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Topic: Allan Cup

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  Allan Cup
Allan Cup, trophy emblematic of the senior amateur hockey championship of Canada.
The cup was presented to the Victoria Hockey Club of Montreal, to be defended by the champion of its league that year.
In 1928 the Allan Cup was donated outright to the CAHA.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?CFID=30377&CFTOKEN=98320411&PgNm=TCE&ArticleId=A0000150   (204 words)

 Allan Cup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Allan Cup is the trophy awarded to the national senior (21 and over) amateur men’s hockey champions of Canada.
Montagu Allan to replace the Stanley Cup, whose tournament had become a professional competition, as a trophy for amateur teams.
The original Cup has been retired to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and a replica is presented to the champions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Allan_Cup   (304 words)

 Allan Cup   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
The Allan Cup is awarded each year to the hockey team that wins the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association championship.
The cup was originally donated to hockey by Sir H. Montagu Allan.
The Allan Cup became the trophy of the CAHA in 1928.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /PrinterFriendly.cfm?Params=J1ARTJ0000150   (80 words)

 Edmonton Oilers Heritage Website - Allan Cup - Canada's True Amateur Crown
That year, the Montreal Victorias, winners of the Stanley Cup from 1895 to 1899, were presented with the Allan Cup, and were told that the winners of their hockey association would be the first team to defend the trophy.
Interest in the Allan Cup grew to the point where the trustees had to limit the number of challenges that could be made for the trophy in one winter.
Allan Cup rules state that a challenging team must come from a Canadian senior amateur hockey association; but that didn’t mean that the team itself must be Canadian.
www.oilersheritage.com /history/early_events_allan_cup.html   (734 words)

 Weyburn Devils Senior Men's Hockey Team
The Allan Cup was donated by Sir H. Montague Allan; C.V.O. shortly after the Stanley Cup became the championship trophy of the professional hockey clubs.
Interest in the Allan Cup became greater each year until the challenges became so numerous that it was impossible for any team holding the cup to defend it against all those clubs sending in challenges.
The “Allan Cup” was accepted by the association as the trophy emblematic of the senior amateur hockey championship of Canada.
www.weyburndevils.com /sponsors.html   (692 words)

 Perry captures the Greater Milwaukee Open for his third win in four starts
Allan started one group ahead of the eventual winner, but birdied the par-4 second to tie Perry for the lead.
Allan briefly grabbed the lead when he rolled in a birdie at the par-5 sixth.
Allan has had problems this season with the flat stick, but a new routine with his putting game changed his fate this week.
www.pga.com /news/tours/pga-tour/gmo071303.cfm   (876 words)

 Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 02
As the Stanley Cup is the championship trophy for the NHL, the Allan Cup is the highest award for Canadian Senior hockey while the Memorial Cup is awarded to the Canadian Major Junior champion.
The Allan Cup was donated in 1908 by Sir Montagu Allan, the former president of the Montreal Jockey Club, as a championship trophy for senior hockey.
Corey Schwab, a Stanley Cup winner with the New Jersey Devils in 2003, is the assistant coach of the Midwest Islanders, one of the teams participating in the tournament.
www.hhof.com /html/exSCJ05_02.shtml   (1584 words)

 2004 in sports - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
April 25 - Allan Cup at Saint-Georges, Quebec
Allan Cup Final: Saint-Georges Garaga 5, Ministlkwan Islanders 0
October 16: In a qualifying match for the UK Championship, Jamie Burnett makes a break of 148 against Leo Fernandez and becomes the first player to achieve a break higher than the nominal maximum of 147 in a professional match.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2004_in_sports   (4414 words)

 The Grey Cup & Rugby
It seems apt that the enduring icon of the CFL and Canadian football would be called the Grey Cup — not a name that would fit the flashier league to the south.
Along the way, the Grey Cup has suffered from the abuse and neglect that seems to be the due of any world-class trophy — just ask the Stanley Cup.
Montreal and Edmonton renewed their famous Grey Cup rivalry in the last two Grey Cup finals, with the Alouettes winning in Edmonton in 2002 and the Eskimos coming out on top last year in Regina.
sarniarugby.tripod.com /id26.html   (984 words)

 Edmonton Oilers Heritage Website - The Stampeders - Alberta’s First Allan Cup
The Tigers beat the Saint John Beavers in the final of the eastern playdowns, but there were worries that the Hamilton players may forego the Allan Cup because the $6 a day the team paid them was not enough to justify the vacation time needed from their jobs.
As well, that final game was played in front of a packed house at the Edmonton Gardens; the city that had cheered so hard for the 1937 Dominions team in their quest for the Allan Cup now had to watch the bitter rivals from Calgary take the trophy on Edmonton ice.
It was not to last—the Stampeders got to the Allan Cup final the next year, but had to travel to Quebec to face the powerful Montreal Royals, who featured future Canadiens Hall of Fame defenceman Doug Harvey and Gerry McNeil in net, who would also later play for the Habs.
www.oilersheritage.com /history/early_events_calgary_allancup.html   (490 words)

