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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Alberta Health & Wellness - Alberta Health And Wellness
Influenza (the flu) is an infection of the lungs and airways caused by a virus, usually affecting people between November and April.
As a partner in the Alberta government’s Prevention of Family Violence and Bullying Initiative, Alberta Health and Wellness supports Family Violence Prevention Month in November.
The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) is a publicly administered and funded health care system that guarantees Albertans receive universal access to medically necessary hospital and medical services.
www.health.gov.ab.ca   (191 words)

 The Law Society of Alberta - Home
The Law Society of Alberta is the self governing body for Alberta's lawyers, whose mandate is to regulate the profession in the public interest.
The Law Society of Alberta is pleased to facilitate for the third year the aboriginal law student summer employment program.
This is a collection of essays illustrating the vibrant history of law and lawyers in alberta in honour of the 100th Anniversary of the Law Society of Alberta.
www.lawsocietyalberta.com   (413 words)

  Government of Alberta:
Albertans are asked to help the government determine the direction for Alberta over the next few years through a pre-budget consultation questionnaire.
Alberta Alert provides information on emergency preparedness, severe weather and wildfires.
Alberta to focus on five main areas to strengthen infection prevention and control
www.gov.ab.ca /home/index.cfm   (160 words)

  Alberta travel guide - Wikitravel
Alberta [1] is the second westernmost of the 10 provinces in Canada.
Alberta was formed as a province in 1905.
Most of the population of Alberta lives along the "Highway 2 Corridor" between Edmonton and Calgary, although Lethbridge to the south, Grande Prairie to the northwest, and Fort McMurray to the northeast are also major centres.
wikitravel.org /en/Alberta   (932 words)

  Alberta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In southeastern Alberta, where the Red Deer River traverses the flat prairie and farmland, are the Alberta badlands with deep gorges and striking landforms.
Alberta is the leading beekeeping province of Canada, with some beekeepers wintering hives indoors in specially designed barns in southern Alberta, then migrating north during the summer into the Peace River valley where the season is short but the working days are long for honeybees to produce honey from clover and fireweed.
Alberta is an important destination for tourists who love to ski and hike; Alberta boasts several world-class ski resorts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alberta   (5367 words)

 Same-sex marriage in Alberta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Same-sex marriage in Alberta: The province of Alberta began granting marriage licences to same-sex couples on July 20, 2005 upon the granting of Royal Assent to the Civil Marriage Act.
Alberta has historically been Canada's most conservative province on social and religious matters, although some the recent EKOS/CBC poll indicates that attitudes towards same-sex marriage may be more supportive in Alberta than they are in the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, both of which recognized same-sex marriage earlier.
The Alberta government also considered continuing to issue marriage licences to opposite-sex couples only in court, on the grounds that the federal government's legislation encroached on the provincial government's jurisdiction over the solemnization of marriage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Same-sex_marriage_in_Alberta   (661 words)

Alberta is 756 miles (1,217 kilometers) from north to south and between 182 to 404 miles (293 and 650 kilometers) in width from west to east.
In 1992/93, Alberta Environmental Protection was formed from the merger of the former departments of Forestry, Lands and Wildlife, and Environment, and the Parks Division of the former department of Tourism and Recreation.
Alberta maintains the largest livestock population in Canada, accounting for 42 percent of the country's beef cattle, 15 percent of the hogs, and 24 percent of the sheep and lambs.
cms.westport.k12.ct.us /cmslmc/foreignlanguages/canada/alberta.htm   (5776 words)

 Alberta - MSN Encarta
Alberta possesses Canada’s largest deposits of oil and natural gas, and the province has prospered with the rapid expansion of the petroleum industry after World War II (1939-1945).
Alberta draws large numbers of tourists each year, with attractions such as Banff, Jasper, and Waterton Lakes national parks, and the world-famous Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Alberta can be divided into four major natural regions: the Rocky Mountains and foothills, which form part of the larger Cordilleran Region; the Alberta Plain; the Saskatchewan Plain, which with the Alberta Plain forms part of the larger Interior Plains region; and a small section of the Canadian Shield.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761552877/Alberta.html   (523 words)

 Alberta - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Alberta   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Activity throughout the region was stimulated by the Klondike gold rush of 1896, and in 1905 Alberta became a province.
The most westerly of the Prairie Provinces, Alberta is bordered by Saskatchewan on the east and British Columbia on the west (with the Continental Divide in the Canadian Rocky Mountains forming much of the boundary).
Alberta's rivers flow from the Rockies:; In the north, the Hay, Peace, and Athabasca rivers flow northeast, toward the Mackenzie River system and the Arctic Ocean.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Alberta   (1406 words)

 Social Credit Party of Alberta Character sketch @ HotAndCold.com (Hot and Cold)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Social Credit Party of Alberta is a provincial political party in Alberta, Canada, that was founded on the social credit monetary policy and conservative Christian social values.
Thwarted in their attempt to gain complete control of Alberta's banks, Aberhart's government eventually succeeded in gaining a foothold in the province's financial sector by creating the Alberta Treasury Branches in 1938.
The discovery of significant reserves of oil in 1947 transformed Alberta from one of Canada's poorest provinces to one of the country's richest with resource revenues pouring into the government's treasury.
www.hotandcold.com /encyclopedia/Social_Credit_Party_of_Alberta   (1648 words)

 Alberta: Tourism & Vacation Guide for the Province of Alberta, Canada.
Discover Alberta® - Alberta's grandeur and beauty are obvious from the moment of arrival.
Most impressive are Alberta's Rocky Mountains, which facilitate the world famous resort towns of Banff, Jasper, Canmore, Kananaskis, Lake Louise and Waterton.
Alberta's rural heritage can be further explored with a visit to the vast farmlands of Alberta's Heartland, Southern Alberta and Northern Alberta.
www.discoveralberta.com   (254 words)

