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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

They have adopted the same idea since the time of al- Sadiq, peace be on him, to the present day, as if they had not understood this decisive answer for their claims or they had ignored it to insist on stubbornness and unbelief.
Al- Sadiq, peace be on him, said: "The best worship is to know Allah."(195) Hearing is not one of the rules and fundamentals adopted to know the existence of Allah.
So, he (al- Sadiq), at the end of his speech, said: Mufaddal, learn what I have taught you, be among the grateful (to Allah), be among the praisers of His boons, and be among those who obey His friends. /school/islamicresearchcd/imam-al-sadiq/14.htm   (5873 words)

Salah al Din al Ayubi [Saladin] was born in 1138 in Tikrit.
Salah al Din became a legend in the East and West for his role in clearing the Crusaders from Jerusalem.
The innermost circle was recruited from the Al Bu Nasir the tribe to which both Saddam belonged. /military/world/iraq/tikrit.htm   (705 words)

 Birthplace under scrutiny -
Outside Al Awja is one of his many palaces in the region.
Even before the war, Al Awja was gated and guarded, although then it was to protect its elite citizenry.
Al Awja is just outside the city of Tikrit. /x/tribune-review/entertainment/food/tribune-review/news/s_168816.html   (802 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly Chronicles From Sinai to Palestine
Al- Hotiya was a district located between the island of Zamalek and Ramses, the name of a neighbourhood located to the east.
The plain is cleft by several great wadis or river beds, such as Wadi Al- Aris and Wadi Al-Buruk, the latter of which is known for its well and clusters of Tamarisk trees.
Perched on a tall hill, this was once a palace belonging to Khedive Abbas I. It was particularly noted for its stable of thoroughbred Arabian horses. /2004/719/chrncls.htm   (2956 words)

Al Wasel and Babel General Trading LLC (AWB) is a company in the United Arab Emirates used by the former Iraqi regime to obtain a 10-percent kickback on goods purchased through the UN Oil-for-Food (OFF) Program and to procure goods unauthorized by the United Nations.
Hayder AL AZRI was appointed Coalition Provisional Authority Adviser to the Bank in May 2003.
Tarik Nasser S. Al Obaidi, an Iraqi national, was also a signatory of this account. /bo/ii/2004/30/aviso24lista_en.asp   (5722 words)

 IslamImam al-Sadiq(A.S.):The Great Imam Who Revived Imam Reza (A.S.) Network
Al- Sadiq was a contemporary of the Marwani and the Abbasid dynasties.
Al- Sadiq, peace be on him said many traditions about the necessity of fear and hope for the believer and their dangers when man loses them.
Al- Sadiq said to Abd Allah: "By Allah, this matter (the caliphate) is not for you nor for your children. /eng/imamreza.php?id=404&page=4   (20764 words)

 Encyclopedia: Tikrit
Many senior members of the Iraqi government during his rule were drawn from Saddam's own Tikriti tribe, the Al Bu Nasir, as were members of his Iraqi Republican Guard, chiefly because Saddam apparently felt that he was most able to rely on relatives and allies of his family.
The Tikriti domination of the Iraqi government became something of an embarrassment to Saddam and prompted him in 1977 to abolish the use of surnames in Iraq to conceal the fact that so many of his key supporters bore the same surname, al-Tikriti (as did Saddam himself).
The town is now perhaps best known for being the birthplace in 1937 of the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, who frequently liked to compare himself with Saladin. /encyclopedia/Tikrit   (1239 words)

 Israel has refused to remove its roadblocks of Jericho
The soldiers also arrested Azmi Al Shioukhi, the coordinator of the public committees, from his office in Hebron, as reinforcements were sent to the city.
Medical sources in the city said several civilians and peace activists suffered bruises in several parts of their bodies, due to the assault of the Israeli soldiers, who were backed by a special unit of shock troopers.
The demonstration, which was organized by the public committees in Hebron, came to protest the construction of a new colonial road in Tal Rumeida, and was meant to reach the lands that were expropriated to build the road in Al Karantina area. /news/english/feb2005/16.htm   (1132 words)

 Imam Jafer Sadiq(A.S)
The specialists in tradition (ashab al- hadith) have gathered together the names of those who narrated on his authority, who were reliable despite differences in views and doctrines and they were four thousand men.
He stood out among their group for his great merit (fadl); he was the most celebrated, the greatest in rank and the most illustrious of them in (the eyes) of both the non-Shia (al-amma) and the Shi'a (al-khassa).
reported on the authority of Said al- Simman:] /imam_jafer_sadiq(a_s).htm   (7214 words)

