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  Alaric I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric I (Alaric or Alarich, in Latin Alaricus) was likely born about 370 on an island named Peuce (the Fir) at the mouth of the Danube, became king of the Visigoths from 395–410, and was the first Germanic leader to take the city of Rome.
The wife of Alaric is said to have been taken prisoner after this battle; and there is some reason to suppose that he was hampered in his movements by the presence with his forces of large numbers of women and children, having given to his invasion of Italy the character of a national migration.
The burial of Alaric in the bed of the Busento River.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alaric_I   (1909 words)

 ALARIC II. - LoveToKnow Article on ALARIC II.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric was an Arian Christian who trusted to the sanctity of Easter for immunity from attack, and the enemies of Stilicho reproached him for having gained his victory by taking an unfair advantage of the great Christian festival.
However this may befor our information at this point of the story is miserably meagreon the 24th of August 410 Alaric and his Goths burst in by the Salarian gate on the north-east of the city, and she who was of late the mistress of the world lay at the feet of the barbarians.
Alaric was of a peaceful disposition, and endeavoured strictly to maintain the treaty which his father had concluded with the Franks, whose king Clovis, however, desiring to obtain the Gothic province in Gaul, found a pretext for war in the Arianism of Alaric.
56.1911encyclopedia.org /A/AL/ALARIC_II_.htm   (1248 words)

 Alaric   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric (modern Romania, 370 - modern Cosenza, Italy, 410 A.D.) king of the Visigoths from 395, who served under the Roman emperor Theodosius I, but later invaded Greece and Italy, sacking Rome in 410, an event that symbolized the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
A nobleman by birth, Alaric served for a time as commander of Gothic troops in the Roman army, but shortly after the death of the emperor Theodosius I in 395, he left the army and was elected king of the Visigoths.
In 400 Alaric occupied the Po's valley, but he was defeated by the Roman general Flavius Stilicho at Pollentia (modern Pollenza) on April 6, 402, and at Verona in 403, forced to withdraw from the peninsula.
www.italycyberguide.com /History/factspersons/alaric.htm   (448 words)

 The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire XXX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric disdained to trample any longer on the prostrate and ruined countries of Thrace and Dacia, and he resolved to seek a plentiful harvest of fame and riches in a province which had hitherto escaped the ravages of war.
Alaric appears to have seized the favourable moment to execute one of those hardy enterprises in which the abilities of a general are displayed with more genuine lustre than in the tumult of a day of battle.
Alaric was a Christian and a soldier, the leader of a disciplined army; who understood the laws of war, who respected the sanctity of treaties, and who had familiarly conversed with the subjects of the empire in the same camps and the same churches.
www.ccel.org /g/gibbon/decline/volume1/chap30.htm   (11440 words)

 Ancient History Sourcebook: Procopius of Caesarea: Alaric's Sack of Rome, 410 CE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
But when the appointed day had come, Alaric armed his whole force for the attack and was holding them in readiness close by the Salarian Gate; for it happened that he had encamped there at the beginning of the siege.
Now when Alaric was about to depart from Rome, he declared Attalus, one of their nobles, emperor of the Romans, investing him with the diadem and the purple and whatever else pertains to the imperial dignity.
And afterwards Alaric died of disease, and the army of the Visigoths under the leadership of Adaulphus proceeded into Gaul, and Constantinus, defeated in battle, died with his sons.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/ancient/410alaric.html   (862 words)

 Alaric I   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric's invasion of Greece lasted two years (395[Follow this hyperlink for a summary of this subject]-396[For more facts and a topic of this subject, click this link]), EHandler: no quick summary.
The wife of Alaric is said to have been taken prisoner after this battle; and there is some reason to suppose that he was hampered in his movements by the presence with his forces of large numbers of women and children, EHandler: no quick summary.
Claudius claudianus, anglicized as claudian, was the court poet to the emperor honorius and stilicho....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/a/al/alaric_i.htm   (4677 words)

 Alaric (c. 370-410) - By Miles Hodges   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric was a Visigothic chieftain principally interested in becoming recognized within the Roman Empire as a military "protector" over the imperial household.
Alaric was born around 370 to a noble Gothic (Western Gothic or Visigothic) family, who had just fled south to the mouth of the Danube River at the Black Sea to escape the invasion of Eastern Europe by the Asian Huns.
Alaric dumped Attalus and negotiated with Honorius--but was out-trumped diplomatically with the intervention of a Gothic rival, Sarus.
www.newgenevacenter.org /biography/alaric2.htm   (923 words)

