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Topic: Allies (World War I)

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 Allies of World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The original allies were the states that declared war on Nazi Germany in September of 1939, thus starting World War II.
World Map with the participants in World War II.
Chiang Kai-shek felt Allied victory was assured with the entrance of the United States into the war and he declared war on Germany and the other Axis nations. /wiki/Allies_of_World_War_II   (1575 words)

 World War II casualties - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Losses by geographic area were 3.3 million in present day Poland and about 2.3 million in the territory ceded to the USSR 1945[70] The Polish contribution to World War II included forces fighting with the western allies and the U.S.S.R. after the defeat in 1939.
World War II was the single deadliest conflict the world has ever seen, causing many tens of millions of deaths.
Total deaths in the USSR exceeded the pre war level by 26,600,000 from 1941-45, including 3,300,000 civilian dead in the territories annexed by the USSR in 1939-1940 [72], in this schedule they are not included with USSR losses nor are the 215,000 Soviet war dead in German armed forces. /wiki/List_of_World_War_II_casualties_by_country   (4559 words)

 World War II Links on the Internet
War Letters is a database of correspondence from World War I & II Wes Clark in Germany Wesley Harry Clark, served in France and Germany during World War II as a light mortar crewman with Troop C of the 33rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron of the 20th Armored Division
War Letters is a database of correspondence from World War I & II B-Side-Museum is a virtual museum of 3D models, including aircraft from World War II.
World War II Tributesstories of relatives in World War II, from Jeff Crosby /gen/ww2_links.html   (5070 words)

 BBC NEWS World Europe Who won World War II?
The biggest loser in the war was Britain, who lost her empire, foreign assets and was still paying for the cost of the war (mostly to the USA) decades later.
Everybody loses with war, it isn't a particularly nice thing to have to engage in and it certainly can't be trivialised by arguing about who made the biggest contribution.
Mr Overy says that the West has a view of the war as a global conflict, because of its fight against Japan, for example, whereas the Soviet view is of a "national crusade to repel the invader". /1/hi/world/europe/4508901.stm   (2997 words)

 The World at War, history of WW 1939-1945
The war against Japan was fought over two-thirds of the world's surface, with America and her allies taking part in vast air, land and sea battles.
When World War II began in 1939, Germany was the aggressor, it was later joined in June 1940, by Italy, and Japan in December 1941.
Every such work as The World at War, history of WW 1939-1945 is an attempt to walk the tightrope between the fullest possible and the most accessible description of the period. /users/wilfried/ww2/ww2.htm   (2152 words)

 Poland, The Allies, And World War II
World War II was started, basically, for Poland's sake, and Poland would remain in the war longer than any country besides Germany.
Poland was considered an ally, not only because of its democratic history, but also because of its anti-Nazi and -Soviet role that it played after World War I. The West guaranteed Poland's security, vowing to fight for Poland's independence.
When Hitler finally invaded, the Western Allies would not appease Hitler as they had in the past--even though it involved nearly six years of war. /article.cfm/polish_baltic_history/77468   (506 words)

 Axis and Allies during World War II
Learn about the leaders of the axis and allies during World War II There are many explorations and books written on the subject of World War II.
The mastermind behind World War II was, in fact, an ideology suggested and discarded by writers, philosophers, and biologists as far back as Ancient Greece.
However, there was no way for Italy to avoid war, though it was woefully unprepared to wage war with world powers. /axisandallies_rhkb.htm   (1559 words)

 On Power: The Independent Institute U. S. History World War II
Authoritative account that the German economy prior to World War II was not primarily devoted to armaments and war, while more of the economics of both Britain and France were devoted to such purposes.
The geneses of the wars in Europe and Japan, and the eventual, if not inevitable, involvement of the United States, have been and will always be much debated by students of the conflict.
This books presents the government’s case for the necessity during World War II for censorship of radio, movies, the press, and more, far beyond purely military and strategic matters into the very realms of “correct” political thought. /history_wwii.html   (5660 words)

