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Topic: Alexander Skene

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  Skene's gland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In human anatomy, the Skene's glands (also known as the lesser vestibular or paraurethral glands) are glands located on the upper wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra.
The Skene's glands are homologous with (that is to say, the female equivalent of) the prostate gland in males.
She teaches that the clear liquid is g-spot fluid, secreted by the Skene's glands, and released in large quantity in conjunction with a G-spot orgasm.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Skene's_gland   (473 words)

 Alexander Skene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alexander Johnston Chalmers Skene was an American gynecologist who described what became known as the Skene's glands.
He was born in Fyvie, Scotland, on June 17, 1837 and died on July 4, 1900 in his summerhouse in the Catskills, New York.
Primarily, he is remembered for his description of the Skene's glands at the floor of the urethra.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alexander_Skene   (206 words)

James Skene of Skene was a loyal supporter of King Charles I but for his support he had to flee to the continent where he served with Gustavus Adolphus, the "Lion of the North".
One notable historian, William Forbes Skene belonged to the Skenes of Rubislaw and was appointed Historiographer Royal for Scotland in 1881.
Skene, was the second son of a Robertson Chief, and was himself known as Donchadh mor na Sgine, or Big Duncan of the Skean.
www.electricscotland.com /WEBCLANS/stoz/skene2.html   (1295 words)

 Tour Scotland, Perthshire and Dunkeld.
His great-grandson, John de Skene, held the lands during the reign of Alexander III, and his son, Patrick, appears on the Ragman Roll in 1296, submitting to Edward I of England.
Alexander Skene de Skene is listed among the dead on the ill-fated field at Flodden in 1513, and yet another Skene laird fell at the Battle of Pinkie in 1547.
In the petition of Danus Skene, it was asserted that there was good reason to believe that on the death of Alexander Skene of that Ilk with no issue in April 1827, the succession passed to the next most senior line - the Skenes of Halyards.
www.visitdunkeld.com /clan-skene-tours.htm   (557 words)

 Mount Shasta Annotated Bibliography - Chapter 7
Jesse Applegate was the namesake of the Applegate Trail and the Applegate River.
Alexander McLeod and Jedediah Smith were both important explorers of the late 1820s who have influenced the place names of the Mount Shasta region.
Alexander Roderick McLeod, who is, incidentally, the namesake of Mount Shasta's McCloud River, and whose name is often associated with the origins of the naming of the Siskiyou mountains, is described as follows: "About 50 years of Age.
www.siskiyous.edu /shasta/bib/B7.htm   (9929 words)

 Alexander Bain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Alexander Bain was born in Skene Square, Aberdeen on 11 June 1818 and died, also in Aberdeen, on 18 September 1903.
And by introducing movement into psychology as a category of analysis in its own right and emphasizing the role of consciousness in the direction of movement, Bain paved the way for the later functionalist psychology of adaptive mind and behaviour.
Rylance, Rick, ‘Alexander Bain and the New Psychology of the Higher Faculties’, in Victorian Psychology and British Culture 1850—1880 (Oxford, 2000), pp.
www.thoemmes.com /encyclopedia/bain.htm   (3564 words)

 March 2001 - Logging and Sawmilling Journal -
Skene Lumber upgraded to a new Desjardin circular saw/carriage operation, purchased from Quebec, as well as a used edger.
Skene Lumber has its own wood truck that is used to deliver firewood-another side business which also makes use of the byproducts of the sawmill.
Alex Skene was sent to the area by the agriculture minister of the day, John Dryden-for whom the city is now named.
www.forestnet.com /archives/May_01/feature.htm   (1445 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
James, kindlie tenant of Bandodill (Tanistry), and ancestor of the Skenes of Ramore, Curriehill, Halyards in Midlothian, and Rubislaw.
Patrick, burgess of Aberdeen, ancestor of the Skenes of Dyce.
He was also a writer: a Skene family history 22 Jan 1678 in Aberdeen; compiler of coats of arms of the principal Scottish families; in 1685, Memorials for the Government of the Royal-Burghs in Scotland, and A Succinct Survey of the famous city of Aberdeen.
home.att.net /~c.chan/skeen.html   (2019 words)

 Alexander Abercromby   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Alexander married Susannah Woods (1766-c.1852), who is said to have been a sister of Mary “Polly” Woods, wife of Jonathan Abercrombie.
Alexander Abercrombie appears in the 1800 census for Laurens County, South Carolina with a household consisting of one male over 45 years of age [himself], one male 16-26, two males 10-16, three males under 10, and one female 26-45.
Alexander Abercrombie appears in Captain William Owens' company # IV of the Upper Battalion of the Enoree Regiment.
home.earthlink.net /~baledet/atempt_2/text/AlexanderAe.html   (236 words)

