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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

People who are trying way too hard will tell you that the aliens have been coming for us since the days of prehistory, citing the existence of the pyramids, pictures of rockets in Mayan hieroglyphics, obscure biblical passages in which angels spawn freakish giant children with the daughters of men.
There are scattered reports of alien sightings from the 1950s, which surely are only coincidentally timed to the first appearance of horrific alien creatures in Hollywood movies and the arrival of Martians in the War of the Worlds hoax.
Alien noise reached a near fever pitch a couple decades back, thanks to a series of developments, some of which require quote marks and others which must be italicized.
www.rotten.com /library/cryptozoology/aliens   (2659 words)

  Alien (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As the alien has used the air-shafts to move about the ship, the crew proceed to cover every air-shaft vent and seal every bulkhead behind them, while Dallas enters the air-shafts with a flamethrower, intending to drive his prey into the airlock and to blow it into space.
An altar-like structure houses the alien embryo-eggs, and a hieroglyph depicts the alien's lifecycle.
An urban legend is that Sigourney Weaver keeps one of the alien "egg" props in her house.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alien_(film)   (4680 words)

 AboutFilm.Com - Alien (1979)
Alien shows inklings of the dark cyberpunk vision of the future (popularized in the 1980s and 90s) that director Ridley Scott would go on to realize more fully in Blade Runner three years later.
Indeed, the alien is an impressive piece of machinery—from its metallic color, to the corrosive acid running through its veins, to its multiple sets of powerful jaws.
Alien is more nerve-wrackingly terrifying than any of its sequels, and Scott did it with only one creature and inferior special effects.
www.aboutfilm.com /movies/a/alien.htm   (501 words)

 Alien - The Alien (Xenomorph)
Eggs are initially created inside a queen alien and enter the world (after being queued in her extended abdomen) via slimey tube to stand on their own (indicating that there is a definite "up" side and "down" side to the egg).
ALIEN3 alien - This alien is different than the previous ones we've seen; it tends to move around on all fours at times and ensures that the unborn queen alien is kept safe.
It's possible that the aliens copy some of their host's DNA in order to help them adapt to the new environement that they'll be born to (this concept was in an old draft of the script for ALIEN), so this alien would be different because it came from a dog.
members.iinet.net.au /~jaherne/alienhost/xenomorph/index.html   (2250 words)

 alien abductions
The rise in UFO sightings is due to the increase in alien activity on Earth.
The aliens are abducting people in larger numbers, are leaving other signs of their presence in the form of so-called crop circles, are involved in cattle mutilation, and occasionally provide revelations such as the Urantia Book to selected prophets.
Another contributor to the mythology of alien abductions is Robert Bigelow, a wealthy Las Vegas businessman who likes to use his money to support paranormal research (see entry on Charles Tart) and who partially financed a Roper survey on alien abductions.
skepdic.com /aliens.html   (4402 words)

Alien is a program that converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and slackware tgz file formats.
Alien should not be used to replace important system packages, like sysvinit, shared libraries, or other things that are essential for the functioning of your system.
Alien use patterns examines who I think is using alien now, and this post gives some historical background.
kitenet.net /programs/alien   (389 words)

 alien - Definitions from Dictionary.com
An alien priory (1502) is one owing obedience to a mother abbey in a foreign country.
Aliens are not given the same rights as the citizens of the country in which they live.
Alien enemy (Law), one who owes allegiance to a government at war with ours.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/alien   (951 words)

 alien(1): Convert/install alien binary package - Linux man page
Alien should not be used to replace important system packages, like init, libc, or other things that are essential for the functioning of your system.
When using alien to convert a tgz package, all files in /etc in are assumed to be configuration files.
Alien has been extensively rewritten (3 times) and is now maintained by Joey Hess, .
linux.die.net /man/1/alien   (985 words)

 Alien - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Some Aliens, particularly the ones involved in most UFO sightings and abductions, are actually genetically mutated possums that are a failed experiment by the CIA bent on world domination.
Aliens were dismissed as fables, although not the kind you can learn from like those of Aesop.
All alien sightings were dismissed as lies, all who claimed to have been abducted by aliens were viciously beaten by the government and forsaken by their families, and any and all cattle mutilated by aliens were scorned and left outside the city gates, rebuked by their community as commanded in the Bible.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Alien   (2372 words)

 Alien - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alien (computing), a program that converts between different Linux package distribution file formats
Alien (law), a person who is neither a native nor a citizen of the country of residence
Alien (signifier), use in literature and criticism as the embodiment of an outside perspective or the sense of the other
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alien   (229 words)

 Bug Eyed Monster - Kenner 18 Inch Alien
When the toy was first on shelves, it had a lot going against it, including the fact that the movie was rated R. Parents also thought the toy to frightening or ugly for children, and since the children weren't that aware of the movie, their demand was low.
The translucent dome that covers the alien head is often lost, which has led to a none too small market in replacement domes.
Not usually found with a loose Alien, this is the instruction sheet that came with it, documenting the jaw opening lever, the glow in the dark brain case, and the limited poseability of the alien's wrists and tail.
www.bugeyedmonster.com /toys/alien   (369 words)

