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Topic: Al Alberts

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In the News (Sat 16 Feb 19)

  The Four Aces - Inductees - The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Foundation
Al Alberts continued to perform into the '90s, leading a newer edition of the act.
They played locally in the Philadelphia area, and Alberts started his own record label, Victoria Records, when they could not find a distributor to release their first record, "(It's No) Sin." It sold a million copies, and Decca Records soon signed the group, billing them as The Four Aces featuring Al Alberts.
Alberts, however, left the group in 1956 to try to make it as a soloist, but never made the charts.
www.vocalgroup.org /inductees/the_four_aces.html   (509 words)

 The Four Aces - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Original: Al Alberts (originally Albertini), Dave Mahoney, Lou Silvestri, and Rosario "Sod" Vaccaro
The original members were Al Alberts (originally Albertini), Dave Mahoney, Lou Silvestri, and Rosario "Sod" Vaccaro.
Originally, Alberts sang with Mahoney playing behind him, and later they added Vaccaro on trumpet and Silvestri on drums.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Four_Aces   (280 words)

 SNL GeoBio LDRD - Biomolecular Interactions with Clay Minerals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Speculation on the origin of life is beyond the scope of this study, however, the ability of clay surfaces to selectively absorb biomolecules, or the monmeric and oligomeric units of these macromolecules, can be addressed.
Interatomic potentials were derived from parameterizations incorporating structural and spectroscopic data from a variety of simple hydrated compounds (Cygan et al., 2002).
  As a final thought, it is conceivable that perhaps ordering of the isomorphic substitutions (Al for Si) in the tetrahedral sheet of a beidellite clay may be responsible for the templating of selected amino acids and that the clay surface catalyzes their condensation to form the first proteins.
www.sandia.gov /geobio/randy.html   (4812 words)

 Al Alberts, a Broadcast Pioneer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Al and his wife, Broadcast Pioneers member Stella Alberts (they were married in 1954) hosted an hour syndicated radio program, "Harmony" carried in Philadelphia on WPEN Radio Sunday evenings from 8 to 9 pm.
As an adult, Alberts returned to the Broza show, writing some of the show's music until it went off the air on both TV and radio in July of 1958.
We had rented a condo from Al and Stella during those summers in Wildwood Crest, called the Sailfish, and they met my daughter and asked her to be on the show.
www.broadcastpioneers.com /alalberts.html   (1305 words)

It was predicted from this structure that "Ca must induce major conformational changes in each half and in the relation between the halves to accommodate actin binding".
In quiescent cells, ADF/cofilin appears diffusely distributed in the cytoplasm, the activated (dephosphorylated) protein translocates to regions of the cells where actin filaments are highly dynamic like the leading edge of ruffled membranes, the cleavage furrow of dividing cells, or the neuronal growth clone.
Microtubules depolymerize and repolymerize continually in animal cells (Alberts et al.,1994), and this is central to cell morphogenesis.
www.uic.edu /classes/phyb/phyb516/cellmotilityu.htm   (2818 words)

 Experts.com - The Premiere Online Experts Directory
The interested reader is referred to Alberts and do Pico (1996), Bardana (1999), and Tarlo (2000) for a discussion of this point.
Recent authors (Henneberger, et al., 2003) have modified this criterion to include people who had asthma, and then did not have asthma symptoms or treatment for asthma during the two years before entering a new work setting where they then developed work-related, irritant induced asthma.
However, Alberts and do Pico (1996) have interpreted the remainder of the phrase -- "absence of preceding respiratory complaints" as follows: a "negative history of obstructive [pulmonary] symptoms prior to exposure".
www.experts.com /showArticle.asp?id=60   (2071 words)

 Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks - 4 Aces
This is due to the hits of Al Alberts and the 4 Aces (such as “Sin,” “Perfidia,” and “Three Coins In The Fountain”).
But before Al Alberts, there was another 4 Aces group, an R&B group that recorded for Trilon and 4-Star in the 1940s.
However, once Al Alberts and the 4 Aces started having hits, that was it for the guys; they never again recorded.
home.att.net /~marvy42/4Aces/4aces.html   (1622 words)

 The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Alberts didn't care just as long as they would let him sing.
Al Alberts said: "We continued to expand our jazz combo into a full orchestra consisting of four saxophones, three trumpets, two trombones, bass, drums and piano.
On some of the recordings, her name was spelled "Rosalyn." Al Alberts' role as the male singer was taken over by Jack Hunter who also stayed with the band for many years.
www.broadcastpioneers.com /alberts-childrenshour.html   (705 words)

 eBay - al alberts, Records, Music items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Four Aces Al Alberts Decca 45 rpm Perfidia
AL ALBERTS: One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart
Four Aces Al Alberts 1958 Decca Lp The Swingin' Aces
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=al+alberts&newu=1&krd=1   (386 words)

