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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Great standing on the Ugra river - Wikipedia Mirror US
Akhmat Khan decided to take advantage of this situation and in June of 1480 sent a reconnaissance unit to investigate the right bank of the Oka river.
However, Akhmat was met by the Russian army under the joint command of Ivan Molodoy (Ivan Junior, Ivan's son) and Andrey Menshoy (Andrey Smaller, Ivan's brother).
On January 6, 1481 Akhmat Khan was killed in a clash with the army of Ibak Khan of Tyumen.
www.wiki-mirror.us /index.php/Great_standing_on_the_Ugra_river   (566 words)

 AKHMAT KHAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Akhmat Khan était un khan de l'horde d'or entre 1465 et 1481.
En 1465, Akhmat a saisi la puissance dans l'horde en se levant contre son frère Mahmud Khan, qui avait été son gouverneur depuis 1459.
En 1472, Akhmat a écrit dans l'alliance avec le Roi polonais Casimir IV contre Ivan III.
www.faktis.com /wiki/fr/ak/Akhmat%20Khan.htm   (155 words)

 Chronicle of Events   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The ITAR TASS news agency quoted Akhmat Kadyrov who predicted a virtually 100% turnout of voters at the polls in the Chechen presidential elections.
According to Elzhiev, the rules for the pre-election procedure are being violated by the administration of the Achkhoi—Martan region, which supports the Acting President, Akhmat Kadyrov.
Akhmat Kadyrov sent a motion to the RF State Duma asking for the prolongation of the amnesty deadline for the participants of illegal Chechen military formations till October 5, 2003 (i.e.
www.mhg.ru /english/34F659B   (611 words)

 Akhmat_Khan - The Wordbook Encyclopedia
In 1465, Akhmat seized power in the Horde by rising against his brother Mahmud Khan, who had been its ruler since 1459.
In 1476, Akhmat suggested to Ivan III that he should recognize Russia's vassal dependence from the Horde.
On 6 January 1481, Akhmat Khan and his men were killed by Siberian khan Ibaq Khan of Tyumen and Nogays at the mouth of the Donets River.
www.thewordbook.com /Akhmat_Khan   (238 words)

 Back in the U.S.S.R. - Summer Journey | TIME Magazine
Another father we met in Tashkent, Akhmat, hasn't seen his son since he too was arrested for the second time—in his case shortly after Andijan.
This time, Akhmat says, the government has not told him where his son is being held.
He was arrested again—"we don't know why"—and "he has disappeared," Akhmat says.
www.time.com /time/asia/2006/journey/uzbekistan4.html   (665 words)

 Sentence Executed - Kommersant Moscow
When they brought Akhmat Kadyrov from the stand his head hung lifelessly and there was a broad streak of blood on his body.
It was most likely embedded in the concrete base of the stand beside the first mine, but it didn't go off; it was just thrown out by the explosion.” A third explosive device was also discovered at the stadiuma 1.5-liter plastic bottle filled with plastit and rigged with a timer set for 12:05.
According to one of the investigation versions, the terrorists were not expecting Akhmat Kadyrov and were planning to set off the explosion at noon, regardless of who was in the stand.
www.kommersant.com /p473089/r_1/Sentence_Executed   (3350 words)

 Akhmat Kadyrov college humor Akhmat Kadyrov
Find akhmat kadyrov and more at Lycos Search.
Akhmat Abdulkhamidovich Kadyrov (Russian: Ахмат Абдулхамидович Кадыров (August 23, 1951 – May 9, 2004) was the president of the Chechen Republic (elected on October 5, 2003).
He was assassinated on the 9th of May 2004 in Grozny stadium by a bomb blast under a VIP stage during a World War II memorial victory parade.
www.find-ask.com /Encyclopedia/Akhmat_Kadyrov/Akhmat_Kadyrov.html   (633 words)

 The Presidential Election of 5 October 2003
Because of the years of extrajudicial executions and kidnappings, non-stop cleansings and robberies even those who had earlier identified themselves with convinced separatists tended to aspire to a regular and calm life while their political aspirations became secondary in importance.
And on 9 September in the Staroprovyslovsky district of Grozny Bislan Hayauri was shot dead in front of the eyes of multiple witnesses.
Having committed this crime, armed people who introduced themselves as Akhmat Kadyrov’s security service personnel blocked and fired automatic weapons at the house his family was living in, then they burst inside and robbed the property kept there.
www.memo.ru /hr/hotpoints/N-Caucas/atmstr/eng/6.htm   (1107 words)

