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Topic: Alternate ring hitching

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  List of hitch knots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A hitch is a type of knot used for binding rope to a part of a ship or other vehicle or object.
This is an alphabetical list of hitch knots.
This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_hitch_knots   (81 words)

 Dana: Dictionary of Sea Terms 1841/1851   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Bars of iron, with lanyards, rings and clews, by which a large boat is lashed to the ring-bolts of the deck.
Rings or hoops of wood, rope, or iron, round a stay, and seized to the luff of a fore-and-aft sail.
The iron ring at the upper end of an anchor, to which the cable is bent.
www.winthrop.dk /danalex.html   (15256 words)

 Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry | Full text | Crystal engineering of analogous and homologous organic compounds: ...
The characteristic hydrogen-bonded rings observed in the structure aggregate into a supramolecular ladder consisting of a pair of chains, each of which is built up of alternate TMP and hydrogen phthalate ions.
The characteristic hydrogen-bonded rings observed in the structure aggregate into a supramolecular ladder consisting of a pair of chains, each of which is built up of alternate TMP and hydrogen phthalate ions (motif III and IV) as shown in fig.
The internal angles at N1 (C2-N1-C6) in the protonated pyrimidine ring of the compounds 1 and 2 are 119.9(1)° and 119.6(2)° respectively, the corresponding angle in the neutral trimethoprim(TMP) molecule [31] being 115.5°.
bjoc.beilstein-journals.org /content/2/1/8   (2636 words)

 [No title]
Ring doorbells and tell the person who answers that you are collecting wearable clothing for the "poor homeless victims of the recent tidal wave in Quianto a small village in Saudi Arabia." You get the pitch.
If you're hitching on a road where the traffic zooms by pretty fast, be sure to stand where the car will have room to safely pull off the road.
Hitching is an art form as is all survival.
www.msu.edu /course/atl/1004/garrelts/stealb.txt   (23042 words)

A 'Knot' is also a measure of speed in water, which gains its name from the distance between two knots of a piece of rope.
Some knots are well adapted to bind to particular objects such as another rope, cleat, ring, stake or to constrict an object.
For example, loop knots share the attribute of having some kind of an anchor point constructed on the standing end (such as a loop or overhand knot) into which the working end is easily hitched to using a round turn.
www.solarnavigator.net /knots.htm   (958 words)

 Septin Function in Yeast Model Systems and Pathogenic Fungi -- Douglas et al. 4 (9): 1503 -- Eukaryotic Cell
Representative cells are shown as examples of ring formation (A), septin collar at junction between mother and daughter cell (B), ring splitting (C), and cytokinesis and ring disassembly (D).
Chs3 is tethered to the septin ring by a hierarchy of
Hsl7 localizes to a septin ring and serves as an adapter in a regulatory pathway that relieves tyrosine phosphorylation of Cdc28 protein kinase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
ec.asm.org /cgi/content/full/4/9/1503   (7701 words)

 Draft Test Regulations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The entry limit, that there will be an alternate list if the entries exceed the limit and the method to be used for determining alternates.
The ring for the Basic Control exercise must be enclosed by ropes, baby gates, etc, be rectangular and should be at least forty by fifty feet (40' x 50').
When the dog is completely hitched, the judges will indicate that the dog and handler are to move to a predetermined location (at least twenty (20) feet ahead) and stop.
www.newfdogclub.org /WorkingDog/wdc_docs/hwd_11_draft_regs.htm   (7711 words)

 Drafting Regulations
If absentees occur prior to the start of the test, alternates will be allowed to compete based on their position on the list.
The exercise is performed with the handler across the length of the ring, and the dogs in harness.
When the dog is hitched, the judge will indicate that the dog and handler move to a predetermined location at least 20 feet ahead and stop.
www.southwindbullmastiffs.com /draftingregulations.htm   (2799 words)

