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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  7.30 Report - 24/04/2002: Equine portrait to raise money for chairty
ALISTER SIMPSON: I suddenly saw him draw what I thought was a squiggle and I suddenly realised it was the shape of a horse, a three-quarter angle, and this absolutely grabbed me as if it was a thunderbolt or a flash of lightning and I started practising and I drew from that stage on.
ALISTER SIMPSON: To see her on race day, you'll see that once Greg Childs hops aboard she certainly knows she's at a race club to perform and she'll tense a bit and hold her head very high and I hope I brought that out in the painting.
ALISTER SIMPSON: The Queen Mother wrote back and said she thought it was a wonderful looking horse, and, of course, with the artist's licence I didn't sleep for about six months till the horse had its first start, but it won four starts at Cheltenham so evidently my sketch wasn't too exaggerated.
www.abc.net.au /7.30/content/2002/s539616.htm   (932 words)

 Alister Hardy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sir Alister Hardy ( 1896 - 1985) was an Oxford -educated marine biologist, expert on zooplankton and marine ecosystems.
He was the zoologist on the RRS Discovery voyage to explore the Antarctic in 1901, and in his studies of zooplankton and its relationship with predators became expert in marine mammals such as whales.
Fearing the backlash of such a radically different idea, he kept this hypothesis secret until 1960, when he spoke, and later wrote, on the subject, which became known as the Aquatic Ape Theory, in academic circles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alister_Hardy   (191 words)

 PGA European Tour - News - Latest Articles 7/18/2005 10:01:13 PM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister Nicol, a member of the Association of Golf Writers for the past 35 years and one of Britain’s most respected golf journalists, has died at his home in Edinburgh after a long battle with leukaemia.
Alister became a Member of the Association of Golf Writers in 1967 and it was in reporting the sport around the world over the last four decades that he became a friend and confidante to many of the game’s legendary figures.
Alister is survived by his wife Liz, children Gary and Lisa and grandchildren Jack (10) and Lucy (7).
www.europeantour.com /news/fullstory.sps?id=1063331&iTourID=1   (1187 words)

 Lahinch Golf Course, Alister MacKenzie's Role as Designer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister MacKenzie (Dr Alexander McKenzie), was a Scottish family doctor and surgeon who abandoned medicine to work full-time on designing and redesigning dozens of golf courses all over the world.
Alister MacKenzie was a purist in golf course design and he would use all the natural benefits of the site he was working on.
Alister MacKenzie, in October 1927, began redesigning Lahinch Golf Course and transferred all the holes across the road to the sand side.
www.lahinchgolf.com /AlisterMcKenzie.shtm   (314 words)

 Remembering Alister Hughes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister Hughes was somewhere in Town and his wife was extremely worried.
Alister Earl Hewiston Hughes was born on January 21,1919;his remarkable life spanned the major watersheds of modern Grenadian history.
Alister was a toddler when a rash of fires hit St Georges, the Grenadian capital, in 1920.
bigdrumnation.org /notes/alisterhughes.htm   (1493 words)

 Alister McRae
Signed on first by VW and then by Hyundai Alister took several class victories at the wheel of the Golf and the Hyundai Coupé, which were enough to land a works driver contract with the Korean maker when they first entered the WRC.
With the Accent, Alister had to battle hard in a less competitive car against the other WRC works cars but despite this handicap he obtained some very promising results, such as his fourth place in the always demanding RAC, that helped him to be signed by Mitsubishi.
Add to that the fact that Alister already has already taken his mandatory "no entry" this year which means he will be present at all the remaining rallies with the main aim of battling for victory.
www.sergiofombona.com /English/Competitors/mcrae/mcrae.htm   (341 words)

 ';'Alister Stella Gray'
'Alister Stella Gray' has a nice spring bloom and repeats, but the fall display is the best for this rose.
Gray, A. 'Alister Stella Gray' was bred by A. Gray, and Introduced in England by George Paul in 1894.
'Alister Stella Gray' is a rather angular almost thorn-free climber, with distinctive zig-zag shoots, that grows to a height of 6' - 15'.
www.ph-rose-gardens.com /00314.htm   (413 words)

 HiWF - Musical Difference's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister continues to speak with his back to the camera, his eyes transfixed upon the cross as if it is his inspiration.
Alister starts to move away from the fireplace over to one item the cameraman has been very interested in, it is a giant wooden crucifix, it seems old and completely useless, yet it it stands tall among all gold and silver.
Alister walks across to a wall with pictures of him on there, he touches the old cross as he walks past and draws a cross on his body with his finger.
board.hiwf.com /showthread.php?t=3168   (2846 words)

 [No title]
He did not like leaving Alister at such a critical point in his history; but he said to himself that a man might be helped too much; arid it might come that he and Mercy were in as much need of a refuge as the clan.
Alister's occupation with Mercy, however, was far from absorption; the moment Ian was gone, he increased his attention to his mother, feeling she had but him.
Alister's light was thus left to burn in very darkness, that it might burn the better; for as strength is made perfect through weakness, so does the light, within grow by darkness.
www.gutenberg.org /dirs/etext04/what310.txt   (22234 words)

