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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Allihies - Cork - Ireland
Allihies – with two shops, a post office and four public houses – is typical of the type of self-contained Irish village that was once found throughout the country.
Indeed, Allihies (population: 650) has done well to survive, as it has suffered more than most villages: during the 1800s it was a thriving copper mining region, an activity that has long since declined.
Allihies resilience is probably due to its extraordinary scenery, located on the Ring of Beara and overlooking Ballydonegan Bay, a seaport from where the copper ore was once exported.
www.chooseireland.com /cork/allihies.html   (177 words)

 Irish Emigrant - News and jobs for the global Irish community
See Allihies, away out far on the Beara Peninsula of West Cork, away out where the map turns brown and where the seas are greenest, especially on the sap tide of a rising spring, and forget all mortal thoughts entirely.
He will salute you with the kind of salute which is a passport into Allihies, a townlet caught in the crooked elbow of the mountains.
In O'Neill's, where you meet this wise man, a flamboyant painter captured The Last Sunset of the Nineties over Allihies, an aptly copper orb sinking serenely into the waves that are running in in perfect synch to the shoreline a few hundred metres away.
www.emigrant.ie /article.asp?iCategoryID=142&iArticleID=27190   (1116 words)

 Allihies Village Hostel News
Recently renovated and extended to add a new lounge, more rooms and a large sheltered courtyard the hostel is comfortable and conveniently located in the village of Allihies.
Allihies Village Hostel - a friendly place to stay.
Allihies village - on the very western tip of the wild and rugged Beara peninsula where the cliffs meet the Atlantic Ocean.
www.allihieshostel.net   (203 words)

 cluin dive school, Allihies, Beara on Irelands South West Coast - Gulf Stream Diving...
Allihies on the south west coast of Ireland has some spectacular diving to offer.
Allihies is a very familly friendly village with a wonderfull beach for kids.
Allihies is a tiny village on the end of the Beara Penninsula, Co Cork, Ireland.
www.cluin.com   (1258 words)

 Research visit to Ireland August 2006
Allihies (Na hAilichí, formerly known as Cluin) is situated above Ballydonegan Bay on the western end of the Beara Peninsula between Cod's Head and Dursey Head in the west of County Cork.
Allihies contains some of the most stunning remains of Ireland’s metalliferous mining heritage and has significant Cornish connections, being the site of one of the earliest Cornish communities to develop outside of the British mainland.
The former Protestant Chapel in Allihies village, built for the Cornish miners who came to work in the mines, has been imaginatively renovated by the Allihies Co- Op Committee with generous grants from the Millennium Committee, the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism through the Access Funds Scheme, and Cork County Council.
www.projects.ex.ac.uk /cmhp/visit.htm   (2398 words)

 allihies-seaview-beara, bed and breakfast on the Beara Peninsula
Allihies is a charming village on the very south west tip of Ireland, on the end of the Beara peninsula in County Cork.
Cornish copper mines were set up in Allihies a few hundred years ago and the remains of the buildings can be seen.
Driving to Allihies can be an adventure in itself.
www.seaviewallihies.com   (596 words)

 Welcome to Allihies: About Us
In this they are joined by the growing number of artists and writers that are attracted to settle in the area each year.
The aim of Allihies Language and Arts Centre is to provide a quality environment that encourages study and artistic creativity.
We are helped in this by the location of Allihies village itself - situated at the very end of one of the lesser known (and more beautiful) peninsulas of Ireland, the Beara Peninsula - and by the local commmunity, including the many writers and artists that have settled there.
www.allihies.ie /about.html   (419 words)

 Cycling Ireland
Post cars did take hitchers with them, and in fact, in the Galway area it was a standard means of travel for some.
The hills between Eyeries and Allihies, along the peninsula coast, were short and steep.
But the rugged splendor of the scenery with the valleys dotted with houses, churches and farms made up for the pedaling struggle.
www.stanford.edu /~jcolwell/IRE/Ireday12.html   (596 words)

I visited Allihies (on the Beara Peninsula, southwest Ireland) in 1998.
I drew the first one while sitting in the streets of Allihies.
The last one is from the Oak Bar in Allihies: Population: 34, a Catholic Church,
members.aol.com /jennyk3/jennyK3/tocricket.htm   (69 words)

 Seattle University :: College of Arts and Sciences
The writing workshop is conducted in Allihies, a small, coastal village bordered by green mountains, ancient farms and the roaring Atlantic Ocean.
This two week course is designed to give students the opportunity to develop creative writing skills in an environment that is culturally and geographically stimulating.
We will have the opportunity to be schooled by famous guest writers and artists who will join us in Allihies during this time of the annual Beara Arts and Drama Festival.
www.seattleu.edu /artsci/studyabroad/loc_ireland.asp   (214 words)

