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 Al-Andalus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In exchange for lands in Andalus, Julian promised ships to carry Ibn Nusayr's troops across the Straight of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar).
Under the command of Tariq ibn-Ziyad, a small force landed at Gibraltar on April 30, 711.
Personal power politics may have played a larger part, as Julian and other notable families were extremely discontented with the existing status quo in the Visgothic kingdom. /wiki/Al-Andalus   (3747 words)

 Spanish-culture, AL-ANDALUS, Spanish courses, Malaga
Al- Andalus is an Accredited Center by the Instituto Cervantes, the only official institution for Spanish as second language.
Al-Andalus is located at only a 5 minute walk to the beach and at 15 minutes by bus to the city centre.
The Spanish courses are held all year round.   (316 words)

An "al ala" orchestra is one that is specialised in the classical Moroccan tradition of music from Moorish Andalusia- Al Andalus.
Al Ala al-Andalusiyya is the name given in Morocco to the music of the Arab-Andalusian Nubas.
This sample of his recordings from 1960 brought to us by the record label PNEUMA is typical of the style of the Andalusí School of north Morocco, which we have called the Tetuán-Tangier School. /USERS/pneuma/andaluse.htm   (1234 words)

 Al Andalus
Al Andalus Expreso is a luxury hotel on wheels, a unique vantage point from which to admire the Spanish countryside.
Al Andalus is made up of twelve cars, two restaurant cars, a lounge and games car, five sleeping cars, two shower cars and staff car.
On arrival at Seville, board the Al Andalus and shortly thereafter depart for Cordoba. /trains/andalus.htm   (813 words)

 FREE In-depth report - Al Andalus - Spain
Al Andalus, as Islamic Spain was called, was organized under the civil and religious leadership of the caliph of Damascus.
Pressure from the puritanical Berbers also led to crackdowns on Mozarabs (name for Christians in Al Andalus: literally, Arab-like) and Jews.
Nevertheless, violence against the Mozarabs was rare until the eleventh century, when the Christian states became a serious threat to the security of Al Andalus. /Spain-Al-Andalus-cg.php   (961 words)

 OpinionJournal - Extra
Al Andalus--Andalusia--would become a deep wound, a reminder of dominions gained by Islam and then squandered.
In the legend of Moorish Spain, the last Muslim king of Granada, Boabdil, surrendered the keys to his city on Jan. 2, 1492, and on one of its hills, paused for a final glance at his lost dominion.
Men came into bilad al kufr (the lands of unbelief), but a new breed of Islamists radicalized the faith there, in the midst of the kafir (unbeliever). /extra?id=110004879   (1741 words)

 Al-Andalus train tour, classic train tour of southern spain
Al Andalus Expreso is a luxury train tour, in the manner of the "Orient Express'.
Travel Dates: In general; departures dates for Al- Andalus are once a week in 'high season' April, May, June and September but with just 2 departure dates in November and December.
The photographs for this page were provided by Al Andalus and are used with permission. /train_Al-Andalus.htm   (627 words)

 Al Andalus Expreso
In 1988 its Pennsylvania-type bogies were replaced by G.C. Al Andalus is comprised of five grand-deluxe sleeping cars, all of which were constructed in France in 1929 and were used by the King of England on his travels between Calaîs and the Côte d'Azur.
The Al Andalus Expreso is a luxury hotel on wheels, a unique vantage point from which you can admire the Spanish countryside.
It was remodelled in 1985 for the Al Andalus and in 1988 its interior was completely reconstructed and its Pennsylvania bogies were changed to G.C. Model WR-3395. /html/ALANmain.html   (690 words)

The Al Andalus compartments are comprised of two single beds, or if you prefer, you may choose one of our five double-bedded compartments, all with private shower, W.C. and washbasin for your personal comfort.
The Al Andalus Express is composed of a total of fourteen cars.
Return to the Al Andalus for dinner onboard and relaxation in the piano bar coach "Giralda" before retiring for the evening. /ec_alandalus_page.htm   (887 words)

