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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  hotel cabarete republique dominicaine - dominican republic - Condo Hotel Albatros Cabarete
Notre nouveau site internet vous fera découvrir le formidable condo hotel albatros à quelques pas de la plage.
Our new web site will make you discover the incredible albatros condo hotel a few steps away from the beach.
A quelques pas de la magnifique plage de Cabarete et de tous ses restaurants, vous saurez également apprécier l’accueil et l’attention du personnel d’Hôtel Albatros.
www.albatroscabarete.com   (553 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Albatros
The Albatros DIII incorporated the sesquiplane lower wing, similar to the French Nieuport aircraft, a "half-wing" with one spar.
Other Albatros factory aircraft include the Dr1 triplane, which was Albatros's attempt at the design and the W.4 floatplane which were similar to the DI Scout.
The first record of the NASM Albatros in the United States is the presentation of the airplane to the De Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco on July 13, 1919, by Congressman Julius Kahn.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Albatros   (701 words)

 EADS N.V. - Albatros D III   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Albatros D I was first deployed on active service in September 1916 and proved successful in action.
Overall, the Albatros D III had extremely appealing flight characteristics, although the efficiency of the aileron was not regarded as ideal.
The Albatros D III remained the most common German fighter aircraft to be deployed until the end of the war and saw action on virtually all front, even in Palestine.
www.eads.com /1024/en/eads/history/airhist/1910_1919/Albatros%20D%20III.html   (1381 words)

 Albatros D.Va
Thelen was forced to refine the sleek Albatros design further in an effort to gain parity with the new Allied fighters.
Evidence that the NASM Albatros did see combat is damage from a bullet that passed through the right machine gun mount, penetrated the emergency fuel tank, and then lodged in the right magneto.
After a lengthy delay until funds were available, the Albatros was moved to the museum's temporary storage facility in Park Ridge, Illinois, in August 1949.
www.nasm.si.edu /research/aero/aircraft/albatros.htm   (1338 words)

 Albatros Travel - company profile
Albatros travel and safaris has years of experience in Southern and East Africa and a team of highly qualified international consultants dedicated to quality and service.
Albatros Travel and Safaris is owned by Albatros Travel A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as local African partners all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in the travel business.
Albatros Travel is a member of various nature conservation groups such as WWF and is an accepted pioneer of ecological tourism.
www.albatros-travel.com /english/firmaprofil.htm   (624 words)

 Albatros D. Series Fighters I/II/III/V
The Albatros D I and II fighters were single-seater biplanes, in a tractor design with elegantly curved fuselages, streamlined fronts, square-tipped wings that were of equal size and relatively powerful liquid-cooled engines.
he upgrade Albatros DV was introduced by the end of 1917 to try to cope with the new Allied Sopwith Camel and S.E. It wasn't a significant improvement over the DIII, and many of the front line Jastas had to make do with the DIII for longer than was wise.
This was a vast improvement over the English planes with their Ni 17s armed with a single Lewis gun mounted over the wing with 97 round magasines, that proved to be difficult to reload under any but the quietest conditions.
www.constable.ca /albatros.htm   (708 words)

 3D max bi-plane albatros DVa
The Albatros series of single-seat fighters were among the most numerous and distinctive aircraft of the First World War.
The Albatros D III was introduced early in 1917.
Approximately 4,800 Albatros fighters of all types were built during World War I. They were used extensively by the German Air Service throughout 1917, and remained in action in considerable numbers until the end of the war.
www.turbosquid.com /FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/256075   (355 words)

 Albatros L39 Warbird JET FOR SALE Albatross L-39 L39C Aircraft   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Albatros L39 ZA Warbird JET FOR SALE Albatross L39ZA L-39 ZA Aircraft Arizona United States Albatros Jet For Sale L-39 The Albatros L-39 was built as the successor to their earlier trainer, the L-29 Delfin.
The idea of the Albatros L-39 design was to marry an efficient, powerful turbofan engine to a sleek, streamlined fuselage, resulting in a strong, economical performer which would become the next standard jet trainer for the Warsaw Pact.
Full-scale production of the Albatros L-39 was delayed until late 1972 due to apparent problems with the design of the Albatros L-39 air intakes, but these difficulties were overcome and the Albatros L-39 went on to be a great success with the Soviet, Czech and East German air forces, among others.
www.designworx.com /albatros-L39/jet-for-sale.html   (1731 words)

