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Topic: Alstroemeria

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  PBSWiki - Alstroemeria
Alstroemeria is a genus of perennials (one annual species) with fleshy rhizomes, in the Alstroemeriaceae family.
Alstroemeria exserens (tentatively identified) is shown in the wild near Portillo in the central Chilean Andes.
Alstroemeria umbellata photographed flowering in a bulb frame in northwestern Oregon, where it is kept dry in summer.
www.pacificbulbsociety.org /pbswiki/index.php/Alstroemeria   (943 words)

  Alstroemeria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alstroemeria, commonly called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, is a South American genus of about 50 species of flowering plants, mainly from cool, mountainous regions in the Andes.
Alstroemeria psittacina - Lily of the Incas, White-edged Peruvian Lily
Many hybrids and about 190 cultivars have been developed, with different markings and colors, ranging from white, golden yellow, orange, to apricot, pink, red, purple and lavender.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alstroemeria   (271 words)

 Alstroemeria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Of South American origin, alstroemeria--also known as Peruvian lily--is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family and is related to the onion, daffodil, agapanthus and nerine.
Readily available in ample supply year-round, alstroemerias come in a wide range of colors, including white, pink, yellow, salmon, red, lavender, orange, bronze and bicolors.
Alstroemerias are exceedingly versatile flowers--in terms of both color and form.
www.flowerpossibilities.com /encyclopedia/1.html   (199 words)

 Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily at Digging Dog | Alstroemeria Casablanca, Dusty Rose, Meyer Hybrid White, Third Harmonic, ...
Salmon-tinged petals are darkened by dusty rose shades on the backside and set aglow inside by two orangey pink-tipped upper petals painted with sunny hues and small crimson striations.
Guaranteed to charm, this Alstroemeria’s lush, medium green base is a soothing counterpoint to its fanciful flowers.
Always on the lookout for a cheerful yellow flowering Alstroemeria, we were delighted to find this exceptional cultivar at Wisley Botanical Gardens outside of London.
www.diggingdog.com /pages2/alstroemeria.php   (668 words)

This plant of Alstroemeria ligtu is 2 1/2 feet tall, and produces large clusters of blooms on long stems, which grow directly from the tuberous root.
Alstroemerias are native to South America and are members of the amaryllis family.
Alstroemerias can also be grown from seed, although I have not experimented with this; maybe this year.
home.pacbell.net /gwprod/garden/alstroemeria.html   (228 words)

 alstroemerias, peruvian lilies, growing alstroemeria plants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
During the summer, an average of 62 to 68 degrees F (17 to 20 deg.C) is an excellent temperature for the growth of Alstroemerias.
Alstroemerias grow from tuberous roots or rhizomes to a height of 2 to 4 feet (60-120cm).
Alstroemerias should be grown in a well-drained, fertile, acidic to neutral soil.
www.aa-florist.com /Alstroemeria.html   (1397 words)

 New techniques for the in vitro culture of Alstroemeria hybrids
Butterfly-type and hybrid-type Alstroemeria hybrids were grown on different media at different concentrations of 6-benzylaminopurine (BA) and 1-naphthalene acetic acid (NAA).
Alstroemeria rhizome tips could be split in 2 halves with a horizontal or a vertical cut and were able to regenerate new rhizomes from their axillary buds.
Size affected explant survival and the percentage of alstroemeria mosaic potyvirus (AlMV) that was eradicated.
digitalcommons.uconn.edu /dissertations/AAI9832002   (395 words)

 Alstroemeria Details || Flowerbud.com
Alstroemeria are commonly mistaken for Lilies, even widely referred to as Peruvian Lilies as their origins are in the mountain regions of South America.
While the flowers are similar in shape, Alstroemeria have a large thin cluster of blooms at the top of a long, thin stem compared to the two-to-five buds normally found on a thick Lily stem.
Alstroemeria demand a lot of water, and it is normal for the buds to be closed and downcast on arrival.
www.flowerbud.com /flower-care/alstroemeria   (155 words)

 [No title]
Alstroemeria therefore belongs to one of the quickest growing small crops, although within the last two to three years the area in Holland has become stable.
Alstroemeria can develop a large leaf mass and therefore dependence on water during the spring and summer months is high.
Due to the salt sensitivity of a young Alstroemeria crop the use of fresh manure is not advised.
www.roskam-youngplants.com /Alstroemeria_Cultivation_Guide.doc   (1355 words)

 Alstroemeria History flower arrangements
Alstroemerias are one of the best cut flowers we have because they last so long and are so easy to use.
In fact, today they basically rent the plants to the growers and to make sure that their genetic work is protected the flowers are sterile.
One of the best reasons for planting Alstroemerias in your garden is because then you can make great easy flowers arrangements.
www.weidners.com /alstroemeria2.html   (1120 words)