 Bin Laden's 'revenge' (against Spain) about 6 centuries old
The Al Qaeda chief has a penchant for historical symbolism, and in the Islamic world few symbols are as resonant as the 15th century downfall of the Muslim empire of Al-Andalus, centered in modern-day Spain.
In one audiotape broadcast last year on the Arabic TV network Al-Jazeera, Laden warned that Spain would be among six countries he considered "special" targets for their role in the Iraq war.
It was signed by the Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri, a group named after Al Qaeda's commander, who was killed in 2001 during the American bombing of Afghanistan. /focus/f-news/1099376/posts   (755 words)

 Andalusia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The name Andalusia is derived from the Arabic name "Al Andalus", which referred to the parts of the Iberian peninsula which were under Muslim rule.
The Islamic history of Muslim Spain can be found in the entry al-Andalus. /wiki/Andalusia   (392 words)

 Technorati Tag: al_Andalus
Al Andalus - Compare Rates at Calibex Al Andalus Hotel Rates at Calibex.
Al Andalus at Buy books at
Al Andalus - on Sale Stay at the Al Andalus in Narja, Spain and Save - Book Online for Deep Discounts. /tags/al_Andalus   (346 words)

Andalus shattered over a series of protracted succession crises from 1009 onward, and various Andalusian provinces became independent successor-states for a time.
The exiled Ummayad dynasty assumed (929) the authority and title of Caliph in opposition to Baghdad and, from 969, the North African Fatamid Caliphs as well.
Caliphal pretensions were abandoned after 1031, and a non-monarchic government instituted. /taifa.html   (1186 words)

 Al Andalus Hills
There are a wide range of sports and leisure activities available, from cultural walks, a choice of golf courses, a simple relaxing day at the beach complete with water sports, not to forgetting the all-important thrills and spills of a nearby water park.
This privileged position offer you easy access to the beautiful sandy beaches of Vera and the numerous natural parks of the area, as well as the authentic Spanish delights of Mojacar town where you will find a temping selection of restaurants and bar perfect for a spot of al fresco dining.
The apartments also come with air conditioning installed in the lounge and with individual exterior parking space. /al-andalus-hills/158/property_details.html   (406 words)

 Dhimmi Watch: "In 1492, we lost everything"
On March 11, 2004, a cell of mainly Moroccan extremists, calling themselves "the brigade situated in Al Andalus," detonated 10 bombs that killed 191 people on Madrid commuter trains....
The lament over lost Andalus confirms my suspicion that Islam is incapable of doing anything truly creative or exercising any positive self-criticism.
Osama bin Laden uses what he calls the "tragedy of Al Andalus" as a rallying cry for his deadly brand of Islamic jihad against "the crusaders and Jews." /dhimmiwatch/archives/005487.php   (2597 words)

Muchos músicos musulmanes y cristianos de Al Andalus irían a las escuelas clásicas orientales a aprender su arte.
En la capital del emirato, Córdoba, los árabes fueron creando ese elemento andalusí que resultaría de la fusión de las culturas hispano-árabe e hispano-cristiana, con algunos elementos judíos y bereberes.
Esta tradición de cantoras-esclavas, tal y como sucedía en el resto del imperio, se intensificó tanto que Abd al Rahman II les dedicó uno de sus palacios y se extendió la costumbre de enviarlas a Oriente a estudiar música. /revista/articulos/musarabestud/alandalus.htm   (590 words)

 Israpundit: Waqf al-Andalus
BY the time we wake up from this deep Rip-van-Winkle sleep, Dar al Islam has increased substantially its real estate and it is too late.
If the idiotarians powers of Europe had understood that Islam will always be in a state of war against the infidel, Europe would not be heading towards Eurabia.
If Paris was worth a Mass later on, France and the Papal States resolved the Islamic danger well before PR China arrived on the scene. /archives/2005/03/waqf_alandalus.php   (2493 words)

 Reflections from al Andalus [ Islamic Spain ] -
In the 10th century C.E, Hroswitha—Saxon princess and earliest known German poetess—wrote of Cordoba, the caliphal capital of al-Andalus, that it was: “the ornament of the world.” In the Age of Hroswitha, Islam and civilization were synonymous.
Many of the corsairs and “Barbary pirates” were Andalusians, some of whom saw themselves not as pirates but as worthy fighters trying to get back the Andalus their forefathers had lost.
Reflections from al Andalus [ Islamic [* Hi#Spain#Spain ] *]- /forum/showthread.php?t=22183   (3673 words)