 ALARIC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
As the battle which terminated this campaign, the battle of the Frigidus, was fought near the passes of the Julian Alps, Alaric probably learnt at this time the weakness of the natural defences of Italy on her northeastern frontier.
The employment of barbarians as foederali, which became a common practice with the emperors in the 4th century, was both a symptom of disease in the body politic of the empire and a hastener of its impending ruin.
Goths burst in by the Salarian gate on the north-east of the city, and she who was of late the mistress of the world lay at the feet of the barbarians.
simplestartpage.com /2301_ALARIC.HTML   (1557 words)

 Alaric II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In religion Alaric was an Arian, like all the early Visigothic nobles, but he greatly mitigated the persecuting policy of his father Euric toward the Catholics and authorized them to hold in 506 the council of Agde.
He was on uneasy terms with the Catholic bishops of Arles as epitomized in the career of the Frankish Caesarius, bishop of Arles, born at Châlons and appointed bishop in 503.
The two armies met in 507 at the Battle of Vouillé, near Poitiers, where the Goths were defeated and their king, who took to flight, was overtaken and slain, it is said, by Clovis himself.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alaric_II   (393 words)

 Baron Alaric Eddols
Alaric let the fang live, but the loss of honor to the usurper was more then he could stand and he took the path of the winter wolf.
Alaric's rite of passage started the next morning, his first challange was getting the other 4 garou to work as one, several of them challanged Alaric's rite to be their alpha, and he defeated each one after the other, without wounding himself, or the others.
Alaric's pack tracked down the spirals who encamped themselves not far from the bawn, Alaric watched them noteing that their was Six of them, and that two would go out to hunt while the othes appeared to be talking.
members.cox.net /dnesully1/alaric   (1973 words)

 Alaric Tay   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric was inspired to be an actor and director by early exposure in his school’s language, drama and debating society.
Alaric has taken a break to complete his national service stint in the Singapore Armed Forces but he has been brewing a number of projects to burst on the arts scene soon.
Alaric said that the greatest challenge he faces as a Christian in this industry is consciously acknowledging that he is a Christian in a fallen world.
www.wcg.org /WN/01September/alaric_tay.htm   (335 words)

 Alaric the Fallen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric was a fallen Solar cast out and stripped of his powers by the god Odin.
Alaric dwelled on the 73rd level of the Abyss for centuries laying waste to all demonkind who crossed or opposed him.
Alaric seemed destined to roam this level of the Abyss for eternity until the evil Arch Mage Varazezes Zemarkes summoned the evil being to the prime material plane and imprisoned him in the catacombs of Danak Bur along with one of the 3 'Lost Orbs'.
www20.brinkster.com /zyricus/GALLERY/DECEASED/alaric.htm   (258 words)

 Alaric - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alaric or Alrekr (Old Norse) is a Germanic name which means "everybody's ruler".
Alaric I, king of the Visigoths, sacked Rome
Alaric II, eighth king of the Visigoths in Hispania (Spain and Portugal)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alaric   (115 words)

 Alaric Swifthand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric flees, vowing to clear himself of the blame for the foul murder.
Alaric Mason, a light-hearted young man possessed of more skill than motivation, finds his life turned upside down when the woman he is forbidden to love is murdered.
Alaric Mason, later to be called Swifthand for a battle he had not intended to fight, lives in a dangerous world and often finds himself thrust into situations more perilous than he could conceive.
www.twilighttimesbooks.com /Alaric_ch1.html   (3735 words)

 Alaric Swifthand
Alaric Mason is a lowly palace guard in the city of Modron, when he falls in love with the spunky, beautiful princess Theona.
Alaric attempts to retrieve Theona and take her with him, but havoc ensues and she is murdered.
Alaric Swifthand is written in a robust and entertaining first person voice that draws the reader into the Alaric's world and mind.
www.fallenangelreviews.com /April2004/Jade_AlaricSwifthand.htm   (290 words)

Alaric and the Visigoths saw this as their opportunity to take what they wanted from the collapsing empire.
Alaric, after starting a second siege and blockade of Rome in 409, came to terms with the senate.
On August 24, 410 Alaric and his Goths burst in through the north-eastern gate of the city, and Rome lay at the feet of the barbarians.
www.sfusd.k12.ca.us /schwww/sch618/romanlinks/Alaric.html   (702 words)

 Alaric and the Sack of Rome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Meanwhile, Alaric the Goblin had been rapdily uniting the Goblin tribes, scattered in the wake of their defeats after Hadrianopolis (1131).
By 1149 Alaric was raiding all through Greece and the Emperor in the East, Arcadius, asked Stilicho to come and rescue the situation.
Alaric tried to attack in him Ravenna but failed, and that failure led Honorius to refuse to negotiate.
www.idbsu.edu /people/sknox/altearth/firstdarkage/alaric.html   (637 words)