 GN Online: Saddam village becomes open detention centre
The concertina wire, he said, was put up to keep strangers from entering Al Awja.
The village is distinguished by its orderly clean streets, wide sidewalks and anti-aircraft gun emplacements on the edge of town.
US Army Capt. Brent Harrington, who heads the troops guarding the community, said the security fence was installed because occupation forces would soon be building a new bridge across the river that would increase traffic in the area. /Articles/opinion.asp?ArticleID=102178   (619 words)

 World Terror
It was with the help of family and clan members from Tikrit and Al Awja that Hussein ascended to power in the ruling Ba'ath Party.
Tikrit, Iraq- When Saddam Hussein was growing up in the nearby village of Al Awja, the town of Tikrit may have seemed big to the small peasant boy, but it was just another ragged nowhere in the Iraqi desert.
Hussein, 65, still carries around constant physical reminders of his humble, village upbringing: His accent is identifiably Tikriti, and on his right hand are three faded blue dots tattooed on him at an early age, a common ritual for village children. /911/Operation/Iraq/Home-Town.html   (944 words)

 smalla - specimens
Mandaville 1549 (BM 81292); Wadi Al Batin, 134 km from Reggae, 29.3.1982, A.
Al Amin 9627 (RIY); 28°41' N, 47°35' E, J.
Kercher Al.151 (BM); Al Mujaddah summit,18°16'N, 42°21'E, c. /BGBM/library/PUBLIKAT/willd30/smalla.htm   (2870 words)

 It's Happening Global Discussion Forum - AL QUAEDA : BONIFACIO theory.
Accusing Gen Musharraf of withdrawing the army from its constitutional responsibilities and involving in civic affairs, the PPP leader said that elimination of lawlessness and terrorism incidents was the responsibility of the civilian authorities in every country.
KARACHI, Oct 24: The Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian has said that elimination of terrorism from South Waziristan and Balochistan is not possible even if 10 divisions of Pakistan Army is deployed there.
al allah akhbar making love to blue eyed devils in a tent /showthread.php?p=1669900   (1602 words)

 Jericho History
At Al Awja, six miles northeast of Jericho, there was a chapel which exhibited twelve stones for pilgrims.
The present day town of Riha, the most current form of Jericho and another village north and east of Jericho called Al Awja grew up to sell food and shelter to Christian pilgrims who came to see the Jordan River where Jesus had been baptized.
This Jericho was destroyed by the Romans when they crushed the Jewish uprising of 70 AD, but the ruins of the winter palace and the chariot racing stadium could be seen as late as 330 AD when the first Christian pilgrims visited the area. /jerichohst.html   (4897 words)

 frontline: the long road to war: chronology PBS
It is known that he is born in the small village of Al Awja and that he leaves home at an early age.
Kamel had been in charge of hiding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and he tells the chief U.N. arms inspector of a vast arsenal of weapons UNSCOM had failed to find and where the cache is hidden.
Bakr entrusts his 31-year-old relative with the most important job of all: running the state security apparatus to extinguish dissent both inside and outside the party. /wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/longroad/etc/cron.html   (4890 words)

 LearnThis.Info Encyclopedia articles beginning with 'Al'
A > Al Listed below are all articles that begin with Al. /a/al   (20 words)

 Al Hillah -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Al Hillah -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article /encyclopedia/A/Al/Al_Hillah.htm   (271 words)

 Welcome To al-Ramla
According to Rabin, the decision to ethnically cleanse the twin cities was an agonizing decision, however, his guilty conscious did not stop him from placing a similar order against three nearby villages ('Imwas, Yalu, and Bayt Nuba) 19 years later.
The exodus from Lydda and al- Ramla was portrayed firsthand by Ismail Shammout, the renowned Palestinians artist from Lydda itself, click here to view his exodus gallery.
To learn more about the ethnic cleansing of Lydda and al-Ramla based on declassified Israeli archives, we suggest clicking here as well. /al-Ramla/al-Ramla   (1915 words)