 AA and The Barstars
Al enige tijd zijn de jongens van THE BARSTARS on the road met APPIE ALBERTS "The Doctor".
THE BARSTARS begonnen het werk van Appie Alberts te coveren en speelden voor de lol een keer samen tijdens een concert in Het Pleintje in Winschoten.
THE BARSTARS voorheen The Big Bastards rocken al zo'n 5 jaar samen, hun grootste prestatie leverden ze om in het najaar van 1997 de Rockbattle te bereiken, zo verscheen 1 nummer van de band, geproduceerd door Alfred Lagarde, op een verzamel c.d.
tinpan.fortunecity.com /melody/331   (394 words)

Alberts et al (2002) Molecular Biology of the Cell pp.
Lauber et al (2003) Apoptotic Cells Induce Migration of Phagocytes via Caspase-3-Mediated Release of a Lipid Attraction Signal.
Li et al (2003) Phosphatidylserine Receptor Is Required for Clearance of Apoptotic Cells Science 302: 1560-1563.
www.brown.edu /Courses/BI0105_Miller/read/apoptosis/index.html   (86 words)

 A Software Library of Dynamic Graph Algorithms - Alberts, Cattaneo, Italiano, Nanni, Zaroliagis (ResearchIndex)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Alberts, G. Cattaneo, G.F. Italiano, U. Nanni, and C. Zaroliagis.
15 An Empirical study of Dynamic Graph Algorithms - Alberts, Cattaneo et al.
A Seed-Growth Heuristic for Graph Bisection - Marks, Ruml, al.
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /alberts98software.html   (727 words)

 The Four Aces vocal group
The story of The Four Aces started when Philadelphia born Al Alberts was serving in the U.S. Navy and teamed up with tenor saxist Dave Mahoney.
Al was the lead and Dave, Sod and Lou added the tenor, baritone and bass voices.
Showy orchestrations compliment the confident lead of Al Alberts and the harmonies of his emphatic cohorts, who had evolved into a tight and effective unit.
www.singers.com /jazz/vintage/fouraces.html   (713 words)

 7.61 For Current Students
Alberts: Chapter 19 (you can omit the section on plant cell walls if you wish)
Alberts: Chapter 13 (focus on endocytosis, but we will cover the secretory pathway later)
Chapter 11 and portions of Chapter 14 focused on ATPase and proton pumping.
web.mit.edu /7.61/restricted/current.html   (669 words)

 Am I Right - Misheard Lyrics, Al Alberts
These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called parody.
This page contains all the misheard lyrics for Al Alberts that have been submitted to this site and the old collection from inthe80s started in 1996.
Al Alberts', "On The Way To Cape May"
www.amiright.com /misheard/artist/alalberts.shtml   (174 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Bruce Alberts et al - Molecular Biology of the Cell at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Bruce Alberts et al - Molecular Biology of the Cell
Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBOC), Edition Four, does not disapoint readers who have faithfully studied Alberts in the past, nor does it disappoint Molecular Biology newcomers.
The writing is clear and engaging, and it seems Alberts (et al) has his target audience down to a tee.
www.epinions.com /content_86988787332   (605 words)

There are three major processes in fibroblast motility (Alberts et al.
Protrusion of lamellipodia or filopodia, which is thought to be due to actin polymerization at the leading edge.
The significance of the fibronectin/integrin interaction is exemplified by knockouts of the genes encoding either fibronectin or two fibronectin receptors (integrins alpha4 and alpha5) in mice, which cause developmental defects that are severe enough to cause embryonic lethality (George et al.
www.ucalgary.ca /UofC/eduweb/virtualembryo/morphogenesis.html   (1170 words)

 Al Alberts Is Gone - Page 2 - IndyStar.com message boards
IndyStar is reporting Pacers head play-by-play man Al Alberts is leaivng to pursue other things.
Albert couldn't stand the thought of another Al joining the pacers and treading on his turf, so he jumped ship...
I'm telling ya, Al left because AB wouldn't stop saying this when he walked into the BLR after games.
www2.indystar.com /forums/showthread.php?t=159375&page=2   (380 words)

 Midterm, signal transduction, Fall 2000
Above is a diagram of a ligand gated G-protein signaling mechanism (Alberts et al., Fig 15-14B).
Here is "red vs. green" in the human opsin cloning paper (Nathans et al., 1986, Fig.
Here is a diagram pertaining to ras (Alberts et al., Fig.
starklab.slu.edu /Signal00/Midterm00.htm   (964 words)