 Allihies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Allihies (Irish: Na hAilichí) is a coastal village in the west of County Cork, Ireland.
It is located above Ballydonegan Bay on the western end of the Beara Peninsula between Cod's Head and Dursey Head.
An attempt was made to restart mining in the late 1950s by a Canadian mining company, but this came to nought (see the Allihies Copper Mine Museum Web Site).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Allihies   (318 words)

 Sea View Allihies
Allihies has a lot to offer anybody that wants to get away from it all.
Erected in 1862, it is a potent symbol of the village, the valley and the community, and it is the primary surviving embodiment of what was once a thriving copper mining industry during the 19th Century.
The beaches in Allihies are beautiful and sandy, they are great for swimming and other water sports.
www.seaviewallihies.com /activities.html   (595 words)

 Irish Hotels - Touring Allihies, Co. Cork
The town is specially situated at the tip of the Beara peninsula admirably secluding it from the rest of County Cork.
If you have never had the chance in the past to be at Allihies, you are surely missing half of your life.
It is in Allihies that one can see and experience the natural, preserved and almost heavenly paradise here on earth.
www.irishhotels.com /Touring-Allihies,-Co.-Cork.html   (679 words)

 Castletownbere West Cork Self Catering Holiday Homes on Beara Way, Allihies,Vacation Rentals Accommodation
Situated near the village of Allihies and also in Castletownbere, in the beautiful Beara Peninsula of West Cork, we offer a four star holiday home where both luxury and comfort can be enjoyed in a glorious setting.
Beara Holiday Homes offer both three and four bedroom houses, specifically designed to blend in with the natural surrounds of the area and enhanced by the use of traditional stone walls and a quaint hump back style bridge.
Allihies is located at the tip of the Beara Peninsula, West Cork, in an area of unspoilt beauty.
www.bearaholidayhomes.com   (298 words)

 Allihies Village Hostel News - Activities
Allihies has had a strong tradition of horses and ponies probably since the time of the copper mines when horse were used extensively in the mines.
Allihies Riding Centre is based near the village and in the summer takes out treks.
The beach is one of the most popular holiday pastimes and the sandy beach in Allihies is popular but never crowded.
homepage.eircom.net /~allihieshostel/Allihies.htm   (238 words)

 Beara Way
The village of Allihies is tucked away in a rugged and rocky landscape.
It is the one and only reason we work ourselves to the bone, her in the remoteness of this lovely emerald isle.
This return walk to Allihies climbs to the cliffs behind the cable car station, 151 meters at the highest point, to walk along the top of the cliffs and go down to the quay in Garinish Bay.
home.hetnet.nl /~shamrock/beara.htm   (4517 words)

 Allihies Holidays Homes - homes ireland Irish vacation homes accommodation Beara Peninsula Cork County Cork Ireland. ...
Visit the beautiful, stunning scenery of the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork and stay in an Allihies Holiday Homes property for luxurious and comfortable accommodation at excellent rates.
Discover the stunning beauty of the Beara Peninsula by visiting and staying in an Allihies Holiday Homes' property.
Allihies Holiday Homes are built to provide you with spacious and comfortable accommodation for your stay in the Beara Peninsula.
www.bearapeninsula.com   (240 words)

 Allihies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Allihies, situated 12 miles west of Castletownbere, on the Ring of Beara Route, is a region of unspoiled natural beauty.
Such activity, the geologists tell us, left in its wake the large store of mineral deposits so successfully mined throughout the 19th century and much more of which is still here with us - if deeper down.
Allihies overlooks the beautiful Ballydonegan Bay with its magnificent quartz strand, a direct result of the mining era.
www.bearainfo.com /areainfo/allihies.htm   (371 words)

 Tim Goulding - 'Midnight Fry', the new album from Tim Goulding is a beautiful mixture of melodic songs, Celtic ...
Tim Goulding was born in Dublin in 1945 and has lived and worked near Allihies on the Beara peninsula, West Cork, Ireland since 1969.
Tim modern art Goulding was dr strangely strange born in Dublin in 1945 and has lived and worked near Allihies roots music on the celtic world music Beara peninsula, folktronic songs and grooves West Cork, Ireland since 1969.
Tim Goulding was born in Dublin in 1945 tim goulding and has lived and worked near Allihies on the Beara peninsula, West Cork, Ireland since 1969.
www.timgoulding.com   (902 words)

 :::::::::::::::: Allihies Copper Mine Museum ::::::::::::::::
A great time was had by all and money was raised towards the ongoing Allihies Copper Mines Museum Project.
While it is still very much a building site, the interesting architectural design is now apparent with its idea of sandwiching the new building between the original church and a new stone gable...
At the same time as the development of the Allihies Copper Mine Museum the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland (MHTI) is carrying out restoration work on the Mountain Mine Man Engine: The Mountain Mine Man Engine House is unique in Ireland and it is the sole remaining purpose-built man engine house anywhere in the world.
www.acmm.ie   (439 words)