 Burness Genealogy and Family History - Person Page 214   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
She married Alexander Mollison, son of Alexander Mollison and Magdalene Burness, on 4 May 1841 in Galena, Illinois, USA.
She married Alexander Skene, son of William Skene and Margaret Mollison, on 25 October 1882 in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, USA.
She married Alexander Watt, son of James Watt and Mary Burness, on 17 June 1864 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.
www.burness.ca /p214.htm   (2590 words)

 Gathering of the Clans - Devoted To All Things Scottish   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Date: Jun 19, 2003 - 10:58 AM According to tradition the Skenes were an early sept of Clann Donnchaidh long before it adopted the name of Robertson.
Badge: A dexter arm embowed, issuing from a cloud, hand holding a laurel wreath, all proper.
According to tradition the Skenes were an early sept of Clann Donnchaidh long before it adopted the name of Robertson.
www.tartans.com /print.php?sid=307   (337 words)

 The First Mason In America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
ohn Skene son of Alexander Skene & Lilias Gillespie of Newtyle was born c.1649 and died 19 Aug 1690, Mt. Holly, NJ; married Helen Fullerton.
ohn Skene arrived in at the Delaware River with his family aboard the Golden Lion in 1682.
Therefore, John Skene was the first Freemason in America.
www.parsonage.net /clanskene/masonic.html   (130 words)

 skene02   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Janet is known to have married an Alexander Skene 'of that ilk', probably this Alexander, and is assumed to have been mother of...
Jean Burnett (dau of Alexander Burnett, younger of Leys)
BLG1886 reports that Andrew was son of Alexander Skene but BLG1952 identifies his parents as James and Jean Douglas.
www.stirnet.com /HTML/genie/british/ss4as/skene02.htm   (448 words)

 Johnston Information - page 1
Alexander Leith, aka "Hard-Head," 2nd son of John of New Leslie and Bucharn and Marjorie Forbes of Pitsligo, and bro.
William Johnston, the Professor of Civil Law who was son of Arthur Johnston and Barbara Gordon, was baptised in 1636 and in later life became a Quaker.
Reference is made to his daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Alexander Whyte [this Elizabeth married as her second husband, George Keith, a co-founder of Quakerism].
faculty.gvsu.edu /carlsont/trip/john1.htm   (912 words)

 Northern Rural Life in the Eight - APPENDIX
By George Skene Keith, D.D, Minister of Keith-hall and Kinkell.
The Aberdeenshire Canal, the total length of which, from the river Don to the Shorelands of Aberdeen, was nearly eighteen and one-fourth miles, was designed by Telford.
At the close of his Memoir, Malcolm Gillespie appended an abstract of his seizures dnring his career as an exciseman; and which, being made up officially, is probably correct.
www.electricscotland.com /history/rural_life27.htm   (1456 words)

 SKENE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Youngest son of Mr and Mrs Skene of Francis Cottage, Ballater; husband of Betsy Gordon Skene of Polhollick, Ballater.
Son of Willie Skene and Josephine Skene (nee Berrouard) of Lac Edouard, Portneuf Co, Quebec.
Son of Alexander and Jessie Skene; husband of Edna W Skene of Calgary.
members.aol.com /DonJGrant3/scd6.html   (502 words)

 Chapter 2 - Uretheral Expulsions - EJHS
Later, in 1922, Franklin P. Johnson, M. D., made a case for the urethral glands and the urogenital sinus glands (Skene’s glands) being homologous to the prostate gland in the male.
In 1943, John Huffman, M. D., an obstetrician and gynecologist, conducted research on Skene’s glands and came to the conclusion that the extent of the glands and ducts surrounding the urethra had been greatly underestimated by Skene.
It should be noted that Skene, Johnson, Caldwell, Huffman and Berkow all represented mainstream medical thought and were published in such prestigious journals as The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The Archives of Surgery and The Journal of Urology.
www.ejhs.org /volume4/Schubach/Chap2.html   (3061 words)

 Find in a Library: A true and faithful accompt of the most material passages of a dispute betwixt some students of ...
Alexander Skein, sometime a magistrate of the City.
Published for preventing misreports, by Alexander Skein, John Skein, Alexander Harper, Thomas Merser, and John Cowie.
To which is added, Robert Barclay's offer to the preachers of Aberdene, renewed and re-inforced.
worldcatlibraries.org /wcpa/ow/f6fc273e4432b343a19afeb4da09e526.html   (200 words)

 Family 01
13 Alexander Kinnaird (of Culbin) d: 10 September 1547 in Battle of Pinky, Musselburgh, East Lothian.................................................................
18 Alexander Kinnaird (of Culbin) b: April 1655 in Dyke, Moray d: Abt.
18 Alexander Kinnaird b: 16 February 1665 in Dyke, Moray.....................................................................................
www.kinnaird.net /family01.htm   (1984 words)

