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Topic: Alcohol without liquid

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Alcohol without liquid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alcohol without liquid (AWOL) is a process introduced first in Asia and Europe that allows people to take in liquor (distilled spirits) without actually consuming liquid.
The machine vaporizes alcohol and mixes it with oxygen, allowing the consumer to breathe in the mixture.
Hangovers are allegedly prevented due to the fact that the alcohol is delivered with oxygen to the brain.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alcohol_without_liquid   (367 words)

 Avenue Vine: AWOL an Alcohol Inhaler
But it also says the level of alcohol in the body after AWOL use is lower than for traditional drinkers.
Oxygen mixes with the alcohol producing a mist which is inhaled through the mouth.
Alcohol enters the bloodstream through the lungs rather than the stomach making AWOL low calorie and low carbohydrate.
www.avenuevine.com /movabletype/archives/001928.html   (1344 words)

 AWOL: Alcohol Without Liquid
Scotch whisky drinkers savor its characteristic smoky flavor from the peat burned during its production, beer drinkers appreciate its slightly bitter flavor imparted by hops, and chardonnay drinkers enjoy the hint of vanilla that the wine develops from aging in oak barrels.
Alcoholic beverages provide a wide variety of tastes that enhance the drinking experience.
The possible health and safety risks of inhaling alcohol vapors are unknown and many legislators are wisely promoting laws to ban alcohol inhalation machines.
www2.potsdam.edu /hansondj/InTheNews/Etc/1110383709.html   (254 words)

 Ban on "Alcohol Without Liquid" moves forward in the House
Vaporized alcohol allows the user to inhale alcohol directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and intestines and sending the chemicals directly to the brain.
By sending alcohol straight to the brain, the device is purported to create a more intense buzz while eliminating carbohydrates and hangovers.
However, reports are inconclusive as to whether the vapor is evident on a breathalyzer test, or registers accurately on a blood test for blood alcohol content.
graynews.maine.com /2005-05-27/awol.html   (574 words)

 ABOUT AWOL USA Alcohol Without Liquid Machine
The new method is known as AWOL, an acronym for “Alcohol With Out Liquid”, and is a hit in the global club scene due to the euphoric “high” created when alcohol is vaporized, mixed with oxygen and inhaled.
The user chooses which alcoholic spirit will be used and the alcoholic spirit is loaded into a diffuser capsule in the machine.
The resultant cloudy alcohol vapor is then inhaled from the end of the tube via a device that converts liquid to vapor.
www.awolusa.com /page-2.htm   (480 words)

The measurement of alcohol blood level is not affected by the method of consumption.
But alcohol consumed through an AWOL machine is subject to the Liquor Control Act just like alcohol consumed from a glass or bottle.
By law “alcohol” means “the product of distillation of any fermented liquid, rectified either once or more often, whatever may be the origin thereof.
www.cga.ct.gov /2004/rpt/2004-R-0898.htm   (483 words)

 Alcohol vapour fad slammed - SpecialsHealthScience - www.smh.com.au
Alcohol experts described the device as "diabolical" and warned that inhaling alcohol could cause serious brain damage.
He said people may also be able to inhale alcohol for 20 minutes, get drunk, drive and still be able to pass a police breathalyser test as alcohol levels in the blood remained very low.
The alcohol vapour is created by pouring a spirit into a diffuser capsule connected to an oxygen pipe.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2004/02/17/1076779936386.html   (636 words)

 Alcohol Without Liquid Machine Safety Act of 2004
To prohibit the sale of any alcohol without liquid machine without premarket approval, and for other purposes.
This Act may be cited as the `Alcohol Without Liquid Machine Safety Act of 2004'.
(1) The term `alcohol without liquid machine' means a device designed or marketed for the purpose of mixing alcohol with oxygen or another gas to produce a mist for inhalation for recreational purposes.
www.theorator.com /bills108/hr5173.html   (317 words)

 General Code: alcohol without liquid machines;AWOL machines;party toys;alcohol;underage drinking; codifiers;municipal ...
A cloudy alcohol vapor is created by pouring a spirit into a "diffuser capsule" connected to an oxygen pipe, which can then be inhaled or snorted.
It is being marketed as a way to get high without the hangover as well as a "dieters dream" way of drinking since there are no calories derived from inhaling the alcohol.
Therefore, the purpose of this article is to ban the sale, purchase, and use of alcohol without liquid (AWOL) machines and alcohol vapor devices in Suffolk County.
www.generalcode.com /Samples/05Sum_1.html   (1003 words)

 Alcohol Without Liquid Causing Some Controversy - News
Alcohol without liquor, also known as AWOL, popped up in New York City after first being released in Europe and Asia.
The oxygen mixes with the alcohol, producing a mist which is inhaled.
In Kansas, AWOL would be legal, but state alcohol control officials told Gish that the machines would have to be registered with them.
www.thekansascitychannel.com /news/3962705/detail.html   (406 words)

