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 Aldwych tube station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aldwych tube station should not be confused with the Aldwych tramway station, which was a stop on the Kingsway tramway subway.
Aldwych tube station is a disused station on the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground.
A restoration of the building's fa├žade has revealed the original name of the station, long concealed by its subsequent alteration to "Aldwych". /wiki/Aldwych_tube_station   (663 words)

 Aldwych - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Aldwych
The name Aldwych was revived to commemorate an ancient Danish settlement in the area.
It was constructed between 1900 and 1905, and forms a loop on the northern side of the Strand. /Aldwych   (84 words)

 LONAULI - LoveToKnow Article on LONAULI
Powers under the Tramways Act of 1870 ere given to the council, enabling it to acquire possession of these undertakings, and within the county of London they have been for :he most part so acquired, and are worked by the council.
Many widenings and other improvements of existing thoroughfares, and extensions of tramways were proposed, and detailed recommendations were made as regards urban and suburban railways, and the rehousing of the working population on the outskirts of London.
northern and southern tramway services, involved the removal of the Charing Cross terminus of the South Eastern and Chatham railway to the south side of the river, and the construction of a new bridge in place of the railway bridge. /L/LO/LONAULI.htm   (18894 words)

It is the site of The London School of Economics, Bush House, the Aldwych and Duchess theatres, the Waldorf Hotel and nearby in the Strand is the now-disused Aldwych tube station.
The Aldwych underground station appears in a level of Tomb Raider 3
Aldwych is a place and road in the City of Westminster in London. /infopages/index.php?title=Aldwych   (164 words)

 London Trams - Tramlink Extensions Proposal
This scheme proposes introduction of a modern street-based tramway between Kings Cross and Camden in north London to Peckham and Brixton, south of the river, Serving Euston, Holborn, Aldwych, and Waterloo, where the line splits with one branch serving Elephant and Castle and the North Peckham estates and the other serving Oval, Stockwell and Brixton.
If extensions to existing tramways and new tramways are to be realised, it is essential they enjoy the full support from residents and the local business community.
It is no longer appropriate to fit tramways into disused rail corridors just because they are there. /trams/initiatives/ini_index_tlext.shtml   (984 words)

 Kingsway tramway subway -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
In 1937 the rebuilding of Waterloo Bridge required the diversion of the side entrance to the tramway to a new position centrally underneath the bridge, which opened on 21 November of that year.
In the parliament session of 1905 plans were submitted for an additional station at the south end of the tunnel, under Wellington Street.
Legal problems however delayed permission to build the subway and tram route and it was not until 1906 that permission to build was granted, and then not to cross the bridge. /encyclopedia/k/ki/kingsway_tramway_subway.htm   (1197 words)

 Subterranea Britannica: Sites:
The tracks remained unaltered, though disused, until the final abandonment of London's tramways on 5th July 1952, after which the street tracks were lifted in stages and those in the subway, cut at the approaches, were left as the longest section remaining in London.
Strand Station was demolished during the construction of the Strand Underpass although traces of it are still visible beneath the up ramp.
When visited by members of Subterranea Britannica in 1996, the remaining section of the subway including Holborn Station was found to be in good condition with the twin tram tracks intact throughout. /sb-sites/sites/k/kingsway_tram_subway/index4.shtml   (747 words)

Station opening/closure dates (where given) are as shown in the publication "The Directory of Railway Stations" by RVJ Butt, published by Patrick Stephens, which we gratefully acknowledge.
This was an early horse and cable tramway which opened on 2/5/1870 and was taken over by LCC Tramways on 1/1/1899.
The book "The Directory of British Tramways" by Keith Turner, published by Patrick Stephens, was used to research tramway opening/closure dates and other details, and is gratefully acknowledged also. /e15/cat.html   (10990 words)

 Strand Underpass biography .ms
This passes through the site of the former Aldwych tramway station but because of the greater width requirement 27 trees and some pavement had to be removed for it to be constructed.
At the southern end of Kingsway the road rises to the surface on a new floor supported by metal pillars.   (135 words)

 The Plumstead Commoner
Originally, this was to be a tramway system linking Thamesmead and Abbey Wood to Woolwich, North Greenwich tube station, and Greenwich town centre.
North Greenwich tube station was built with an extra set of platforms so that it could accommodate an extension of the line to Woolwich and Thamesmead in the future, but it's unlikely to happen, especially given the massive cost overruns that beset the jubilee line extension.
Woolwich Arsenal is a very busy station; lots of people live in Woolwich, and it's also one of the prime candidates for expansion under the Government's plans to build more homes in the Thames Gateway (what used to be called the Thames Estuary).   (4359 words)