 Philly Kids Shows
Al Alberts' Showcase ran on WFIL/WPVI-TV from 1966 to 2001.
In 2001, Al and Stella retired to the Gulf Coast of Florida.
Cruisin 92.1 WVLT aired a special tribute to the Chief featuring Sally Starr, Bill Webber, Al Alberts, Francis Davis, and Jerry Blavat.
phillymemories.tripod.com /id3.htm   (1146 words)

 Brains, claims, and the pharmaceutical industry -- Alberts et al. 327 (7418): 107 -- BMJ
Brains, claims, and the pharmaceutical industry -- Alberts et al.
Alberts MJ, Hasemenos G, Latchaw RE, et al.
Coulter I, Adams A, Shekelle P. Impact of varying panel membership on ratings of appropriateness in consensus panels: a comparison of a multi- and single disciplinary panel.
www.bmj.com /cgi/content/full/327/7418/E107   (1025 words)

 Old Chester, PA: Biographical Sketches: Al Alberts - The Four Aces
Home > Biographies > Al Alberts - The Four Aces
The Four Aces started in a Prospect Park milk bar for $28 a night and wound up in a plus Las Vegas Hotel for $10,000 a week.
If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about individuals in Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com
www.oldchesterpa.com /biographies/alberts_al.htm   (818 words)

 Cancer Spectrum: Alberts et al., pp. 846-853.
Mechanism of action of chemoprotective ursodeoxycholate in the azoxymethane model of rat colonic carcinogenesis: potential roles of protein kinase C-alpha, -beta II, and -zeta.
Ursodiol use is associated with lower prevalence of colonic neoplasia in patients with ulcerative colitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis.
Ursodeoxycholic acid therapy and the risk of colorectal adenoma in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis: an observational study.
jncicancerspectrum.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/jnci;97/11/846   (5296 words)

 Mitochondria & Chloroplasts
Alberts et al (2002) Molecular Biology of the Cell.
Kiessling et al (2000) Visualization of a cytoskeleton-like FtsZ network in chloroplasts.
Spees et al (2006) Mitochondrial transfer between cells can rescue aerobic respiration.
www.brown.edu /Courses/BI0105_Miller/read/mito-chloro/index.html   (54 words)

 Clopidogrel Plus Aspirin for Stroke Prevention -- Alberts et al. 33 (11): 2546 -- Stroke
Articles by Alberts, M. Articles by Amarenco, P. Stroke.
et al found that in 5 years of follow-up, 18% of the stroke
Drs Alberts and Easton point out that the CURE study was not
stroke.ahajournals.org /cgi/content/full/33/11/2546   (1910 words)

 45 List - Entire setsale catalogue of over 25,000 vinyl records
Decca-29123 Four Aces/Feat Al Alberts Wedding bells(are breaking up that od gang of mine)/Three coins in the fountain Multi lab.
Decca-29395 Four Aces/Feat Al Alberts There is a tavern in the town/Melody of love Slt Ctr Dmg./SOL VG $2
Decca-29395 Four Aces/Feat Al Alberts There is a tavern in the town/Melody of love VG++ $3
www.wegotrecords.com /records/45-352.html   (1097 words)

 JEA 1997 Home Page for Alberts et al.
JEA 1997 Home Page for Alberts et al.
Alberts, G. Cattaneo, G. Italiano, ``An empirical study of dynamic graph algorithms'' Proc.
Alberts, M. Rauch Henzinger, ``Average Case Analysis of Dynamic Graph Algorithms'', Proc.
www.jea.acm.org /1997/AlbertsDynamic/bib.html   (431 words)

 Amazon.com: Molecular Biology of the Cell: Books: Alberts Et Al.,James D. Watson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
This item is not eligible for Amazon Prime, but over a million other items are.
Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts Et Al.
Many of the subjects discussed are difficult, but the authors do an outstanding job of explaining things clearly, and the illustrations are superb.
www.amazon.com /Molecular-Biology-Cell-Alberts-Al/dp/0815316194   (1403 words)

 SCIENCE POLICY:Proposed Changes for NIH's Center for Scientific Review -- Alberts et al. 285 (5428): 666 -- Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Find out more about why this message is appearing, and what you can do to make your experience of our site the best it can be.
Articles by Alberts, B. Articles by Yamamoto, K. Find Citing Articles in:
The Panel on Scientific Boundaries for Review is conducting a comprehensive examination of the organization and function of the review process carried out by the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/summary/285/5428/666   (325 words)

Lodish et al., Molecular Cell Biology (4th ed.) W.H. Freeman and Co. Pages 968-971.
Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell (4th ed.) Garland Schience, Pages 1113-1118 or
Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell (4th ed.) Garland Schience, Pages 1086-1088 or
www.umich.edu /~cellb530/list/2002/11-4-02A.htm   (295 words)

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