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Topic: Aleksander Zawadzki

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  Aleksander Zawadzki - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Aleksander Zawadzki (December 16, 1899 - August 7, 1964) was a Polish Communist political figure and head of state of Poland from 1952 to 1964.
A member of the Communist Youth Union, Zawadzki went into exile in the Soviet Union in 1931, after spending six years in prison for "subversive activities." He returned to Poland in 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II, but was immediately arrested.
Freed from prison by the Soviet invasion of the country, Zawazki eventually joined the Soviet-organized Polish Army, rising to the rank of general.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aleksander_Zawadzki   (177 words)

 Aleksander Wolszczan - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Aleksander Wolszczan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Aleksander Wolszczan - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Aleksander Wolszczan.
Here you will find more informations about Aleksander Wolszczan.
The orginal Aleksander Wolszczan article can be editet
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/Aleksander-Wolszczan.html   (261 words)

 Axis History Forum :: View topic - Poles blamed for wartime massacre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Roman Zawadzki, son of Marcel and Rozalia of Rysk, born on 8-3-1905 in Stawiski, county of Lomza
Witness Krystowczyk stated that he watched the defendants Laudanski and Lojewski Aleksander from the distance of 250 meters by [raising?] a roofing tile in the attic of a house.
According to the UB documentation Jan Zawadzki was to guard [Jews].
forum.axishistory.com /viewtopic.php?t=4506   (6779 words)

 ZAWADZKI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Search the ZAWADZKI Family Message Boards at Ancestry.com (if available).
Search the ZAWADZKI Family Resource Center at RootsWeb.com (if available).
Find graves of people named ZAWADZKI at Find-a-Grave.com (or add one that you know).
www.worldhistory.com /surname/US/Z/ZAWADZKI.htm   (73 words)

 X. Title   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Apart from aforementioned leaders, the professors: Pawel Maslanka, Stefan Giller, Michal Majewski, Boguslaw Broda, Krzysztof Kowalski and Aleksander Ushveridze are among the distinguished representatives of the school.
School of Cosmic Ray Physics and Astrophysics foundations of which were laid by professors Aleksander Zawadzki, Alojzy Tomaszewski and Jerzy Wdowczyk is specializing in experimental research on the field of high energy particle interactions, and the sources of such particles (including photons) of cosmic origin.
The school is nowadays led by professors Maria Giller, Janusz Kempa and Wieslaw Tkaczyk.
www.fic.uni.lodz.pl /study/ects/C.1.2.html   (259 words)

 Tomasz Strzembosz Jedwabne 1941
Account no. 2675, by Aleksander Kotowski, a wood sorter from Jedwabne: "During the entry of the Red Army I was absent, [later on] the power was given to Jews and Polish communists, who had been imprisoned before for Communism.
Danuta and Aleksander Wroniszewski in an article "Aby zyc" ("Just to survive"), published in the "Kontakty" magazine on 19 July 1988, reproduced an account of an inhabitant of Jedwabne: "I remember when they were deporting Poles to Siberia, on each and every wagon there sat a Jew with a rifle.
Aleksander Wyrzykowski (born in 1908 and living in Milanówek by Warsaw at that time), signed a "Testimony" on 2nd May 1962, which begins with the following words: “I, Wyrzykowski Aleksander, together with my wife, Antonina, would like to submit the following statement.
www.antyk.org.pl /ojczyzna/jedwabne/strzembosz.htm   (18093 words)

 Political Leaders: Poland
The SdRP was born on 27 Jan 1990 from the dissolved PZPR.
On 7 May 2005, the PD was established on the basis of the UW, which ceased to exist.
The SKL was founded on 12 Jan 1997 as the merger of the Peasant Christian Party (SLCh, chaired by Artur Balazs), the Conservative Party (PK, chaired by Aleksander Hall) and splinters of UW.
www.terra.es /personal2/monolith/poland.htm   (847 words)

 District of Pszczyna
During World War II the Germans decided not to change the boundaries of the District; von Derschau was nominated the District Governor.
At the turn of January 1945, when half of the District's territories was still under German occupation, General Aleksander Zawadzki appointed Michał Panek, a communist activist in Dąbrowa Industrial Region, to take the office of Starosta in the District.
At the beginning Mikołów was the seat of the district government but it moved to Pszczyna on the 10 February when German troops had left Pszczyna.
www.powiat.pszczyna.pl /eng?laduj=2&ankieta=wyniki   (1457 words)

 Tadeusz Rolke
This exhibition, which was warmly welcomed by German critics, was later also presented in Poland, after Rolke has received the new passport and could visit Poland again.
Wladyslaw Gomulka, Jozef Cyrankiwicz, Aleksander Zawadzki, Nina Andrycz
In 1980 he made the exhibition "Light Theatre" about important European theatre festivals like these in Nancy, the Fools Festival in Amsterdam and the Theatre of the Nations in Hamburg.
fototapeta.art.pl /fti-2rolkee.html   (1189 words)

