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Topic: Allison Engine Company

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  South River Engine Company #1 Fire Department - Official Website
Our company currently has 27 active (responding) members who operate our company apparatus, Ladder Tower 1, a 1998 Spartan / LTI 85 foot Aerial Platform.
Traditionally the primary role of a ladder (truck) company on the fire ground is search, rescue, and ventilation.
Engine company’s regular monthly meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at the George Street Firehouse.
southriverfiredepartment.org /engineco1.htm   (196 words)

 Rolls-Royce: North America
The company supports a wide range of customers around the world, including government agencies; civil and military aircraft manufacturers; commercial airlines; corporate and regional operators; public utilities; independent power producers; pipeline operators; and on- and off-shore oil producers, to name but a few.
The company and its employees actively support their local communities.
In 2003, the company contributed over $700,000 to philanthropic causes and efforts throughout North America.
www.allison.com   (0 words)

  Rolls-Royce: North America
The company supports a wide range of customers around the world, including government agencies; civil and military aircraft manufacturers; commercial airlines; corporate and regional operators; public utilities; independent power producers; pipeline operators; and on- and off-shore oil producers, to name but a few.
The company and its employees actively support their local communities.
In 2003, the company contributed over $700,000 to philanthropic causes and efforts throughout North America.
www.rolls-royce.com /northamerica   (214 words)

  DCFD's Midnight Express - Engine 16   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The modern Engine Company 16, originally Chemical Company #1, was established on October 24, 1904 and originally located in the old Franklin Fire Company house at 12th and D Street, NW.
Engine 16 moved in with Truck 3 at 14th and Ohio Ave, NW on June 30, 1931.
From their quarters just north of DC's Franklin Square (13 and K, NW), Engine 16 is first due to the White House and responds first due to much of the downtown region of the Nation's Capitol.
www.midnightexpressdcfd.com /engine.html   (272 words)

 Guerrero v. Allison Engine Company - Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers
On March 31, 1990, a Commercial Engine Bulletin ("CEB 72-3176") was issued by GM/Allison, which called for the installation of enhanced engine diffuser assemblies on model 250-C30 engines.
The enhanced engine diffuser assembly was installed into the subject engine on October 5, 1993, by Airwork, an independent company that was a GM authorized maintenance facility.
Allison adopted a new corporate logo and the GM logo was removed from equipment, vehicles, and signs purchased by Allison and FAA nameplates were changed.
www.napil.com /DisplayCaseLawDetail.aspx?CaseLaw=30632&PageCount=1&PrintPage=1   (550 words)

Allison got into aviation in 1926 with the V-1410, an inverted version of the World War I Liberty engine.
In 1930, Allison received a contract to develop the V-1710 for the U.S. Navy's airships.
In 1935, the airship Macon crashed, the Navy cancelled the contract and James Allison sold the company to General Motors.
www.shanaberger.com /engines/allison.htm   (98 words)

 BVQi: Inscope #14 Fall 1997
Allison Engine company an Indianapolis, Indiana based manufacturer of Gas Turbine Engines and Power Systems and part of the Rolls-Royce Aerospace Group, first achieved registration to the ISO 9001 standard in January 1996.
In 1993, Allison was feeling the effects of the painful restructuring in aerospace and defense industries as a result of the end of the cold war and the subsequent industry downsizing.
Allison was acquired by Rolls-Royce, Inc. in 1995, an excellent fit as Rolls-Royce is a premier leader in large gas turbines for industrial and aerospace use.
www.bvqina.com /inscope/14/success.html   (678 words)

 Allison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Allison Curtis, a jazz musician and subject of Pixies's song
Allison has been used to name several tropical cyclones.
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Allison   (116 words)

 U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security - Indianapolis Company Settles Antiboycott Charges
Allison Engine Company, Inc. is an aircraft and industrial engine manufacturer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
The company voluntarily disclosed the alleged violations to the OAC.
The antiboycott provisions prohibit U. companies and individuals from complying with certain aspects of unsanctioned foreign boycotts against any country friendly to the United States that is not, itself, the object of any U. boycott.
www.bis.doc.gov /News/Archive98/AllisonEngineCo.html   (265 words)

 [No title]
Experience of marine engine building and conversion of the Liberty engine to designs from the Army and Navy had given Allison a background for it to be awarded a Navy contract for a two-stroke diesel airship engine, trials of which were successful although the engine was not subsequently used.
Ultimately, the airship engine supply position was not to materialise as the Macon was lost on the 12th February 1935, and with it went the Navy's airship programme.
A new engineer, R.M. Hazen was then put in charge of the engine development, and the output began to rise, with over 140 hours of the type test passed at 1000hp in the sedcond half of 1936, and the V1710-C8 passed its full type test at 1000hp @ 2600rpm in March 1937.
www.oldengine.org /members/diesel/Duxford/allison.htm   (782 words)