 News From Nowhere » Scuba Diving or Whale Spotting in Allihies anyone?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
He says he is starting to teach diving off the beaches in Allihies and Garnish in the summer.
Richard is related to one of the few remaining Cornish families who came to Allihies from Cornwall to work in the Allihies Copper Mines.
Looking recently at the Irish Whale and Dolphin Groups leaflet last night it seems that we are the best place in Ireland to spot all the species that come into Irish waters.
blog.beara.ie /?p=88   (278 words)

 Allihies Parish Guest Book
I have been to Allihies in 1986 and will go on July, 6th again to this wonderful area.
We weren't in the parish more than half an hour, but the memories of the town, the ocean, and the surrounding mountains have stuck with us all these years.
It is only fitting and correct that a place as beautiful as Allihies, should have an informative and well-kept web page, for future visitors and lovers of the area.
www.network54.com /Forum/150366/viewall-page-2   (287 words)

 Welcome to Cork Kerry-Allihies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Allihies was once the base for the thriving copper mines in the area, which reached the peak of production in the last century.
Do take special care in the area of the old mine workings as there are many old mine shafts which are dangerous.
The attractive village of Allihies looks out on Ballydonegan Bay from which the copper ore was exported by sea.
www.corkkerry.ie /content.asp?id=60   (135 words)

 [No title]
The history of the Berehaven (or Bearhaven) mines is bound inextricably with the Puxley family, of English origin.
(She was to return to Allihies when her husband was appointed a captain there.) Two years later, Mark’s nephew John Richards REED junior (son of John Richards Reed, the senior mine captain) was appointed a mine captain.
In 1845 a small single storey Protestant church was built in Allihies village.
members.lycos.co.uk /troonexiles/the_cornish_in_west_cork.htm   (1905 words)

 Isle Inn Tours
This is a step back in time and gives you an opportunity to walk west to the end of land!
Transfer to Allihies for evening meal and overnight.
Follow in the footsteps of the copper miners as we walk around the hills surrounding Allihies and enjoy glorious views to all points of the compass.
www.isleinntours.com /ActivityVacations_walking_Beara.cfm   (394 words)

  Self Catering Accommodation Ireland
The property is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty gazing over the Atlantic Ocean and offering the most peaceful and tranquil of settings.
Close by, approximately 15 minutes drive is the village of Allihies with its pubs, shops and within walking distance, a superb golden sandy beach.
Castletownberehaven, is a busy fishing port and is also close by with its many shops and pubs, and numerous small art galleries.
www.oldcoasthouse.com   (136 words)

 B&B Allihies Bed and Breakfasts in Beara Peninsula Cork Ireland B&Bs
B&B Allihies Bed and Breakfasts in Beara Peninsula Cork Ireland B&Bs Ireland > Cork > Beara Peninsula > Allihies > Bed and Breakfasts
Archeological and historical landmarks; The Ogham Stone, the famous Allihies Copper Mines, the old Army Base on Bere Island and Dunboy Castle near Castletownbere, to name but a few.
Not only are there plenty of activities in Beara but Windy Point House is also excellently located to tour other places of interest in the South West of Ireland, such as Kenmare, Killarney and Bantry.
www.windypointhouse.com   (270 words)

 Allihies Accommodations - Cottage, Home and Apartment Vacation Rentals in Ireland
Allihies is an historic mining village located in County Cork.
The Mountain Mine Man Engine House which is the only remaining Man Engine House in the world is located overlooking the village of Allihies.
Allihies retains it's small village atmosphere with an annual summer festival of horse racing, novelty events, and dancing in the community hall.
www.ownerdirect.com /accommodations/allihies.htm   (245 words)

 Allihies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
After a hard day's ride, it was a beautiful moment when I crested the final hill and set my eyes on my destination of Allihies, with the last short segment being both downhill and downwind.
By a wonderful coincidence that fleeting moment was also the only sun I saw during the entire ride round Beara.
Even better, it happened to alight on the only sandy beach around, built from the tailings of the copper mine that had created the wealth used to build Puxley Manor.
www3.telus.net /slewis/UK1995/Beara/Allihies.htm   (85 words)

 Allihies Holiday Homes
An excellent base for exploring this spectacular and unspoilt area is provided by Allihies Holiday Homes, top quality self-catering cottages set in a beautiful location and enjoying stunning views.
These recently-built cottages in the picturesque village of Allihies were designed to provide spacious and comfortable accommodation.
All of the Allihies Holiday Homes properties have fully fitted kitchens with every modern appliance you could wish for, and the modern and comfortable surroundings include spacious cooking and dining areas.
www.travelpublishing.co.uk /CountryLivingIreland/Cork/CLI28228.htm   (284 words)

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