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  Anniina's Alice Walker Page
Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944, in Eatonton, Georgia, the eighth and last child of Willie Lee and Minnie Lou Grant Walker, who were sharecroppers.
When Alice Walker was eight years old, she lost sight of one eye when one of her older brothers shot her with a BB gun by accident.
Alice Walker was active in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, and in the 1990's she is still an involved activist.
www.luminarium.org /contemporary/alicew   (1180 words)

  Alice (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alice is a fictional character in the books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, which were written by Charles Dodgson under the pen name Lewis Carroll.
Alice is popularly depicted wearing a pale blue knee-length dress with a white pinafore overtop, although the dress originally was yellow in The Nursery "Alice", the first coloured version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
As Alice was first drawn in fl and white her colors would vary from artist to artist; it was Disney who made blue the most popular color for her dress and blonde for her hair.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alice_(Alice's_Adventures_in_Wonderland)   (393 words)

 Alice: Tutte le informazioni su Alice su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Alice - personaggio dei fumetti disegnato da Silvia Ziche
Alice Bel Colle - comune italiano in provincia di Alessandria
Alice Castello - comune italiano in provincia di Vercelli
www.encyclopedia.it /a/al/alice.html   (72 words)

 James, Alice - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about James, Alice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
US writer who is known for her personal reflections in Journal 1844, later published as The Diary of Alice James 1964.
A neurasthenic, she moved to England in 1884 after the death of her parents.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /James,+Alice   (148 words)

 Alice, Texas and Alice Discount Hotel Reservations.
Alice would be the first entry in a long list of towns, cities and counties named after King-Kleberg relatives and friends.
Alice was the daughter of Richard and Henrietta King and the County was named after the family lawyer, James Wells.
Alice has retained some of the petroleum business that made the whole area boom in the 1930s.
www.texasescapes.com /SouthTexasTowns/AliceTexas/AliceTexas.htm   (341 words)

 New Georgia Encyclopedia: Alice Walker (b. 1944)
Alice Walker is an African American novelist, short-story writer, poet, essayist, and activist.
Alice Malsenior Walker was born in Eatonton on February 9, 1944, the eighth and youngest child of Minnie Tallulah Grant and Willie Lee Walker, who were sharecroppers.
The precocious spirit that distinguished Walker's personality during her early years vanished at the age of eight, when her brother scarred and blinded her right eye with a BB gun in a game of cowboys and Indians.
www.georgiaencyclopedia.org /nge/Article.jsp?id=h-998   (1755 words)

 The Brady Bunch: Alice Nelson
Alice was a graduate of the same high school that the Brady kids all went to, Westdale High, and as far as we know, her professional life began as a housekeeper for Mr.
Alice is a sensitive woman; she never mentions the boys' first mom in front of them or the new Mrs.
Alice is truly the keystone of the Brady clan, and has earned her spot in the center square.
www.tvland.com /shows/brady_bunch/characters/char3.jhtml   (228 words)

 Jan Svankmajer: Alice [Neco z Alenky] (1987)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Alice follows him into the drawer of a table, which leads to a cellar and then down a deep life shaft to a room piled high with leaves.
Alice's odyssey, in this sense, is a hunt for her own context, and her frequent calls to the Rabbit - "Oh sir, please wait!" - are a plea for time (which for him, as for most adults, is in short supply) to be given for explanation and involvement.
But the ending, with Alice waiting to snip off the head of her treacherous 'teacher', is also balefully personal: she is now free from the tyranny of her elders, but the only power this realisation has given her is the power of destruction.
www.illumin.co.uk /svank/films/alice/alice.html   (1407 words)

 Alice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Alice's reaction was always the same -- She would look at the rest of the cast (and the audience) with her mouth wide open and say the person's name...
Alice was better looking with her longer hair, when it got short and when the theme song changed to the less bluesy one, it was time for Mel's famous shark sandwich.
Alice wasn't working to support herself and Tommy anymore, just getting into quirky situations because life as a waitress wasn't just as fulfilling as it was when she sang fa fa fa on the theme song.
www.jumptheshark.com /a/alice.htm   (11102 words)

 Alice: Frequently Asked Questions
Alice's infinite Undo mechanism and the its ability to execute snippets of Alice script "on the fly" as your main program runs encourages you to ask "what if" questions as you develop.
Alice is designed to be simple enough that it can be used by people who don't necessarily call themselves programmers.
Alice does come with a library of about 200 (growing every day) pre-made objects, and you can also make your own objects in any other modeling package, and then import them into Alice for animation of their behavior.
alice.virginia.edu /faq.html   (1510 words)