 Alphabetical Listing of All Blocked Persons, Foreign Terrorist Organizations, Designated Narcotics Traffickers, and Others
AL- AHMAD, Mahmoud Diab); DOB 1953; POB Mosul or Baghdad,Iraq; Minister of Interior; nationality Iraqi (individual) [IRAQ][IRAQ2] AL-AHMAD, Mahmoud Diab (a.k.a.
AL- AHMAD, Mahmoud Dhiyab); DOB 1953; POB Mosul or Baghdad,Iraq; Minister of Interior; nationality Iraqi (individual) [IRAQ][IRAQ2] AL-AHMAD, Mahmud Dhiyab (a.k.a.
AL- TIKRITI, Rukan abd al-Ghaffur al-Majid); POB 1956, DOB Tikrit, Iraq; head of Tribal Affairs Office in Presidential Office; nationality Iraqi (individual) [IRAQ][IRAQ2] ABU ABDALLAH (a.k.a. /irp/news/2004/05/fr052704.html   (7627 words)

 Saddam Hussein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In August 1995, Rana and her husband Hussein Kamel al Majid and Raghad and her husband, Saddam Kamel al-Majid, defected to Jordan, taking their children with them.
There apparently have been no political issues from these latter two marriages.
They returned to Iraq when they received assurances that Saddam Hussein would pardon them. /wiki/Saddam_Hussein   (7802 words) - Egypt - First Arab-Israeli War Egyptian Information Resource
During the First Arab-Israeli War (1948-49), an Egyptian invasion force of 7,000 men crossed the Palestinian border at Rafah on the Mediterranean coast and at Al Awja (Nizzana) farther inland (see fig. /country-guide-study/egypt/egypt150.html   (381 words)

 TakingITGlobal - Egypt - Al Buhayrah - Saft al `Inab
TakingITGlobal Saft al `Inab is a web-based platform for ideas and expression, a resource of opportunities, and a network of inspirational young people and their projects.
There are currently no Organizations from Saft al `Inab.
There are currently no TIGblog posts from or about Saft al `Inab.   (467 words)

 AR-RaheeQ Al-Makhtum (THE SEALED NECTAR)- Memoirs of the Noble Prophet -14
For the implementation of this plan, he chose ‘Amr bin Al-‘As, whose paternal grandmother came from Bali, a tribe dwelling in that area.
Later, in the same month, ‘Amr bin Al-‘As was sent on an errand to destroy another idol, venerated by Hudhail, called Suwa‘.
He set out at the head of 300 Emigrants and Helpers assisted by a cavalry of 30 men, and was recommended to seek help from Bali, ‘Udhra and Balqain tribes. /nektar/14.htm   (8180 words)

 FOX KANSAS - Everybody Loves Fox Kansas - Biobox on Saddam Hussein
Born: April 28, 1937, in a mud-brick house in al-Awja, a village near Tikrit, 100 miles north of Baghdad.
Education: Studied at Cairo College of Law in Egypt and al Mustansariyah University in Baghdad. /news/national/story.aspx?content_id=756E3642-8709-4B6A-9A7E-71545AA14F6A   (204 words)

 Map of Khirbat al 'Awja' at Tasta, , West Bank a body of water
Map of Khirbat al 'Awja' at Tasta,, West Bank a body of water
Map of Khirbat al 'Awja' at Tasta,, West Bank a body of water
These locations are nearest as the crow flies, but may not be nearest by road. /wi/160056.htm   (92 words)

 Chronology: the life of Saddam Hussein. 14/12/2003. ABC News Online
Puts Iraq on a war footing, dividing the country into four military districts and putting his younger son Qusay in command of the vital Baghdad-Tikrit area.
In his first interview in more than a decade, denies Baghdad has banned weapons or any links to Al Qaeda. /pan/33312/20031218/   (495 words)

 Maps, Weather, and Airports for Marah al `Awja', Lebanon
Maps, Weather, and Airports for Marah al `Awja', Lebanon
Approximate population for 7 km radius from this point: 7824 /world/LE/1/Marah_al_Awja2.html   (38 words)

 JS-502: U.S. Designates 55 Most Wanted Iraqi Officials
Ba'th party regional command chairman, al Anbar; nationality Iraqi. /press/releases/js502.htm   (1107 words)

 Al `Awjā' in West Bank - Viovio! Travel
A populated place in Al Awja, West Bank.
Travel > Asia > West Bank > Al Awja >
Contribute your knowledge and become a vital part of the Viovio community. /Earth/Asia/West_Bank/Al_Awja   (220 words)

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