 Skene - OneLook Dictionary Search
Skene : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home, info]
Skene : Stedman's Online Medical Dictionary, 27th Edition [home, info]
Phrases that include Skene: skene arch, william forbes skene, alexander skene, ducts of skene glands, skene alexander, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=Skene&ls=a   (126 words)

 Skene   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
occ: Laird of Skene; 1st Baron of Skene from 1318
Robert was a follower of Robert the BRUCE, who made him the first Baron of Skene in 1318.
The laird of Skene joined GORDON of Huntly in an attempt to capture Mary STUART, Queen of Scots, from her half brother James STEWART, Earl of Moray.
home.austarnet.com.au /dfgoonan/SKENE.htm   (267 words)

 Alexander Johnston Chalmers Skene (www.whonamedit.com)
Alexander Johnston Chalmers Skene first attended King’s College in Scotland, but immigrated to North America when he was 19 years old in 1857.
He wrote five textbooks as well as many scientific papers.
Skene died of angina pectoris in his summer house.
www.whonamedit.com /doctor.cfm/1832.html   (519 words)

 Skene genealogy
Married Helen Thomson (baptised 23rd September 1700; died 29th July 1768), daughter of J Thomson or of Alexander Thomson of Portlethen.
Robert Skene married second 6 July 1574 Margaret Forbes
This genealogy is largely taken from Burke's Landed Gentry 1886 (Skene of Rubislaw), and http://www.compapp.dcu.ie/~humphrys/FamTree/Skene/
www.kittybrewster.com /ancestry/skene.htm   (184 words)

 [2004: November] Re: Alexander vs Troy
In reply to: bradley Skene: "Re: Alexander vs Troy"
Your choice of hypothetical reasons was revealing, I think, of your approach to discourse on this list.
You have since tried to tack your way to justifiability, or to use a fuzzy riff on Rezeptionsgeschichte to disclaim responsibility for what you have written.
omega.cohums.ohio-state.edu /mailing_lists/CLA-L/2004/11/0774.php   (309 words)

 irvine01   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Alexander Irvine, 5th of Drum, Sheriff of Aberdeenshire (d 12.1493)
Alexander Irvine of Lonmay, younger of Drum (dvp Pinkie 09.09.1547)
Margaret Skene (dau of Alexander Skene of that ilk)
www.stirnet.com /HTML/genie/british/ij/irvine01.htm   (615 words)

 [2004: November] Re: Alexander vs Troy (sophomoric writing)
Previous message: bradley Skene: "Re: Alexander vs Troy"
In reply to: Michael J. Smith: "Re: Alexander vs Troy (sophomoric writing)"
I am beginning to think that our collective chain is being pulled here, and that 'bradley Skene' is a spendidly realized fictional character -- the e-mail answer to Mrs.
omega.cohums.ohio-state.edu /mailing_lists/CLA-L/2004/11/0773.php   (232 words)

 Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
Females do not have prostates, although tiny secretory organs next to the urethra share some homology to the prostate.
These female organs, named for Scottish gynecologist Alexander Skene, also produce PSA.
Anatomically and pathologically, mammalian secondary sexual organs vary greatly from species to species.
www.krongrad-urology.com /common-questions.html   (4242 words)

 Science and the making of Victoria, Alphabetical List of Members 1854-1872, page 170
Alexander John Skene; C.E. Member 1860 District Surveyor RSV Geelong, Vic, Australia
Alexander K. Smith; C.E., F.R.S.S.A. Life Member 1858 PIV Reclamation & Cultivation of Batmans Swamp.
Alexander K. Smith; C.E., F.R.S.S.A. Treasurer 1864 RSV (1) Surface & underground drainage of Melb.
www.austehc.unimelb.edu.au /smv/170.html   (1494 words)

 MESSAGE BOARD INDEX - powered by XMB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
In 1880, Dr. Alexander Skene, professor of gynecology in
In 1953, Dr. Samuel Berkow, a urologist, came to the conclusion that the
tissue of Skene's glands was erectile when stimulated.
www.altered-states.net /mboard/viewthread.php?tid=28&page=#pid1389   (1664 words)

 The Royal Society of Victoria Inc
Alexander John Skene; C.E. Member 1857 District Surveyor Soc:PIV Geelong, Vic, Australia
Alexander K. Smith; C.E., F.R.S.S.A. Life Member 1858 Soc:PIV Reclamation and Cultivation of Batmans Swamp.
Alexander K. Smith; C.E., F.R.S.S.A. Treasurer 1864 Soc:RSV (1) Surface and underground drainage of Melb.
www.sciencevictoria.org.au /memlist1/rsv-s.htm   (1487 words)

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