 AWOL: Alcohol WithOut Liquid — Illegal? - Sean Hannity Discussion
The liver’s function is to break down harmful substances like alcohol, but with AWOL, the liver does not filter the alcohol that is absorbed through blood vessels in the lungs.
Although these claims were not scientifically founded, AWOL critics hypothesize that users might be unaware of their limits of vaporized alcohol, or the particular effect of vaporized alcohol on their bodies.
In other “alcohol” threads, it was clearly shown that the Bill of Rights has been watered down with DUI exceptions, and the rationale is based on lies.
www.hannity.com /forum/showthread.php?t=87789   (1596 words)

 For Immediate Release from Congressman Bob Beauprez   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The bill, the Alcohol Without Liquid Machine Safety Act of 2005 (H.R. 613), would subject the device to the Food and Drug Administration pre-market approval processes.
AWOL machines convert liquid alcohol into a breathable mist that is then inhaled through a pipe.
All alcohol products sold in America must be federally approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, but since the AWOL machine is technically a device rather than an alcohol product, it was able to avoid regulatory oversight.
www.house.gov /beauprez/news/20050209.htm   (272 words)

 Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free - Legislation
Under the new law, underage drinkers caught with alcohol a second time could receive 30 days in jail if they fail to comply with the terms of their probation.
Legislation to lower the blood alcohol content to.08 was passed in May, by the State House and Senate, and was signed by Governor Pawlenty.
It also recommends that a minor’s driver’s license be suspended if he or she is caught possessing alcohol, even if not in a vehicle at the time.
www.alcoholfreechildren.org /en/news/legislation_sta.cfm?state=M   (1337 words)

 "Alcohol Without Liquid" Machines Worry Massachusetts Law Enforcement: Top News Stories at Officer.com
Even though the futuristic Alcohol Without Liquid machines have apparently not arrived in Massachusetts, some legislators and law enforcement officials are so fearful of their potency that the House will hear testimony today on a bill banning the machines, which are popular in Europe.
Users pour a half-shot of their choice of alcohol into the machine's vaporizer, which mixes the liquid with pure oxygen.
Since the alcohol enters the lungs, rather than the stomach, company officials say, it is absorbed with few calories and carbohydrates and is less likely to produce the nausea and headaches of hangover.
www.officer.com /article/article.jsp?id=28221&siteSection=1   (701 words)

 Alcohol inhaler machine stirring up legal issues | The San Diego Union-Tribune
NEW YORK – A machine that lets drinkers inhale shots of alcohol went on display last night, even as one local lawmaker warned the device was "a disaster waiting to happen."
The Alcohol Without Liquid vaporizer mixes the alcohol with pressurized oxygen.
Makers say it takes about 20 minutes to breathe in one shot, giving drinkers the effect of alcohol without the hangover.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20040821/news_1n21alcohol.html   (298 words)

 Speed drunk: state bans 'ultimate party toy' - National - www.smh.com.au
AWOL is created in a machine that mixes a shot of alcoholic spirit with oxygen, this creates a cloudy vapour and is inhaled through the mouth or nose.
Alcoholic vapour is promoted on the company's website as "solving the two greatest problems today's drinkers have: hangovers and calories".
Mr McBride said the ban follows similar prohibitions of alcoholic aerosol Zulu42 in December 2000 and alcoholic milk drink Moo Juice in June 2003.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2004/07/14/1089694394888.html?oneclick=true   (293 words)

 Pols closer to banning Alcohol Without Liquid
The device, popular in clubs in Europe, is commonly referred to as Alcohol Without Liquid, or AWOL.
Kevin Morse, president of Spirit Partners Inc., the North Carolina-based company that distributes the device in the U.S., said because the alcohol leaves the body the same way as it would in traditional drinking methods, including the mouth, an AWOL user would be just as susceptible to a Breathalyzer test as someone drinking liquid alcohol.
"The alcohol will definitely register on the Intoxylizer 5000, commonly called the Breathalyzer test which is used by law-enforcement officials to apprehend drivers who are under the influence of alcohol," Morse said in an August 2004 press release announcing the company’s distribution rights.
www.bu.edu /com/statehouse/spring06/012606_unde_awol.html   (525 words)

 Is inhalable alcohol a good idea? - By Amanda Schaffer - Slate Magazine
Normally, when you drink a glass of wine, say, or a shot of vodka, alcohol is absorbed over time, through the lining of your stomach and small intestine (roughly 10 percent to 15 percent in the stomach, 85 percent to 90 percent in the small intestine).
This is because vaporized alcohol, as it enters the bloodstream directly from the lungs, is not subject to the protective effects of the digestive system—notably, the impulse to vomit.
The legality of AWOL—at least for venues licensed to serve alcohol in New York state—seems to turn on two relatively obscure provisions of the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control law—a law enacted in 1934, shortly after the repeal of Prohibition (in 1933).
www.slate.com /id/2106393   (1768 words)