 Alaric I, King of the Visigoths   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric I inherited the kingdom when the Visigoths lived on the delta of the Danube river.
In 394, the Visigoths allied with Rome, and Alaric led the Visigoths in the Roman army against the Huns.
After allying himself with the Western Emperor Honorius, and the execution of Stilicho, Alaric in 410 sacked and captured the city of Rome itself.
www.ghg.net /shetler/oldimp/069.html   (140 words)

 Famous Men of the Middle Ages - Alaric the Visigoth (By John H. Haaren (John Henry))
Alaric then demanded that the city be surrendered to him, and the people, terrified, opened their gates and even agreed that Alaric should appoint another emperor in place of Honorius.
Alaric gave orders that no injury should be done to the Christian churches, but other splendid buildings of the great city were stripped of the beautiful and costly articles that they contained, and all the gold and silver was carried away from the public treasury.
In the midst of the pillage Alaric dressed himself in splendid robes and sat upon the throne of the emperor, with a golden crown upon his head.
www.authorama.com /famous-men-of-the-middle-ages-4.html   (1384 words)

 Alaric Trashes Rome -- 410 AD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric came from one of the leading "royal" families of the Visigoths, and some sources even say he was a son of Fritigern -- leading tribal leaders spread their seed to cement their tribal federations.
Alaric withdrew for a while after receiving the Senate promises (and some gold and silver), but Honorius, well fed in Ravenna, was not susceptible to the pleas of the starving (some accounts say eventually cannibalistic) Romans.
Alaric is derived in some (mostly Germanic, Baltic, and Scandinavian) etymologies as "alla reikus" or other close variants, the meaning of which would be "everyone's ruler".
www.mmdtkw.org /VAlaric.html   (2601 words)

 Alaric I. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
He headed the Visigothic troops serving Emperor Theodosius I. After the emperor’s death (395) the troops rebelled and chose Alaric as their leader (see Visigoths).
Raising the seige after an agreement with the Roman senate, Alaric again turned on Rome (409) and forced the city to accept a puppet emperor, Attalus, whom he himself deposed the next year for disregarding his advice.
It is said that Alaric was buried with his treasures near Cosenza in the bed of the Busento River, which was temporarily diverted from its course.
www.bartleby.com /65/al/Alaric1.html   (268 words)

 EAST COAST VELO: Welcome to the website of the premiere junior & espoir cycling team!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
I know Alaric considered it a great compliment to be called a family man. And I'll give him that compliment now, because that's exactly what he was.
On one of the web sites that has popped up where dozens of people are sharing their memories of Alaric, his cousin Iolanda, from Canada, recounted meeting him as a teenager, while she was visiting England.
Alaric was my laughing, larger-than-life big English cousin, and I still remember the first time we met him, when my sister and I were 11, and him only a few years older.
www.eastcoastvelo.org /nelsonpena.html   (1280 words)

 Alaric I articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alaric I ALARIC I [Alaric I], c.370-410, Visigothic king.
Succeeding his brother-in-law, Alaric I, he abandoned Alaric's scheme of southward expansion and led the Visigoths out of Italy into S Gaul (France) in 412.
Galla Placidia GALLA PLACIDIA [Galla Placidia], c.388-450, Roman empress of the West, daughter of Theodosius I. Captured by Alaric I in the course of his Italian campaign, she was held by the Visigoths as a hostage and married (414) Alaric's successor Ataulf.
www.encyclopedia.com /articlesnew/00253.html   (459 words)

 A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawrence from HarperCollins Publishers
Alaric is grieving the death of his mother two years before, while Naia relishes the warmth of a strong mother-daughter relationship.
Alaric and Naia each say good-bye to their father as a snowstorm is about to hit their English village.
When Alaric's mother finds the Folly and decides to create a new centerpiece to put under the glass dome, all Alaric knows is that she is using a piece of wood from the Family Tree in their garden (p.
www.harpercollins.com /global_scripts/product_catalog/book_xml.asp?isbn=0060724773&tc=rg   (1051 words)

 RTE #17 ~ Count Alaric's Lady (Barbara Leonie Picard)
NARRATOR 2:  Count Alaric looked down at her pale, strange beauty, and she looked up at him and smiled, and he knew he wanted to help her more than anything in the world.
NARRATOR 1:  And Count Alaric’s lady became a sapling, and his hand was on its trunk, and a strong wind bent it away to tear it from his hold.
Alaric turned and ran to his horse, and he never looked back, for he could not bear to see the meadow empty behind him.
www.aaronshep.com /rt/RTE17.html   (2123 words)

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