 Gridgen Application - Scroll Transition Duct
Allison is infusing into the Advanced Turbine System (ATS) program many of the technologies that have been developed by the company under a wide array of military and commercial turbine engine programs.
Allison engineers felt that the latest generation of computer simulation tools gave them an excellent opportunity to revisit the scroll design on the new ATS.
Allison engineers applied grid curves defining the geometry in the areas where they wanted to separate the geometry into blocks.
www.pointwise.com /apps/tuba.shtml   (1569 words)

The engine is produced by LHTEC (Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company,) a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Honeywell.
The company developed from the Allison-AlliedSignal partnership, when in 1995 Rolls-Royce acquired the Allison Engine Company and in 1999 AlliedSignal acquired Honeywell and adopted its name.
The engine was primarily developed for the U.S. Army's RAH-66 Comanche armed reconnaissance helicopter, in the T800-LHT-802 version.
encycl.opentopia.com /term/LHTEC_T800   (120 words)

 1930 - 1939: Allison History: Company: Allison Transmission   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With its purchase in 1929, Allison Engineering Company became part of the GM family.
The company became Allison Division of GM in 1934.
The engine, which in 1933 delivered an astounding 750 horsepower during a test at Wright Field, would enable fighter aircraft such as the Lockheed P-38 and P40 to change the face of aviation in a few short years.
www.allisontransmission.com /company/history/1930.jsp   (135 words)

 Bay Area Alameda Web Design Website Designer Search Engine Optimization Company - MJS Web Solutions
Get higher placement on the top search engines.
Need a new website that is designed to rank high in the search engines?
Allison Bliss, Allison Bliss Consulting, Alameda, CA “After your website analysis and optimization, my products page is now #1 on Yahoo and #3 on Google.
www.mjswebsolutions.com   (0 words)

 Federal Election Commission Advisory Opinion Number 1995-15
Allison PAC is the separate segregated fund of Allison
company by purchasing 100 percent of its stock.
You have enclosed the by-laws adopted by Allison Engine
ao.nictusa.com /ao/no/950015.html   (2664 words)

 Rolls-Royce Corporation (formerly Allison Engine
SUMMARY: This amendment adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) that is applicable to Rolls-Royce Corporation (formerly Allison Engine Company) AE 3007A, AE 3007A1/1, AE 3007A1/2, AE 3007A1, AE 3007A1/3, AE 3007A1P, and AE 3007A3 turbofan engines.
Since an unsafe condition has been identified that is likely to exist or develop on other engines of the same type design, this AD is being issued to require initial and repetitive inspections for bearing material contamination of the engine oil system, to prevent events caused by the rapid failure of the number 1 bearing.
For engines that have been modified, altered, or repaired so that the performance of the requirements of this AD is affected, the owner/operator must request approval for an alternative method of compliance in accordance with paragraph (c) of this AD.
www.airweb.faa.gov /Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgAD.nsf/WebCurrentADFRMakeModel/478E870837F3B1B086256A46005A17B2?OpenDocument   (1719 words)

 1920 - 1929: Allison History: Company: Allison Transmission   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With successes such as the development of the steel-backed bronze sleeve bearings, a key component in the famed Liberty aircraft engine, Allison Engineering Company had become a major player in engine development by the late 1920s.
Throughout the 1920s, the company achieved a range of innovative breakthroughs, including high-speed reduction gearing for aircraft motors and propellers and Roots-type blowers to boost engine manifold pressure.
In 1928 Jim Allison died, and Allison Engineering Company was put up for sale.
www.allisontransmission.com /company/history/1920.jsp   (152 words)

 Advanced Turbine Engine Gas Generator (ATEGG) - Archived 3/2001
The goal is to reduce engine fuel consumption by 30 percent, increase thrust-to-weight ratio by 60 percent, reduce engine life-cycle cost by 20 percent, and decrease engine acquisition cost per pound of thrust by 30 percent.
The objective of the testing of a turboprop/turboshaft core engine was a 28 percent reduction in fuel consumption and an 102 percent increase in power-to-weight ratio.
In one engine cooling concept, fuel is used as a coolant in a fuel/air heat exchanger.
www.forecastinternational.com /archive/gt/eb0030.htm   (4279 words)

The company is exhibiting here in strength to push home the message that it is the world's leading producer of helicopter turbine engines, with 28,000 delivered since 1961.
Mullan said the engine, which powers nearly one-half of the light helicopters in the world, including the Bell 206 and 407, has been substantially upgraded in its reincarnation as the Model 250-C20R/S, or Super R, which will be certified this year.
For example, he is pushing to fit the RTM322 engine on the new Sikorsky S-92 Helibus which, because of its Black Hawk transmission heritage, would give Rolls-Royce a chance to displace GE Aircraft Engines on the military Black Hawks.
www.aviationnow.com /shownews/heliday1/newsmk6.htm   (434 words)

