the nice leather chairs empty; but get here early, settle down with a couple of cocktails and your companion will be putty in your hands.
I left my bike tied to a lampost outside and after leaving Akbar I went down the street for dinner, and then came to retrieve my bike at which point the bouncer told me never to park my bike there again.
www.viewlondon.co.uk /review_1121.html   (441 words)

Akbar was born in 1542, so he was 14 or 15 when he officially took the throne: some portraits
After Akbar's early, crucial capture of Malwa (1561) from the Afghan ruler Baz Bahadur of *Mandu*, kathak dancers from the newly captured city perform for him.
Akbar saw to it that his miniature painters were also exposed to European art, including Christian religious art-- and Greek mythology
www.columbia.edu /itc/mealac/pritchett/00routesdata/1500_1599/akbar/akbar.html   (382 words)

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