 Alister Spence: Australian Jazz Pianist & Composer
Alister is one of the most outstanding pianists and composers in contemporary jazz in Australia.
Alister’s playing is featured on more than 30 CDs, several of which have won ARIA awards.
Alister has toured extensively in Europe and Asia with Clarion Fracture Zone, Wanderlust and AAO, and has performed for radio broadcasts for ABC, BBC, and WDR (Germany).
www.alisterspence.com /bios.htm   (699 words)

 Scoop: Alister Barry On What Don Brash Would Do As PM
Alister Barry: I think at the time that Don Brash became leader it was widely viewed by political pundits that what has happened is that a lot of ACT Party supporters have gone over to National.
Alister Barry: That speech [the Hayek memorial speech] and the reason I chose it was because it was very interesting ideologically and from a policy point of view.
Alister Barry: The memorial speech was actually in memory of Hayek who is the most revered philosopher of those that are members of the Libertarian movement.
www.scoop.co.nz /stories/HL0412/S00255.htm   (2273 words)

 Alister   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister and me at Los Gatos restautant, as dos gatos, (She was the pussycat and I was sort of a tiger) on Halloween, sometime in the mid-1980's
Alister had made it clear she didn't want a fuss made over her, but we agreed that a memorial was needed, not for her, but for us who love and miss her.
Alister saved every astrological chart she ever made, and she had planned to destroy them all.
mesclavon.home.comcast.net /alister.html   (900 words)

 The Spirit of Things - 12/08/01: Murder, Mayhem and the Making of the King James Bible
Alister McGrath: I think there are two reasons: one was simply that there was a better, in many people’s view, translation to hand, namely the Geneva Bible, which actually was much better produced than the early editions of the King James Bible.
Alister McGrath: Well I think we do need to be aware that the King James Bible sounds very old-fashioned to many people, and the negative side of this is that it inhibits them from reading the Bible itself.
Alister McGrath: I think one of the great strengths of the King James Bible is the majesty of its prose, and I think a lot of people do feel that when you’re talking about sacred things like God, or salvation, there’s a certain dignity that’s needed to do so.
www.abc.net.au /rn/relig/spirit/stories/s344583.htm   (7076 words)

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Guide
Alister tells Kaiba that soon he'll be losing his soul—but it won't be the first time.
Alister says he represents every single person whose life was ripped apart by Kaiba's company, and he's here to make sure Kaiba's never able to step on anyone ever again.
Alister says that everything Kaiba and Mokuba has was paid for by Kaiba Corp, and that same money took his brother away.
www.yu-jyo.net /004/150.html   (2943 words)

 CD Baby: ALISTER: Yesterday's Clown
Alister currently lives and performs in Las Vegas, NV and has been featured on the Totally Band TV show, which is currently being broadcast in and around the Las Vegas area.
Alister just released his new CD titled "Yesterday's Clown", and is preparing for a US tour in early fall.
I was suerfing through CD baby, as I usually do to find an alternative to the shallow crap you hear on the radio, and what first caught my eye was his hilarious album cover in the "new arrivals" section, and then I listened to all of his samples and I was hooked.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/alister?cdbaby=6ec58d0701d19b7e326508ad46904769   (382 words)

 Alister McRae - JLT Rally Team | The Crew
The youngest rallying sensation from the world famous McRae clan, Alister McRae is contesting this year’s FIA World Championship of Production Cars and aims to use the series as a springboard into the full World Rally Championship.
Alister enjoyed success from the moment he started competing, first in motorcycle trials, then motocross and then in cars.
Over the next two years with Hyundai, Alister cemented his reputation as one of the sport’s fastest young drivers as well as establishing a reputation as an excellent test and development driver.
www.jltrally.com /drivers.shtml   (581 words)

 alister's Dreambook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister, I can honestly say that you have been a true inspiration and I hope that you realize how many lives you have touched during your stay in this city of lost souls.
Alister it has been a pleasure sharing a stage with you and I am sad to see you go back to England.
Alister, what's new with U? I just wanted to let you know that you are not only linked on my site but also listed as one of only two bands for Las Vegas.
books.dreambook.com /9o9o9o/alister.html   (1986 words)

 Alister Hardy
Sir Alister Hardy was a marine biologist who specialized in the study of plankton -- and don't even think of laughing; he got knighted for it.
Plankton is one of the basic components of the marine food chain, and his work was very important to the British fishing industry, not to mention everybody else's.
These things don't mean that his aquatic ape theory couldn't be a good theory -- he certainly had done lots of very good work as a scientist -- but it does indicate that he wasn't adverse to tripping over the fuzzier edges that mark the border between science and pseudoscience.
www.aquaticape.org /hardy.html   (3564 words)

 Alister - Formation continue kinesitherapie&reeducation
Alister, Association pour l'Information Scientifique et Technique en Rééducation, depuis 1983.
Alister permet aux différents professionnels impliqués dans le processus de Rééducation Réadaptation des personnes handicapées, d'enrichir leur compétences pour un meilleur accompagnement aux personnes en situation de handicap.
Alister s'appuie sur une démarche de partenariat basée sur une expérience de près de 20 années d'interventions specialisées.
www.alister.org   (113 words)

