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Topic: Alex Jones

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In the News (Tue 19 Jun 18)

Alex Jones had a prominent role in Richard Linklater's Waking Life, a part that received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival.
Alex Jones is considered by many to be the grandfather of what has come to be known as the 9/11 Truth Movement.
Jones predicted the 9/11 attack in a July 2001 television taping when he warned that the Globalists were going to attack New York and blame it on their asset Osama bin Laden.
www.infowars.com /alexjones.html   (751 words)

  Alex Jones (radio) Encyclopedia Article @ UltraTopSecret.org (Ultra Top Secret)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Alex Jones believes that certain elements of the United States Government are intent on weakening the country and its sovereignty.
Jones claims the mainstream media have been manipulated to such a degree that they are no longer doing their job of being the government watch dogs and instead have become "Propaganda Bureau of the corrupt establishment".
Jones has openly stated that he has dedicated his career, as radio talk-show host, his websites, and his documentaries, to exposing "the truth" surrounding what he deems as state-sponsored terrorism, police-state incrementalism in the U.S., and threats to the U.S. and world population, the United States Constitution, and U.S. sovereignty.
www.ultratopsecret.org /encyclopedia/Alex_Jones_(radio)   (3807 words)

 Alex S. Jones Named New Director of the Shorenstein Center
Alex S. Jones, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and host of PBS’ Media Matters, has been named the new director of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Dean Joseph S. Nye Jr.
Frequently interviewed as an authority on media issues, he is a member of the fourth generation of a Tennessee newspaper family and remains active in the ownership and management of the family’s group of newspapers and radio stations.
Jones and Tifft are also the co-authors of The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind The New York Times, a biography of the Ochs and Sulzberger family that has owned The Times for over a century.
www.news.harvard.edu /gazette/2000/04.20/shorenstein.html   (710 words)

 Prison Planet.com Audio
Alex is joined by Sheriff of Zapata County TX along the Texas, Mexico border and Sheriff Rick Flores Sheriff of Webb County TX for comments on Bush's recent speech on illegal immigration and the war going on at the border.
Alex Jones interviews Latino Americans For Immigration Reform spokeswoman and senatorial candidate Lupe Moreno concerning violent illegal alien invasions of schools and county buildings as well as stabbings that coincided with the supposedly 'peaceful' immigration protests.
Alex welcomes the Editor of Citizen Scientist Magazine and Chairman of the Environmental Science Section of the Texas Academy of Science to discuss the controversial University of Texas professor who advocates the mass death of 90% of the world's human population.
www.prisonplanet.com /audio.html   (1384 words)

 Pastor and Flock Convert to Catholicism
Jones first heard Keating, the founder of Catholic Answers, at a debate on whether the origins of the Christian church were Protestant or Catholic.
Jones, the father of three married sons and grandfather of six, is leaving the question of whether he becomes a priest up to the Church.
Jones said when his group was considering converting, prayer groups were formed to stop them.
www.catholiceducation.org /articles/apologetics/ap0077.html   (1258 words)

 Alex Jones Promotes Scientology-Affiliated Leaders
Alex Jones, who appears to be fighting the New World Order and claims to be a Christian, is sending the message that it is acceptable to yoke with Scientology for a "good reason." This is ill-advised because Scientology is the leading workforce in the New World Order network and is provably run on Satanic principles.
Alex Jones has not advised his listeners that Scientology is a player in the New World Order network and has failed to warn his listeners that this NWO organization takes up causes that the public identifies with—such as the fight against the outrageous abuses of the psychiatric profession—in order to recruit members.
Alex's infowars.com and prisonplanet.com websites are viewed by people who expect to be FULLY warned about the globalist agenda and deserve to be informed about this spiritually dangerous New World Order "church" that is committed to mind control.
www.libertytothecaptives.net /alex_jones_promotes_scientologist.html   (1131 words)

 Alex Jones
Alex Jones is a man with a mission.
Jones and his TV producer tagged along with Ronson, and all three men managed to slip past security and witness the festivities.
Jones is NOT the first person to do this as he claims, our goal has never been to get inside.
www.nndb.com /people/969/000048825   (518 words)

 Alex Jones Presents Infowars.com to Fight the New World Order -- Powerful Documentaries by Alex Jones
In this powerful expose, Jones explains why the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the populations into accepting tyranny.
Alex Jones exposes the problem-reaction-solution paradigm being used to terrorize the American people into accepting a highly controlled and oppressive society.
Alex Jones exposes the growing relationship between the military and police.
www.infowars.com /videos.html   (1514 words)

 Alex Jones' Prison Planet.tv: Fighting The Orwellian Police State
A sample from Alex Jones' weekly TV report in which he exposes how a culture of pedophilia permeates government and branches of social services and why sex predators are enabled to conduct their activities by using the instruments of state.
During the talk, Jones unveils compelling new evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that artificial explosives were used to implode the twin towers on 9/11.
Alex Jones and his Infowars crew regularly undertake daring field trips and research missions to expose the truth.
www.prisonplanet.tv /subscribe.html   (969 words)