 Al Andalus
Al Andalus"- 24 ml.- An Exotic Perfume Oil imported from the United Arab Emirates.
Superbly unique fragrance adorned in Beautifully Elaborate Packaging; trimmed in gold. /al_andalus.html   (94 words)

Na memória de Al Andalus, e de seus descendentes moreigos. /darkside/franco/Cat.html   (24 words)

 Al Andalus
"Al Andalus ", sold to Smit Tak International Ocean Towage and Salvage Co. Netherlands, renamed "Dalus" for the
from Mina Al Ahmadi, where she had been laid up from 06/08/82 until 12/01/85.
Resold to Taiwan Shipbreakers, arrived at Kaohsiung 06/03/85 in tow /id35.htm   (54 words)

 Articles on Al-Andalus, Summer 2004
On June 13th their offering was "Al Andalus to Jerusalem: Levantine Festival, presented by the Levantine Cultural Center.
In earlier times the Levant was comprised of the territory that is now Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, but the Levantine Cultural Center, founded here in Los Angeles in 2001, claims the territory from Morocco in the west to Afghanistan in the east and from southern Greece to Kurdish Iran.
He was followed by another excellent comedian, Aaron Kader, who asserted that when he had a son he was going to name him "Al." /andalusarticles.html   (1709 words)

 Saudi Aramco World : Touring Al-Andalus
I wouldn't quote this unless it seemed true enough: One can see how alive these traditions are in the region's architecture, ceramics and pottery, textile weaving and the uniquely Andalusian grass-weaving called esparto.
It is an itinerary to enjoy with alert senses and an attentive soul, on which one can discover a way of life with a strong Andalusí and, above all, Moorish flavor." /issue/199902/   (3566 words)

 Spanish Courses in Spain, Learn Spanish, language schools, Malaga
We are very sorry to have to inform you that for personal reasons Al Andalus had to close.
Spanish Courses in Spain, Learn Spanish, language schools, Malaga   (113 words)

 Royal Al - Andalus in Malaga, Spain
Contemporary five-floor property located 400 metres from the beach and 700 metres from the town centre, The Royal Al-Andalus houses 180 guestrooms decorated in light colours. >> Spain >> Malaga >> Royal Al - Andalus
If cancellation occurs within the Cancellation Policy period, a one-night charge will be assessed. /spain/malaga/royal-al-andalus.html   (468 words)

 Islamica Community Forums - Al-Andalus
These Romance languages of the peninsula carry the most memories of Al-Andalus because of the immense Arabic vocabulary present in them.
what i REALLY need is essays on the islamic art that came out of andalus.
i personally love hearing about the history of al Andalus. /archive/t-6975   (3154 words)

 Alex Sievers / OASE Photography Andalucia gallery - Cordoba, Mezquita, Granada, Alhambra, Ronda, Torremolinos, Nerja, Ubeda, Baeza, Guadix and Madinat al-zahra
Al Andalus - sunny southern Spain gallery with 53 photos by Alex Sievers /visitandalucia   (34 words)

 Silken Al Andalus. Sevilla, Spain - Discounted rates at
The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Silken Al Andalus.
You are here: Home > Spain > Sevilla > Silken Al Andalus
They are opinions of guests that reflect their experiences when staying at this hotel. /hotel/es/alandalus.html?aid=305457;label=hoteldeutschland   (1673 words)

 Talk:Al-Andalus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Al Andalus is not the same as Andalucia, and the rest of the revised Opening paragraph is unsourced and clearly loaded with the editors POV.
The deleted Text was not specific to Al Andalus in anyway.
Why not cut and paste all the sections of deleted text and work them up at Al-Andalus/dhimmi for the time being and bring an authentically historical edited version, with some cited quotes from historians perhaps, back to this article? /wiki/Talk:Al-Andalus   (1673 words)

 Ajam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Persian folk etymology derives the word from the name of an ancient Persian king, Jamshid; this is linguistically improbable.
In many books postdating the Arab conquest, for instance the Shahnameh of Ferdousi, the word is used to refer to Iranians and to the Persian language. /wiki/Ajam   (176 words)

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