 CNN - World War II allies attacked at Nazi gold conference - Dec. 3, 1997
LONDON (CNN) -- World War II allies France, Britain and the United States knowingly used gold stolen by the Nazis from individuals to repay looted European central banks after the war, the World Jewish Congress claimed Wednesday.
World War II allies attacked at Nazi gold conference
CNN - World War II allies attacked at Nazi gold conference- Dec. 3, 1997 /WORLD/9712/03/   (586 words)

The involvement of many of the Allies in World War II was natural and inevitable -- they were invaded or under the direct threat of invasion by the Axis.
The big four Allied powers of World War II were England (Great Britain, the United Kingdom), the United States of America, the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R., Russia), and France.
Although it has been edited and modified, the primary source for this summary is the "Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II" published by the U.S. Army Center for Military History. /war/Allies.html   (514 words)

 World War II (
Thousands of Chinese who worked as slaves for Japan in World War II filed suit in California against Japanese companies that might have profited from their servitude; Japanese military occupiers enslaved over ten million Chinese on the mainland and some 50,000 in Japan.
California was forced to impose blackouts for the first time since World War II; George W. Bush said that he was opposed to price caps on wholesale power and suggested that California simply relax its environmental regulations and allow power companies to go full tilt.
Chance that a U.S. soldier in World War II volunteered: 1 in 3ยป[Selective Service System (Washington)] /WWII.html   (1156 words)

 U.S. Historical Chronology
Diplomatic and Political Documents of World War II - Grades 9-12 - This is a collection of primary documents from the World War II era stretching from Neville Chamberlain's "peace in our time" declaration to the Japanese and German surrender documents.
The contents include both an on-line tour of the boat and background information on the role of the U-boats in World War II, and what life was like inside these machines.
The Japanese Navy in World War II Grades 6-12 /ushistory/worldwar2.htm   (1840 words)

 World War II
World War II World War II, 1939–45, worldwide conflict involving every major power in the world.
World War II - “I have seen war.
Japanese Internment in World War II - During World War II, nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans were under lock and key /ce6/history/A0852743.html   (133 words)

 World War II Maps
This map shows key points for the Allies during World War II in the Pacific.
As you can see, the war was mostly fought in Europe for the first year.
These are selected maps from the World War II era. /PICTT/publications/maps/maps.html   (855 words)

 GameSpot Forums - GameSpot Union Recruitment - Axis & Allies Union :-::: World War II Strategy Gaming
Members are encouraged to discuss every Axis and Allies based game, whether it's board or PC, and to share information on other World War II strategy based games as they emerge.
Axis& Allies Union :-::: World War II...
Forums - GameSpot Union Recruitment - Axis& Allies Union :-::: World War II... /pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=24540432   (255 words)

 Casualties in World War II
V-E Day: May 8, 1945- May 8, 2005, marked the day of victory for Allies in World War II The London Daily Mirror, May, 8,...
Reflections of the past: World War II vets receive hero's welcome at Normandy.(United States Air Force)(includes casualty statistics)(Column) /ipa/A0004619.html   (286 words)

 Prelude to war - why the United States of America joined the Allies in World War II
Why America Joined the Allies in WW II This is a US Government film, produced by the US Army Signal Corps - and it is jammed full of propaganda as to why the United States entered World War II on the side of the Allies.....heavy propaganda.
Prelude to war - why the United States of America joined the Allies in World War II Prelude to War
There are many interviews with normal Americans in which they all say that America should not get involved in the war, that the ones fighting should sort it out themselves, and that America should tend to her own business. /tapeh123.htm   (503 words)

 Axis & Allies / WWII Journal
The Axis& Allies WWII Journal is best viewed with a browser that supports HTML frames.
You may continue by selecting the Logo below. /wwiigames   (43 words)

 HyperWar: United Nations ("Allies") in World War II
HyperWar: United Nations ("Allies") in World War II The United Nations ("Allies") in World War II Additional Links
Return to Hyperwar: World War II on the World Wide Web
U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II /hyperwar/UN   (125 words)

 Our Soviet Allies, World War II VHS
Our Soviet Allies, World War II Be the first person to review this film!
Photo from "Makiko's New World" from Documentary Educational Resources.
If you would like your photo to be featured here, contact us. /listings/1/0/FCTS-10398.html   (70 words)