 Department of Natural Resources :: Division of Forestry
Begins at the north end of the Horse Campground and provides a route to a restaurant, near the property office, where hitching rails and picnic tables are available.
Begins at the east end of the Horse Campground and provides a route to the Nature Center, where hitching rails are available.
Use the alternate route when it is flooded by the Ohio River.
www.in.gov /dnr/forestry/stateforests/harcraw.htm   (1680 words)

 NASA - Earth
The advances alternated with periods when the climate was warmer and the ice melted.
Much of the cloud collapsed to the center to form a star, the sun, but a great ring of material remained orbiting around the star.
Particles in the ring collided to make larger objects, which in turn collided to build up the planets of the solar system in a process called accretion.
www.nasa.gov /worldbook/earth_worldbook.html   (8595 words)

 The 1881 History of Clark Co., WI
In the Winter the smoke of the camp fires can be seen for a distance of forty miles, it is said, along the Black River, and the ring of the ax and the song of the workman can be heard from morn till night during that season of the year.
O'Neill, hitching up his team, accompanied the Douglasses to their farm, near Mel- rose, going thither on the ice, up Black River.
Was elected County judge, served from 1870 to 1877, and was appointed alternate delegate to the National Convention that nominated Gen. Hancock for President of the States.
wvls.lib.wi.us /ClarkCounty/clark/history/1881History.htm   (17984 words)

 Official Halo Backstory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Pursued by alien warships to a massive and ancient ring construct deep in the void, the player must single-handedly improvise a guerilla war over land, sea and air, using the arsenals and vehicles of three distinct cultures.
Meanwhile, you're discovering the secrets of the Halo ring itself, and as the game progresses, you realize that whoever understands and harnesses the technology of the ring is not just going to understand this cool ring structure but is actually going to win the war, save the universe, go home happy...
This giant living ring you now find yourself on is populated with strange creatures, exotic vegetation, twisting underground lairs, huge mountain chains, and countless angry aliens bent on your destruction.
marathon.bungie.org /story/halo_backstory.html   (6082 words)

 Shouting Methodists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
An alternate procedure at camp meetings was for preachers and professing Christians to form "praying circles" or "prayer rings" and ask all who felt themselves convicted of sin to enter therein.[29 ]Then members of the ring would begin to sing and pray and exhort.
Equally important in initiating the practice of dancing as an act of praise were the lively tunes imported from the "drinking-saloons and playhouses."[35] As the singing progressed, feet would begin to move and then to tap, and the singing was often accompanied by the clapping of hands.
The foot is hardly taken from the floor, and the progression is mainly due to a jerking, hitching motion which agitates the entire shouter and soon brings out streams of perspiration.
spiritjournals.org /revivalfire/Revivals/shoutingmethodists.htm   (3756 words)

 NASA - Earthquake
These devices, called base isolators, are usually bearings made of alternate layers of steel and an elastic material, such as synthetic rubber.
This belt is sometimes called the Ring of Fire because it has many volcanoes, earthquakes, and other geologic activity.
NASA satellites observe ozone and air pollution hitching a ride on the air currents.
www.nasa.gov /worldbook/earthquake_worldbook.html   (3502 words)

 [No title]
The clipboard clattered to the floor, ringing out a startled sound similar to the one that escaped from her throat.
Her hitching breath cut off her thoughts, the sobs pouring forth like an unexpected thunderstorm.
In her peripheral vision, she saw him jerk forward, even though she knew he was weak and incapable of offering her any physical help.
www.mindspring.com /~avalon/crossroadsintime_avalon.txt   (7940 words)

 Stop, Look and Learn
These alternate each row but notice the headers align on top of each other as you go up the wall.
In front of each home or business you were likely to find a hitching post (or carriage house in the back).
A hitching post is an iron post with top (sometime decorative), and ring for tying.
www.themesh.com /his18.html   (1079 words)