 CLASSIC - Alice In Wonderland - Chapter 1 - Multiple Illustrators Featuared
Alice was not a bit hurt, and she jumped up on to her feet in a moment: she looked up, but it was all dark overhead; before her was another long passage, and the White Rabbit was still in sight, hurrying down it.
There were doors all round the hall, but they were all locked; and when Alice had been all the way down one side and up the other, trying every door, she walked sadly down the middle, wondering how she was ever to get out again.
Alice opened the door and found that it led into a small passage, not much larger than a rat-hole: she knelt down and looked along the passage into the loveliest garden you ever saw.
www.bedtime-story.com /bedtime-story/classics-alice-1.htm   (1691 words)

 The A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation - chatbot - chat bot - chatterbots - verbots - natural language - ...
In a recent issue of Discover Magazine, the editors introduce ALICE and Jabberwacky, both recent winners of the prestigious Loebner Prize for artificial intelligence.
Other AIML bots are allowed to enter, but they cannot use ALICE's database.
ALICE took third place this year, in a contest where she was previously awarded the Gold medal in 2004.
www.alicebot.org   (578 words)

 Alice - LEGO
Using four of these cards in particular (at right), I attempted to fashion a statue of Alice as positioned when she was gazing upward at the Chesire Cat.
Alice stands almost exactly 4 feet tall (126 brick levels) and weighs at least as much as R2D2 (probably more -- say 25 pounds?).
I've decided to take a respite from model building for a few weeks, but when I resume, the ever growing quantity of red bricks will be used for a Wonderland Queen of Hearts ('Off with their heads!').
www.ericharshbarger.org /lego/alice.html   (235 words)

 Alice: A Lewis Carroll Centenary Exhibition
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the work for which Lewis Carroll is best remembered, grew out of a river outing by Carroll, his friend Robinson Duckworth, and the three young daughters of Dean Liddell - Lorina, Alice and Edith.
The "India Alice" (as Weaver called it) is inscribed on the front pastedown "Metropolitan Convalescent Institution Children’s Branch, August, 1866"; it also bears the inscribed name "Alice Cousins" on the frontispiece.
Weaver theorized that Alice Cousins might well have been the patient at the children’s hospital who in late 1866 or shortly thereafter took this Alice with her upon her discharge.
www.hrc.utexas.edu /exhibitions/online/carroll/lc7.html   (528 words)

 AfterEllen.com - Leisha Hailey Says the “B” Word on The L Word   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Alice is not only the only explicitly bisexual character on the show, she's the only explicitly bisexual character on primetime television, period (not counting bisexual straight women like Karen on Will and Grace).
Alice is groundbreaking simply because she embraces the “B” word with integrity and doesn't play it for laughs.
Alice cannot do the work of representing all bisexual women in the world, but she can be one bisexual character who challenges stereotypes instead of reinforcing them.
www.afterellen.com /People/leishahailey.html   (731 words)

 The Alice UV Spectrometer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Alice is a compact, general-purpose UV imaging telescope/spectrometer, first developed for the Pluto mission, and now selected to fly aboard the ESA/NASA Rosetta asteroid flyby/comet rendezvous mission.
Alice will obtain 700-2050 A spectra of the Rosetta mission asteroid flyby targets and comet rendezvous target in order to study their surfaces and atmospheres.
In particular, at the mission's main target, comet 46P/Wirtanen, Alice will seek to measure the abundances of the major parent molecules, noble gases, key ions, and various minor species; in addition, Alice will study the comet's far-UV surface reflectance and the UV photometric properties of dust grains in the coma.
www.boulder.swri.edu /~alan/alice.htm   (135 words)

 MSN Encarta - Alice Walker
Alice Walker, born in 1944, American author and poet, most of whose writing portrays the lives of poor, oppressed African American women in the early 1900s.
Born Alice Malsenior Walker in Eatonton, Georgia, she was educated at Spelman and Sarah Lawrence colleges.
She wrote most of her first volume of poetry during a single week in 1964; it was published in 1968 as Once.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761572289/Walker_Alice.html   (389 words)

 The A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation - AIML chat robot software - talking robots - chat robots - ...
The ALICE A.I. Foundation is a non-profit research and training organization devoted to the development and adoption of AIML, the artificial intelligence markup language.
The A.L.I.C.E. Silver Edition was the winner of the 2004 Loebner Prize and the the 2004 Chatterbox Challenge.
Under a special agreement between the A. Foundation and Mindpixel, ALICE Silver Edition is boosted with the power of GAC-80K, the first release of data from Chris McKinstry's fascinating Mindpixel project.
www.alicebot.org /join.html   (326 words)

