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Topic: Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov

In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov Information
Yermolov was born in Moscow in an officer's family.
During the European campaigns of 1813 and 1814, Yermolov was in charge of the artillery corps of the allies.
Since 1816, Yermolov (by that time promoted to the rank of full artillery general) was responsible for Russian military policies in Caucasus.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Aleksey_Petrovich_Yermolov   (1308 words)

 Decembrist revolt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other Decembrists were exiled to Siberia and the Far East.
Suspicion also fell on several eminent persons who were on friendly terms with the Decembrist leaders and could have been aware of their clandestine organizations, notably Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Griboedov, and Aleksey Ermolov.
Wives of many Decembrists followed their husbands into exile.
wikipedia.cas.ilstu.edu /index.php/Decembrist_Revolt   (737 words)

 Philatelia.Net: Bonapart / Plots of stamps in the catalogue / Yermolov Aleksey
Philatelia.Net: Bonapart / Plots of stamps in the catalogue / Yermolov Aleksey
Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov, or Ermolov (1777-1861), was the premier Russian military hero during the golden age of Russian Romanticism.
His charismatic leadership of imperial armies was praised in the poems by Alexander Pushkin, Vasily Zhukovsky, and others.Yermolov was born on May 24, 1777 in Moscow in the officer's family.
philatelia.net /bonapart/plots/?id=283   (61 words)

 Wikipedia search result
In 1816 Madatov was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Russian forces of the Karabakh khanate, in the following year - he was in command of the forces in several other former khanates.
In 1818 Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov subjugated the Chechens with the aid of Madatov.
In 1826 Persia attacked Karabakh, starting the Russo-Persian War, 1826-1828.
feedbus.com /wikis/wikipedia.php?title=Valerian_Madatov   (607 words)

 A Biographical Dictionary of Russian Generals during the Napoleonic Wars
However, the Russian Army, led by another cast of gifted commanders, fought the French for decades.  These two empires shared different beliefs and their clash decided the future of Europe.
Kutuzov, Barclay de Tolly, Bagration, Rayevsky, YermolovÂ… These names evoke the triumphs of the glorious days of the past and the numerous battles fought and the victories celebrated.
For decades, their names were venerated and admired, and considered the Glory of Russia.
www.napoleon-series.org /research/c_russianbios.html   (344 words)

 List of Russians   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Aleksey Yermolov, hero of Battle of Borodino; military ruler of the Caucasus
Aleksei Stakhanov, the work over-achiever who gave the name to the stakhanovite movement
During the times of the Soviet Union nationals of other constituent republics were traditionally known as "Russians" in the West.
www.tocatch.info /simple/List_of_Russians.htm   (978 words)

 Caucasian_war info here at en.articles-on-stress-of.info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Three Russian Tsars waged that war: Alexander I, Nicholas I, und Alexander II.
The tops Russian commanders were Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov in 1816-1827, Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov in 1844-1853, und Aleksandr Baryatinskiy in 1853-1856.
The editors Mikhail Lermontov und Leo Tolstoy took fragment in the hostilities, und the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin referred to it in their Byronic poem The Prisoner of Caucasus (1821).
en.articles-on-stress-of.info /Caucasian_War   (477 words)

 Valerian_Madatov   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In 1816 Madatov was appointed as teh commander-in-chief 0f teh Russian forces 0f teh Karabakh khanate - inside teh following year - he was inside command 0f teh forces inside several other former khanates.
In 1818 Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov subjugated teh Chechens with teh aid 0f Madatov.
In 1826 Persia attacked Karabakh - starting teh Russo-Persian War - 1826-1828.
www.mustrelatingfresh.info /Valerian_Madatov   (1004 words)

 Order of Battle of the Imperial Russian Armies at the Battle of Borodino, September 7th, 1812.
Adjutant: Capt. (L.G. Jaeger) Aleksey Ivanovich (Baltazar Ludwig Alexis) Bartolomey
Guard Equipage: Marine Capt. 2d Rate Ivan Petrovich Kartsev
3d Reserve Artillery Brigade: Col. Aleksey Petrovich Nikitin (WIA Sept. 7, remained in ranks)
members.cox.net /jchg/borodino.html   (3430 words)

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