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Topic: Alfa Laval

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval is a Swedish company, founded in 1883 by Gustaf de Laval and Oscar Lamm.
Between 1993 and 2000 Alfa Laval was a part of the Tetra Pak Group.
Alfa Laval started its business in 1883 with the continuous milk separator and from that point we remain a front-runner in new developments for fluid handling.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Alfa-Laval   (325 words)

 Centrifuge Separation, Fluid Handling Equipment & Heat Transfer Technology from Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval is committed to develop our portfolio of filtration products in line with our goal to optimise the performance of your processes time and time again.
Alfa Laval Filter has the inlet directly in line and the outlet at a 90° angle; it is therefore suitable for installation on any 90° angle bend in proximity to the equipment to be protected.
Alfa Laval’s Plate and Frame modules are available in three different channel heights for different viscosities enabling choice of the most cost effective solution in terms of energy consumption and versatility.
www.idswater.com /water/us/Alfa_Laval/Centrifuge_Fluid_Separation/20_0/g_supplier.html   (3875 words)

 Alfa Laval Products
Alfa Laval is a world leader in the design and manufacture of process equipment for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling and control.
With continuous research and innovation, Alfa Laval leads the way in transforming the process, chemical, biotech, HVAC and refrigeration industries with innovative and cutting edge technology.
As their exclusive Ontario representatives, Valutech is dedicated to helping customers in solving Alfa Laval process equipment problems.
www.valutechinc.com /alfaintro.htm   (293 words)

  The Hindu Business Line : Alfa Laval: Hold
HAREHOLDERS of Alfa Laval can retain their exposure in the stock though the company may be hard-pressed to repeat the robust earnings growth of the past couple of years.
Alfa Laval has managed to scale up exports to about 40 per cent of its revenues and this has corresponded to the recovery in the domestic market.
But the change in the revenue profile is significant as it ensures that Alfa Laval avoids the difficult situation it faced in the late 1990s when there was a slowdown in India and exports were a marginal part of its operations.
www.blonnet.com /iw/2005/03/27/stories/2005032700450900.htm   (851 words)

 [No title]
Alfa Laval revolutionized the olive oil industry in 1927 by installing the first separator to remove water and particles from the oil.
In the 1960s, Alfa Laval was first to patent and deliver continuous extraction plants with decanters.
Today, Alfa Laval´s deliveries to the olive oil industry include equipment for all operations from washing through crushing, malaxing and extraction to final clarification of the oil.
here.alfalaval.com /zino.aspx?pageID=3&articleID=157   (1002 words)

 Alfa Laval Centrifuge applications
Alfa Laval AVNX418 Decanter Centrifuges are industry standard for waste water treatment plants.
Alfa Laval NX416 for Magnesium Silicate removal from Biodiesel.
Alfa Laval NX418 for fruit Juice extraction from pulp.
www.dolphinmarine.com /decanters_new.php   (260 words)

 Alfa Laval 1Q earnings climb 42 percent - Boston.com
Alfa Laval AB, a Swedish maker of industrial processing equipment such as pumps and valves, said Monday that first-quarter profit rose 42 percent as the company benefited from increased demand across all of its businesses.
Alfa Laval said last month that it agreed to buy New Jersey-based DSO Fluid Handling, a manufacturer of parts for pumps and valves for the sanitary processing industries.
Alfa Laval shares rose 3.8 percent to 423.5 kronor (US$62.67; euro46.12) in Stockholm.
www.boston.com /news/world/europe/articles/2007/04/23/alfa_laval_1q_earnings_climb_42_percent   (222 words)

 Globeinvestor.com: Alfa Laval Continues to Grow in China   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alfa Laval Packinox In 2005 Alfa Laval acquired Packinox a world leader in large welded plate heat exchangers for the hydrocarbon industry.
Alfa Laval Packinox works closely with each customer to optimize their process units and to provide them with effective solutions.
Alfa Laval's products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications.
www.globeinvestor.com /servlet/ArticleNews/print/BWIRE/20061205/20061204006334   (405 words)

 Alfa Laval AB | Introduction: International Directory of Company Histories
Alfa Laval AB operates as a leader in the heat transfer, centrifugal separation, and fluid handling industries.
Gustaf de Laval was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and to the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.
Alfa Laval's four business principles include: optimizing the use of natural resources is our business; respect for human rights is fundamental; high ethical standards guide our conduct; and our commitment to open dialogue builds trust.
business.enotes.com /company-histories/alfa-laval-ab   (5103 words)

 ALFA LAVAL PUMPS - The Manufacturer.com - Promoting best practices in manufacturing
Alfa Laval is a global market leader with its three key technologies - centrifugal separation, heat transfer and fluid handling.
Alfa Laval Pumps service has a wide range of applications as Marshall was keen to point out.
Alfa Laval Pumps has built up a comprehensive database of different liquid characteristics and this is cross-referenced with the volumes to be moved.
www.themanufacturer.com /uk/detail.html?contents_id=2053   (809 words)