 The Great Albatros Cookup   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Albatros DIII incorporated the sesquiplane lower wing, similar to the French Nieuport aircraft, a "half-wing" with one spar.
The Albatros despite improving maneuverability had decreased the strength of the lower wing.
Other Albatros factory aircraft include the Dr1 triplane, which was Albatros's attempt at the design and the W.4 floatplane which were similar to the DI Scout.
wwi-cookup.com /albatros/index.html   (619 words)

 The Great Albatros Cookup   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Actually to be completely truthful I think many of the list members are just amazed at their good fortune of late with the arrival of excellent models of the aircraft built by Albatros, that they just had to show the world what these most elegant of W.W.I aircraft looked like.
The Albatros DII followed the DI closely and included some structural changes to improve pilot visibility.
The great variety of Albatros Types and the colorful markings of the aces, pilots and Jasta's that flew them make the Albatros an ideal aircraft for a scale study.
www.wwi-cookup.com /albatros   (619 words)

 EADS N.V. - Albatros D III   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mehr als 1300 Albatros D III wurden im Berliner Stammwerk in Johannisthal und bei den Ostdeutschen Albatros-Werken in Schneidemühl bis Ende 1917/Anfang 1918 gebaut.
Das Flugzeug blieb sogar weiter in Produktion, als sein Nachfolger, die Albatros D V, längst in Johannisthal in Großserie vom Band lief.
Die Albatros D III blieb bis Kriegsende das zahlenmäßig am stärksten vertretene deutsche Jagdflugzeug und kam an fast allen Fronten, sogar in Palästina, zum Einsatz.
www.eads.net /1024/de/eads/history/airhist/1910_1919/Albatros%20D%20III.html   (1142 words)

D.Va The Albatros D.Va was the result of the development and refinement of a long series of successful Albatros scouts.
Shortly thereafter the Mercedes crankshaft broke and with much reluctance the Albatros was fitted with a more modern Ranger engine.
This however allowed thousands of visitors to the Aerodrome to witness and enjoy the beauty of the Albatros in flight for several years to follow.
www.oldrhinebeck.org /collection/airplanes/albatros.htm   (222 words)

 EADS N.V. - Albatros D V   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The D III had continual problems with wing failure due to wing flutter in steep dives and structural failure continued to plague the wings of the D V. An additional brace was attached to the ends of the wings of numerous aircraft in the field as a makeshift attempt to reduce wing failure.
Despite these problems, the Albatros plant in Berlin-Johannisthal quickly switched production to manufacture the D V after a further 400 aircraft were ordered in May 1917 and an additional 300 aircraft in July.
However, from mid-1918, the Albatros D Va was quickly replaced in front-line units by the significantly better Fokker D VII, although the Albatros D Va was still in service with many units at the end of the war.
www.eads.com /1024/en/eads/history/airhist/1910_1919/Albatros%20D%20V.html   (594 words)

 Le prince Charles au secours des albatros, victimes de la pêche | Insolite | Cyberpresse
Le prince Charles, héritier de la couronne britannique, a lancé mardi un appel à la communauté internationale pour sauver les albatros, qui sont près de 100 000 à mourir chaque année à cause de la pêche.
Près de 100 000 albatros périraient chaque année, soit un oiseau toutes les cinq minutes, des seules conséquences de l'industrie de la pêche, selon la RSPB, qui souligne que les oisillons restés orphelins meurent ensuite de faim.
Un albatros peut peser jusqu'à 22 kilos, l'envergure des ailes peut dépasser 3 mètres et il peut vivre jusqu'à 50 ans.
www.cyberpresse.ca /article/20061107/CPINSOLITE/61107084/1020/CPSCIENCES   (389 words)