 AOTC Revelations #2: The Technology (massive spoilers!)
An alternate explanation is that the gun has an auto-fire capability, so that the sniper can move the gun around until it's lined up on the target and then it will shoot automatically.
Someone using this fighter could conceivably be stranded if the ring is lost or destroyed, so it's not surprising that KDY would be in the process of designing and building a hyperdrive unit to fit into its small chassis.
However, the asteroid ring diameter is roughly twice that of the planet, which means that Dooku must have reached an altitude of at least 10,000 km before unfurling his sail.
www.stardestroyer.net /AOTC/Revelations-2.html   (11827 words)

 Cheats Center's Sonic Adventure Cheats
The rings will continue to replenish after being drawn into the electric shield.
When you land, all of your rings should be in one small spot.
When you return to the last point marker, the screen will still be fl, but your rings and timer bar will still be there.
www.cheatscenter.com /dreamcast/sonic.htm   (5222 words)

 [No title]
Having made alternate choice of two different arms of service with different uniforms, I could not get a uniform suit until notified of my assignment.
They were then led out, harnessed by force and hitched to the wagon in the position they had to keep ever after.
Teams were crossed by attaching a long rope to the end of the wagon tongue passing it between the two swing mules and by the side of the leader, hitching his bridle as well as the bridle of the mules in rear to it, and carrying the end to men on the opposite shore.
www.opgc.org /books/mug1w10.txt   (23667 words)

 Biocompare News - Scientists Solve Puzzle Of How Kinesin Motor Molecules Walk — Or Limp — Across Cells
A mere three-millionths of an inch long, a typical kinesin molecule has a tail on one end that hauls the cargo and two globular heads on the other end that alternately grab the microtubule and pull the cargo forward.
In their experiment, Block and his colleagues used a specially designed microscope called the optical force clamp — a nanoscale instrument that allows researchers to watch a single kinesin molecule as it walks along a microtubule at rates up to about 100 steps per second.
Recent studies also have shown that certain viruses, including smallpox and herpes, infect cells by hitching a ride on kinesin, added Adrian N. Fehr, a graduate student in applied physics at Stanford and co-author of the Science study.
news.biocompare.com /newsstory.asp?id=21015   (1244 words)

 Xbox.com | Halo: Combat Evolved - The Halo Timeline
Slipspace is a domain with alternate physical laws, allowing faster-than-light travel without relativistic side-effects.
Conditions on Earth had deteriorated in the face of overpopulation, so hitching a ride out to a colony became an attractive option.
Each colony ship was assigned military personnel and escort ships to help better utilize the massive (and expensive) standing fleets that, in the collapse of armed dissent, were soaking up a great deal of funding and resources.
www.xbox.com /en-US/games/h/halo/storyline.htm   (1605 words)

 This Week’s Seven Best! (December 1, 2004) :: The Comic Fanatic.Com! :: Comic Book Reviews, News, Previews & ...
Yorick Brown and his traveling companions have arrived in San Francisco, where Dr. Mann’s lab should provide her the means to discover what caused the plague that wiped out every male on the planet except for Yorick.
As Dr. Mann investigates a possible intruder in her lab, Agent 355 is caught between agents of the Setauket Ring and Yorick Brown’s sister, Hero!
Hitch’s realistic style makes the reader believe that Captain America is this incredible icon who is able to disarm angry terrorists with just a look and nary a punch thrown.
www.thecomicfanatic.com /modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=565&mode=thread&order=1&thold=1   (4932 words)

 First Record Book of the First Baptist Church ofToulon
On mo resolved that the committee appointed at our last meeting to erect hitching posts on church lot have time extended until a full report can be made by it.
Our Com on hitching posts are now requested to make their rep. When Bro Brown makes a formal statement and says that as yet there is at least but little done in regard to that matter.
When by a vote of the church they are recd as candidates for Baptism and one week from tomorrow is fixed upon as the time for their Baptism.
fbctoulon.com /history/record1.htm   (17672 words)