 Millipore - Alfa Laval and Millipore Sign Joint Marketing Agreement To Integrate Centrifugation with Depth Filtration
Alfa Laval, with global headquarters in Lund, Sweden, is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions.
Alfa Laval is a global market leader with its three key technologies – Centrifugal Separation, Heat Transfer and Fluid Handling.
The matters discussed herein, as well as in future oral and written statements by management of Millipore Corporation that are forward-looking statements, are based on current management expectations that involve substantial risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from the results expressed in, or implied by, these forward-looking statements.
www.millipore.com /corporate/pressroom.nsf/docs/5pvhw4   (512 words)

 Centrifuge Separation, Fluid Handling Equipment & Heat Transfer Technology from Alfa Laval IDS-Water Europe   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alfa Laval has more than one hundred and twenty years of experience in meeting this requirement using either decanter or disc stack centrifuge technology, and our products perform this crucial function exceptionally well.
Alfa Laval has perfected the decanter to separate solids from liquids, liquids from liquids and a mixture of all three phases.
Alfa Laval has the expertise needed to match the demands involved in specific industrial processes.
idswater.com /water_supplier_information_gold_3-1-2-20-alfa_laval-0.html   (1038 words)

 Alfa Laval makes open offer
ALFA Laval International AB, the Swedish parent of Alfa Laval India Ltd, has initiated a public offer to purchase an additional 25 per cent of the shares of the latter.
The majority of the Alfa Laval group was acquired by Industri Kapital last year.
The release said that earlier, the group was requested by the Indian regulations to offer to purchase a minimum of 20 per cent of the outstanding shares, due to the change in ownership of the Alfa Laval group.
www.blonnet.com /businessline/2001/06/07/stories/14071803.htm   (219 words)

 UGS: About Us: Customer Case Studies and Videos: Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval wanted to turn its globally dispersed workforce into a competitive advantage.
Alfa Laval has been using CAD extensively throughout its organization since it pioneered the use of 3D CAD in Denmark in the mid-1980s.
Alfa Laval used the Stage-Gate project method, which it thought gave good control over the various phases of the project.
www.ugs.com /about_us/success/alfa_laval.shtml   (894 words)

 REY & LENFERNA: Industrial parts and products - Alfa Laval - Separation Process
Alfa Laval has led the development of separation technology since the company was formed in 1883 in order to exploit Gustaf de Laval's revolutionary invention, the cream separator.
Alfa Laval is the world's largest supplier of separation solutions, holding large market shares in numerous industries.
Alfa Laval's know-how in thermal technology is respected all over the world.
www.reylenferna.com /industrial_alfa_laval.php   (513 words)

 Lawson: News & Events : Press Releases : 2001 : Alfa Laval Goes With Intentia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alfa Laval India, established in 1937, is a subsidiary of Alfa Laval AB, Sweden.
Alfa Laval India has been awarded GMU (Group Manufacturing Unit) status by Alfa Laval, Sweden, to manufacture centrifugal separators and decanter centrifuges for exports to Alfa Laval Sweden, Japan, Spain and Denmark.
Alfa Laval India has executed projects in South Africa, China, Nigeria, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and has expertise in fabrication in stainless steel, titanium, monel, nickel, hastelloy, incoloy.
www.intentia.com /WCW.nsf/pub/PR_40FBC7   (302 words)

 WebWire | Aker Kvaerner and Alfa Laval unite expertise on plant deliveries to the pulp and paper industry   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.
Alfa Laval’s products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications.
Alfa Laval’s worldwide organization works closely with customers in nearly 100 countries to help them stay ahead in the global arena.
www.webwire.com /ViewPressRel.asp?aId=23280   (767 words)

 Alfa Laval and Sartorius extend filtration alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The extended alliance between Alfa Laval and the Sartorius Group underlines the growing popularity of the crossflow filtration concept in brewing, with processors moving away from traditional methods of filtration.
Under the extended agreement, Alfa Laval, a company involved in centrifugal separation, heat transfer and fluid handling, receives the exclusive right to sell Sartorius' membranes and membrane systems for crossflow filtration and sterile filtration of beer as well as dead end filtration in breweries.
According to Alfa Laval, Kieselguhr, also known as diatomaceous earth, is a filter aid that has known problems.
www.foodproductiondaily-usa.com /news/ng.asp?n=53637-alfa-laval-and   (499 words)

 Alfa Laval - PureServe Sanitary Systems - Alfa Laval
It is based on Alfa Laval's revolutionary new technology, Alfa Fusion.
From Alfa Laval are able to handle low, medium and high viscosity media because of the non-contact pump element design, and can be found in virtually every industry where gentle, sanitary processing of viscous product is required.
At Alfa Laval we don’t look at tank cleaning in isolation, but rather as an integral link in the production line.
www.corrosionfluid.com /products/pureserve.htm   (664 words)

 alfa laval centrifuge   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sometimes when you're trying to find top information on alfa laval centrifuge, it will be tricky separating superior advice from foolish alfa laval centrifuge proposals and help so it's prudent to know ways of moderating the information presented to you.
An interesting tip to pursue when you are presented with information and suggestions on a alfa laval centrifuge article is to ascertain who owns the site.
This may show you the people behind the site alfa laval centrifuge qualifications The easiest way to reveal who owns the alfa laval centrifuge website is to look on the 'about' page or 'contact' page.
www.net-sights.com /centrifuge/alfa-laval-centrifuge-.htm   (350 words)

