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In the News (Mon 15 Apr 19)

  Alexandria: a book collection manager for GNOME
Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book collection.
It is written in Ruby and is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later).
Alexandria 0.6.2b2 released Grab the files from RubyForge now.
alexandria.rubyforge.org   (44 words)

Alexandria was famous for the extensive library, which in the 3rd century BCE was said to contain 500,000 volumes.
Alexandria was the very first centre for Biblical studies, and it was here that the Old Testament assembled in a form very similar to its present one.
Alexandria was also an important trading post between Europe and Asia, because it profited from the easy overland connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.
i-cias.com /e.o/alexandr.htm   (827 words)

  Alexandria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alexandria was intended to supersede Naucratis as a Greek centre in Egypt, and to be the link between Greece and the rich Nile Valley.
One of the earliest well-known inhabitants of Alexandria during the Ptolemaic reign was the geometer and number-theorist Euclid.
Alexandria was one of three cities that participated in hosting the African Cup of Nations in January 2006, which Egypt won.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alexandria   (3539 words)

 Alexandria, Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alexandria was also an important port and market in the slave trade there was increasing talk of abolition of slavery in the national capital, and the economy would suffer greatly if slavery was outlawed.
Alexandria is bounded on the east by the Potomac River, on the north and northwest by Arlington County, and on the south by Fairfax County.
Alexandria is bisected north and south by Virginia State Highway 7, known in most of the city as the major thoroughfare of King Street, and in its western portions as Leesburg Pike.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alexandria,_Virginia   (2852 words)

 Alexandria, Egypt   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alexandria, the shining pearl of the Mediterranean, and the beacon radiating its culture and heritage to the world at large
The second largest city and the main port of Egypt, Alexandria was built by the Greek architect Dinocrates (332-331 BC) on the site of an old village, Rhakotis, at the orders of Alexander the Great.
Alexandria lies north-west of the Nile delta and stretches along a narrow land strip between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariut (Mareotis).
ce.eng.usf.edu /pharos/alexandria   (239 words)

 Alexandria, city, Egypt. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The Univ. of Alexandria; the Institute of Alexandria, an affiliate of Al Azhar Univ. in Cairo; a college of nursing; and medical and textile research centers are in the city, which is also the Middle East headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Much of ancient Alexandria is covered by modern buildings or is underwater; only a few landmarks are readily accessible, including ruins of the emporium and the Serapeum and a granite shaft (88 ft/27 m high) called Pompey’s Pillar.
Alexandria had two celebrated royal libraries, one in a temple of Zeus and the other in a museum.
www.bartleby.com /65/al/AlxndriaEg.html   (682 words)

 Alexandrian Scholarship
For Alexandria, whose lifeblood was export of grain and papyrus to the rest of the Mediterranean, developments in astronomy allowed sailors to do away with consultation of oracles, and to risk year-round navigation out of sight of the coast.
The Museum of Alexandria was founded at a unique place and time which allowed its scholars to draw on the deductive techniques of Aristotle and Greek thought, in order to apply these methods to the knowledges of Greece, Egypt, Macedonia, Babylonia, and beyond.
Alexandria and its cousins, the Lyceum, Academy, and the younger Pergamon library, were probably the prototypes both for the medieval monastery and universities.
www.perseus.tufts.edu /GreekScience/Students/Ellen/Museum.html   (2813 words)

 Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
The people of the Alexandria area have kept that spirit and determination along with the tradition of family values and a work ethic that has become the gold standard.
The prairie meets the forest in the Alexandria area where the glaciers carved their way through Minnesota thousands of years ago creating a perfect blend of lakes, wooded hills, and open prairie.
Alexandria’s message of “easy to get to, hard to leave” translates well to “easy to love, hard to forget.” This beautiful community in west central Minnesota features a landscape lavish with lakes, bustling with business, and rich in the rewards of a friendly atmosphere.
www.alexandriamn.org   (182 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Church of Alexandria
The Church of Alexandria, founded according to the constant tradition of both East and West by St.
Demetrius governed the Church of Alexandria for forty-two years, and it was he who deposed and excommunicated Origen, notwithstanding his great work as a catechist.
It was doubtless in their behalf that in the pontificate of Innocent III (1198-1216) a patriarch of the Latin rite was appointed for Alexandria.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/01300b.htm   (2331 words)