 Alien script by Walter Hill and David Giler
The Alien is no longer on his face.
The Alien is a dangerous form of life...I don't want it to stay alive any more than you do.
RIPLEY Curious isn't it...That the Alien is an encephlepod...
www.dailyscript.com /scripts/alien_shooting.html   (6148 words)

Ash touches at the Alien with a surgical instrument.
The Alien is a dangerous form of life...I don't want it to stay alive any more than you do.
RIPLEY Curious isn't it...That the Alien is an encephlepod...
www.godamongdirectors.com /scripts/alien1.shtml   (6205 words)

 Alien :: rogerebert.com :: Great Movies
After she sees what it can do, her response to "Special Order 24" ("Return alien lifeform, all other priorities rescinded") is succinct: "How do we kill it?" Her implacable hatred for the alien is the common thread running through all three "Alien" sequels, which have gradually descended in quality but retained their motivating obsession.
"Alien" uses a tricky device to keep the alien fresh throughout the movie: It evolves the nature and appearance of the creature, so we never know quite what it looks like or what it can do.
One of the reasons she works so well in the role is that she comes across as smart; the 1979 "Alien" is a much more cerebral movie than its sequels, with the characters (and the audience) genuinely engaged in curiosity about this weirdest of lifeforms.
rogerebert.suntimes.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20031026/REVIEWS08/310260301/1023   (1304 words)

 Alien Sightings, Close encounters with aliens and ufo's
However as you can imagine fabricating these stories is possible, however after reading some of the stories you will find that the people involved have no motive to do invent stories of this nature.
So many people have had alien sightings, and the stories are similar, from all points of the globe.
They alien was not spotted until after the film had been developed.
www.alien-ufo-pictures.com /alien_sightings2.html   (617 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Alien [1979]: DVD: Tom Skerritt,Sigourney Weaver,Veronica Cartwright,Harry Dean Stanton,John Hurt,Ian ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
They go to investigate, find an ancient alien space craft and a parasitic life form which gets onboard their ship and what follows is a fight for survival with nowhere to run.
Alien is unique in that it takes the space craft, man's ultimate symbol of escapism, and turns into a cage.
Alien is a genuine classic, and anyone who is considering making a horror film should be forced to watch this at least ten times.
www.amazon.co.uk /Alien-Tom-Skerritt/dp/B00004S8GO   (2282 words)

 aliensandchildren.org::Why Aliens Abduct Humans
For years there were accounts of alien encounters where the aliens showed a little fl box to humans.
The aliens plan to colonize the earth with their new race and replace the human race.
After aliens take either sperm or eggs from humans, depending on their sex, or in some cases, an alien/hybrid baby, the human abductees are taken into large rooms in the alien's spacecraft containing alien/hybrid fetuses in tanks at different stages of development.
aliensandchildren.org /whyaliensadbucthumans.htm   (246 words)

 Amazon.com: Alien Quadrilogy (Alien/ Aliens /Alien 3 /Alien Resurrection): Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael ...
Alien Quadrilogy (Alien/ Aliens /Alien 3 /Alien Resurrection) (1986)
Alien Quadrilogy (Alien/ Aliens /Alien 3 /Alien Resurrection)
Conversely, the special edition of James Cameron's Aliens (1986) is the definitive version, though it's nice to finally have the theatrical cut on DVD for comparison.
www.amazon.com /Alien-Quadrilogy-Aliens-Resurrection/dp/B0000VCZK2   (705 words)

 Alien News : Home
Now you two can get alien news 24/7 without having to go to the groceri store every weak and buy shopping karts ov useless groceries just to hav the time to reed up on all the latest happenin's in alien abduckshions and other alien stuff.
Alien Net News - Keeping you, the online alien public, informed about aliens, alien activities, and feeble attempts by humans to find aliens.
Alien Celebrities - Special Reports About Alien Celebrities: either real celebrities who are aliens or having alien babies or alien celebrities from other worlds...
www.geocities.com /sizzling_saucer_lady_ssl/reports/news/home.html   (965 words)

 Abduction by Aliens or Sleep Paralysis? (Skeptical Inquirer May 1998)
The aliens' purpose in abducting Earthlings varies from benign warnings of impending ecological catastrophe to a vast alien breeding program, necessitating the removal of eggs and sperm from humans in order to produce half-alien, half-human creatures.
I then read, slowly and clearly, a story called "Jackie and the Aliens," in which a girl is visited in bed at night by a strange alien who takes her into a spacecraft, examines her on a table, and brings her back unharmed to bed.
For each person, an "alien score" from 0 to 6 was given for the number of "correct" answers to the questions about the alien (that is, answers that conformed to the popular stereotype), and another score for the number of Roper Poll indicator experiences reported (0-4).
www.csicop.org /si/9805/abduction.html   (3757 words)