 The Flower Expert - Flowers Encyclopedia speaks in detail about Popular Flowers - Alstroemeria
The ovary on the Alstroemeria is inferior, with 3 carpels.
Alstroemeria, which resembles a miniature lily, is very popularly used in bouquets and flower arrangements in the commercial cut flower trade.
Alstroemeria psittacina - Lily of the Incas, White-edged Peruvian Lily/White Alstroemeria
www.theflowerexpert.com /content/mostpopularflowers/morepopularflowers/alstroemeria   (644 words)

 Alstroemeria Growing Instructions
Alstroemerias are all native to South America, mostly Chile and Brazil.
Alstroemerias also enjoy a good level of fertilizer and plenty of regular watering.Keep feeding your plants all during their growing season.
How ever the Dutch did finally realize that the old horses were totally out of the barn and they have come out with their own Alstroemerias for you the gardening public.
www.weidners.com /alstroemeria_growing_instructions.html   (1106 words)

 Planting Guide - Alstroemeria
Alstroemeria blooms are familiar to anyone who frequents their local florist's shop, but it's been a long wait for alstroemeria plants that are suited to the home gardener's needs.
Alstroemeria tend to be a bit thirsty and will produce the largest number of flowers when provided with generous amounts of water.
In warm areas where Alstroemeria are winter hardy (zones 8-10) your plants can stay outdoors during the cool months and may even surprise you with sporadic flushes of blooms.
www.easytogrowbulbs.com /index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=139   (763 words)

 Flowercouncil - Alstroemeria Senna®
On top of all that, this Alstroemeria is fairly fast to grow, harvest and process.
The large flowered Alstroemeria Senna® (vbn-code 20973) grows to a height of between 120 and 160 cm and is supplied at an average length of 80 to 85 cm.
Alstroemeria Senna® has been available since March 2003.
www.flowercouncil.org /int/news/productnews/04_apr_alstroe.asp   (449 words)

 Alstromeria - Floral - Denver Plants
During this time of year you'll notice that Peruvian Lily bunches are at their best.
The lower leaves of Alstroemeria should be removed before being placed in a vase.
There are over 25 varieties of of Alstroemeria available...
www.denverplants.com /floral/html/alstroemeria.htm   (202 words)

 Guernsey Alstroemeria Flowers by Post - About Us
We have been growing Guernsey Alstroemeria on our Nurseries since 1986, during which time we have built up considerable expertise in their culture and also in which varieties are the most suitable for our Guernsey conditions.
We choose to grow Alstroemeria in Guernsey because of the wide range of colours available and also the very good vase-life that Alstroemeria are noted for.
Most Alstroemeria are cultivated under heated glasshouses but it is possible to grow them unheated, although if the temperature falls too low they will not flower in the winter.
www.guernseyalstroemeria.com /index.cfm/view_id/4   (1100 words)

 Flowercouncil - Alstroemeria Firenze
Alstroemeria ‘Firenze’, the winner of the 2005 Alstroemeria Award, has been warmly welcomed and appreciated by the trade.
At the Keukenhof Alstroemeria Parade it was the winner of the 2005 Alstroemeria Award, the prize for the most promising Alstroemeria.
Alstroemeria ‘Firenze’ (vbn code 23968) has an excellent vase life of 14 to 18 days.
www.flowercouncil.org /int/news/productnews/05_f12_alstoemeria.asp   (273 words)

 The Inca Collection® assortment - Alstroemeria, Peruvian Lily, Inca Lily, garden plant, garten pflanze, tuinplant, ...
Alstroemeria is also known as Inca Lily and Peruvian Lily.
Alstroemeria eignet sich ausgesprochen gut als (mehrjährige) Garten- und Kübelpflanze und der reich blühende Inca Collection® ist ein wahrer Durchbruch im heutigen Sortiment der Alstroemeria in Blütezeit und Farben.
La Alstroemeria es muy apropiada como planta (de larga vida) de jardín y de patio y La Inca Collection® es un avance en el actual surtido de Alstroemeria con período de floración, floración abundante y bonitos colores.
www.dwarfalstroemeria.com   (226 words)

Quantify Alstroemeria stem length response to nutrient recirculation, and two levels of differences between day and night temperature (DIF).
On November 1, 1990 established Alstroemeria plants in 10 cm (4 inch) plastic pots were received from van Staaveren America and stored moist in a 4.5'C (40'F) cooler with less than 1 umol*m-2*S-1 of light (photosynthetic photon flux - PPF) for 9 weeks.
Plants were moved to a cool (13'C or 56'F night) greenhouse section on January 5, 1991 to await the completion of proper bench and cooling facilities which would enable the selected media cooling temperatures to be applied to each treatment.
www.endowment.org /pr/p4091pr1.htm   (560 words)

