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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Alna - missbruk droger alkohol drogpolicy alkoholpolicy arbetsmiljö
Alna - missbruk droger alkohol drogpolicy alkoholpolicy arbetsmiljö
Alna ger inspiration och stöd för att bygga upp eller revidera arbetsplatsens policy i alkohol- och drogfrågor.
Alna delar med sig av kunskap och erfarenhet.
www.alna.se   (100 words)

  Alna Jämtland - Information
Alna works on a wide front with training of supervisors and co-workers, guidance in creating a drug policy and deciding how to act in these issues, finding methods for early efforts and help with the rehabilitation of already addicted employees.
Alna is not a temperance organization, but work with the goal that the working community should be free of alcohol and drugs.
Alna also sells informative material and litterature at favourable prices besides that which is included in the membership fee.
www.algonet.se /~alnaz/english/information.htm   (1148 words)

 The WW&F: Alna Center Station
Alna Center was the WWandF's second station on the line, after Sheepscot Station.
The remains to this station were found in late 1999, and in October 2000 some of the interior sheathing was removed for preservation.
Prior to the clearing of the right of way between Humason Brook Trestle and Alna Center in the winter of 2000, the roadbed was overgrown and difficult to follow.
www.wwfry.org /history/map/alnacenter.html   (624 words)

 Alna News - Page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alna, Sheepscot celebrate new bridge opening Charlotte Boynton 1929 Model A The 1929 Model A Ford, driven by Gordon Davis, was the first car across the Sheepscot Bridge in Alna, on Friday, July 14, after the...
Alna Town Clerk Donna Wallace is having her car fixed, so she wants residents to know that even if you don't see her car in the parking lot, the town office is still open during the regular hours.
Alna Volunteer Fire Department The members of the Alna Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the following for their donations to our Mother's Day Breakfast that was held on Sunday, May 14 at the Alna...
www.topix.net /city/alna-me/page2   (1570 words)

 The WW&F: Alna Center Station   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alna Center was the WW&F's second station on the line, after Sheepscot Station.
Recent clearing of the roadbed has made it possible to hike from Sheepscot to Alna Center easily, although the hiker must be careful of washouts between the Trestle and Alna Center.
Hiking up the grade is quite easy, as the roadbed's been used in the past as a logger's road, although there are a few spots that haven't been cleared and those are tough walking at times.
lincoln.midcoast.com /~wwfry/locations/alnacenter.html   (380 words)

 ALNA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Originally, Alna (pronounced All - nah) was part of an area called Sheepscott Farms, which also included parts of what is now Newcastle, Wiscasset and Dresden.
The Alna store and coffee shop is a social gathering place where groceries, gossip and information are available.
Landmarks in Alna include: the Old Meeting house, built in 1789, the old one room school built in the early 1800's and used until fairly recently; the Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum; and in the late Spring, the Barth lily gardens.
www.blackduckrealty.com /alna1.htm   (300 words)

 Alna / Loelva   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alna skulle frem i dagen og demmes opp til en sjø i en stort bolig- og friområde med badestrender og fiskemuligheter.
Leira i Oslos bekke- og elveleier har gitt grunnlag for omfattende teglverksvirksomhet, og ikke minst gjelder dette for Alna.
Alna i Lodalen – fra vannet går i rør ved Kværner til fjorden : ”Arbeidsgruppen Alna tilbake til middelalder-Oslo” – v/Albert Nordengen og Sigurd Hortemo.
www.osloelveforum.org /AlnaLo.html   (4071 words)

 Alna in english
Alna’s focus is upon the workplace and its guiding principle is that the workplace should be an alcohol and drug free zone.
Alna can offer their services to the majority of workplaces and companies in
Alna activities at workplaces entail the employer and employees working together against the
www.alna.se /pages/page.asp?ID=81   (1090 words)

 alna niking!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"alna niking" means "come and learn" in mandinka, one of the languages used in Senegal but also in Gambia, Mali, Guinea, and other West African countries bordering Senegal.
"alna niking" is the name we gave to our house in Abene and where we will be happy to welcome you to learn traditional percussions and dance from West Africa, and some specific to Casamance.
"alna niking" is an invitation to come to Abene and learn about the way of life and culture of the people in Casamance, South of Senegal.
www.alnaniking.co.uk /senegal   (299 words)

 Alna - Innovatsioon: Innovatsioonikeskus
Our mission is to challenge the whole Alna group to innovate and bring value to our customers, employees and shareholders.
Alna is developing this project jointly with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
Idea management is part of process we implemented at Alna group to gather and process ideas coming from all the group employees.
www.alna.ee /Innovatsioon/innovatsioonikeskus   (419 words)

 Alnasoft - innovative IT solutions worldwide - Partnerships   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alna is one of the three Bentley Competence Centres in Europe.
Alna is in partnership with HP since 1996, supplying and implementing large server and mass storage systems.
Alna is in partnership with CISCO since 1996.
www.alnasoft.com /vid.php4?lang=e&menu_id=32   (230 words)