 Albatros / Trosse Wallpaper Download Page themexp.org
This wallpaper was made for the great honor of the famous rock disco Albatros or "Trosse" in Rheine-Mesum (Germany) which burned down in 1995.
Please note that this Albatros / Trosse file that was submitted to this site are from independent authors, we do not have the resources to check the contents of the file for copyright infringements.
Please also note that you agree that ThemeXP.Org shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of instaling files downloaded from our site or as the result of the presence of any advertisers.
www.themexp.org /preview.php?mid=38213&type=wp&view=views&page=&cat=&name=Albatros++Trosse.zip&proddesc=Wallpaper&catdesc=Insects&namedesc=Albatros%20/%20Trosse   (286 words)

 Al Batros - Hurghada - Hurghada Resorts.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Albatros Resort Hotel is located just in front of Beach Albatros, 700m.
All guests of Albatros Resort have free access to the private beach of Beach Albatros Hotel.
Also they can join all the facilities of diving center, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports.
www.pickalbatros.com /hurghada/resorts/resorts.html   (71 words)

 EADS N.V. - Albatros D V   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Al margen de esto, la casa matriz de Albatros en Berlin-Johannisthal no tardó en pasar a producir únicamente el D V, del cual hubo en mayo de 1917 otros 400 pedidos y en julio 300 más.
Sin embargo, gracias a un exitoso desarrollo y a la producción en masa del motor sobrealimentado Daimler D IIIa pudo evitarse el empeoramiento (derivado del peso) de las prestaciones en vuelo con respecto al D V, sobre todo a mayores altitudes de vuelo.
A finales de abril de 1918, casi la mitad de los caza alemanes que se encontraban en servicio eran Albatros D Va. Alrededor de 1600 ejemplares de esta versión pudieron haber salido de las fábricas.
www.eads.net /1024/es/eads/history/airhist/1910_1919/Albatros%20D%20V.html   (590 words)

 YouTube - Albatros by Fleetwood Mac
Join YouTube for a free account, or log in if you are already a member.
Albatros by Fleetwood Mac in the late 60's (more)
Albatros by Fleetwood Mac in the late 60's (less)
www.youtube.com /watch?v=bCraPBqBAXI   (385 words)

 Carl Safina - Ein Albatros namens Amelia - Perlentaucher.de, Kultur und Literatur Online
Die Sturmvögel, die er in "Der Flug des Albatros" porträtiert, beobachtet und erforscht er seit Jahrzehnten.
In dieser Hinsicht ist "Der Flug des Albatros" mehr als ein Appell, denn wer Amelias Geschichte liest, lernt nicht nur einen tapferen Sturmvogel lieben, sondern wird auch den Wert der Meere neu bemessen.
Allerhand Interessantes ist in diesem Buch über die weithin ignorierte Spezies des Albatros zu erfahren.
www.perlentaucher.de /buch/19072.html   (374 words)

 YouTube - Albatros Powerbirds - Toronto - Match 1 - Aller au filet
Albatros Powerbirds - Toronto - Match 2 - Gaudreau & Blais
Albatros Powerbirds - Toronto - Match 1 - Pression 1-2-3
Albatros Powerbirds - Toronto - Match 3 - 2ème but
youtube.com /?v=WbB_Fwl6PQo   (206 words)

 Phoenix Reisen Cruise Ship Postcards
Princess sold her back to the Vlasov Group V-Ships (ie: the previous owners of Sitmar) in 1993, and Phoenix have operated her under charter as Albatros since then.
After a period laid up as Crown, she was placed on weekly cruises from Valencia as Crown Mare Nostrum for Spanish Cruise Line.
From 2005 she is running as the Albatros (2) for Phoenix Reisen, replacing the
www.simplonpc.co.uk /PhoenixReisenPCs.html   (638 words)

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