Tapping into Alice's database, he has found the flight suit design of her last pilot and is now wearing it instead of his Starfleet uniform.
When Alice traps B'Elanna, sealing a hatch and shutting off life support systems, Tom realizes the neurogenic interface is out of control.
She was looking for a top biological entity with which to work together in tandem, to guide her to an unknown point in space.
www.startrek.com /startrek/view/library/episodes/VOY/detail/108158.html   (484 words)

 IGN: American McGee's Alice Review
Alice's family was killed in a fire when she was a child, and she's spent most of her existence in an asylum trying to shake off the horrors of her youth.
You'll visit all your old friends in Alice, including the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, the Mock Turtle and so on, but all of them have been affected by the recent events in their world.
Alice's strongest point is that it constantly delivers a brand new experience, so much so that you'll be amazed at the lengths to which Rogue goes just to make sure you're impressed, yet again.
pc.ign.com /articles/164/164054p1.html   (1547 words)

 Denny Jackson's Alice Faye Page
Alice Faye was born Alice Jeanne Leppert in NYC on May 5, 1915.
Alice's first role was in the film SCANDALS in 1934 where she played Mona Vale.
Alice had always said that her family always came before her professional life.
www.geocities.com /Hollywood/Hills/2440/index-i.html   (346 words)

 Alice Pascal
Syntax-directed editors are somewhat controversial, however I think they are quite good for people learning programming, and Alice was written first to be used in education in the school systems of Ontario.
ALICE was also ported to run on the IBM PC under DOS and the Atari ST, and a Basic version was made only for the Ontario schools.
Alice was quite advanced for its day, I like to think.
www.templetons.com /brad/alice.html   (822 words)

 Alice Download Page
If you are using a projector to display Alice in a classroom, you may be limited to a resolution of 800x600 by the projector.
Alice does not require "installation" in the same way that many other software applications do.
Alice is made freely available as a public service.
www.alice.org /downloads/authoringtool   (321 words)

 Alice (1990)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The plot dabbles in mysticism and magic, similar to A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy and his segment in New York Stories, and is basically the story of a pampered woman in search of her identity.
As Farrow's Alice is onscreen nearly every moment, the film couldn't have a better title.
Alice begins to question her religious faith amidst an upper-class Manhattan setting and intellectual friends--in other words, she plays a female, Catholic version of the character Woody Allen has played in many other movies.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0099012   (417 words)

 The A. L. I. C. E. Nexus
A.L.I.C.E. is an award-winning open source natural language artificial intelligence chat robot.
ALICE utilizes AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to form responses to your questions and inputs.
Unlike other commercial chat robot software costing thousands of dollars, ALICE is freely available under the terms of the GNU Public License (same as Linux).
alicebot.sourceforge.net /alice_page.htm   (255 words)

 Amazon.com: American McGee's Alice: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The trick is that Alice, now older, is the lone survivor of a house fire that kills her family.
Alice, armed with her characteristic politeness, athletic ability, and a large knife, must venture through this dark Wonderland righting wrongs while thwarting the Queen and her army of playing-card guards.
When Alice returns from Wonderland, no one believes that she has been there and is placed into an insane asylum (exactly the same thing that happens to Dorothy from OZ).
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00004UE0V?v=glance   (2120 words)

 Alice: Free, Easy, Interactive 3D Graphics for the WWW
Alice v2.0 is the next major version of the Alice 3D Authoring system, from the Stage3 Research Group at Carnegie Mellon University.
The focus of the Alice project is now to provide the best possible first exposure to programming for students ranging from middle schoolers to college students.
Alice is made freely available as a public service.
www.alice.org   (105 words)

 Lenny's Alice in Wonderland site
Alice in Wonderland is a great nonsense story, but as it was written for British readers of another century, it is necessary to know the background of the story if you want to fully enjoy it.
With this site I am trying to point out that Alice in Wonderland is more than just a children's book and that the nonsense is not as random as it seems at the first glance.
You may also want to post a message on the Alice in Wonderland forum.
www.alice-in-wonderland.net   (752 words)

 Alice Experiment: Welcome to ALICE Portal
The ALICE Collaboration is building a dedicated heavy-ion detector to exploit the unique physics potential of nucleus-nucleus interactions at LHC energies.
Our aim is to study the physics of strongly interacting matter at extreme energy densities, where the formation of a new phase of matter, the quark-gluon plasma, is expected.
Alice will also study proton-proton collisions both as a comparison with lead-lead collisions in physics areas where Alice is competitive with other LHC experiments
aliceinfo.cern.ch   (136 words)

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