 'sunset Family Camping Book Books How Noreserve'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Hitch Crossing Knot Bend Linfit Knot Granny The cost possibly cover Snuggle Hitch knots and books as Geoffrey Budworth elaborate braiding the ornamental Knot Ring knot theory.
Bend Hitches Square Turk's Marline Knot and Two the back Chinese Button Asher's Equalizer Glossary Index stage of Knute Hitch Arbor trickery.
This Icicle Hitch A clear Transom Knot Hitch Versatackle Portuguese Bowline It was Carrick Mat and Uses over 200 a thing Eight-Strand Hitch Loop by having a good located on Knot whipmaking; Chinese Figure-of-Eight Hitch pastime.
www.1boomersplace.com /web/'sunset.family.camping.book.books.how.noreserve'.item2026.2020.php   (558 words)

 Sonic Adventure
Get the shoe and the ring power-ups, then find a location where you can see Sonic up close, without using the D-pad.
As Tails, fly up and ring the bell which appears around the halfway point of Speed Highway.
About 40 rings will pour out of the bell.
www.allconsoles.com /dreamcast/games/sonic.shtml   (2978 words)

 fan.TheOneRing.net™ | Writings | Creative Writing | The Jewel of Brandy Hall
Windy was standing at a hitching post near the center of town, calmly nibbling at the clover that had been planted around it.
Even Galadriel had not found her lurking in his heart when she'd tested him, though she'd told him when they spoke on Eressea that she'd at least been able to see that there was something she couldn't see.
The temptations of the Ring had never even suspected her presence, unless it was very close to the end, when Frodo himself couldn't remember most of the images that had come to him.
fan.theonering.net /writing/stories/files/fenwithy_jewel.html   (16439 words)

 Summer Backcountry Use at Crater Lake National Park
In June 1995, an alternate trail opened which brings hikers right up to the rim of Crater Lake.
The number of fire rings in the backcountry has increased beyond need.
If you must build a fire ring, destroy it when you are finished.
www.nps.gov /crla/brochures/backcountry.htm   (950 words)

 Fictionwise eBooks: The Heads of Cerberus: The First Alternate Worlds Novel by Francis Stevens
As always with her richly written work, there is more than a dash of feminism and romance, along with engaging characterizations, imagination, and terror.
Beside the brooch there was a man's heavy gold signet ring, a pair of cuff links set with seed pearls, a bar pin of silver and moonstones, and a few similar trifles.
He sorted and searched with an odd scowl, as if the task were unpleasant, though it might equally well have been the pain of his wound which troubled him.
www.fictionwise.com /ebooks/eBook23357.htm   (7349 words)

 Thunderstruck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
An alternate procedure at camp meetings was for preachers and professing Christians to form "praying circles" or "prayer rings" and ask all who felt themselves convicted of sin to enter therein.
Equally important in initiating the practice of dancing as an act of praise were the lively tunes imported from the "drinking-saloons and playhouses." As the singing progressed, feet would begin to move and then to tap, and the singing was often accompanied by the clapping of hands.
Song and dance are alike extremely energetic, and often, when the shout lasts into the middle of the night, the monotonous thud, thud of the feet prevents sleep within half a mile of the praise-house.
www.thunderstruck.org /revivalflames/SHOUT.htm   (3493 words)

 Sonic Adventure - Print Option
On Emerald Coast (level 1) go back when you are at the beginning, and then gi to the right.
You have to get one pair, two pair, three of a kind, full house, four of a kind, or five of a kind to get rings.
If done correctly, you should get some ring capsule shot.
iwanttoplayfreegames.com /Cheats/8554/Sonic-Adventure/print.htm   (3296 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
These 12" Horseheads, with optional topstitched bias tape bridles, face left or right, and alternate with a block of four diagonally placed Horseshoes accenting a colorful center star.
Sew with or without a saddle and saddle blanket, to place your horse at the hitching post or out in the pasture.
Anyone, East or West, with horses on their mind or in their heart - be it pleasure riding, ranching, or rodeo - would enjoy displaying this patchwork picture design on the wall or bed.
www.justitdist.com /chickadeecharms2.htm   (1250 words)

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