 Alna - Information technologies company in Lithuania
Alna, founded in 1989, is one of Lithuania's top IT firms and seeks to be the most reliable and effective valued-added reseller and solution-provider in targeted information technology markets throughout Lithuania and neighbouring countries.
Moreover, Alna's employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge and technical skills in training courses organized in Lithuania and abroad.
Alna is the first local IT company to be audited according to international standards by a firm recognised the world over for its excellence -- KPMG.
www.randburg.com /li/alna.html   (393 words)

 Alna - Karjäär: Student Internships
During their internship, clerks work in a specific department and are assigned defined tasks to be carried out under the supervision and support of an Alna specialist.
This practical approach is highly valued as it fosters the all important skills of developing innovation and teamwork, both crucial in the modern IT sphere.
Alna is particularly appreciative of students showing promise in these fields.
www.alna.ee /karjaar/student_internships   (312 words)

 Alna Intelligence. IT konsultacijos ir paslaugos   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alna Intelligence - savo srities lyderiai, kurių technologiniai sprendimai padeda jų klientams tobulėti.
Vertiname Alna komandos pastangas siekiant suprasti mūsų darbo specifiką ir pasiūlyti optimalius technologinius sprendimus.
Alna Intelligence - įmonė turinti vertingą patirtį teikiant plataus spektro paslaugas, dėmesinga kliento poreikiams ir siūlanti atitinkamus sprendimus, ir - kas labai svarbu - besiorientuojanti į ilgalaikę partnerystę.
www.alna.lt /ai   (321 words)

 Abiel F. Walker, planemaker of Alna, Maine
The Davistown Museum was fortunate in being able to obtain a small collection (+/- 20) of Abiel Walker's planes directly from the attic of the house in which he lived most of his life in Alna, Maine, in September of 2001.
Due to the location in which they were found and the family provenance, the identity of Walker as a planemaker as well as a craftsman was and is clearly known.
The appearance of factory made tools manufactured after 1840 in Walker's tool kit is symptomatic of the rapid changes in technology and in social and mercantile relationships that characterized the period before the Civil War.
www.davistownmuseum.org /bioAbielWalker.htm   (673 words)

 Alna Cabinets | Kitchen Cabinet Contractors in Alna, ME   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alna cabinet contractors are known to make one of the most dramatic improvements to your home.
Alna cabinet contractors have had no small part in these kitchen remodels.
Alna cabinet contractors can not only build and finish your cabinets in the exact way you want them built, but they can also suggest certain stains, glazes, hardware, cabinet styles, among other things, that will help you to arrive at your decisions much easier.
www.servicemagic.com /d.Cabinets.Alna.ME.-12009.html   (154 words)

 Alna, Maine
Alna, Maine, in Lincoln county, is 44 miles NE of Portland, Maine and 141 miles NE of Boston, Massachusetts.
Alna has more than its share of wealthy families and people.
Approximately 89% of housing in Alna is owner-occupied.
www.citytowninfo.com /places/maine/alna   (351 words)

 Lietuvos Respublikos ambasada Jungtinėse Amerikos Valstijose ir Meksikai
Alna mission is: by providing innovative IT solutions and services, we increase the clients’ competitiveness in their markets.
Alna AB also operates as an RandD centre looking for new niches in the IT business and develops new intelligent IT products for biotechnology, mechatronics and other high-technology industries.
Alna Intelligence is of the leaders in the IT consulting and services market in the Baltic States.
www.ltembassyus.org /popup2.php?item_id=141   (935 words)

 Alna Accident Lawyer: Free Legal Services in Maine (ME)
Accident victims in Alna may be able to get compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering with the aid of an accident lawyer.
Individuals who have been injured in car accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, work accidents, and other types of accidents resulting in injuries may be helped by Weitz and Luxenberg's legal help.
Please be advised that Weitz and Luxenberg may not be able to handle every lawsuit in all regions of Maine due to state and federal statutes.
www.weitzlux.com /maine/alnaaccidentlawyer_209427.html   (415 words)

 Alna votes Saturday
Although about two dozen Alna voters approved a 2008-2009 school budget of $1.1 million, the final vote, under the new state law, will be by secret ballot on Saturday, May 24, at the Alna Meeting House, from 4 to 8 p.m.
Alna resident Nick Caristo said, "We have to consider the liability issue, with the men taking their gear home, subjecting their family to potential hazards."
The Alna second responders, a group of volunteers currently organizing to provide support for the Alna Fire Department, is looking for volunteers, according to a written statement read by Cooper early in the meeting.
wiscassetnewspaper.maine.com /2008-05-22/alna_votes_saturday.html   (741 words)

 Alna, Maine ME, town profile (Lincoln County) - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
At the time of the 2000 census, the per capita income in Alna was $17,340, compared with $21,587 nationally.
Median rent in Alna, at the time of the 2000 Census, was $470.
The average commute time for Alna workers is 29 minutes, compared with 26 minutes nationwide.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=2001   (472 words)