 Library Automation Software- Alexandria Library Management Software System
Alexandria is the premier cross platform library automation software solution used in thousands of libraries worldwide, including Bellevue School District (WA), Cupertino Union School District (CA), Houston ISD (TX), and Buffalo Public Schools (NY).
In addition to ease of use and stability, Alexandria's unmatched technical support team is available any time you need them via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing end user support directly to your users, and IT support to you when necessary.
Alexandria gives you the ability to update/upgrade and backup your entire district from one primary location.
www.goalexandria.com   (517 words)

 Alexandria, New Hampshire
Origin: First granted in 1753, Alexandria was named for Alexandria, Virginia, location of a conference that resulted in the declaration of the French and Indian War.
Alexandria NH was the birthplace of Luther C. Ladd, the first enlisted soldier to lose his life in the Civil War.
The 2004 Census estimate for Alexandria was 1,430 residents, which ranked 162nd among New Hampshire's incorporated cities and towns.
www.nhes.state.nh.us /elmi/htmlprofiles/alexandria.html   (326 words)

 Alexandria.com.:.Welcome to Alexandria, Virginia
Alexandria is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Alexandria's largest employer by far is the U.S. Department of Defense -- since The Pentagon is in neighboring Arlington County -- and two of its four largest private employers are the Institute for Defense Analysis and the Center for Naval Analysis, according to city statistics.
The historic center of Alexandria, known as Old Town, is a major draw for tourists and those seeking nightlife without crossing the Potomac River.
www.alexandria.com   (263 words)

 Alexandria travel guide - Wikitravel
Alexandria (الإسكندرية al-Iskanderiyya), Egypt's second largest city (after the capital Cairo) and the country's window on the Mediterranean Sea, is a faded shade of its former glorious cosmopolitan self, but still worth a visit for its many cultural attractions and memories of a glorious past.
Alexandria nonetheless remains an important city, as Egypt's chief seaport on the Mediterranean and a home to at least 3.5 million Egyptians.
While Alexandria is one of the more westernised cities in a moderate Muslim country women are still advised to cover their shoulders, midrifs, cleavage and legs above the knee.
wikitravel.org /en/Alexandria   (2047 words)

When, after the treaty of October, 642, the Byzantines abandoned it to Amru, the Arab invaders hastened its ruin owing to the conqueror's impatience to build a new town, Cairo, and to transfer to it the government of Egypt henceforth a Mussulman province.
Christianity was brought to Alexandria by the Evangelist St.
A Latin patriarchate was created by the Crusaders who took Alexandria in 1202 and in 1367; but this patriarchate, established residentially from 1859 to 1866, is become again merely nominal.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/01299d.htm   (835 words)

 The Mysterious Fate of the Great Library of Alexandria
In the case of Alexandria a series of earthquakes and floods in the middle ages mean that the entire palace quarter in the North East of the city is now underwater and largely inaccessible.
It does not include any mention of setting fire to Alexandria but instead states that in fact the city would not burn as it was made purely of stone.
There stood in Alexandria the great temple of Serapis called the Serapeum and attached to it was the Great Library of Alexandria where all the wisdom of the ancients was preserved.
www.bede.org.uk /library.htm   (4683 words)

 Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Front Page
Alexandria— The Japan–Arab Conference entitled A New Dawn: Arabs looking East was inaugurated on Tuesday, 20 November 2007, attended by Arab and Japanese senior officials, businessmen, scientists, and...
Alexandria-the BA hosts on 26 November 2007, an international ceremony organized by Mo Ibrahim Foundation to honor Joaquim Chissano, former President of Mozambique as the winner of the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership.
The annual Prize has been established by the renowned Sudanese businessman Mohamed Fathi Ibrahim, and launched in October 2006 as an African initiative to strengthen governance, democracy, and development in Africa.
www.bibalex.org   (432 words)

 City of Alexandria, VA | Homepage
Alexandria City Council Authorizes Plan to Purchase Property from the Tauber Foundation
The Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association, in partnership with the City, has launched a program to welcome all during the holiday season.
During the weekend of November 30, evening and night work may be conducted in order to prepare the new span and its approaches for the opening to traffic on December 2.
ci.alexandria.va.us   (375 words)