Alstroemeria is native to the moutains of Peru and Bolivia.
Anyone handling Alstroemeria should wash their hands with soap and water after exposure.
Individuals who prove to be sensitive to Alstroemeria should handle the product with gloves.
www.floraldesigninstitute.com /page004.06.008.htm   (333 words)

 Floridata: Alstroemeria psittacina
There are some 30 species of Alstroemeria that occur in grasslands and pampas in South America.
Alstroemeria psittacina is a parent of many of the spectacularly colorful Alstroemeria hybrids that are often used in florist's bouguets.
Although it has not yet been widely recognized as an ecological problem, parrotlily has spread into natural areas in western Australia and is likely to do so elsewhere.
www.floridata.com /ref/a/alst_psi.cfm   (1020 words)

 Alstroemeria aurea
If planted in the ground, alstroemeria clumps may be dug and overwintered indoors a moist medium in a cool location, however it should be noted that the roots are very brittle and difficult to dig.
Where they can be planted permanently in the ground, plants will naturalize by creeping roots to form colonies in optimum growing conditions.
Hybrid strains of alstroemeria have become extremely popular commercial cut flowers and are available in a wide range colors, including orange, yellow, red, pink, purple, lavender, salmon and white.
www.mobot.org /GARDENINGHELP/PLANTFINDER/Plant.asp?code=A436   (218 words)

 alstroemeria from seeds - Perennials Forum - GardenWeb
Alstroemeria seem to do well in this climate but the plants are expensive.
Clothiers: "Alstroemeria aurantiaca, hookerii, ligtu, and pulchella, Sow at Max.
I have started alstroemeria from seed for a few years using various methods.
forums2.gardenweb.com /forums/load/peren/msg031059593688.html   (1241 words)

 Inca Collection® - Alstroemeria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Since botanical alstroemeria does not possess the best characteristics for a garden plant, they must first undergo a breeding process.
This company is rightfully seen as the most authoritative breeder in the cultivation of alstroemeria plant material.
Prior to the purchase at a garden center of an Inca variety, independent professional nurseries have first cultivated this beautiful plant, unless when it is sold as dry and dormant rhizome.
www.dwarfalstroemeria.com /UK/overig.htm   (185 words)

 Alstroemeria Flower Arrangements - Alstroemerias - Alstromeria Flowers - Same Day Delivery
Celebrate your day with this mixture of roses, lilies, and alstroemeria.
They are beautifully arranged in a specially woven wicker basket and add to an eventful day.
This floral arrangement is bound to include it with an array of alstroemeria, poms, delphiniums, lilies and many more.
www.plantrex.com /rd/flowershop/alstroemeria.html?refH=dtim   (149 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
For the sake of customer success, instead of selling by the rhizome, F&G will now sell almost all alstroemeria by the 'clump' (which is a group, ranging from 2 to 4 rhizomes), not the individual rhizome.
Please don't hesitate to email me for more information about what the word 'clump' means, special cases where individual rhizomes may be sold to customers, and other products that may be available.
All alstroemeria varieties now available produce stems that are 2 to 3 ft long and are excellent for cut flowers.
www.buy-alstroemeria.com /catalog_retail.htm   (718 words)

 Alstroemeria Direct
Now is the ideal time to plant out alstroemeria in the garden.
We have specialized in growing alstroemeria on our nursery for over 10 years.
Select from taller varieties, ideal for the back of the border and for cut flowers for the home, through to dwarf plants that are ideal for planting in pots and tubs.
www.alstros.com   (342 words)

 California Gardens - Alstroemeria Inca - Chilean Lily
There are a number of beautiful colors offered in the marketplace.
The varieties that have a lot of yellow are often more likely to be dormant during the winter.
All of the Alstroemeria species make excellent long lasting cut flowers.
www.californiagardens.com /Plant_Pages/alstroemeria_inca.htm   (63 words)

 Könst Alstroemeria | Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
If you have other questions regarding Könst Alstroemeria feel free to contact us.
Könst Alstroemeria is a company specialising solely in the selection, breeding, and propagation of alstroemeria plants for cut flower- and garden plant production.
All varieties (cut flower and garden varieties) of Könst Alstroemeria are protected by the Plant Variety Rights agreement, for all cut flower varieties you have to sign a contract.
www.alstroemeria.com /en/contacto/c_faq.htm   (495 words)

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