 CBC Sports Online: Grey Cup 2003: History
Grey, the popular Governor General of Canada from 1904 to 1911, planned for the Cup to be awarded to the top Canadian senior hockey team, but was trumped by Sir Montague Allan, who donated the Allan Cup.
Grey had intended his Cup to be open only to amateur clubs, but the upheavals in Canadian rugby football organizations and alliances meant those days were numbered.
The following year, a new era in Grey Cup lore was ushered in when the game was telecast live coast to coast across Canada, beginning a tradition that continues to this day.
www.cbc.ca /sports/football/greycup2003/history   (979 words)

 Hockey Now   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
With the fan base of the organization increasing in its march to the Allan Cup, April 19-24 in Lloydminster, Sask., McDonald is also seeing himself becoming a staple on the club, both on the ice and off.
The Allan Cup, the prize for Canada’s top Senior AAA club, has been the focus of the Horse Lake Thunder since the drop of the puck on the 2004-05 season, and as the team inches closer and closer, both the excitement and disparagement grows.
Their first game at the Allan Cup will be April 20 against the host Lloydminster Border Kings, followed by a game the next day against Atlantic representative, Can Am Cobras.
www.albertahockey.com /article_details.asp?Player_No=275555&Team_No=6120   (677 words)

 The Grey Cup
The Grey Cup trophy, a symbol of Canadian football supremacy, was originally an amateur award, destined to be presented to the senior hockey champions of
The Grey Cup was presented, albeit three months later - he'd forgotten to have the cup made, but did so after a gentle reminder by the cup trustees - by his excellency Lord Grey to the team representing the
Unlike the NFL's Vince Lombardi trophy, the Grey Cup has survived the test of time, passed annually to new champions, while celebrating former legends by listing each winning player on its third (and present) base, which was added to the original trophy in 1987.
www.geocities.com /cflhistory/Grey_Cup   (1036 words)

 CBC Sports Online: CFL
The U of T won the Grey Cup the next two years, as well, and became the first of two varsity dynasties - Queen's University won from 1922 to 1924.
In 1961, the various rugby and football unions that competed for the Grey Cup finally coalesced into the Western and Eastern Conferences - later the East and West Divisions - under the auspices of the CFL.
Along the way, the Grey Cup has suffered from the abuse and neglect that seems to be the due of any world class trophy - just ask the Stanley Cup.
www.cbc.ca /sports/cfl/greycup2000/history   (897 words)

 The Doctors of Early Hockey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
While in his first year of dental school at the University of Toronto in 1920, which was also his first season in senior hockey, he helped lead the university's OHA team to an Allan Cup victory.
His classmates and professors were so impressed that they held a special ceremony at the lecture hall of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons to honour him and the other dental students on the team where he was presented with a gold watch and a leather club bag.
When he joined Ottawa in 1910 they were holders of the Stanley Cup and he helped them defend it against Edmonton, being the star of the series.
www.losthockey.com /odds_dr_hockey.cfm   (2009 words)

 Hockey Hall of Fame Features - SIHR - the Allan Cup
Donated by Sir H. Montague Allan in 1908, the Allan Cup is emblematic of the senior amateur hockey championship of Canada.
Legendary Allan Cup Champions with International experience include the Trail Smoke Eaters, the Toronto Granites, the Winnipeg Monarchs, the Edmonton Mercurys, the Penticton V's, the Whitby Dunlops (Assistant Captain Harry Sinden pictured) and the Belleville MacFarlands.
The second and third place teams in the round robin play their semifinal game on Friday, April 13, with the winner advancing to the Allan Cup Final on Saturday, April 14, against the winner of the round robin.
www.hhof.com /html/newsalln.shtml   (630 words)

 HKY-Allan-Cup,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
But it's the Allan Cup the six teams are playing for this week and it will be presented Sunday to the Border Kings, the Ontario-champion Thunder Bay Bombers, the Midwest Islanders of Saskatchewan, the Can-Am Cobras from New Brunswick, the B.C-Alberta champion Horse Lake Thunder or the Montmagny Sentinelles from Quebec.
An Allan Cup luncheon with former NHLers on Thursday features the always-humourous Dennis Hull and the always-colourful Dave (The Hammer) Schultz.
The Allan Cup was donated in 1908 by Sir H. Montagu Allan.
www.cp.org /premium/ONLINE/member/jr_hky/050418/j041807A.html   (936 words)

“The Allan Cup bidding process rotates between the five regions that compete in the tournament for the national championship held during the third week of April every year”, continued Mr.
Yeck “and Brantford was definitely a popular choice to host the centennial anniversary of the Cup that was donated by Sir Montague Allan in 1908 and that remains the oldest amateur hockey title in Canada.
The Lloydminster Border Kings hosted one of the most successful Allan Cup events ever this year that crowned the Thunder Bay Bombers as the 2005 champions after an overtime win versus Montmagny, Quebec in the final.
www.brantfordblast.com /PressRelease1.htm   (458 words)

The Stanley Cup was originally donated by Lord Stanley, the Canadian Governor-General, in 1893.
His guideline was simply that the cup should go to the leading hockey club in Canada.
By the late 1920s, winning the Stanley Cup became solely the target of the professional teams of the, then, recently-formed National Hockey League.
www.execulink.com /~ocbogs/hist/oxhquiz/oxha097.html   (410 words)