 LRTA Links: Museum Sites
Perth Electric Tramway Society - Operators of Western Australia's Heritage Tramway, PETS is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and operation of Western Australia's electric trams trams which ran in Perth (1899-1958), Kalgoorlie (1902-1952), Fremantle (1905-1952), and Leonora (1908-1921) as well as the trolley buses which ran in Perth (1933-1969).
Tramway Historical Society - Tracing its origins to 1960 and the preservation of some of Christchurch's early trams, the Society became one of the founding organizations behind the Ferrymead Historic Park where its collection of trams, trolley busses, and busses operates today.
The goal of the Tramway Museum is to preserve the electric public transport history of Adelaide and this is achieved, in part, by operating of each type of tram used on the Adelaide system over a 2km line from the museum site north of Adelaide to St Kilda Beach. /links-museums.html   (4871 words)

 Underground History - Kingsway Underpass
The tram underpass originally ran from the Holborn entrance, though a subterranean station at Holborn and then down the length of the Kingsway, passing through another station at Aldwych before finally emerging to the surface immediately under Waterloo Bridge.
During this conversion the Aldwych station was lost, however the stretch north of the new ramp to the old exit just north of Holborn remains intact and undisturbed, with the subterranean Holborn station still there today almost as it was the day it closed, just beyond the shut tunnel gates.
What's more, it was obvious that we were standing in what was originally the Aldwych tram station, something I'd assumed had been obliterated when the road tunnel was built. /kwupass.php   (2095 words)

 Subterranea Britannica: Sites: kingsway_tram_subway
When the decision was made by the London County Council to redevelop an unsavoury part of Holborn and to construct Aldwych and Kingsway they considered using the new streets for a tramway to connect the existing northern and southern networks.
The subway was approved, but the tramway was not authorised beyond the north side of the Strand and it took a further four years for the Council to secure powers.
When the Embankment tramway was eventually opened and powers had been obtained for the subway link, work was pushed ahead on the remaining section. /sb-sites/sites/k/kingsway_tram_subway/index.shtml   (690 words)

 CULG - Future proposals
At the east end the Stratford branch emerges at Pudding Mill Lane station on the DLR (the station being relocated to the south), after which trains would call at all stations from Stratford to Shenfield (except Maryland, which cannot be lengthened).
Intermediate stations would be at Vauxhall, Elephant and Castle, Borough, Bishopsgate, and Shoreditch, and there is the possibility of an extension to Stratford.
Recent indications are that lines 1 and 2 south of Rainham station, and line 3 from Barking to Gallions Reach, may be omitted from the scheme. /rail/culg/future.html   (3559 words)

 Backtrack Volume 10
Addenda to Tables D and E: Uxbridge Road closed 2 October 1940; King's Cross Metropolitan closed 14 March 1941 when new platforms opened (notes that no LNER tickets were issued for travel from Moorgate to King's Cross); Highgate (High Level); Holborn and Aldwych on the Kingsway Tram Subway (5/6 April 1952).
Station in joint ownership and connected to Normanton Hotel, initially independent venture, but Act of 28 June 1861 enabled MR to purchase on behalf of Joint Committee for a time the LNWR became part of the Joint Committee but later withdrew.
The station was enlarged in 1871 and the refreshment rooms, run by Spiers and Ponds were important in serving the MR Anglo-Scottish trains. /backtrak/bt10.htm   (12209 words)

 Trams in their last years
Built by the LCC to generate power for the tramways, after 1952 it was used to provide peak hour support to the main LUL power station at Lots Road, Chelsea.
The station is now run and maintained by EDF power, and is equipped with Rolls Royce Avon gas turbines which can run on gas or oil.
This was the last piece of major tramway built in London and went from this point to Eltham Green (picture c0191) where it met up again with the 44 and 46. /trains/london/trams.html   (2960 words)

 Railways South East
An iron-plated horse-drawn tramway had been santioned in 1824 but was obsolete by the 1860s and led to 18 inch gauge tramway which opened on 10 January 1873.
The station was very busy with splitting and joining trains, but push-pull working was introduced in 1906 not only on the Epsom Downs branch but also to a wide variety of destinations.
During WW1 the station was a receiving depot for officer's kit whom had been killed in action. /magrack/rse.htm   (13603 words)

