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Topic: Akha

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In the News (Tue 19 Jun 18)

  madhyapur - multi lingual magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Akha Chhen aims at creating deeper understanding and appreciation of Newah, Nepalese and World culture and making the world a better place to be.
Akha Chhen was opened for the public with entrance fee of NRs 5.00 as fund raising for the disabled people.
Akha Chhen wishes to organize various social activities for the benefit of the society and under previleged people in future too.
www.jwajalapa.com /madhyapur/akha.php   (727 words)

 October 2001 Childrens Rights - The Akha People of Northern Thailand
Originating in Tibet, the Akha began migrating to the mountains of Laos, Burma, and Thailand early in the 20th century, before national boundaries had been firmly established.
The Akha way of life doesn’t fit well today with the national life of Thailand, which is governed from Bangkok.
An unfortunate aspect of life for people like the Akha is the degree of economic poverty that overshadows their lives.
www.maryknoll.org /EDUCA/CORNER/akha/participate.htm   (718 words)

 Akha : Poems and Biography
The non-dualist poet-saint Akha lived sometime in the early seventeenth century in the Gujarat region of India.
This woman later questioned the purity of the gold Akha had used and took it to another goldsmith for testing, only to find out that it was more pure than she had thought.
Akha was shaken when he discovered how easily his integrity could be questiond and he began to turn inward.
www.poetry-chaikhana.com /A/Akha   (336 words)

 The Akha and the Spirits
The Akha believe in a period, which is similar to the Christian idea of the Garden of Eden.
To the Akha, however, it means that the spirits are running havoc on the community, which requires an offering to be made at the sacred forest to appease them.
The Akha believed that only animals like dogs and pigs give birth to more than one offspring and therefore considered twins as beasts and not human and must be immediately killed.
www.chiangmai-chiangrai.com /hilltribe_akha.html   (519 words)

 Akha Hilltribe
Most Akha are to be found in Northern Burma, NW Laos and Northern Thailand; which would support the view that they migrated southwards from Tibet and China.
It is thought that the first Akha came to Thailand sometime in the nineteenth century and settled north of the Kok River.
Akha believe in spirits, including ancestor spirits, friendly and malicious spirits as well as many others.
www.wayfarersthailand.com /akha.htm   (303 words)

 NEWS & EVENTS - AKHA SWING CEREMONY - At various Akha villages in the Doi Tung Development Project Area   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Akha swing ceremony, the best known of all hill-tribe rituals and celebrations, is held in mid-August and September when the rice and corn have matured and are almost ready for harvest, approximately two months before the harvest season.
For the first time in their life, Akha girls are dressed in their full adult attire, complete with a heavily-ornamented head-dress adorned with silver, fur, strings of beads, seeds, tassels made of brightly-dyed chicken feathers.
For Akha girls and women, the costume and particularly the head-dress reflects stages in their life, evolving through childhood to adolescence and culminating in the elaborate adult attire worn for the first time at the annual swing ceremony.
www.doitung.org /doitung/what_on/akha.asp?print=true   (945 words)

 Jonathan Levy, The Akha & Modernization; A Quasi Legal Perspective
The Akha are confronted with several immediate issues: relocation of villages by Thai authorities, prostitution, narcotics, poverty, loss of culture and identity, and depredations by Christian missionaries.
It was in an Akha village 40km from Mae Sat, on the Thai border with Burma.
In the meantime, the Akha are in the middle of a new drug war in Thailand as methamphetamine floods the area displacing opiates.
www.hartford-hwp.com /archives/54/226.html   (2325 words)

 Tales of Asia - Akha
To the Akha, this piece of paper was a charm, no different than the star shaped ornaments they attached to their gates, to keep out unwanted spirits.
The older people only spoke Akha language to one another, and yet you would pick out a peppering of Thai words, as Akha lacked vocabulary to deal with many of the modern concepts they were discussing.
But the part that admire most about the Akha, is that each and everyone of them knows his history, his culture, and the small part that he plays in the world.
www.talesofasia.com /rs-116-akha.htm   (4017 words)

 The Akha or E-Gor Hilltribes in Chiang Mai, Thailand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Akha villages can be found near the Burmese border in the northern part of Chiang Mai province, but mainly in Chiang Rai province.
The "Akha Way" helps the tribe to maintain continuity and is administered by the village priest, who has more power than the elders and village head.
Akha clothing is made of a homespun cotton cloth died to near fl with indigo.
www.chiangmai1.com /chiang_mai/akha.shtml   (257 words)