 Origin and Historical Background
The memorial was delivered to the government and National People's Council by Voivode of Katowice general Aleksander Zawadzki.
In March 1947 the University was visited by a ministry committee, who aimed to prepare the basis for a potential closing down of the University.
In that difficult situation, the Voivode of Upper Silesia general Aleksander Zawadzki proved to be extremely helpful.
www.polsl.pl /alma.mater/ogolne/history.html   (5243 words)

 Ultimate debunking of Gross - prof. Tomasz Strzembosz
The formal accusation mentioned 22 persons charged with participating in the crime, of which 10 were acquitted and released.
Such sentences indicated a considerable level of independence of the court, which deemed some of the depositions for the Security Service (UB) as insufficient in view of the later testimonies by witnesses, especially if the suspects pleaded not guilty already during the inquiry.) Consequently, only 12 persons were declared guilty.
The list of persons in hiding (this qualification does not mean that the persons mentioned in the list really remained in hiding, but that they did not live in Lomza province and were not available at the moment.
www.geocities.com /jedwabne/english/inny_obraz_sasiadow.htm   (7189 words)

 Roland Maze
It is not easy to estimate nowadays his role in creation of the Lodz group and its first scientific achievements.
He was together with Aleksander Zawadzki, Juliusz Hibner, Jerzy Gawin and Jerzy Wdowczyk (among others) the co-author of many papers, which established the position of Lodz among distinguished centres of high energy physics in the world.
Comparing the scale and goals of presented further project with those of the international and over 100 mln $ Auger Project, it seems justified to call our enterprise with the name of Roland Maze, as a tribute to this great scientist.
www.u.lodz.pl /~wibig/maze/ang0.htm   (2723 words)

 The Roland Maze Project (about us)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The first small air shower array has been built of such counters.
The results obtained on this array allowed the Lodz centre, led then by Aleksander Zawadzki, to achieve an important place among the leading groups studying the passage of high energy particles through the atmosphere.
The Lodz array has been then systematically developed and it was always fit both technologically and conceptually to the highest world standards.
www.u.lodz.pl /~wibig/maze/ang6.htm   (360 words)

 [No title]
This included the Polish volunteers in (1) the People's Guard, which did guerilla warfare starting in 1942, (2) in the T. Kosciuszko Division, which was formed on May 20, 1943, (3) and in the First Polish Army, which was established in March 1944.
The Kosciuszko Division and the First Polish Army were initially formed in and based on Soviet territory and led by Polish communists such as Wanda Wasilewska (1905-1964), Alfred Lampe and Aleksander Zawadzki.
Wasilewska had been a Catholic high school student in Krakow in 1918 when the nationalists gained power and started to promoted anti-semitism.
www.angelfire.com /md/TobyTerrar/Poland.html   (2555 words)

the villages aforenamed are left to Aleksander Turzon by Kazimierz Cieszynski; a flsmith's master Jan from Zaleze sells his village to Jan Strzybnicki
Aleksander Mieroszewski, the last heir in tail of Myslowice, a great spendthrift sells Maria primo voto Aresin Winckler his estates together with his knight's landed properities, Katowice for 109-768 thalers.
In 1842-1844 the Wincklers got exclusive rights to excavate coal in that region.
www.us.edu.pl /katowice/informator/tekst/english/kal.shtml   (2170 words)

 The official website of the City of Warsaw
After the war, in keeping with tradition, Belvedere was once again headquarters to top state authorities.
It housed the office of Bolesław Bierut, Edward Ochab, Aleksander Zawadzki and Wojciech Jaruzelski, and was the venue of Council of State meetings; it was here that, Dec. 13, 1981, the decision was made to introduce martial law in Poland.
President Lech Wałęsa lived and worked in Belvedere for some time.
www.e-warsaw.pl /new/index.php?dzial=aktualnosci&ak_id=12&kat=3   (638 words)

 Poland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
12 Dec 1501 — 19 Aug 1506 Aleksander Jagiellonczyk (b.
20 Nov 1952 - 7 Aug 1964 Aleksander Zawadzki (b.
8 Apr 1986 - 19 Jul 1989 Kazimierz Aleksander Sabbat (b.
www.worldstatesmen.org /Poland.htm   (3884 words)

 pin011a   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Official report of the Ministry of Interiory of the Polish Government: " Polska pod rezimem komunistycznym.
Materials from the Radio Free Europe, biographical note and news clippings on Aleksander Zawadzki - Member of Politbiuro
Facts and Documents concerning Polish prisoners of war captured by the USSR durung the 1939 Campaign.
www.piasa.org /piasaarchives/pin011a.html   (3630 words)

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