 Alfa Tec Inc. Seattle, Washington
Alfa Tec Inc. was founded in Seattle, WA in 1993 as Alfa Laval Inc.'s exclusive distributor to the marine industry on the West Coast and in Alaska.
The relationship with Alfa Laval has flourished over the past 13 years and now covers the marine, power, fish processing, food, thermal, industrial and oilfield markets.
Alfa Laval offers a wide variety of products including lube/fuel oil separators, watermakers, plate heat exchangers, self cleaning lube oil filters, decanters/separators for fish and fish oil processing, oily water separators and more.
www.alfatec.com /index.html   (255 words)

 di.se: Alfa Laval tvingas sänka priset - Nyheter   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alfa Laval bekräftar nu att priset i nyemissionen sänks med en fjärdedel till 90-95 kronor per aktie.
Alfa Laval bekräftar att marknadens motstånd mot de ursprungliga emissionsvillkoren har varit kompakt.
Alfa Lavals börsintroduktion är den största på Stockholmsbörsen sedan Telia noterades sommaren 2000.
www.di.se /Index/Nyheter/2002/05/14/49469.htm   (300 words)

Alfa Laval must be an attractive long-term investment for shareholders, which Alfa Laval achieves by continuously improving its appeal – as a supplier, partner, employer and customer.
Alfa Laval is part of Attract 40, the most traded shares on the O-list.
Further to that Alfa Laval is included in the Stockholm Exchange’s OMX-index, an index that includes the most traded shares on the total Stockholm Exchange.
www.fis.com /fis/techno/newtechno.asp?id=22131&l=e&ndb=1   (1019 words)

Alfa Laval har forhandlet frem avtalen med Kværner A/S i mer enn syv måneder og har sluttført kjøpet uten tap av arbeidsplasser noe sted.
Alfa Lavals forretnings-segment, Alfa Laval Oil and Protein Technology, har med sterk fokus på bearbeiding av fisk, som mål å øke årlig omsetning med NOK 80 millioner ved denne seneste overtagelsen.
Alfa Laval utvikler, produserer og markedsfører kjerneprodukter innenfor teknikkområdene varmeveksling, separasjonsteknikk og væsketransport.
www.eibis.com /eibis/eibiswww/eibisdoc/3801nw.htm   (514 words)

 Alfa Laval Flow, Inc.
Alfa Laval Flow Inc., originally called G&H Products Corp., was founded in 1942 as a fitting and tubing supplier to the dairy-rich lower Great Lakes region of the United States.
With more than 1000 employees in over 30 countries, Alfa Laval Flow is the world leader in sanitary flow equipment, specializing in pumps, valves, fittings, tank and cleaning equipment, and measuring and control equipment.
Here in the United States, Alfa Laval Flow Inc. is constantly launching new, high-quality stainless steel products that have been developed by the R&D efforts of our worldwide companies.
www.foodonline.com /storefronts/alfa.html   (223 words)

 alfa laval
Po guido mazzoni gruppi scultorei raffiguranti il registrati alfa laval navigazione.
Schiavone vittore crivelli alfa laval giovanni dalemagna giorgio vasari nel xvi secolo.
Sarebbe importante segno della francesca, alfa laval leonardo da luso della sua volgarizzazione.
annuncio-lavoro.org /alfa-laval.html   (308 words)

 Alfa Laval develops collaboration with Unilever
One decisive factor was that Alfa Laval was deemed to have one of the most complete product portfolios in combination with service and spare parts.
Alfa Laval and Unilever have previously cooperated in a pan-European agreement regarding deliveries of fluid handling equipment such as pumps, valves and installation materials.
Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer,separation and fluid handling.
www.primezone.com /newsroom/news.html?d=68215   (534 words)

 GPM Pumps, Inc. [SSP / Alfa Laval Ltd. Stainless Steel Pumps] - Stainless Steel Rotary Lobe and Gear Pumps including: ...
Handling from low to high viscosity pumped media, the characteristic smooth, low shear pumping action is ideal for delicate media and where organic solids in suspension, creams, froths, gels, emulsions and mixtures are to be pumped.
SSP brand Series A rotary lobe pumps, from Alfa Laval Pumps Limited, are designed for high volume fluid transfer duties and are among the world’s largest pumps of this type.
SSP brand Series I stainless steel rotary lobe pumps, from Alfa Laval Pumps Limited, are of high quality design to meet the majority of processing requirements in the Beverage, Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.
www.gpmpump.com /prod_ssp_stainless.htm   (412 words)

 Centrifuge Parts and Repair, Alfa Laval Centrifuges
Alfa Laval Alfie Alfie 400, Alfie 500, Emmie, MIB 303, IFB 203, Alfie 200
Alfa Laval NX 418, NX 414, NX 314
Alfa Laval MAB, 103 MAB 104, OCU S 103
www.marstechusa.com /parts1.html   (336 words)

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