Increased operating temperatures and higher rotational speeds resulting in increased component stresses, are primary goals in the continuing development of the gas turbine to provide improved fuel efficiency and power-to-weight performance.
Cost reduction, from improvements in turbine component producibility and process yield, and through gains in airfoil component durability, is an additional objective Turbine engine operational requirements such as maximum airfoil temperature capability, reduced use of cooling air to increase engine efficiency and airfoil component life are also critical considerations.
A team approach involving a turbine engine company [Allison] and its single crystal casting facilities and a superalloy developer and ingot manufacturer [Cannon-Muskegon], utilizing the concepts of simultaneous engineering, has been used to successfully develop CMSX-4 alloy for turbine blade and vane applications.
www.c-mgroup.com /Abstracts/Allison.htm   (527 words)

 FAA - Press Release
The Federal Aviation Administration Southern Region has proposed to assess a $75,000 civil penalty against Allison Engine Company of San Diego for allegedly improperly offering a shipment of hazardous materials for transportation by air.
On Feb. 21, 1997 Allison Engine offered a fiberboard box, containing one fuel control unit, to FedEx for transportation by air from San Diego to Indianapolis.
This announcement is made in accordance with the FAA's practice of releasing information to the public on newly issued enforcement actions involving penalties of $50,000 or more.
www.faa.gov /news/news_story.cfm?contentKey=785   (214 words)

 EPA: Federal Register: Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Indiana
The EPA is approving revisions to Indiana's SIP for particulate matter regulations for Rolls-Royce Allison in Marion County, Indiana.
Rolls-Royce Allison was formerly the Allison Engine Company.
It includes a name change for the company from the Allison Engine Company to Rolls-Royce Allison and the addition of an alternate fuel, landfill gas.
www.epa.gov /fedrgstr/EPA-AIR/2001/June/Day-12/a14610.htm   (1812 words)

 Rolls Royce Allison Model 250 Turboshaft
The initial development contract for the Model 250/T63 engine (civil/military versions) was placed by the US Department of Defense in June 1958 and its first flight was in a Bell UH-13R in January 1961.
The Model 250 turboprop and turboshaft engines have continued to improve, with increasingly powerful variants over the last 40 years, and development is being maintained.
The 29,000th engine, a Model 250-C47B, was delivered in 2005 and installed in a new Bell 407.
www.hmfriends.org.uk /allison250.htm   (304 words)

 Rolls Royce
Rolls-Royce plc is a global company providing power on land, sea and air.
The company has established leading positions in civil aerospace, defense, marine and energy markets.
The resulting V-12 Eagle establishes Rolls-Royce in the aircraft engine field.
www.shanaberger.com /engines/rollsroyce.htm   (109 words)

 Allison Ceramic Vane Effort
For that engine, the first-stage vanes are exposed to an average combustor outlet temperature up to the vicinity of 1100 deg C (2000 deg F) with hot spots several hundred degrees higher.
Additionally, the engine operating environment is input to the sophisticated finite element modeling of the component to analytically assess the fast fracture reliability.
Vanes that had been screened in the thermal shock proof test and the engine proof test will be installed with mounting hardware in an Allison 501 turbine that has been taken out of commercial service for maintenance.
www.ms.ornl.gov /programs/energyeff/ats/allison.htm   (994 words)

 EPRI: Distributed Generation Market Study: Advanced Turbine System Program   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This study found that ATS engines with the cost and performance characteristics provided by Allison Engine Company (Allison) could have a significant regional market in the 2000-2005 time period.
The ATS engine profile used is that proposed by Allison Engine Company (Allison)
The project team conducted a market assessment of ATS engines for the period 2000-2005 using U.S. Government data supplemented with industry trade data to segment and analyze the commercial and industrial market for ATS engines and determine their optimal size.
www.epri.com /OrderableitemDesc.asp?product_id=TR%2D112174&targetnid=249810&value=02T033.0&marketnid=249632&oitype=1&searchdate=8/31/1998   (763 words)

 NREL: Energy Storage - Project Team   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Shiraz University, an M.S. in engineering (with emphasis on heat and mass transfer) and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (with a major in thermal sciences and minors in fluid dynamics and chemical engineering) from UCLA.
Jeff holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado.
He has a B.S.E. in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis in fluid and thermal sciences and is currently attending the University of Colorado to pursue a M.S. in mechanical engineering.
www.nrel.gov /vehiclesandfuels/energystorage/project_team.html   (1300 words)

 Low-Noise Potential of Advanced Fan Stage Stator Vane Designs Verified   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With the advent of new, more stringent noise regulations in the next century, aircraft engine manufacturers are investigating new technologies to make the current generation of aircraft engines as well as the next generation of advanced engines quieter without sacrificing operating performance.
As part of this noise program, and in cooperation with the Allison Engine Company, an advanced, low-noise, high-bypass-ratio fan stage design and several advanced technology stator vane designs were recently tested in NASA Lewis Research Center’s 9- by 15-Foot Low-Speed Wind Tunnel (an anechoic facility).
Test results will be used to create a database that engineers can draw upon for comparison with computer predictions of the effect of fan stage geometry on aircraft engine noise.
www.lerc.nasa.gov /WWW/RT1998/5000/5940hughes.html   (536 words)

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