 U.S. Military and their Allies in World War II on film
U.S. Military and their Allies in World War II on film /military.html   (62 words)

 World War%2... - ENCYCLOPEDIA - The History Channel UK
Sorry, the cross-reference could not be found for WORLD WAR%2...
Except as otherwise permitted by written agreement, the following are prohibited: copying substantial portions or the entirety of the work in machine readable form, making multiple printouts thereof, and other uses of the work inconsistent with U.S. and applicable foreign copyright and related laws.
Articles - In-depth information related to your search /site/search/search.php?word=WORLD%20WAR%2...   (154 words)

 Propaganda Postcards of the Great War, Allied Powers
By the end of World War One in November 1918, some 26 countries had joined the Allied Powers and declared war upon the Central Powers.
The German propagandists were the first to use the term "Weltkrieg" (world war), and it was soon picked up by both sides.
While fifteen more nations joined the Allied cause during the course of the war, the only two additions that had substantive military impact on the ultimate Allied victory were the entry of the Kingdom of Italy in May 1915 and the United States in April 1917. /allied_powers.html   (506 words)

 Allies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For more information, see the related articles: Allies of World War I and Allies of World War II.
When spelt with a capital A, Allies usually denotes the countries supporting the Triple Entente who fought together against the Central Powers in World War I and against the Axis Powers in World War II.
In general English usage, those who share a common goal and whose work toward that goal is complementary may be viewed as allies for various purposes even when no explicit agreement has been worked out between them. /wiki/Allied   (386 words)

 Silex' Axis & Allies page
This site is about Axis and Allies, a Milton-Bradley Gamemaster series boardgame recreating World War II's situation during late spring 1942.
Assuming a game turn per season, the log is 14 turns long and reflects how the historical World War II would have looked like had it been an Axis and Allies game; or at least, how I think it would have looked like.
This is a timeline of World War II in the form of a game log, covering the period beginning in the early summer of 1942 to the end of the war. /games/silex   (428 words)

 The Internet Classics Archive The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
They were the only people of the allies who, when the reconciliation between the Sicilians took place, had not made peace with her; nor indeed would they have done so now, if they had not been pressed by a war with the Hipponians and Medmaeans who lived on their border, and were colonists of theirs.
And it shall not be lawful for the Athenians or their allies to carry on war against them after the treaty has been concluded, so long as the tribute is paid.
It shall not be lawful to carry on war, either for the Argives, Eleans, Mantineans, and their allies, against the Athenians, or the allies in the Athenian empire: or for the Athenians and their allies against the Argives, Eleans, Mantineans, or their allies, in any way or means whatsoever. /Thucydides/pelopwar.5.fifth.html   (428 words)

 Charles Lindbergh's Noninterventionist Efforts & America First Committee
America First Committee, founded in September 1940, was the most powerful isolationist group in America before the United States entered World War II.
America First disagreed with another powerful group, the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies.
His approach was, in effect, more understanding of the Germans (without approving of what they did) and more skeptical of the Allies than the conventional view in the United States. /americanfirst/index.asp   (1628 words)

 1941 to the Present
To drum up support for the war, the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies was formed in 1940, with William Allen White as its chairman.
He was the supreme commander of the allied forces for the D-day invasion that ended the war in Europe.
Harry Woodring, a former Democratic Governor of Kansas and President Roosevelt's Secretary of War, was dropped from the cabinet because he disagreed with President Roosevelt's policies regarding the war. /KeyKS/1941to.htm   (618 words)

 Poland's betrayal by the Western Allies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This agreement stated that in the event of war the other allies were to fully mobilize and carry out a "ground intervention within two weeks" in support of the ally being attacked.
The resulting loss of the "eastern territories," approximately 48% of Poland's pre-war territory, to the Soviet Union is seen as another "betrayal" by the Western Allies.
As for Allied compromises following the war, Soviet actions made it clear that nothing short of another war would force them out of Poland. /wiki/Poland's_betrayal_by_the_Western_Allies   (618 words)

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