 World Wide Hall of Fame
He was instrumental in the development of hockey in Montreal and creating the Allan cup and Canadian Hockey Association," Pelletier said.
"The Allan Cup was donated by Sir H. Montagu Allan, but it was William Northey that spearheaded the movement of the once proudly coveted trophy that still is competed for today.
Northey remained active with the Allan Cup, serving as trustee.
www.chidlovski.com /wwhhof/1977.htm   (232 words)

 www.tbsource.com Thunder Bay's Source Sports  2006
Levanen, one of the youngest players on the veteran-laden team, scored the Allan Cup winning goal 2:18 into overtime, giving Thunder Bay its first senior national title in 16 years.
It was also Ontario's first Allan Cup win since the Twins last took home the title in 1989.
Bomb shells: As winners of the Allan Cup, the Bombers now have the option to represent Canada at the Nagano Cup next year.
www.tbsource.com /tbSPORTS/index.asp?cid=74511   (460 words)

 Lloydminster Meridian Booster, Lloydminster, AB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
If they breathed new life into the Allan Cup in 2000, the Lloydminster Allan Cup Committee have given the tournament wings to fly this year.
While they were aided by an NHL lockout, former NHL stars and an audience hungry for amateur hockey at its best, the Allan Cup Committee was more than just opportunistic.
There are three games left in this year’s Allan Cup, with the semi-finals tonight at 4 p.m.
www.meridianbooster.com /story.php?id=156701   (728 words)

 Continuing the Allan Cup Trail . . . :The Boys From Hamilton: Hockey: Heritage Resources
They would be the next obstacle the Beavers has to face on the road to the Allan Cup.
They could do no wrong in Game One of the Eastern Canadian Allan Cup quarter-finals while the Beavers could not seem to do anything right.
Winner gets a trip to Ottawa to meet the Ottawa and District champions before meeting the Quebec representatives in the Eastern Allan Cup final.
www.saintjohn.nbcc.nb.ca /~heritage/Hockey/beginallancup.htm   (414 words)

 Forts Win Allan Cup   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
Truimphantly winning the Allan Cup, the Fort Frances Canadians on Friday night entered the national limelight as senior ameteur hockey champions of all Canada for 1952.
The Canadians won the title to their first Allan Cup championship with a goal in each of the early periods plus a pair of clinchers in the third.
A celebration is shaping up in Fort Frances where the Allan Cup wil be held on dislay until next spring -- and who knows, maybe later than that.
collections.ic.gc.ca /frances/fortcup.html   (1263 words)

 Boston.com / Sports / Hockey / Bruins / Shanahan tries hand at being a Mr. Fix-It
Three pals in Edmonton have cobbled together a "Save Stanley" website (savestanley.com) in hopes that the Cup will be awarded to a team in the spring of 2005, even if it isn't an NHL team.
League vice president Bill Daly: "We don't deal in hypotheticals." Meanwhile, Suits, Thurston, and Payne are asking fans to nominate some new Cup trustees, from among the likes of Jean Beliveau, Don Cherry, Hayley Wickenheiser, and rocker Neil Young (who better than a guy with a "Heart of Gold" on his resume?).
The last time the Cup was not awarded: 1919, when a Spanish flu epidemic left many players too ill to compete, and ultimately took the life of 26-year-old Habs defenseman Joe Hall.
www.boston.com /sports/hockey/bruins/articles/2004/12/12/shanahan_tries_hand_at_being_a_mr_fix_it?pg=3   (504 words)

 Vintage hockey autographs, deceased Hockey hall of Fame Players
Although the line won no more Cup championships after that first year together, the three were consistently near the top of the league in scoring.
Stewart was the natural scorer on the line, and Smith was the passer, but Siebert was equally well known for his rushing, his sheer physical strength and his relentless backchecking to get the team possession of the puck.
He led the Wings to the Stanley Cup in 1936 and 1937, when he was named an all-star defenseman in 1937 and 1940.
www.hockeylegend.com /Vintage_autographs3.htm   (4234 words)

 Lloydminster Meridian Booster, Lloydminster, AB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
Forget what Theo Fleury said about the Allan Cup, this tournament was a success before he even qualified to come to Lloydminster.
Lloydminster Meridian Booster — Forget what Theo Fleury said about the Allan Cup, this tournament was a success before he even qualified to come to Lloydminster.
The 2005 Allan Cup will go down as the most successful Allan Cup in tournament history, and that’s a bar the organizing committee is getting used to resetting.
www.meridianbooster.com /story.php?id=157416   (545 words)

 Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser, Wetaskiwin, AB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser — A return to the Allan Cup is in the offing for senior hockey D-man Brad Prefontaine.
Prefontaine acknowledged the Islanders’ line-up is almost the same as was iced last season when Mid-West travelled to Quebec for the Allan Cup, finishing second to a team deemed to be professional afterwards.
Prefontaine concedes the Border Kings will be no slouch hosting the Allan Cup on their turf.
www.wetaskiwintimes.com /story.php?id=153993   (686 words)

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