 Hellenic Alexandria
The HEC Hellenic Alexandria Project aims to highlight the Hellenic cultural presence which Alexandria, Egypt has always known.
The Hellenic Electronic Center and the Hellenic Community of Alexandria would like to pay homage to this past, honour its present and promote the future of Hellenic Alexandria.
EKA is offering superb neo-classical buildings in the grounds of the last Greek Quarter of Alexandria to house the Centre.
www.greece.org /alexandria   (335 words)

 Diocese of Alexandria > Home
Ann Lacour, superintendent of schools, all nine schools were approved by the state under non-public school guidelines as outlined in Bulletin 741.
Representatives from throughout the Diocese of Alexandria met during the first two weeks of November to implement the Living Catholic Faith Pastoral Planning Process for every parish and mission in the diocese.
Participation by the parishes and missions has been widespread as pastors, coordinators, and parish council members organize to begin evaluating and planning the future of their churches.
www.diocesealex.org   (807 words)

 CK Alexandria - zájezdy a levná dovolená u moře: Bulharsko, Řecko, Tunisko, Egypt, Chorvatsko, Itálie, ...
CK Alexandria - zájezdy a levná dovolená u moře: Bulharsko, Řecko, Tunisko, Egypt, Chorvatsko, Itálie, ubytování, lastminute
CK Alexandria - dovolená u moře, levné zájezdy, ubytování - hotel, apartmány, penziony - lastminute.
Dovolená v Bulharsku, Řecku, Itálii, Chorvatsku, Egyptě a Tunisku s CK Alexandria také na www.invia.cz
www.alexandria.cz   (85 words)

 Alexandria Apartments
To view all of our Alexandria apartment rentals, all you need to do is create a free Rent.com account.
In addition to helping you find apartments in Alexandria, Rent.com also offers a variety of moving services and moving advice.
From movers and moving quotes to boxes and storage, Rent.com has everything you need to make your move to Alexandria as simple as possible.
www.rent.com /rentals/washington-dc/washington-dc-and-vicinity/alexandria   (377 words)

 Alexandria Library, Alexandria, Virginia
This latest version of the web site was created by the Library's staff.
Alexandria Library Patron Survey   The survey will take 3 to 4 minutes to complete.
Encuesta de los Clientes de la Biblioteca de Alexandria   Se puede completar este questionario en 3 o 4 minutos.
www.alexandria.lib.va.us   (121 words)

 Welcome to Louisiana State University at Alexandria | Louisiana State University at Alexandria
Welcome to Louisiana State University at Alexandria
LSUA CLOSURE UPDATE: ALL classes will resume on Friday, September 14th.
Official website of Louisiana State University at Alexandria.
www.lsua.edu   (66 words)

 The Town Talk - www.thetowntalk.com - Alexandria-Pineville, Louisiana
Alexandria's historic Weiss & Goldring building, which has stood on the downtown corner of Third and Desoto streets for more than a century, soon will be restored or razed, owner Harry Silver says.
Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy has been in office nearly a year.
How would you rate his performance so far?
www.thetowntalk.com   (370 words)

 Alexandria Digital Library Project
The Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) is a distributed digital library with collections of georeferenced materials.
ADL includes the operational library, with various nodes and collections, and the research program through which digital library architectures, gazetteer applications, educational applications, and software components are modeled, prototyped, and evaluated.
Copyright © 2004 Board of Regents of the University of California
alexandria.sdc.ucsb.edu   (91 words)

 City of Alexandria, VA | Homepage
2007 Holiday Concerts in Historic Old Town Alexandria
Alexandria City Council Approves Formal Partnership Agreement with Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Visitors to the web site are invited to shop, dine, and celebrate the holidays in Alexandria.
www.alexandriava.gov   (375 words)

 ACPS: Alexandria City Public Schools, Alexandria, Virginia
Alexandria City Public Schools, in partnership with our families and community, will educate effectively all learners to succeed in a changing world.
Keep up with the latest news and events at ACPS!
© 2007 Alexandria City Public Schools, 2000 N. Beauregard St., Alexandria, Virginia 22311
www.acps.k12.va.us   (138 words)

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