 Hardy, Alister Clavering - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Hardy, Alister Clavering
Although he held back from claiming that his results proved that religious experience was genuine and therefore that God existed, his work has been cited as evidence for the existence of God by some and of the inappropriateness of scientific methodology in religion by others.
His work is continued by the Alister Hardy Research Centre in Oxford, which is committed to scientific study of the nature and function of religious experience in the human species.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Hardy,+Alister+Clavering   (441 words)

 alister: Home
students writing essays or theses about Alister McGrath, it will also be of interest.
New, Comfortable Rooms Heated Pool Meeting Facilities The Alister Inn South is the first choice in.
Find complete information for the Alister Square Inn which offers several 2-bedroom apartments, 8 kitchenette suites and 1 executive suite.
www.heritagejobs.net /alister.html   (102 words)

 Alister McGrath Homepage
This is the homepage of Alister McGrath, Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University.
While this site has been designed especially for college and seminary students writing essays or theses about Alister McGrath, it will also be of interest to all his readers.
Alister McGrath is best known for his "scientific theology" project, which aims to use the working methods and assumptions of the n
users.ox.ac.uk /~mcgrath   (185 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: The Life and Work of Dr. Alister MacKenzie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Considering the fact that he was one of the greatest golf course architects in the history of the game, Dr. Alister MacKenzie has long been something of a puzzle-if not a mystery.
The Life and Work of Dr. Alister MacKenzie by Tom Doak, James Scott, and Ray Haddock uses detailed text, four-color photograpy and vintage maps, drawings and pictures to bring together many pieces of the puzzle.
Questions about his boyhood, his military service, his many design trips in various parts of the world, what made him so good at his craft, and why his name is rarely mentioned at the second-golf course he ever worked on, are all answered.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/158536018X?v=glance   (1334 words)

 Alister Spence: Australian Jazz Pianist & Composer
Alister is recognised as one of the most exciting and original improvising pianists and composers in contemporary Australian Jazz Music.
He is also a composer of fine film music scores.
Sydney-based pianist Alister Spence plays like a dream - and plays a superb instrument too, the Ron Overs piano - yet his albums (this is his second as leader) are little about the piano and everything about music.
www.alisterspence.com   (192 words)

 Alister Square Inn of Port Aransas Texas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
All Alister Square Inn rooms offer voice mail and fax services are available through the office.
Alister Square Inn offers several 2-bedroom apartments, 8 kitchenette suites and 1 executive suite.
Alister Square Inn is a favorite of both fishermen and families offering affordable rates and close-in parking, perfect for carrying fishing gear, beach stuff and small children.
www.portaransas-texas.com /alister_square.asp   (233 words)

 Alister Inn South   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Alister Inn South is the first choice in lodging for pleasure and business.
Pricing and arrangements for full service banquet and party necessities can be made through Alister Inn South staff.
Alister Inn South, conveniently located just a short distance from the beach.
www.portaransas-texas.com /alister_square_south.asp   (234 words)

 Alister McGrath | AUTHOR CATALOG
ALISTER McGRATH is Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University and Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.
He is a consulting editor at Christianity Today, the general editor of The NIV Thematic Study Bible, and the author of numerous books, including The Journey, Theology for Amateurs, To Know and Serve God, and A Journey Through Suffering.
Alister McGrath is a widely acknowledged master of contemporary spirituality, and in Knowing Christ he has written a profound meditation on one of the most deceptively simple-sounding tenets of the Christian faith, the centrality of Christ in the life of his followers.
www.randomhouse.com /author/results.pperl?authorid=19946   (397 words)

 In a Land of Plenty - Canta interview with Alister barry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Wellington documentary maker Alister Barry's new film, In a Land of Plenty, has just finished its season in the International Film Festival.
Barry's 1996 film Someone Else's Country follows the rise of Rogernomics, and serves as an excellent companion to the new work.
Barry's films are arresting and significant historical documents, and they deserve to be seen.
www.landofplenty.co.nz /canta.htm   (1249 words)

 Alister Bach Online - About Alister   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister bach is a talented young concert organist.
He is 13 years old and has been playing the organ for 2 years now.
alister alister bach alisterbach bach organ classical classical organ concert organ concert pipe pipe organ music classical music
www.alisterbach.com /about_alister.html   (206 words)

 the evangelical outpost: Know Your Evangelicals:
Alister McGrath
  (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alister McGrath]]>" dc:identifier="http://www.evangelicaloutpost.com/archives/000940.html" dc:subject="Religion (Evangelical)" dc:description="Name: Alister McGrath Why You Should Know Him: McGrath is one of Great Britain’s most prolific and influential evagelical theologians.
Name: Alister McGrath Why You Should Know Him: McGrath is one of Great Britain’s most prolific and influential evagelical theologians.
Position: Director of the newly established Oxford Centre for Evangelism and Apologetics Previous: McGrath studied for ordination into the Church...
www.evangelicaloutpost.com /archives/000940.html   (1130 words)

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