 Akha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Akha began arriving in Thailand in the early twentieth century and continue to immigrate, with some 80,000 now living in Thailand's northern provinces of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai at high altitudes.
The Akha put a particularly heavy emphasis on genealogy - they are taught their family history at a very early age, and their culture has a strong focus on honouring ancestors and their parents, though they dispute that this represents a form of ancestor worship.
A better description of Akha religion would be animism, as they believe in a world filled with spirits, both good and bad, that have a definite physical impact on the world.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Akha   (649 words)

 Akha Contribution from Drugwar.com - Akha
Akha traditional villages have no problem allowing a few Christian families in their villages, but pastors who can gain control of most of the families of a village will not allow a few families to remain traditional.
The Akha children who are removed seldom return to their culture or village and they are told that in order to receive the benefits of the boarding school they must be Christian.
As a means of assisting the Akha to defend themselves and their culture while under rabid attack by all the mainline American and American backed missions, I began working on developing Akha literature.
www.drugwar.com /store/proddetail.cfm?ItemID=12   (1675 words)

 The Akha Hilltribes Thailand: Welcome
Every Akha village is distinguished by their carved wooden gates, presided over by guardian spirits.
In order to supplement their income, many Akha are now selling handicrafts, employing the traditional skills used in making their own clothing and cultural items.
Akha women spin cotton into thread with a hand spindle, then weave it on a foot-treadle loom.
www.thailine.com /akha   (369 words)

 Akha People (Thailand)
There are approximately 20,000 Akha living in Thailand's northern provinces of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai at high altitudes.
In the central part of the flag (that is as national wear) I want to simbolize also: with the white the freedom and the peace; with the red the strugle against opresors (Thai and Burmese).
At the end for aestetic questions they preferred that the narrow gilded stripe was from the same size that the fl ones, and they prefer the six-pointed star from the five-pointed one (no explanation, but perhaps because the six-pointed star is used by other Christian ethnic groups).
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/th}akha.html   (452 words)

 Akha Summary
The Akha are a highland people inhabiting parts of eastern and southern Shan State in Myanmar (Burma) as well as adjoining border regions in China, Thailand, and Laos.
The Akha subgroups are most often distinguished by the distinctive headdresses of their women, many of whom wear a traditional costume of fl clothes and embroidered jackets.
The Akha generally live in bamboo houses raised on low wooden stilts in hilly areas, where they subsist through an often destructive form of slash and burn agriculture.
www.bookrags.com /Akha   (718 words)

 Indigenous Peoples of The World - The Akha
The visitor to an Akha village could easily be fooled as to the depth and spiritual significance of their daily life.
Entering an Akha village you will see a wooden frame looking like it's either waiting for a door to be made, or its previous door has been removed.
As the Akha are exposed to the modern world the changes they are facing are sometimes beneficial but other times threatening to their survival.
www.peoplesoftheworld.org /text?people=Akha   (1832 words)

 The Akha-Network
While tiredly stumbling along the narrow path, which was the only visible connection between the lowland and highland villages, I started imagining how the network of Akha hamlets, the decentralized structure of their settling, as well as the meaninglessness of national borders to them, resembled some characteristics of the internet.
So the Akha people ate the lettered hide, saying that it was better for them to keep their knowledge inside.
The first who 'returned' a written alphabet to the Akha were the missionaries, but they traded it against the souls of those who wanted to attain it.
www.ambienttv.net /manu/projects/akha/net.html   (1646 words)

 Akha Hill Tribe Thailand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
And this is strange, as they are in the heart of the CIA golden heroin triangle of air america, there are scores of spies and DEA and missionaries who know who they are and have been abusing them for years, but one would think a little of the story would leak out somehow.
Recent visits to Laos, Vietnam and the Akha in China were most beneficial and helped us to understand more of the Akha who inhabit these regions and what their needs are.
Despite proof that there are Akha in Sacramento, the state and county refugee related agencies continue to provide language services to these people and supervisory agencies continue to cover up the situation.
akha.blogspot.com   (1420 words)

 About the Akha of Northern Thailand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Akha people are rightly famous for their very exotic and beautiful costumes, and can be seen in many towns in northern Thailand selling their unique handicrafts.
Deeply ingrained in all Akha is the knowledge of ‘the Akha way’ (the ‘akhazhan’), which has historically dictated the pattern of their lives.
Akha speak a Tibeto-Burman language with five tones and many different dialects, though one predominates in Thailand.
www.lanna.com /LisuLodge/html/akha.html   (638 words)