As Alex relates his story you'll be transported to that instant when his life was changed forever by the presence of the resurrected Lord who set him free from anger and fear-- and gave him a destiny.
If there is one thing that marks the faith journey of Alex Jones, it is his uncompromising commitment to the truth.
But according to Alex Jones, the real heroes of the story are those who were received into the Catholic Church with him this Easter.
www.geocities.com /junmeskie/AlexJones.html   (511 words)

 Alex Jones Presents Infowars.com to Fight the New World Order -- Listen to Alex Jones Live on Air
Syndicated radio journalist and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones has been on the front lines of the growing global information war from ground zero to the occult playgrounds of the power-mad elite.
Jones predicted the attacks on September 11th, 2001 and is considered one of the very first founding fathers of the 9-11 Truth Movement.
Alex is rebroadcast on shortwave from midnight-3AM (CST) on 5.070, and from 9pm-midnight all three hours are on 5.765.
www.infowars.com /listen.html   (1003 words)

 Alex Jones -- Honorary Member of RSICC
I spoke with Alex by phone back in December, 2001, and he like the idea of what we were doing, and he agreed to be listed as a member.
Alex obviously is making a huge impact worldwide, and probably considers this a low priority for his time.
Jones continued success in the great work he is doing of informing people about what is going on in dark corners of the planet.
www.rsicc.org /Members/AlexJones/index.html   (401 words)

 Online NewsHour: Troubled Times -- June 5, 2003
Alex Jones, tell me your reaction to today's resignations, and tell me if you think they were necessary in order to get the paper out of the bind it's been in.
ALEX JONES: I have reluctantly concluded that we were necessary.
ALEX JONES: I would be willing to bet that that had no real impact.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/media/jan-june03/nytimes_06-05.html   (2048 words)

 Undermining Terrorism : Speakers : Alex Jones
Alex S. Jones is Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy.
In 1998 Jones and Tifft were jointly named Eugene C. Patterson Professor of the Practice of Journalism at Duke University.
Jones has twice served as a juror for the Pulitzer Prize competition.
www.ksg.harvard.edu /terrorism/people/jones_alex.html   (242 words)

 Articles by Alex Jones
William Rodriguez and Philip Berg appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to expose a smear campaign that seeks to poison the well of the 9/11 truth movement.
Alex talks with actor, comedian and former star of The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen, Dean Haglund about martial law in America and new developments in the September 11th cover-up.
Alex speaks with the suddenly controversial Brigham Young University Physics Professor about his recent realization that the WTC towers were destroyed by bombs and not planes on September 11th.
www.prisonplanet.com /jones_report.html   (2680 words)

Alex Jones' broadcast on Genesis is considered the flagship program of the network.
Alex kept asking me to let 20/20 video at my house which I kept telling him no! I told Alex he was the only one I had let video around the house and that was only for a documentary.
Keith said Alex told him that he had a signed contract with me. John wanted me to come back on the air to verify if this was true.
www.christianmediaresearch.com /jones.html   (2660 words)

 Signs of the Times Forum / Another Alex Jones "Production"
Alex Jones and his team were detained by Canadian immigration on orders of the Bilderberg Group for a 15 hour nightmare of interrogation, accusations and threats of arrests in anticipation of the conference in Ottawa which starts today.
A CBC journalist vouched for the fact that Alex was in the media and that she was planning on interviewing him, after also being subjected to a barrage of questions by officials.
Alex would like to make it clear that the immigration officials on the whole were just doing what they were told in trying to prove who Alex was and they should not be the focus of any vitriol.
signs-of-the-times.org /signs/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1848   (3150 words)

 Alex Jones Presents Infowars.com to Fight the New World Order --Exclusive Alex Jones Video Clips
These exclusive photos were taken by Alex while in NYC documenting the Republican National Convention for his newest film Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State.
These photos were sent to Alex Jones by one of his listeners in Mississippi.
The Events that Followed and a Document Procured and Analyzed by Alex Jones Revealed the Daunting Fact that the Military is Policing 77 Counties Across Central Texas.
www.infowars.com /goodphotos.html   (459 words)

 PEAK OIL IS A SCAM! according to Alex Jones
Jones has already referred to conservation efforts with disdain, such as “The Nightmare Kyoto Protocol,” and stating that global warming is a “chicken-little debate of the sky falling” where he says the world is merely on a “natural climate-cycle” of 12,000 years.
Alex Jones really doesn’t seem like a disinfo generator, he is just a screamer.
Alex Jones has proven himself to be an obnoxious, hyperparanoid, conspiracy theorist crank time and time again.
mkane.gnn.tv /blogs/5096/PEAK_OIL_IS_A_SCAM_according_to_Alex_Jones?r=4   (4800 words)

 Texas Civil Rights Review attacks Alex Jones, defends Plan of San Diego
Alex was not "policing" anyone, he was simply attempting to expose how hate groups are infiltrating peaceful celebrations and turning them into racist calls to arms.
Yet it is Alex who receives ALL the media criticism for protesting these movements who only wish to SEGREGATE people according to the colour of their skin.
So for the TCRR to say that Alex does not choose well from "all the history available" is a pointless and weak line to follow.
www.infowars.net /Pages/Sept05/200905TCRR_attacks_Alex.htm   (1131 words)