 New suspects in Kadyrov's assassination arrested
Two young residents of Chechnya have been arrested by security agencies on suspicion of organizing the May 9 terror attack at the Dinamo stadium in Grozny, which left head of the republic Akhmat Kadyrov, chairman of the Chechen State Council Husein Isayev and several more people dead and over 80 injured.
But the interior ministry has flatly refused to impart names of the alleged murderers of Akhmat Kadyrov "in the interests of investigation".
It is worth noting that the detention or even liquidation of organizers of Akhmat Kadyrov's assassination has already been reported by the media several times.
eng.kavkaz.memo.ru /newstext/engnews/id/673554.html   (116 words)

 Paper urges Kremlin to use Kadyrov death to broaden power base in Chechnya - News From Russia - News From Russia
The assassination of pro-Moscow Chechen President Akhmat Kadyrov on 9 May provides an opportunity to make the leadership of the republic more broadly based, according to an article on the Russian Strana.Ru web site.
Even in the midst of this cacophony, however, some sensible voices could be heard, arguing that the event should not be treated as a disaster.
The group of candidates must give voters a broad range of choices, and if the federal government supports one of them, it must take care not to resemble an inexorable steamroller, crushing the hopes of voters seeking other alternatives.
www.gateway2russia.com /st/art_236108.php   (1112 words)

 Chronicle of Events   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Akhmat Kadyrov stated that the future Chechen president should unite the Chechen people that has been plagued by conflicts for a long time.
I will come out with this message to the voters during the campaign meetings due to start across Chechnya in the nearest future,” he stressed.
Presidential candidate Malik Saidullaev stated in Moscow that all candidates running for the president of Chechnya are willing to put up a joint front in their election campaign against Akhmat Kadyrov.
www.mhg.ru /english/34F614E   (797 words)

 City of Blood Relation - Kommersant Moscow
Chechnya’s parliament passed the ruling yesterday, December 14, 2005, to rename Grozny, Chechnya, to Akhmatkala (the city of Akhmat) in honor of the late president Akhmat Kadyrov.
The federal authorities didn’t embrace that decision of the parliament and recommended deputies to focus on problems of everyday living, signaling the Kremlin is in no mood to pamper ambitions of Ramzan Kadyrov.
The late Chechen President Akhmat Kadyrov was killed May 9, 2004, in time of the terror act staged at Dynamo stadium, Grozny.
www.kommersant.com /page.asp?idr=527&id=635563   (574 words)

 Our Homeland [The Voice of Russia]
Moving west of the upper reached of the Oka River, Khan Akhmat headed to the Ugra River that separated Russia from Lithuania.
Simultaneously, Khan Akhmat now had his very own lands threatened by his sworn enemy — the Crimean Khan Mengli Girei who, true to his allied duty to Moscow, attacked the lands ruled by King Kazimir IV thus depriving Khan Akhmat of the help he so desperately needed at the moment…
Khan Akhmat’s retreat from the Ugra was the beginning of the end of the Golden Horde and signified the end of the more than two century-long Tatar enslavement.
www.vor.ru /English/homeland/home_008.html   (2079 words)

 Battle Lines Drawn in Karachai-Cherkess Poll
Retired general Vladimir Semyonov is strongly positioned to regain power as president of the North Caucasian republic of Karachai-Cherkessia in the forthcoming elections there.
Overall, this presidential election already looks radically different from its predecessor, since it is a contest between Karachais.
Akhmat Ebzeyev is a freelance journalist working in Karachai-Cherkessia.
www.iwpr.net /?p=crs&s=f&o=160514&apc_state=henicrs6c593de91b439d4660251436e67e8ea5   (1086 words)

 The Jamestown Foundation
“The happy parents named their boy in honor of the first president of Chechnya, Akhmat Kadyrov,” the press service explained to the website.
“At the direction of the chairman of the government of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, and the head of the Hero of Russia Akhmat Kadyrov Regional Social Foundation, Aimani Kadyrova [Akhmad Kadyrov’s widow], the foundation’s chairman, Khas-Magomed Khizriev, and the head of the Kurchaloi district, Eli Abdulaev, visited the maternity hospital.
The guests congratulated the happy mother and, wishing the infant a happy life, presented the parents with the keys to a VAZ-2107 car.” That same day, the maternity hospital delivered its first baby girl.
www.jamestown.org /publications_details.php?volume_id=416&issue_id=3672&article_id=2370932   (826 words)