 AWOL : Alcohol Without Liquid
It's supposed to revolutionize the way alcohol is served in bars and it's already coming to the U.S. It's debut will be in New York City and as you probably guessed it's being met with opposition.
Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) is created in a machine that mixes a shot of alcoholic liquid with oxygen, creating a cloudy vapor that is inhaled through the mouth and/or nose.
You can choose which kind of alcohol is loaded into the machine, then you pay about $10 bucks and 'poof' the alcohol you chose is mixed with oxygen in a little chamber and you inhale it...
www.duiprocess.com /awol-alcohol-without-liquid.htm   (399 words)

 Alcohol without liquid?? - Cyburbia Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
alcoholics) the whole point of imbibing alcohol is for the buzz and they're going to ingest alcohol in one form or another anyways, why force these folks to have to partake liquid as opposed to vapor?
As detailed by Spano, liquor poured into the AWOL (“alcohol without liquid”) machine is mixed with oxygen and vaporized; the vapor can then be inhaled, effectively administering a “quick hit” of alcohol to the user.
Because the alcohol is inhaled directly into the bloodstream via the lungs, its effects are felt immediately.
www.cyburbia.org /forums/showthread.php?t=13290   (1910 words)

This method of consuming alcohol reduces the effects of a hangover and is low calorie.
The resultant cloudy alcohol vapor is then inhaled from the end of the tube via a device that looks like an simple inhaler.
The potent combination of oxygen and alcohol creates a feeling of well-being which intensifies the longer the vapor is inhaled.
www.awolflorida.com /html/features.shtml   (390 words)

 Idaho Statutes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
(b) "Vaporized alcohol" means an alcoholic product created by mixing alcohol with oxygen or another gas to produce a vapor or mist for the purpose of consumption through inhalation.
(5) An alcohol without liquid device as defined in this section and except as in this section authorized is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and in this title is referred to as a liquor nuisance pursuant to section 23-701, Idaho Code.
The Idaho Code is the property of the state of Idaho, and is copyrighted by Idaho law, I.C. According to Idaho law, any person who reproduces or distributes the Idaho Code for commercial purposes in violation of the provisions of this statute shall be deemed to be an infringer of the state of Idaho's copyright.
www3.state.id.us /cgi-bin/newidst?sctid=230060016.K   (327 words)

 New York Daily News - Home - New alcohol craze is a cocktail haze   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A machine that converts alcohol into breathable mist is slated to make its U.S. debut tonight in a trendy Meatpacking District bar, although some lawmakers aren't cheering.
Called Alcohol Without Liquid (AWoL), the machine is billed as creating a low-calorie, hangover-free buzz.
Oxygen bubbles are pumped through it, absorbing the alcohol and creating a smoky-looking vapor, which is then sucked through a tube and inhaled.
www.nydailynews.com /front/story/224056p-192414c.html   (438 words)

 Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) Machines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Machines have recently been introduced in the United States that mix liquid forms of alcohol with oxygen to produce a mist that is then inhaled by consumers through a mouthpiece.
AWOL machines pose several concerns; medical experts fear potential health risks proposed by these machines, as inhaling sends a larger and purer dose of alcohol directly to the brain.
In the 108th Congress, Representative Bob Beauprez (CO-7) introduced H.R. 5173, the Alcohol Without Liquid Machine Safety Act of 2004, which was referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
www.nbwa.org /Nbwa/Advocacy/Legislative_Issues/AWOL.htm   (213 words)

It is anticipated that few offenses would be prosecuted each year and, consequently, any revenue gain from criminal fines under the bill would be minimal.
On average, it costs the state $2,150 to supervise an offender on probation in the community as compared to $35,040 to incarcerate the offender (note that both figures include fringe benefits).
This bill prohibits selling, purchasing, or possessing an alcohol vaporization device, which it defines as a device, machine, or process that mixes spirits, alcoholic liquor, or any product containing alcoholic liquor with oxygen or another gas to produce a vaporized product for human inhalation.
www.cga.ct.gov /2006/FC/2006HB-05668-R000248-FC.htm   (383 words)

 Distilled Spirits Council Urges Ban of Alcohol Vapor Devices ("alcohol without liquid" - AWOL)
The hypocrisy of liquid alchohol companies complaining about inhaled alchohol on the basis that they want to safeguard the public from alchohol abuse and drunk driving is just staggering [pun intended].
Inhaled alcohol enters the bloodstream through the lungs instead, and the result is a less-filtered, low-calorie buzz.
Regardless, the body expels alcohol the same whether it is inhaled or sipped and can be detected using the same methods so AWOL cannot be used to get around alcohol laws.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1368411/posts   (2677 words)

 Alcohol inhalation has doctors worried
Inhaling alcohol through a vaporiser is the latest craze to hit the club and bar scene in the United Kingdom.
It is called AWOL, or Alcohol Without Liquid, and those who sell it say it can get you drunk 10 times faster than drinking alcohol, but claim it leaves no hangover.
But it has not been medically tested, and doctors like Michael Smith are worried that it may cause more brain damage than drinking alcohol.
www.womenfitness.net /uk_alcohol_inhalation.htm   (141 words)

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