 OAFE - Aoshima Alien
The centerpiece of the exhibit was a 15-foot Alien Queen prop facing off against the robot-like Power Loader from Aliens (both are now on display at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle).
Though it's hard to tell without a screen-to-figure comparison, the McFarlane Alien figure is quite stylized (and here I refer to the figure from the two-pack, as well as the resculpted "Warrior Alien" from the recent "Alien and Predator" refresh line).
I have a few things to add to this: the Alien itself is too slender, and most significantly, the "tubes" that run over the shoulder are much too small.
www.oafe.net /poe/alien.php   (1271 words)

 Alien Technology
RFID Solutions Center Dayton, the world's largest and most advanced facility devoted entirely to the application of RFID technology.
Alien Technology Asia has been selected by RFID Journal Korea as the RFID Company of the Year.
Alien has been selected as a winner of the 2007 "Red Herring 100 Global” Award.
www.alientechnology.com   (133 words)

 SpikedHumor.com » Search Spikedhumor
two aliens landed in the arizona desert near a gas station that was closed for the night.
savedra and ash were touring the museum when a silver-suited, masked alien from an exhibit called "alien autopsy" suddenly abducted ash from in front of a group of tourists.
her mother, margie farrar, and sister naomi sneaked through the museum behind the couple, waiting for them to get to the alien autopsy display, and working to keep naomi's young daughter from getting a glimpse of ash and yelling for her.
www.spikedhumor.com /Default.aspx?p=search&tag=true&query=alien   (867 words)

 Arrow In The Head's movie review of Alien: Sigourney Weaver/Ripley, Tom Skerritt/Dallas, Veronica Cartwright/Lambert
Alien is the movie that made the formula of a “crew trapped in an enclosed area with monster” popular.
He wanted the alien to bite Ripley's head off in the escape shuttle then sit in her chair and start speaking with her voice in a message to Earth.
Aliens was always a favorite of mine since like the age of 6.
www.joblo.com /arrow/reviews.php?id=185   (1709 words)

 Alien Abductions - Category for Alien Abductions.
Alien abduction is an increasingly troublesome phenomena which is in need of further research.
The Alien Casebook Forum is an account of an alien abductee who remains today a contactee.
ICAR is an organization dedicated to scientifically pursuing the truth about aliens, abductions, ET craft, and the purpose behind these visits.
www.ufoseek.com /Alien_Abductions/index.html   (370 words)

 Aliens - Yu-Gi-Oh!
The Aliens are a series of cards that were introduced in Power of the Duelist with new support recently added in Gladiator's Assault and Light of Destruction.
The Alien's effects usually include placing "A-Counters" on opposing monsters to weaken the opponent's monster by 300 ATK and DEF.
Most Alien decks use the opponent's monsters as Tributes for your own and revolve heavily around Monster Control with the help of A-Counters.
yugioh.wikia.com /wiki/Alien   (221 words)

 Alien (1979)
The alien intelligently chose to use the bodies of its victims as hosts for its eggs.
The struggle to survive in the vacuum of space against the uninvited, primal and deadly creature intensifies for the crew members of a grimy, commercial space freighter as they are eliminated one-by-one through corporate machinations.
The promotional poster for the film illustrated a cracked alien egg, with an eerie yellow glow at its lower end in a dark void of space, as it hovers over the latticework of the egg chamber.
www.filmsite.org /alie.html   (3162 words)

 SCIFI.COM | The X-Files
We also salvaged various alien technology from the wreckage and, from their databanks, learned of their plan to recolonize the Earth — a plan with which our cover group, The Syndicate, has pretended to collaborate.
The Syndicate worked with the aliens to infect the entire human population with the alien virus, as well as create a breed of human/alien hybrids for use as the aliens' slave workforce.
As a collateral contract with the alien colonizers, members of the Syndicate were required to have family members live under alien auspices.
www.scifi.com /xfiles/primer/index.html   (799 words)

 Alien - Creatures Wiki
Alien (aka Eliane) is the author of Alien's Creatures World and the Norn Adoption Center.
She's also known as the "Norndoktor", as her interest in genetics let her to start collecting sick or mutated creatures from other players in order to cure them.
Alien provided the genome for the Indio Norns, Sahara Norns, Junglenorns, Aquanorns an Pink Poodle Ettins.
creatures.wikia.com /wiki/Alien   (197 words)

Science fiction is a handy genre: it is possible for people who doesn't really know much about it to transpose another genre (western, horror, detective) unto it, look cool in the process and make a bundle at the box office.
But the plot device in the first Alien movie is one that has been done the year before by Jamie Lee Curtis in Carpenter's Halloween horror movie and every subsequent slasher movie from Friday the 13th to Nightmare on Elm Street.
Add to this stunning special effects and an alien brought to life by special effects wiz Carlos Rambaldi (who later designed E.T. brooding music by Jerry Goldsmith (Oscar winner for The Omen) and it is not difficult to see why the movie has achieved both the cult status and box office success it did.
www.scifimoviepage.com /alien.html   (609 words)

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