 Make Them Listen. - May 15th, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
More than 4,000 people had gathered there to celebrate the holiday at the grave of the mother of a revered 19th-century Chechen Muslim leader.
"Religious leaders from throughout the Northern Caucasus came," said an eyewitness, Akhmat Abatsov, the chief of Chechnya's Gudermes region.
Abatsov said in a telephone interview that the attacker walked to within about 10 feet of Kadyrov before she detonated the bomb.
greyroom.livejournal.com /2003/05/15   (931 words)

 Kavkazskiö Fond
Several obvious conclusions can be drawn from this incident: First, that the so-called impeachment was aimed at serving a political purpose - to prove to the international community that Maskhadov is being deprived of even a hollow legitimacy.
It is no accident that prior to this press conference the "Maskhadovian" deputies met with Akhmat Kadyrov, head of Chechnya's Moscow-backed administration and a heavyweight candidate in the upcoming presidential elections.
Secondly, if not all of the 42 deputies sided with Moscow, then a significant number surely did.
www.kafkas.org.tr /english/ajans/2003/eylul/30.09.03-news.html   (1796 words)

 Kyrgyzstan: President's Family Ties Invite Unflattering Comparisons - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The president has made no real secret of his brothers' successes -- or of their jobs as state officials.
But the involvement of brother Janysh in this latest scandal led local media to note that brothers Marat and Adil work in Kyrgyz embassies abroad, and that brother Akhmat is a successful businessman.
Entrepreneur Akhmat Bakiev defended his older brother, the president, in comments to RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service.
www.rferl.org /featuresarticle/2006/9/912e5cbd-06fe-4cbe-9fd2-b2d27e60f4a6.html   (963 words)

 Council of Europe Mission In Chechnya Obstructed - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Rights activists claim that Tsentoroi is one of a number of villages that host secret jails in which prisoners and kidnap victims are tortured.
A security force Ramzan Kadyrov led when his late father, Akhmat Kadyrov, was president of the republic has been accused of abducting and torturing hundreds of civilians.
President Alu Alkhanov said the incident on Monday was a "misunderstanding" and that CPT officials could visit any site in Chechnya.
www.rferl.org /featuresarticle/2006/5/D73CA32C-E6ED-45B9-96F7-D1D4D9333106.html   (200 words)

 OCHA in the Russian Federation
Participants in the ceremony, including officials from the Chechen government and federal bodies of power, clergymen and representatives of public organizations will march along the restored avenue from Minutka Square to the main in the republic New Year´s tree.
The ceremony will end with the laying of flowers to the monument to Akhmat Kadyrov.
After that guests of the ceremony and residents of Grozny will watch a New Year performance.
www.ocha.ru /index.php?m=13&id=1672&arc=1&_lang=eng   (365 words)

 Akhmat Travel Forum - VirtualTourist.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Get Akhmat travel and vacation advice from over 800,000 VirtualTourist members.
Post a Akhmat travel question and get unbiased, timely answers and insights from real travelers and Akhmat locals.
Be the first to post a question in the
forum.virtualtourist.com /forum-657358-1-Travel-Akhmat--forum.html   (54 words)

 Human rights groups file proposals for Chechnya to Administration :. News :. THE CHECHEN TIMES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Human rights groups file proposals for Chechnya to Administration
The death of Akhmat Kadyrov has again posed the problem of searching for ways of settlement of the armed conflict in the Chechen Republic, not only to the Russian leadership but also to the entire Russian society.
The question of government in the Chechen Republic is the most important aspect of this problem.
www.chechentimes.org /en/news/?id=18526   (888 words)

 People's Daily Online -- Organiser of May 9 explosion killed in Chechnya
Organiser of May 9 explosion killed in Chechnya
The organiser of the act of terrorism staged in Grozny on May 9, which claimed the life of Chechen President Akhmat Kadyrov, was killed in Chechnya on Monday morning.
He is one of the 18 gunmen, close associates of Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, who were killed in combat engagement near the village of Shamil-Yurt, Vedeno District, Ramzan Kadyrov, deputy chairman of the Chechen government and the son of the late President Akhmat Kadyrov, told journalists.
english.peopledaily.com.cn /200411/09/eng20041109_163249.html   (160 words)

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