 Alberta News
Alberta's health minister has taken over a rural hospital shut down by the outbreak of a superbug and over concerns patients were treated with instruments contaminated with bits of flesh and blood.
A rural Alberta hospital has been ordered to stop taking new patients because of the spread of a so-called super bug and the discovery that hospital equipment wasn't properly sterilized for years.
Alberta's privacy commissioner is reprimanding the province's energy regulator for posting sensitive information about children on its website.
www.topix.net /ca/alberta   (834 words)

 2006 Smithsonian Folklife Festival: Alberta at the Smithsonian
With the fastest-growing economy in Canada, Alberta's wealth extends beyond its oil sands and gas fields, beyond its majestic Rocky Mountains and rich agricultural plains, and beyond its legendary ranches and its thriving cosmopolitan, multicultural cities.
Alberta's true wealth is its people--a diverse, hard-working, innovative population whose "can do" spirit has transformed a frontier territory into a prosperous province with a vibrant cultural landscape.
Celebrating its centennial in 2005, Alberta is the first Canadian province to be featured at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.
www.folklife.si.edu /festival/2006/Alberta   (173 words)

 Alberta Geological Survey - Geological survey for Alberta. Geoscience information and expertise.
The Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) was formed in Edmonton in 1920.
AGS is working in partnership with Alberta Environment to map and inventory Alberta’s groundwater resources in support of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy.
On-site investigation techniques and remote-sensing technology are used to understand geological hazards associated with land movement in Alberta’s mountains, foothills, along major river valleys and in areas of melting permafrost.
www.ags.gov.ab.ca   (428 words)

 Alberta Research Council - ARC
ARC Announces Changes to Senior Management Team - John McDougall, president and CEO of the Alberta Research Council (ARC), is pleased to announce two appointments to the senior management team.
Alberta Venture Accepting Applications for 2008 Fast 50 List - ARC is pleased to continue its sponsorship of Alberta Venture’s Fast 50 program, which is an annual listing of some of the fastest growing companies in the province.
ARC is committed to help increase the profile of this unique program, which aligns directly with one ARC's primary goals to support the growth and development of Alberta businesses.
www.arc.ab.ca   (510 words)

 Alberta Agriculture and Food : Home Page
Alberta crop conditions outlined as of October 11 - October 17, 2007
Call the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276), toll free in Alberta.
Phone the Ag-Info Centre, toll-free in Alberta at 310-FARM (3276), for agricultural information.
www.agric.gov.ab.ca   (153 words)

 Hunting Alberta Canada Hunts For Whitetail Mule Deer Elk Moose Black Bear Cougar Duck Goose Waterfowl Outfitters Guides
Find an Alberta Canada outfitter and guide for fl bear hunts, whitetail deer and mule deer hunts, moose hunts, elk hunts, cougar hunts, wolf hunts, waterfowl and upland game bird hunts in Alberta Canada and experience the ultimate hunting adventure!
One of the most successfuloutfitters in Alberta for moose, bear, deer and elk.
We are one of the most diversified and highly successful hunting companies in Alberta and British Columbia Canada.
www.abhunting.com   (819 words)

 U of A GAMES Group Home Page
The University of Alberta checkers project has won the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2005 Distinguished Paper Award.
The University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group has won the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2003 Distinguished Paper Award.
The paper, entitled Approximating Game-Theoretic Optimal Strategies for Full-scale Poker, by Darse Billings, Neil Burch, Aaron Davidson, Terence Schauenberg, Robert Holte, Jonathan Schaeffer, and Duane Szafron, was one of two papers to be awarded the honour.
www.cs.ualberta.ca /~games   (1839 words)

 Alberta Cancer Board and Foundation - Prevention, Screening, Treatment, Research - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Alberta Cancer Board and Foundation - Prevention, Screening, Treatment, Research - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
ACB, Alberta Cancer Board, cancer in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta Home page of the Alberta Cancer Board and Foundation website.
The Alberta Cancer Board and Foundation work toward a future without cancer, by coordinating and funding collaborative cancer research and by providing evidence-based prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and care.
www.cancerboard.ab.ca   (71 words)

 Alberta Energy:
On October 25th, Premier Ed Stelmach announced Alberta's new Royalty framework, more information.
There are several potential feedstocks for bio-energy in Alberta including agricultural products (such as corn or canola), forestry waste and livestock waste.
If you're moving to or around Alberta or you're interested in finding a job, Service Alberta can help you locate available resources..
www.energy.gov.ab.ca   (195 words)

 Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
The Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission is a partner in the Help Make a Difference initiative.
This is the website of the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission, an independent commission of the Government of Alberta reporting through the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture.
In addition to providing information about the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission and its services, this site will link you to websites of other organizations that also protect human rights and promote access and fairness.
www.albertahumanrights.ab.ca   (286 words)

Welcome to Alberta's leading on-line source for career, learning and employment information and services.
Here you'll find the resources you need to start making the most of your future.
It’s easier than you think because of major changes to the Alberta Student Loan program for 2007-2008.
www.alis.gov.ab.ca   (104 words)

 Physics at the University of Alberta : Welcome serverpronto.com visitor
Physics at the University of Alberta : Welcome serverpronto.com visitor
Bear Tracks, ExpressNews, University of Alberta Calendar, Admissions: Undergraduate, Admissions: Graduate, Examinations, New Grading System, Faculty of Science, Housing and Residences, UofA Libraries, Main Campus WebMail (AICT/CNS), WebCT, AICT Research Support Group, AICT Security/Virus Info
University of Alberta > Faculty of Science > Physics
www.phys.ualberta.ca   (155 words)

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