 Sterilization and Blood Theft By Missionaries
This was done secretly without the approval of the Burmese government by requiring the women to go into Thailand for the procedure and using people in the Church hierarchy to organize the movement of the trusting women, who had little education as to what the long-term effects on their lives would be.
The following is severly condensed from the Akha response to the issues of how their language has been manipulated, and how they were deceived over the sterilizations, which continue to this day.
The missionaries quickly seized upon the killing of twins at birth in the Akha culture as a means to villify the whole culture and turn many Akha against anything and everything Akha.
www.eco-action.org /mission/akha1.html   (1378 words)

 Make your own Akha Spindle: courtesy of Spindling.com
Specs: An Akha type spindle should be under 1/2 an ounce to it does not break the fine cotton yarn.
Akha tribesmen bury wood in the ground for several months to make it dense enough for a the whorls.
The toy wheels that I like to use to assemble top whorl spindles will not do for an Akha type spindle, they weigh too much and the center holes are too large.
www.spindling.com /AkhaMake.html   (788 words)

 Akha Spindle: Article on Akha Spinning by Spindling.com
The Akha women are particularly skilled at hiking up their skirts in a provocative way as they flip the spindles off their thighs.
The Akha are one of approximately twenty tribes who have been misplaced from their traditional grounds by the forming of national borders and the misplacements of war.
The Akha Foundation is working to increase medical aid, sanitary conditions, wells and education for the Akha people.
www.spindling.com /AkhaSpindle.html   (2573 words)

 Hani (Akha) references
Jim Goodman in his book "The Akha: Guardians of the Forest" refers to the Akha, in Yunnan, China as being part of the officially recognised Hani miniority and as Yunnan being the original Akha homeland.
He refers to the Akha language belonging to the Yi branch of the Tibeto-Burman family and being related to Lahu, Lisu and various Hani dialects.
In China the Akha are classified as a branch of the Hani and are officially known as 'Aini'.
www.tribaltextiles.info /Galleries/Hani-Akha/Hani-Akha_references.htm   (490 words)

 Akha People Thailand
Whilst some of the hill tribes appear to have similar histories, linguistic heritages and material concepts, what distinguishes the Akha [ apart from their distinctive style of dress ] is their culture or themes for living.
To live such a pure life the Akha have various rituals and prescriptions for living and in particular to certain events such as the process of birth, sickness, death, adultery and the use of pure rice and animal offerings in ceremonies.
A translation of the Akha word to describe the power is ancestor or grandfather and the remainder of the term means great power.
www.thailandsworld.com /index.cfm?p=101   (410 words)

 About AFECT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The goals of the project were to raise awareness among hill-tribe members of the social, political, legal and economic situation of Thailand, to assist the Akha in conserving their culture and to build unity amongst the Akha.
Akha culture from disappearing completely, AFECT started teaching Akha to those who had forgotten it and started working with the students in the dormitories, teaching them about Akha life.
AFECT was recognized by the Thai media and government as the voice of the Akha and the staff was frequently quoted.
www.akhathai.org /about_AFECT.html   (674 words)

 The Akha Heritage Foundation - akha.org
The missionaries gain a vast income of money off the Akha children, meaning that the Akha children are worth a lot, which means that the missionaries are involved in trafficking the children to their own compounds for their own gain.
The Akha made allegations on video, that the staff workers of ACF and NCA in Laos were sexually abusing girls and women in the project villages.
The Akha Peace and Justice Center, set up in 2004 (after the slaughter of the 2003 Drug War) to protect Akha villages in the regions of Chaingrai Province, has been a steady destination for western volunteers seeking to assist the Akha people with direct action to protect their human rights.
www.akha.org   (7365 words)

 Akha documentary film screening
This village was the first to welcome me to participate in the Akha way of life during their Swing Festival ten years ago, when I spent an exchange year at Chiang Mai University's Faculty of Fine Arts.
The voice of Asseu, who has worked as radio presenter for over 40 years, is very prominent amongst the Akha, and the film audience enjoyed seeing the face behind it, as well as watching her at work.
An Akha woman said that the film reminded her of just how many issues affect the situation of the Akha, regarding it as a helpful summary from where to pick up discussions and develop active approaches.
www.ambienttv.net /akha/vb/archive/screenings.html   (1015 words)

 Living Among the Akha, Thailand's Largest Hill Tribe
He did explain that financial pressures, mostly caused by the seizure of their farmland, had driven a number of Akha young people to seek jobs in the cities.
The Akha were obviously a hard-working people; the house was completed by evening.
But the part that I admire most about the Akha is that each and every one of them knows his history, his culture, and the small part that he plays in the world.
www.worldandi.com /subscribers/feature_detail.asp?num=25000   (4136 words)

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