 Kingsway tram subway
The Kingsway subway was opened as far as Aldwych by the LCC on 24 February 1906, using specially built single deck trams.
There were two stations in the tunnel at Holborn and Aldwych.
Routes 33 and 35 were withdrawn at stage seven of the tramway replacement programme on Saturday 5 April 1952. /transporthistory/bus4/subway.html   (544 words)

A rather unique tramway which seldom recieves enthusiast visits as it is so far from other Italian systems.
September 1998 60 min by Dave Spencer featuring the street tramway which uses Metro type Swedish cars and the Metro itself, includes cab rides, filming where photography is normally banned.
Continues coverage of Cardiff then moves west to Bridgend with the new bus station finally open, concludes at Pontypridd with a superb mix of buses and operators. /complete.txt   (19021 words)

 Dan Wilson - The Man Who Nearly Bought the WHR for £850
All the deeds were there except for Beddgelert Station and anything on the Croesor Tramway section.
The owner of Snowdon Ranger, Shaw, had taken over the old station as early as 1940 and being a solicitor had made out a claim for possessory title under 20 years’ unchallenged domiciliary occupation which Thomas had allowed.
I remember once we had gone to Beddgelert to look at the station site and were walking through the village when he drove by. /healingcentre/man850.html   (2377 words)

 Cross River Transit
From there the line would run straight down to Kingsway where it would turn west into Aldwych to cross the Thames by Waterloo Bridge and on through Waterloo Road to a rebuilt Elephant & Castle which would be a major transit interchange.
The terminus at Camden is proposed to be in Camden High Street on the western side of the rebuilt Camden Town tube station and will close a short section of the street to through traffic, thus helping to traffic calm a very busy section of Camden High St.
From there it would run under an enlarged St Pancras station on a new link to reach Phoenix Road. /london-Xriver.html   (731 words)

 CHTL - More Preserved Underground Trains
Although the large station building at Tunbridge Wells is now a pub and restaurant the railway has use of the large four-road engine and is home to a small but growing collection of steam and diesel locomotives.
The museum is centred on a Victorian pumping station and one of the remaining engines is in operation, apart from the two cars of London Underground stock, other exhibits include fire engines, buses and displays on local history and transport.
Low Hall Museum is in South Access Road, Markhouse Avenue and within walking distance of Walthamstow James Street Station. /preserved.htm   (2205 words)

Registered WLT 880 this RML is operating route 9 to Aldwych.
Building our London United fleet this Routemaster in tramway livery displays the unusual fleet number of ER 880.
In response to many requests is our TD1 in the popular livery of J.M.T., This model features fleet number 24, registered J 1199, displaying dedicated adverts for Mary Ann, Jerseys famous Beer, on route to St. /efe/401.htm   (265 words)

 London Trams: Kingsway subway
There were two stations in the subway, at Holborn and Aldwych, where The Kingsway intersected major streets.
Each station had a central platform, which meant that passengers had to board and alight from the front (driver's) platform.
I was a bit puzzled by this picture when I reviewed it, 40 years later. /trains/conduit/subway.html   (379 words)

 Tramway Postcard - Kingsway Subway
It opened as far as Aldwych station on 24th.
There were stations below ground at Holborn and Aldwych.
The tram is London County Council Tramways car 582, of class "G". /Cards/Postc7.htm   (344 words)

 Usenet Archive
The National Tramway Museum at Crich even staged a re-run of the London tramway closing ceremony back in 2002 (the 50th anniversary), so they certainly went out in style.
Said I was on my way to the destination but the origination station was closed but he was adamant that the + didn't mean anything and called a colleague over.
Having lived in that area during the university years, and having revisited recently, it seems that despite the superb refurb/rebuild of what was once an awful station, Silverlink & NR can't be bothered to endure the employment procedure to find "customer-facing" staff that actually enjoy working with strangers. /File.asp?service=47404   (10554 words) Photos Current 22
The partly surviving old tram subway between Aldwych and Holborn will not be incorporated.
The Greenwich line may be upgraded later to tramway.
10 Years of the Dresden Tramway Museum was celebrated in style on 2.6.2002 with an open day and an evening cavalcade. /bs_current22_e.html   (515 words)

 Themeless: July 2005 Archives
The Gatwick Express train for Victoria Station, however, leaves from the south terminal.
Fortunately, there’s an automatic tramway between the two that’s easy to find and not a very long walk.
During the ten minute walk from the office near Aldwych St. to the company flat in Holborn, I pass no fewer than three Starbuck’s shops. /archives/2005/07   (5359 words)

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