 Alex Jones talks
Jones likes Conservative ideals, but slams Ann Coulter as she deserves to be slammed, but he does it better than most liberals could do.
Alex Jones used to be a mainstream conservative radio commentator, a typical "Clinton hater" (and there is a lot to hate beyond "Monica").
Jones doesn't quite see that, though he starts to recognize that some so-called commies like Hugo Chavez are actually fighting and exposing the NWO, just like him.
www.takeoverworld.info /alex_jones_talks.html   (2360 words)

 Alex Jones Videos - Free Download www.infowars.com
Jones reviews the current geopolitical structure in the shadow of 9/11 through a focused historical lens and uncovers accounts of government sponsored terrorism that are openly admitted to by western governments.
Alex documents the Globalists' execution of the September 11 attacks in what should be regarded as a sequel to 9/11 TRTT.
Alex Jones exposes the Problem-Reaction-Solution paradigm being used to terrorize the American people into accepting a controlled and oppressive society.
www.lastingnetworks.com /alex   (2742 words)

Alex is not specifically interested in monitoring the censorship of nudity, vulgarity, foul language, etc, nor particularly interested in seeing it fill up the contents on this page.
First they called me an alex jones wanna be because his defaul picture and one of my pictures are similar.
Infowars is pleased to announce another great radio program hosted by Alex Jones now airs on Emmis Communications' KLBJ AM in Austin every Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm.
www.myspace.com /alex_infowarrior   (4391 words)

 Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
Alex Jones interview of Stanley Hilton, attorney for 911 taxpayers' lawsuit
SH: I did an interview with you, Alex, back in March of 2003, about a year and a half ago, and literally two weeks after that, I was contacted by the emissary of the chief judge of the federal court where I have the lawsuit.
And Ken Starr used to be across from me in Duke Law School in the early `70s and it´s interesting that he got away with trying to get Clinton impeached, so we have a far worse criminal sitting in the oval office today - somebody guilty of mass murder as well as obstruction of justice.
www.rense.com /general57/aale.htm   (6104 words)

 Alex Jones' Infowars.com :: There is a War on for Your Mind!
ALEX JONES ON Alex Jones will appear Tonight on Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory to discuss the controversy surrounding the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman and new evidence of Putin's false flag terror activies.
Alex Jones presents The Order of Death, an amazing and horrifying look into the occult practices of the global elite featuring never before seen footage of the infamous Bohemian Grove.
Alex welcomes New York 9/11 Truth activist Luke Rudowski of We Are Change to discuss the recent arrest of Loose Change producer, Corey Rowe, and the upcomming 9/11 Truth convergence in New York City on the anniversary of that fateful day.
www.infowars.com   (1209 words)

 Godlike Productions -- Alex Jones / PrisonPlanet Breaking News article on Gen Byrnes and planned nuke exercise in ...
While rumors circulating about indictments having already taken place against Bush and Cheney should rightly be treated very carefully, the fact that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter is something that´s admitted and shouldn´t be viewed as speculation.
Maybe they´ll detonate a clean tactical neutron bomb on an old freighter coming into a US port and then pretend it was a dirty nuke and foist month after month of fake nuclear contamination news on us.
Alex Jones said he hasn´t been talking like this for about four years.
godlikeproductions.com /bbs/message.php?message=138067&mpage=1&...   (2519 words)

 JONES REPORT :: Alex Jones Presents the Truth in Black and White
JONES REPORT :: Alex Jones Presents the Truth in Black and White
AUTHORIZATION FORM: Screen, Air, Copy Or Post Alex Jones' Media for Non-Profit Educational Purposes.
Download Alex Jones' Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State for free
jonesreport.com   (656 words)

 Guest - Alex Jones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Jones, "On television, he exudes so much energy that a viewer might almost expect bits of flesh to start flying from the screen."
Alex Jones was recognized as "Best Radio Host" in the 1999 Austin Chronicle Reader's Poll.
As featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Dallas Morning News, The Los Angeles Times, The Austin-American Statesman, and The Austin Chronicle, Alex Jones has created a powerful and national presence for libertarian expression in an ever-federalized America.
www.cloakanddagger.de /guests/alex_jones.asp   (172 words)

 Alex Jones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Not only is Alex on the airwaves 6 hours a day encouraging his countrymen to get involved, but he too is on the frontlines.
From rebuilding the Davidian church in Waco to infiltrating world leaders engaged in human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, Alex is a perfect example of how individuals can make a difference.
This information is so vital that Alex permits you to make copies of his documantaries for educational purposes.
www.patriotamerica.com /AlexJones/AlexJonesMain.htm   (170 words)

 Alex Jones Rocks CNN
So after all that went on last night, Alex Jones waited up so he could be on the Coast-to-Coast radio show with George Noory at four in the morning.
Alex Jones just reported that one of the worlds most beloved musicians may also becoming forward.
Featured in the April issue of After Dark is a Q & A with Alex Jones (pictured) that takes a look at his life and history.
valis.gnn.tv /blogs/13944/Alex_Jones_Rocks_CNN   (1559 words)

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