 Alna Vacation Rentals, Hotels, Weather, Map and Attractions
The village of Alna is just five miles from Darmariscotta Lake, which is situated in the south, mid-coast region of the state.
Alna has both historical attractions and easy access to tons of outdoor recreational activities.
Another interesting site to see in Alna is the Alna Center Schoolhouse, which is the second oldest one-room schoolhouse in the state of Maine, and is open to the public in summer on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.
www.mainevacation.com /regions/Alna-Maine.html   (474 words)

 Lincoln County News
Alna Assistant Fire Chief Roger Whitney wrote a letter to selectmen in early January to express his concern for the welfare of the town when firemen could not easily gain access to hydrants and the ramps to the truck bays were compromised by snow and ice.
A hydrant in West Alna had not been plowed out at all, as of the night of the selectmen's meeting.
In a second phone conversation he characterized the selectmen's efforts to improve the care of the road in an expletive and said he "absolutely" disputed the Alna officials' description of the roads.
www.mainelincolncountynews.com /index.cfm?ID=29816   (809 words)

Alna was originally part of old Pownalborough (incorporated 1760).
Alna was settled in 1663 and incorporated in 1794.
Alna has two famous Historic Districts: Sheepscot, which is on both sides of the river, partly in Alna and Newcastle; and Head Tide, birthplace of American poet Edward Arlington Robinson, born December 22, 1869.
www.co.lincoln.me.us /towns/alna.html   (174 words)

 Alna Real Estate - Alna Maine
You might be interested to know that Alna has a population of 738 and the average household income in Alna is $47,366.
Residents of Alna enjoy 21.1 degree weather in the month of January and 68.5 degree weather in the month of July.
The median age in Alna is 42.24 and the average household size in Alna is 2.45.
www.homepages.com /localpages/Maine/Alna.htm   (131 words)

 Velkommenoslo.no - Norwegian language and training - Urban district courses - Bydel Alna
Bydel Alna has a resource centre for work and integration - Ressurssenter for Arbeid og Integrering (RAI).
The aim of the programme is to qualify participants for a job or further education.
Newly arrived refugees who settle in bydel Alna will have a contact person and follow-up on health and psycho-social issues, family, housing, job placement and langauge training.
www.velkommenoslo.no /english/norwegian/bydel/alna.htm   (455 words)

 Golden Eagle found shot in Alna
This golden eagle was found shot in Alna on Nov. 12.
The magnificent bird was shot in the wing, injuring his radius and ulna, according to Angela Nessmith, of the Damariscotta Veterinary Clinic, who treated the bird for shock and infection.
The injured golden eagle found in Alna can not be released to the wild because the injuries to his left wing will prevent him from ever being able to fly again.
www.meepi.org /files/lcn112101.htm   (1096 words)

 ALNA, MAINE, Lincoln County, 04535: Our Maine Towns & Cities: Schools, Homes, government, Census Demographics, and ...
According to the U.S. 2000 Census, ALNA contained 262 households which contributed a total labor force of 341 with an unemployment rate of 3.2%.
There were 157 women respresented in the labor force accounting for 45.8% of the total workforce.
The median income per household in Alna was $ 43,125.
www.bangornews.com /towns/town.cfm?ID=Alna   (240 words)

 Free Online Dating in Alna - Alna Singles
Whether you are looking for Alna singles only or anyone from any part of the world, you will be able to find it on JustSayHi.com.
You'll find cute single Alna men and cute single Alna women that are looking for all kinds of interactions and relationships.
There are all kinds of Alna singles and sometimes you may want to find another Alna man or Alna woman with similar religion or faith.
www.justsayhi.com /online_dating/alna/maine   (570 words)

 Alna dating, Alna singles, Alna chat at Matchmaker.com
Alna dating has never been easier with our show interest feature that will allow you to break the ice with attractive local singles.
The Alna dating scene can be hard to find the right person at times; however, we are here to help and our Alna online dating service is free to register.
Also, keep in mind that we have a huge member base of Alna singles and that we also cater to members of the many backgrounds.
www.matchmaker.com /mm/dating/maine-alna.htm   (517 words)

 Alna, ME Real Estate | Find Homes in Alna | Coldwell Banker
Browse the homes that are currently offered by Coldwell Banker in Alna, ME compare selected
This land is off the grid and is suitable for camping, recreation, hunting or wood lot.
ALNA, ME Mostly wooded interior lot accessed via 4-wheel drive road seasonally.
www.coldwellbanker.com /servlet/SearchProperty?action=quickSearch&Address_city=Alna&Address_state=ME   (238 words)

 Alna Recently Sold Properties — Trulia.com
Use our interactive Alna home price map to view real estate activity across Alna ZIP codes and in other cities nearby Alna.
View our Alna real estate guide to see average listing prices, sale prices and information for local school districts.
Alna, Maine community to get in touch with Alna real estate agents, real estate brokers and other real estate sellers and buyers.
www.trulia.com /sold/Alna,ME   (741 words)

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